November 17, 2019
How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy

How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy

GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons and they originally wanted to call
it big daddy but they couldn’t get the
domain. Anyways now they manage over 61 million domain names 10 to 20 which are probably bought by me each
year. And if you’re at it for a good domain name for your blog or your business or your brain but what are your to began. Or maybe you are in for about fifteen dollars a year and you want to create a web site with that domain name. Then watch this start to finish. Hands on the toilet and I’ll show you how to do it. How’s it going everyone. Greg the founder of DearBlogger dot org and work experience helped over five thousand beginners like you create a blogger a Web site that can change your entire life and well being online or fine. I made this video because so many of you come to me just by my name but you are the additional steps you
need to take to get a website built with it. So in this tutorial we’re going to
cover those additional steps including the first step which is registered domain name. So we also got that then we’re going to learn how to get
web hosting which is sort of like the plot of land where you build your website and then after that we’re going to
learn how to install WordPress the same software that
pushback on companies and celebrities like Jay-Z Katy Perry Beyonce and ton more use and we’re to use WordPress just like them to create the web site. So this sounds like something you
want to do. Really I’ve been having here. Let’s get started. Oh before I forget if you want to
see the Web site we’re going to make
together. Just open up your computer and visit your domain name dot com and you can see what we’re going to
make. Could this show more than a little video and find links to each individual step throughout the video because maybe you might have done
one of the steps or just want to skip around. But in any case we’re going to start
from scratch so that at ball. All right. That said if you’re ready to begin so that the computers brew the coffee and let’s hop over to my computer and get started. All right let’s do it. But for now the SO First up is open up your Googles and I’m using the Google Chrome web
browser here. But whether using Safari or Internet Explorer or Firefox or something else it does not
matter. The steps will be exactly the same. Now put your mouse in the search bar and type in g o d a d d y and hit enter. And we’re going to choose. Go Daddy. Come all right once you’re here it’s time to put our mouse in this search bar at the top where I am now. And we’re going to search for our
new idea our new domain name. Go Daddy says to find your perfect
domain name. So I figured why not find your perfect domain name. And you know why don’t we see if we
can find that and then click the Search
button on the right Go Daddy will search the entire
Internet and find if your idea is available and right away it will tell you if
the dot com is there what we want is the dot com because two reasons dot coms are always the most recognizable meaning when you tell someone your
business is named Greg Ryan or Facebook or something like that. They are going to visit what you
tell them. Dot com it’s recognizable. It’s also the most profitable if you ever want to sell your
website some day. The dot coms always sell for the
most money. I’m not saying it’ll happen but it certainly does from time to
time and I want you to have the most
valuable domain name from the start. Down below you’ll see all the other
extensions as they’re called. You don’t really need to protect
your name with these domains it’s just a way
for Go Daddy to make more money Eisley. You can still rank well in Google with a dot org that me a dot net. You can still make money with your web site and started
successful business. I just want you to try to get the
dot com if at all possible and you can’t get the exact outcome
you want. Maybe you’ll try your name dot com and see if you can get that. I already own my name. So it’ll say sorry Gardner and dot com is taken but you want to own your own name
dot com because if you have any sort of
business online you should control where your name dot com goes what people see when they visit it. So there’s no mistake as to who or what you are and if you still can’t get your name
dot com that’s certainly possible. Try typing in one key word after that part where your name is and then see if that’s available in almost all cases. This will be available so you can see how we can kind of go
crazy buying a lot of domain names. I’m going to hit command z z and go back to our original idea. And once you’ve found your perfect
domain name dot com it’ll just say whatever you’ve chosen right here then you can just click the select
button to find availability selected. It was a success. Good job. And the next step is to continue to cart button once you do that it’s going to ask
you a few questions and you want to say no thanks to all of them. You can always add these features
later. I just don’t think it’s worth the
money. Right now we want to do this on a budget and save as much money as
possible. So it’s going to say for no thanks is no thanks no thanks no thanks and no thanks. And then click Continue to carpe or we’re going to get the cart page and the first thing we do here is
change the term from two years to one year. One use certainly enough time to try a new domain name and your new idea and then you’ll get a price that
should look something like 12 dollars and 17 cents or so by definition a domain name costs $15 a year. That’s just how it has
always been on the Internet. But we can see we’re getting a
little bit better price right away from
GoDaddy. The domain name is 11:19 and there are some fees that are
pretty insignificant to 18 cents but I’m not satisfied yet. I want to try out a promotional code to get you a better discount. So let’s click that add button and let’s type in CJC. W O F F easier and click Apply and cross my fingers hoping that
works for you guys. It did right. Now that’s amazing. We’re saving like an additional 50 or something and I got that coupon from Sanballat dot com. If you google fat wallet with Go Daddy in there or whatever fat was coupon you got like Macy’s or J.C. Penney or something. And you can find the fat wallet Go Daddy coupons right here. So if the coupon I use doesn’t work. Look at this page right here. See that coupon is right here. But maybe they’ll have a new one or something that can be better for your discount. All right. So that’s where I found
this coupon. And pretty cool. I like using felt because it helps you have a fat wallet. And now we’re going to click the
orange button right here. You can also select a charity if you
want to donate up but like I said we’re doing it on a budget. Yes. And so we’re not going to do
that. We’re just going to click proceed to
check out right now when you click that button we’re
going to go to the Go Daddy log in page. I already have an account but I’m going to make a new account right here for you to show you what
it would be like. So we’re going to click Create an
account and then you’re going to have the
option to continue with Facebook which is easy and simple I’d probably do that but you can also do the e-mail
address option if you prefer. And a lot of people will prefer this
on a password and a security plan which we need. There we go. And then we can just click Create
account GoDaddy is going to take you to this
billing information page where it tells you to put in
all your information including your address which is all OK you know. Good idea is 100 percent verified and trusted so that information will be 100 percent safe and then put in your payment method of choice. You can do Paypal or credit card or maybe you have a gift card or a checking account. Would you prefer a go with credit card so I can get the
points when I make a purchase. And then once all this information
is entered in perfectly just click Continue. So once you do that it’ll take you
to the billing and payment page. We can see my address and my credit card are all locked in and I’m ready to place my order. But before we pay right now I want to let you know that after a
year the price of that domain will go
back up to $15. So if you want to you can always click on this upper bar back to cart and you can increase the billing
Kerim to say like two years which would give you a discount because if you factor in everything
including the coupon we’re using you be paying a total of eight dollars and thirty four cents for two years versus let’s bring it back to one year and see what we’re going to pay which is ten sixty seven. We can have our calculator. So then a two year costs would be
ten sixty seven plus for teen 99 equals 25 66. If we pull it back to use the crest. 1834. So paying for two years upfront
would save you twenty six he said. Mine is 18 or equals seven dollars and 32 cents. Now I’m no math whiz but over the course of two years saving seven bucks is not bad. It’s all money in your pocket after
all. But I just know a lot of you guys
really like signing up for a domain name
for one year to start with which is where
we’re going to do one year. I just started letting you
know that you can always come back to this
screen and make those adjustments if you
want. And when you’re back here you can
also double check that we’re not paying for any add
ons which we don’t want to at the moment. So let’s go back to our previous one you and our checkout screen and now you’re finally ready to
place your order. If this is your first domain name
purchase ever congratulations from me. Let’s do it. Once you see this green it means
you’re now the proud owner of a new domain name. Go Daddy. Congrats again. Before we leave this page and head to our email inboxes I want you to just click on where it
says your name in the upper right corner. When you close on your name this
dropdown menu will appear with the useful links. We’re going to use in a little bit to manage our domains and there’s also some other useful
links like my products account settings. My renewals and so on virtually everything important can be found through this menu that appears when you click on your name at the same time. I also want you to copy down the
customer number right here. This is your user name at Go Daddy and you’ll use it every time you log
in. So just do a right click copy and then go ahead and paste that
into like a Word document or a blank text file so you can open up a new txt file
here and just paste that in so you’ll
have it in the future. Then we can close that file and we can also close this page. Now let’s head over to your e-mail
inbox. So here you go into my G-mail right now where I have my e-mail
inbox and whatever e-mail you use will
work fine and exactly the same here. I just want to make sure as a
formality that we got the go. Congratulations emails and we will all get more up here that we got this Congratulations e-mail which is the formality but it means that you have some new tools from Go
Daddy and that they have your domain name already for you to use. If you click activate my domain in this email then it’s going to ask us to sign in
to go to Addie again. And if you need to put in your
customer number right here which is your
username then you can grab it from the file where we pasted it and sign it so that activate my domain step was not necessary. All of my domains are active already as we can see here including the domain name we just got at the bottom there and it’s. So let’s close this window and you’re good to go. And if you can get this e-mail it
might be in your spam folder or something like that. There’s actually a couple of e-mails we’ll get from GoDaddy like this one showing you the receipt for your
order if you want to write this off in
your taxes for the year. You could use this receipt to do
that and you get that thing through
creating your account e-mail. So really awesome customer service from Go Daddy. They even have this like promo code
here for new purchases and they’re going to help you out
along the way. But no need to use this right now because we’re going to continue with our tutorial. All right so you also get this
thanks for creating your account. Email from. Go ahead. Yes that’s pretty nice if you open it. They say welcome and I give you 30 percent off new
purchases coupon. Right. So you got that going for you. And we’ll call you later. Go Daddy. If we need the support by the way
you can always just ask me for support. Down in the comments our bond for free and help you right away. But right now we want to continue the tutorial of course and I just want to see what we have. At our domain. So I’m going to write in that domain name we got in my case that’s your domain name
convert yours will be different. Just write it in the hotel bar at the top of your browser make sure you put in the dot com or dot net or whatever and hit enter and we’re going to check out how it
looks. So it’s just a blank page. It doesn’t look very good. If someone knew you were making the
Web site right now and it was under construction then
this is acceptable. Because they would just know to come
back later. But most people won’t know that
you’re making new website now and this is not acceptable. Meaning we have to move forward quickly if possible and set something up here so set up an actual Web site also in about 24 hours go it will start showing a Web site is part courtesy of Godaddy page which is not good either. That just means that you buy your
domain name and you didn’t do anything with it because you didn’t know how to you are like
you just didn’t want to. And you’re just going to
leave it. So that’s not good either. We want to move forward with step two which is register our hosting so that we can actually put something here on your domain. All right. So we’re going to move forward and we’re going to do it quickly. We’re going to register hosting now. Now this is going to move away from
Go Daddy for a little bit but we will return. And that’s because we’re going to go
visit host here to register your web hosting host specialize in. Well hosting that specializes in domains. It’s very important that you get
these two things from the specialist because we’re building a web site. We don’t want to just get them from
any place. Think of it like going out for
dinner at your favorite beverage. And we don’t want to get burgers except for Little Timmy who wants to get pizza. Now you could get Timmy the pizza. It just happens to be on the and you or you could take the extra step and drive your car down the road to that delicious pizza place and get to me some pizza. That was one of these you think is
going to deliver the best result especially over time if you’re doing this every time you walk into your new
website. All right. So help me with a couple of terms in my
posting. We’re going to bring in Lisa from work for adults who says that you can think of your worst as a garage but you pay to park your car in. The garage. You see the place to
store your car space. It gives you the job was that you and others can get to and from your car and what you want or fix your rock concert system work as well. That’s right. And maybe help you understand a few terms like web hosting and. Getting a website hosting like a giant flash shop that people might pass on to the office so that you can share photos or images or files. But when you choose a company that
caters to use it that giant flash is so powerful it online 24/7 366. So the turtle can see it and it comes packed in with all sorts of unlimited features so that you can do basically
whatever you want with your website or like really inexpensive cost. I use those myself as do all the fortune 500 brands and celebrities too. So let’s see how to get web hosting the right way. And then we’ll connect it to your Go
Daddy going to come on back to your browsers. And if you want you can go to Google dot com. Again if you like starting Google and we’re not just going to type in hosting gear h o s t t h t o r dot com. Enter. And then we’re going to choose. Host gator dot com. All right. And if you put that in
the URL bar it’ll just go right to host gator up here so we can just click host gator web site hosting services. So this is exactly where you want to
be. Host gaters what I used to host all
my web sites blogs client web sites and they’re also what anyone I know who is serious about running Web site and making a living online
users. Aside from you know something like
Amazon if you run Amazon you’re going to
use like extreme hosts or something that costs you know ten thousand dollars a month because you just need more space. But for anyone like you and I who are doing this from home who is good it is by far the best option. There’s simple easy to use and just plain work which we like. So now talking heads click get started now. Right here. And by the way you get
all these features here when you sign up. We can learn about them later. All right. And when you put that
button you’re going to get this page which is powerful web hosting and I want you to focus on the hatchling plan and the baby plan. These are the two most traveled
routes that people take when they create their first
web site. So what’s the difference. Well the hatchling plan is good if
you just want to run your website dot com and the baby plan is good. If you want to register and manage multiple websites. So if you like your web site dotcom and go daddy and then you buy your family’s
website dot com and your name it so upset dot
com. Something like that and you want to run multiple Web
sites. Then the plan is good because it lets you host and manage all them from the same piece of land here at host gator. And for that reason because I know a
lot of you want to run like two or three coms or at least have the option to I’m going to choose baby plan for you guys. You can also use hatchling though and upgrade at any time to baby. Just click on the live chat at home Skeeter and ask them to upgrade. They’ll do it for you right away. So that said now is where I’m going
to show you how to get the discounted housekeeper if
you want to remember where it says like 43
percent and 40 percent are on our hatchling and baby plan options. Now make a mental note of that and then bring your mouse up to the
URL bar and where it’s web hosting. Just delete that part and leave the slash and read in GBG my name and hit enter. And this will take us to the secret
host gator discount page if it says bonus you know you’re in
the right place. And what I’ve done on this page is just set up whatever the best
possible discount is at home Skeeter. So you’re going to see those
increased numbers right here in the dark blue line for example. Right now there’s a promotion going on for Black Friday Cyber
Monday. So we put it up and it says 65 percent off. But for you it might say like 50 percent off across which will be the best discount at the time. And if you sign up through this page earn a small credit from them for
referring you to their services which really
helps me keep doing what I do and keep making free video tutorials for everyone. So thank you I really appreciate it. I don’t know how long we’ll be able
to keep this page up. I got this page because I’ve helped so many of you guys
create blogs and websites. But you know if people stop watching my tutorials then I might have to take this page down. So I can’t guarantee it’ll be up forever. I recommend signing up soon. Thanks a lot. And you know share it with your friends. Let everyone know how good of a deal this is. So now we just want to precede and click by now on the plan. You can use that song if you
want. You’ll get the exact same website and the exact same set up but going to recommend maybe plan. So here we are in the host getting
order form and we’re going to just walk through
it all easily together. No big deal. So step one choose a domain where he did so you can click this tab and enter in your perfect domain name dot com right there and then click away and you will validate it for you. If you didn’t want to read shouldn’t
you domain name with host cater in the future you could just put that domain in right
here and that then you will do it with the hose gator prices which are pretty darn competitive to what we already on this domain are
good together and we don’t need to pay
huskier for the domain at all. So just make sure only your dot com
is checked and then come on down. Step Two choose a hosting plan we want package set baby billing cycle we want just one month to make sure we don’t get locked in. We can see the discount applies to every month here which is awesome for every term. Rather it’s only doing 12 months at first. I certainly recommend that as well but I just like doing one month so
that we don’t get locked in to anything. Then you need to enter your username and the security pin and you’re done with Step 2 in step 3 we want to enter your billing info just like you would for
any other online purchase like at Amazon or Apple or e-bay. It’s all 100 percent secure and really easy. So I’m going to do that in a second. And then we’re going to come down and step four. All right. So we’re done with step 3. Once I enter in that info it’s up for each one to uncheck all the additional services. I don’t recommend you get them now but you can always add them later. They are just the kind of thing that
will increase your bill. And if you’re not using them then
there’s no point in buying them if you do like you know start a
million dollar website someday. And you’re going to want to add
those things on or at least have your team decide on them or not but at the moment it’s just too much for us. And then insteps thiab we want to
make sure we have big bonus entered the IGY B and us which will lock in the biggest possible discount host cator this is the discount you get for
going through my page and I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the extra savings and all that. All right. We’re almost at five now in step six. You just need to review order
details and make sure everything looks good
right. So we get that 24/7 365 phone live chat e-mail support for free. It kind of activation for free money back guarantee for 45 days and a baby plan for one month at 65 percent off. Let’s double check that calculator time. So the standard price of hosting here is eleven ninety five ninety five. For some reason I’m not sure why
it’s 11 95 by default but we’re not going to pay that. So it doesn’t matter. We’re getting 65 percent off. So we can multiply this cost by point six equals and this discount. So if we remember seven point seven you know seven it’s going to be eleven point nine five minus one seven equals four 18. So scary even rounded up that discussion for us on the like hundreds of penny or whatever and for 18 is what we’re paying. So that number looks good. Now that is 65 percent. And yet they just throw it out here for us. So I didn’t even need to do that. I had to was arriving at the same conclusion. You need to pay less than $5 in Tokyo to set this up. So you had to pretty dirt cheap. The other things I might spend $5 on that would include like a pack or a pair of socks or maybe a cup of coffee. You know I’m only going to drink
half of it. So all that for an amazing website. Can totally change your business and your life is not bad. I will say that after the first month it’s good it does increase the prices back to the standard
price and you can only use that discount coupon. This offer big bonus once when you sign up on NEW account by virtue of that. Some people do like
registering for a longer term period like a longer billing cycle rather for like 12 months or even 36 months because then the 65 percent discount applies to that whole term period and every month included in it instead of just the first month. So if you’re feeling confident and you think you’re going to stick with your website and really learn the ropes and make it amazing I’m certainly here to help you do all of that. You could go with a longer term
period skater to save an increased amount. That said I’m happy with that order right now given it’s
under $5. I like it. I’m just going to check this box. I’ve read and agree terms of service cancellation policy and blah blah blah which I actually have and you should get
to. And now we can just click. Check out now together. All right. So let’s do it. Congratulations and welcome to the host gator
family. When you see this screen it’s now
time to check our inboxes and we can come play around in the host Skeeter customer portal later on. Now in your e-mail you’re going to
get a couple of confirmation e-mails from host gator. So before we get confirmation from
Go Daddy and now confirmation e-mails
from huskier and what you want to do is
open up the one that says get it out com your account info this is an e-mail from a previous
tutorial I made with the host gator account info. So I’m just going to show you it as an example. But you’ll be doing it for real. So it’s going to say your domain
name here that you registered and your type of hosting plan which will probably be the baby plan. But either one is good and the process is the same. What we want to do right now is just copy down your first name server and your second names are these two piece of information right
here because we need to enter those in a
Go Daddy in order to connect to your domain
name with your hosting space. All right so now you’re saying you’re good at it. It’s time to connect the two really well hosting. Domain name. There. Are some going to it right click copy and paste those in our text file where we put our Go Daddy. Customer number my kittens are having like a royal
rumble right now. Sorry about that. All right great. That was good. So now it’s to go daddy. Go Daddy Daddy. All right. You can click on the ad at the top
two and make them Google a little money thing that’s funny. And now we need to log in. So up at the top click on your name to open the dropdown. And like I said before this is a
really important section what we need now is to click on the link that says manage my domains right here under quick links like that and it’s going to ask us to sign an. And when do you come back in to go
daddy it’ll take you to manage your domain section. You might just have one domain but wherever your domain is you
should find it and click on the blue link. So here’s your perfect domain name dot com which we’re using. We’re going to click on the link to open up the settings and now where it says Name Servers we’re going to click manage. All right. And now we’re going to
click Custom and then we’re going to say we want to enter the custom name servers. Click here and now it’s time to enter in the
name servers that came in they host gator your account info e-mail. Exactly as they are in this line. And then in this line. So I’ll show you how to do that so we can open the text file again and then I’m going to copy and paste the two name servers in. You just need the part that starts with an s. Whatever your numbers are and ends with dot com for the first one. So the portion of
highlighted is perfect copy and paste in Go Daddy the first name server and then copy paste the second name
server. The second name server where all
will always be a higher number. So the first one is like mine it’s 8 4 9 7. Next is 8 4 9 8. So the second name server is always the one that’s a higher number. Copy the second name server paste. All right. And we’re going to go. That’s perfect. Another looks a little weird at
first but trust me as you set up more Web sites it becomes really second nature and you’re going to get the hang of
it perfectly and that ok button should turn green
for you. So then we can just click OK. It will validate for a sec. It means we did it right. So now it hit save perfect and it doesn’t say your new name
server is here right away. Just give it a second. You can refresh the page if you
want. And then it’ll show up correctly you’re all done changing your name
service and connecting your new domain name with your new hosting. How ever this process can take up to 72 hours to completely work across the web. It’s a lot less. It’s more like two to four hours because I’m in a busy tech hub like a busy city and the servers update quickly. But what’s going on is just propagation is what it’s called and go daddy is telling every server that when you know someone visits your domain name that it should go
to host gator. So I’d really like to hear below in
the comments how long this takes you guys that other people can know what to do as well and be encouraged. If it’s quick for you guys you know what to do. It’s taking longer. The nice thing is we can move
forward now and actually install WordPress wall. Our domain name is connected
to our hosting because to install WordPress we just have to go
into our hosting space and install a few things right there and we can just go ahead and go in and do that right now. So to install WordPress let’s close the code at the browser tab come back to your account info email and now we want to click on the link where it says your control panel click on that link and it’s going to open up see panel. And now you need to log in with the username and password from the your account info. Email so we can copy the line that says password and we can remember username pretty easy and come back to host gator. And let’s log in to see how to
install WordPress and the clogging. All right. Success. Welcome to the new host gator
control panel. They just redesigned the
whole thing and it’s really good looking and fast. I’ve used the back end of like three or four different other hosts
recently after other projects and they are well not like this. I don’t want to bash them but I hope they’re catching up with skaters soon. OK so to install WordPress it’s
really easy. They’ve given us a WordPress
installer here which we want to use andere popular links. So just what kind of popular links for the WordPress installer in the old news by the way we use to
use quick install which still works but now it’s just a little bit
faster to use the WordPress installer. So we’re going to do that. All right. So now the fun of
installing your copy of WordPress really begins in what you want to do is select your domain
from this list right here. Just click on the box or click on this area and then you’ll see your domain name and we can see all my domain names. I manage here but I’ve worked with great teams for a lot of these
websites so they’re not just my domain names and it’s kind of like finding something on a list when everyone’s like it
right there it’s right there but you can’t see
it. OK. So I wanted to find your perfect domain name and there it is right at
the top of the screen right there. So do domain and leave the directory box blank and click next. And then a center and some basic info like a blog title of your domain name the blog title should always match the
domain name. So if your domain name is called
Facebook advice then you blog tell should be Facebook advice and if your domain name is Google Support dot com and the blog Carol should be Google
Support enter an admin username which will be what you use to log
into WordPress. So make this good. You can’t change it very easily. And then first name last name and main email and make sure your email know they
are right too because WordPress is going to
email you things like your password and uplinked to log in to your new
website. Once you’ve done that just check
this box right here saying you accept the
terms of service agreement. All very basic and now we’re going to click Install
now and hope Skeeter is going to do all the complicated techie stuff for us. Literally when you click Install now
it’s just going to be as easy as taking a file. Like imagine this picture of an iPhone is WordPress. You’re just taking WordPress and dragging it into your hosting space just like I just tried that iPhone into a folder. It’s really that easy all right. So maybe even easier
because we just get to click a button and we don’t have to actually hold
something and drag it anyways so we’re going to click Install now. Let’s do it together. This is where prices installing our installation complete so that went perfectly and we’re going to check out your Web site in a moment. However I can take a couple hours for your files to settle into place and for you to be able to log into a new website. So now is a really good time to take
a break. If you click on the mind stoles link in the upper right it’ll take you to the link where you can click to log in to your new
website. If you want to check it out right
away. If you want to check out your site
right away you could just click the reset password button on your domain name to create a new password you’ll remember and then save it and then you can click on that admin
long and like to log in to your new Web site. But I recommend rewarding ourselves with a break now because we’ve
successfully installed WordPress. We’re doing a great job and it’s just good to refresh a
little bit. So I’m going to go play golf and I’ll be back in two hours and then we’ll continue to create a
website together. So I’ll see you soon. All right welcome back. Hope you had a good break wherever
you are and just sit there staring at
the screen. And now we’re going to log in and create an actual web site with our new domain and any hosting so I can find my domain and it’s at the bottom right here and now I’m actually going to reset
the password. So got to select the user. Maybe as I did this but going to do it now. Anywise. And then the password. All right. And then click Update password. Update it and make sure it’s saved and now it can click where it says
Add me and log in and you’re going to get the standard
WordPress log in screen. So this is exactly where everyone who uses WordPress from Forbes to Jay-Z to time magazine to Katy Perry and Walt Disney. Everyone walks in through a screen like that. So let’s try it out. Pop in your username or email address. And then I’m going to write in the password that I just
created. And then we can click remember me and we can also click bookmark in
your browser so that you don’t have to type this link in again when you want to
log into your website. Someone could bookmark now and put it in this front end
development folder and click on it. But if you do want to log in and if you don’t know the log in
link or if you didn’t book market then it’s always just your Web site. Dot com like this your Web site dot com you put it forward slash actor and you read NWP dash and then that’s the link to log in to any WordPress website or WordPress blog same thing and you enter and it takes you to a long page. So that’s the link. And we can click log in now to get started. All right. And we’re in. Welcome to WordPress. So I’m just going to say I don’t
need help because you have me here to help and I’m going to say no thanks to the pop ups. All. So you’re here. Let’s give you a little tour of the dashboard and wordpress. That’s what this page
is called the dashboard. And then we can do some housekeeping
issues to make sure your site runs perfectly. So the first thing closes at the top. First thing we do after we close the
notifications is I like clicking here. It says your site is currently
displaying a coming soon page to anyone who’s not logged in. Which just says like this subset is coming soon. Maybe you’d be
interested in blah blah blah. And it doesn’t
really represent our brand. I want them to see what we’re
actually making. So we’re going to click HERE on it. Once we do that we can bring our masses up to the upper left corner where it just says the name of your site. So this might say like your blog or you know Jennifer’s Web site or Greg’s Web site or Peter’s website or somethin or whatever you chose just the name. But when we click it and you can see there’s the home
icon too when we click it. What we see is the front end of your website. In other words the home
page just had the whole world sees it. So when you create things people see that. And when you edit things you have to
click this name again in the upper left
corner. You can see there’s a different icon
because we’re going to the dashboard click that and you go to the editing area also known notice the dashboard
click and again you go to the home page or you can see the blog posts on
this side or the pages you know your reviews. You have the sample blog post and sample comment and you have some sample links in a sample sidebar. The way your entire web site looks
by the way with like this black border and the hello world over here and the little circle image that’s
all the theme on the website it’s called theme. And right now I have the 2016 theme. You might have the 2017 team or the 2018 team. It’s just the standard look for a theme that WordPress creates for you. They actually have a team of people
that creates these themes for everyone. So big thanks to WordPress for
setting this up. I could show you how to use whatever
theme you have if you want but we’re going to change all of it and customize it so it just looks
more professional. All right. So let’s go back to the dashboard and let’s do that. Once we’re all on the dashboard I
want to just do those housekeeping things before we
install our theme. So the first thing we do is click on
plug ins in the last and there’s some like standard plug ins that were press
comes with a plug in is just something you
can add to the Web site to make it do
more stuff and extend the functionality as they say. But we want to delete all these so
we all start on the same page. So we’re going to do is click this box here to select all the Paulines and then from the dropdown list with Baalke actions and select the Activate and click Apply it we don’t want any of these like basic default plug ins. We want our own convenience and then we can just click that box
again. It’s like all dropdown delete. It says Are you sure you want to
select employee data. And we’re going to say yes. OK. By the way this has no negative
effect on your site. And you can always re-install
plugins for free after you delete them at any time. All right. That’s done. Now it’s clicked back to this
dashboard link in the upper left get to this main dashboard page and see nothing changed. And if we click to our Web site itself nothing changed either. So it’s pretty cool. We just made the site a little bit
cleaner and faster. It’s not going to show you how to
make your first basic change which is to change the text logo where it says your perfect domain
name right here and just in the Word
Press it below it. So to do that we can click back to
the dashboard and we can click on settings and it’s going to take us to the
general settings where we can change the site head on
the tag line. So I’m going to make this say one word your perfect domain name com and I’m going to make this part in
the tag line say just another amazing WordPress say I actually added it. That’s pretty cool. In this section you can also added
WW to your web site address if you like. And I usually like doing that because I think it looks more
professional. So to do that just writing GWW after this second forward slash
right here. Reading the DA and then leave it as it is and then Incyte address below. Make sure you write the exact same
thing to be done then just double checked that the
Wordpress address your URL and the site address are exactly the same thing. You can see they both end at the
same place so that part’s really important if
you’re going to add the WW. If these two things are not the same and you save it then the site will
break. So make sure that website address and site errors are the exact same
thing. And you can also change other basic
settings like no date format time format
here. But we don’t need to. What are you going to say. Say changes. So we made it change it’s going to
ask us to log in again right. It’s more practice logging in click
log in to get the job. And now when we view the site it’s going to show our new site title and any tagline. Good job you made your first edit in
wordpress. All right so enough basics let’s
begin to tell the story of your website and let’s change the entire theme comeback to the dashboard. And by the way you can also click
dashboard here if you want. It’s the same thing. And then come down to click. Appearance are going to take us to the themed
area. The themes library and now we can click on this big
plus on the right to add new theme art and because we’re connected to
the internet we can see all the themes available through WordPress. You can try out any look you fancy at any time. But I already have a theme in mind
for us to use. So put your mouse in the search themes bar and we’re just going to type in cadged base and get our new home base. And you don’t even need to hit enter all right. And the theme we search for is on the upper left because we’re found
it. All right. So check out catches. Other amazing themes later. I’ve worked with a lot of them create results. They’re. And so let’s install a catch base Let’s click install and let’s click activate and now this will change your
website big time. So we’re going to click back to the
home page. Now you also could visit sites. Same thing and we can see that right away our
site looks a lot more like a real web site. And that’s because catch the company catch set us up with this demo content and all we need to do is replace it
now with our own content. But the lay out is here the foundation blocks are here for our new Web site. So pretty cool right. All right so with this ready on your
web sites I’m going to show you how to build
like the five most important areas of the web so right now just boom boom boom start to finish. That would be the image or your logo your pages some blog posts down below and the side bar. And as a bonus I’m going to show you
how to edit feature content. And the call to action area right here which is very important as well to get your audience to
click wherever you want them to go. So let’s do it. And I bet you didn’t think you would
build a Web site today but you’re going to hear it’s
really easy. All right. So let’s do it right now. Oh and by the way if you open the
show more box below the video you can find links to each one of these different
sections if you want to build it in a different
order or it could just come back later or something. So I’ll put that there for you. All right. So let’s do it. All right. So the first I’m going to
show you is how to create pages. Everyone start to upset by making new pages for the website. So to create your first new page hover where it says new in the top navigation menu and click page aren’t there yet. And now we’re going to give the page
title so about it for about us is a good
place to start. And then you can drop in some
content here that you write about you say something
you don’t like find some cool dummy text called can help some on this Web site. All right. So let’s just grab like coffee and Gangnam style and I’m not gaining. I don’t really know if that’s cool
anymore. US Presidents are always cool and gosh I’m getting in trouble here. And like Harry Potter JR tokin glossary. All right. So then when you grab all this stuff and you click
generate ipsum it’s going to give me this like
grabble babble of just words. And believe it or not this is what
web developers use for dummy types when they create a
site and they need to show like an area
text. So we’re going to use that too
because it’s professional. For some reason we’re going to copy a few paragraphs. Come back to the page and just pasted in and just paste it in. But of course you’ll write your own
amazing content. Now the next step is really to click
Set featured image which is going to be the
thumbnail image that shows on your page or wherever your page is
listed. That’s also a little trick for that
image ladder which I’ll show you in a second. So except Beachwood image and now we don’t have any images I’m
going to show you where to get free images or bonus you just visit in your browser in a new tab. Hicks Bay P-A X A B A wide dot com and click enter. This is where I get all my free
images when I create blogs and client websites and Demarest said yes you can do a search for something
cool like you know futuristic or beaches and you’ll get like some awesome
images that might look good on the web. I guess that’s pretty cool. I’m going to grab this one down here
which is like this really trippy like cave with the city and and then we’re going to click free
download and it’s a large image or it’s an original image. Largest big enough like large and clicking down the. All right. That’s pretty cool. You might need to set up a free
account with pixelate so you don’t need to
enter that capture. That’s what I’ve done before but I don’t pay anything for these
images. If you want you can donate them via Paypal which I recommend but you don’t need to pay anything. All right. And now we can go back to
the page our page editor we know where we
were. And we can click select files try to select files. There we go. And it’s going to open up your
computer. It’s going to search our whole
computer. So I’m going to select this alien
item Cmin the downloads folder atop at the top. But you might need this shift to
download if you’re in like desktop by
default. So grab the imagery download it
which is called Alien and click open and it’ll upload right to WordPress. In this image it’s going to sit on
your hosting space although you don’t need to
know that you don’t need to log in to your hosting or anything. We just need to use
Wordpress. And then we’re going to click Set
future image so that page is good to go want to hit publish. So now what’s the page at the top in the navigation. We can see our very first page. Pretty cool. The featured image doesn’t show up
because that’s for other places on the site which I’ll explain in a moment. Oh it let’s make one more page hover on new again and click page and let’s make a page for contact
us. I’m going to call it contact that’s a good way to get the contact page. And then I’m going to write click
paste in that text again and I’m going to grab one more image
from pigs someday so we can go do another search for like futuristic. Or we can look back search and is going to get this gold building here. Looks like it’s in Paris or it in the free download. But wait. That image looks better. This is really cool. We’re going to get this image. It’s a free download. And now we want the original and the awesome. All right. So one more time so if you image on the page about policy you guys don’t misstep select files select the image and click open. You can also double click the image
if you prefer. It’s going to upload. Now once it does click sceptered
image and always the page. Very cool. So now Buelow where it says catch
bass options. We can make some changes to
the page. You can click the layout options and select like if that page has a sidebar if you want which I want to go with the default. And then we can select header
featured image options in Nabl and see what that looks like. We just need to update the post and side of the page update the page and page. So I forget it for making a page or a post but selecting that header option
gives this beautiful like filling the entire area image with our new image. So that’s really cool guys and we made it together. So it’s even cooler. So now we know how to create new
pages and download images and put those images along with some text in the pages. So it’s really cool but I want to show you know how to
customize the menu the page menu right here where my mouse is and rearrange the items or get rid of the sample page to do that click back to dashboard and click appearance. And then in the menu under
appearance click menus. All right now I need to enter in a
menu name. I’m going to call this one main menu and then click the blue create menu button. Right. Now we need to choose some pages in the pages area on the left so select Contact Us and click back to menu. And we also want to link to your
home page. So we’re going to hit custom WINX and right in your domain name right here and you are out just spread out whatever it is you got your perfect domain name. In our case dotcom and for link text just type in home and click add to many. Great. So now when home comes in we can click on it and then hold that click and drag to the top so it’ll be in the first position which is the
industry standard. You know some move like the contact
page and next in many settings in theme locations. Just click on any and save the. So now when we click to the site in the upper left it’s going to show the menu we just
made before WordPress was just sort of
guessing and dropping in the pages how it
might look good. But now we have full
control of the menu. And when you want to
add more items to this venue you just go
back to that screen we were on the dashboard appearance and then clicking menus and then your new page will come in
right here. You can just like select them and add to menu and you can also add categories like if you create a bunch of blog posts about finance or fitness or you know how to make money or something. And that’s a category
in your post. You can choose a category and put that in the menu too. So people can click on that item and they’ll only see that type of
blog post. All right. So that makes sense let me know in
the comments if it doesn’t. Or if you have any questions at all. Now let’s move on and let’s set up the image slider right here. Let’s change these beautiful images
of New York City. They look like they’re taken from
Brooklyn and we’re going to set up on site. So now follow me back to the upper
menu instead of hovering on New didn’t just click customize great. Great job. And now we’re going to come down. Click on the featured slider area and we’re going to choose where the slider is and nibbled on. So home page is good slash front page the same thing. All right. And then we can come down and weren’t so slick slider type
change it from Demo featured side just to Beachwood page like and the slider will go away. But now we have the new options to
select featured pages. So it featured page 1. We can select about us for example and a feature page 2. We can select Contact and then the images that are the featured images on those pages that we set up will not come in on
the slider. We just don’t have the third and fourth page but you might have those. All right. Now we need to save and publish and we can out of this window and all tickets to our site where we now have our new image slider. Curage up but I don’t like our image slider is
so tall because the entire portion of the Web site people see before
they scroll is like just the image slider and I want people to be able to see or call the action area and our button in that area before they scroll down which is also called above the fold. All right. So we need to make her image side
shorter and to do that being click back to the dashboard is going to show you a trick to edit
the images in the slider so you don’t have to
look at it the slider details itself. Just click on media which is where all of the images live that you
upload to your WordPress blog or website and then click on the image itself and we want to focus on that
dimension. All right so this image has dimensions of 6500 pixels in with by 1066 pixels in height and things are just measured in
pixels on WordPress and on the Internet on your work desk things are
measured in inches on a football field things you measure and yards and on the web they measured in
pixels. All right. So you can also click
right and see or other image and you might be like well these
dimensions are way different. But it’s actually a little bit
easier because the ratio of the width to the height on this image is the
same as the ratio of the width to the height on this image and that ratio is 1.5 to 1. So what we need to do is click the
edit image button in the lower left and we need to sort of massage that image ratio or aspect ratio as it’s called in wordpress. So we have these numbers up here the
same bringing my standard aspect ratio and you can just like start typing
in some numbers. In other words you could guess and change the aspect ratio to like 6 to 2 or like 12 to 5 and it might look good. So we know what looks perfect we need to select a portion of the image first. All right. And bear with me if this looks confusing
because I’m going to show you how to do all that. Right now it’s really simple. Just hold the shift key on your
computer. That’s me pressing shift and bringing mouse on top of the
image. And just click and drag and when you’re holding Shift it’ll give you like a nice selection of the image and you can like click and drag while still holding Shift to make sure you’re still in shape. So if you mess up you like you know go back to normal old shift and egg and in this window you can slide the entire image so the whole thing’s selected
now because we haven’t changed that
aspect ratio where it is selecting by holding Shift and dragging. And now we’re going to crop the
image by clicking this button in the upper left where my Super Mario glove is. But first we want to change the
aspect ratio. So bringing us over here on the
right and right in one point five to one. So it won’t us do that because
that’s the entire image. So we need to do is rating a
different ratio. And like 1.5 to 1 is the same as like six to four. So what do that either. But we could do something like six
to three and then or give us a new selection of the image and you can click No more holding Shift you can just click and drag it. See at the right part of your image and I can even make it a little bit
bigger. Like maybe 2:53 I should make it smaller because the
height has a larger number right and that’s just what I like
doing. I know that 7:3 will look good on this image because the original ratio was 1.5 to 1 which is the same as 6 to 4. So 7 to 3 is just like a little bit of a massage on that. Once you have the right image
portion selected and I do recommend going with 2:53 in this case I think that will look excellent. Once it’s finally published. Then just click on the crop icon right here. Get a new image and you can put save and on the original image was
edited. But don’t worry you still have the old image on your desktop that you
downloaded. All right so now it’s click to the
right and do the same thing to our second image and image. I’m going to hold shift on top of the image and just drag a certain selection. So you have any selection is good. And then an aspect ratio I’m you can
write in seven and three now to like more of the image we do need to hold shift. All right so hold ships and drag pull shift and tray and when we move this election
around you don’t need the whole shift to just click in right and perfect. So it’s clear Krop and it and we can now accept because our
image is saved. We have just two images still cut back to the site. We might not see the changes. So what we need to do is click back
to our pages like about us like page and we need to like read said the featured image click Remove and then set and inserted again and set feature image and optic right now and click to this site and we’ll see that
image is different. And the other image is different
too. So sometimes it just takes a second
for WordPress to update itself. I think our other image just updated
because when we updated that page the whole site refreshed and this image knew that we were
going to come change it in a second so it just updated for us or else on a show you had to get the
exact text you want in this little
featured area with the overlay. So to do that you can just click through to either page like
contact read more to get to the contact
page. And we can see the featured image on
the Contact page also adjusting in size which makes sense because this is the image itself. There is no like a larger image
anymore. It is only the smaller image
available and to change that text just click at a page and then we want to do is click visual go to the visual editor which is the Microsoft Word. Little screen right here which is a lot of bloggers. I definitely love although developers usually prefer
the text have no visual area is the best for designing and what we want to do is just click
to where you want the text to cut off on the
home page like after the word vase and make a couple spaces just one space is enough actually. And then you know get your mouse cursor where you want
to be. So after the period is fine and click on this button right here
that looks like a little sandwich which is the insert read more text that will insert what’s known as a
line break and so then when you click Update then Word Press will know that the break is right after the word face. And when we check out the on page then you’ll get that break right after
the word face. All right so I just had to use a
line break. We can also set that up on our About page so that there’s not just a random cut off in the text added page. Make sure individuals have. And wherever you want to cut off for example this time you could be after the word y’all. What that means. Cool word. Are they put the cursor there click the insert read more. And get up to an interview page it’s also going to create a new paragraph right there which is fine it goes
perfectly with the flow of the page and on the home page you’ll have the
exact text you want. Or maybe you won’t like this it
still has that random word. So that means we need to click
customize and adjust the amount of characters
allowed. On top of the slider. Once you do that click the Options and then click Axert options. And in this section we’re going to
increase the excerpt link so from 40 we can increase it to maybe 60 and what that would do is let us
read more on the you know overlay text area and more like 80 because I know there’s a period and then you’ll get to be all worth it. All right so this is totally up to
you how much text you want to include on top of your image sliders and in this section you can also
change the read more attacks but because we’re using that line break option to read more doesn’t even appear and I’m fine with that. I think it looks better with just the title of the page and the text where we click Save publish and accept we can see the site looks a lot better and people can click on the title of
the page to read more as they don’t need that little read more link. And people can also click on the
entire image itself to get to the page or so that’s looking good. Now I want to jump down the page and show you how to edit the
sidebar. In our case we have two sidebars and that’s because the website is
set to have two sidebars if you’d like to change that. Just click customize and then click theme options and then click the layout options and you can go from the default
layer which is three columns as we have it now to something like content on the left and primary center on
the right. Which would change the layout to this lay out or you can try the reverse up to you but I think the default is pretty darn good. Makes your site unique. To have two side bars and that gives you two places to put amazing content. So the section does need to be
changed. We can go back go back and I want to edit these sidebar widgets. So those are living in widgets click widgets and now we can see we have options
for primary sidebar and secondary Separ in the secondary sidebar which is on
the left. I just want to give you a search bar and the archives. So we already have those two things. But I think we need to actually add
them. So let’s click add widget and let’s add the search form for your site. Just click this
little tab once. And search by will come in and we don’t need a title. People understand what to do already and then click add widget and I just want a list of archives a monthly archive of your site posts. That means that as you write more
posts in the following months still show
up in this area and people can click like you know a few months back and see what you are publishing or get more current and check that up too. So this archive section will fill
itself in as you publish more and more blog posts. It’s good for another slushes saving
publish go back and edit or primary sidebar services could open and we can see this one does have
some widgets that catch base set up for us. Awesome but we want to delete them. We’re going to do the metal by
clicking remove and when you open the categories
move archive’s remove you get the picture and you can always add these widgets
back in for free. You know at any time they’re always available at your disposal when you
click Add a widget so we scroll down we can see that stuff is gone. But we want to put something in our
primary sidebar. And what better than a Facebook like box. You know we can connect our website with Facebook. So how do we answer that. Well you need to open up a new tab and just enter in Google Facebook page plug in because they change the name from box to page plug in and then click the page plug in. And this by the way is going to help
people like your Facebook page right from your web
site so all you need to do is have a
Facebook page already. I’m not going to go through that his face work makes that pretty easy. And you want to put your your new fan page you are l right here. So monospace or descant last year
blogger and you said as an example you can choose if you want the
timeline or not. And you can like delete that and then the timeline will go away. But I want a timeline. You can also have messages or events right there. And then it’s time to enter in a
way. So this post a little bit of
guesswork. I’m going to try three hundred. And again that’s in pixel’s looks pretty good and the height. I’m also going to I’m going to guess maybe 308. And when you click away Facebook
will update that for you. So it’s kind of like
your editing code right on Facebook. Pretty neat. So it was good maybe 600. Will go with that for an hour. You can also use the small header or hide the cover photo. I don’t know. Some people might
think this looks cleaner. But just for the sake of branding
all use all the big features and obviously show friends faces
because we want people to know that people like us are empty once you are set with higher page plugging in locks and you’re designing it like get code. Sorry guys the kittens are walking and playing like there’s no tomorrow. Are all learn you is then. Two pieces of code on her Web site. All of that sounds crazy. So you weren’t going to code. Well we’re not actually coding or just copy pasting right. So the first step is actually step three on Facebook. That’s what we want to use which one
click in this area at the bottom and it will highlight everything. And then we can right click copy then come back to your site and we want to add this into a
widget. So just click that widget and choose text at the bottom. WordPress knows you might want to
paste in some HVM l code from a third party site. So they gave us these text widgets for many purposes. So click on the text widget and then in the content area just put your master in right click paste and that’s all you need to do to get the Facebook plugin inserted in your site. So scroll down and we can see that it doesn’t show
up at all right. So you need to do is title it if you want. I generally don’t like title my
widgets just keep it simple just click save and publish. And then there’s one more step to
get Facebook to appear. We need X out and then we need to go back to the
dashboard and we need to come to plug ins and I’m going to show you how to
install a cool plug in that lets you insert a
little piece of code from Facebook Google YouTube stuff like that. So click Add new and search for WP insert code and we’re going to install a WP
insert code by Anton A.H. So click install now. And click activate and now you’re going to get this
awesome simple little powerful plug in and in settings you’re going to have a new section for WP insert code or click on that and your site just got a little more
powerful in there we’re going to go back to
Facebook and read and click on step two to highlight and right click copy you’re going to bring this up to
code back to WordPress and we’re going to paste it in the
White box that says Hetter code. So put your mass there and right click paste. There it is. Don’t even need to
change it at all. Just paste it in there make sure all that from Facebook and then save changes. And now those two little pieces of Facebook code we put on your Web
site will communicate with each other and you’re going to have a beautiful
Facebook page plugin shown up once it loads. Excellent. So people can interact with your posts right from your new
Web site pretty cool huh. It’s up. Which one removed the search bar
here. So let’s go back to customize and widgets. We’re almost done with our sidebars. Just click primary sidebar. Open the search widget and and save and publish. All right so now x out and sidebars are looking good. So let’s move on and add a blog post
to the site to add a blog post in this square area at the bottom of your site. We need to hover on upper navigation and where it says new and click host. So we’re going to add a new blog
post. So the first blog post I’d like to
add is usually a welcome to the blog post and I usually just like writing. Feel free to look around encouraging people to check out more
of your content. And we also get when you look down to the text area
like I did you’ll get a permalink which is the
link you can share to your blog post every page every post everything you make and WordPress has a permalink which is also called the you or L or a link or a back link whatever you want to
call it. Same thing. You can also add it like looking at
it and change the words in your link as you get more
involved in SEO You might want to do that. For now we’ll just leave it as it is
because it looks good and then we need to actually read
out our posts. So I’ll walk you through a little
bit of what you can say. I like saying. Firstly a few words about other blogs and are in touch and you could of course customize
that to be more specific. I am going right forget about them so that’s kind of clever. It’s like
firstly a few words and people think you’re going
to say a lot more but then you just literally write a few words three words next. I’m going to say changes or they contain too much fluff. I like that word fluff and I like it kind of riffing on it and haven’t gotten you where you want to go so that’s kind of like a general
statement which usually applies because most people like if they’re reading blogs they’re not where they want to go or where they want to be. They want to learn more from you. So this sets them up to learn more. And so now we’re going to say welcome to your perfect domain which I know it’s ridiculous but it’s what I said it’s called on this blog. You’ll find advice on an Amish country fashion fitness travel building a business our and style a bunch of things you could read about. And now after this you’re going to
say something like I guarantee you’ll enjoy it because so many have said great things already and then you’re going to read a
bunch of quotes from people that have read your blog already or are just friends that you’ve
asked for quotes. If you’d like to learn more please consider subscribing here. Now I’m going to show you a really
cool feature which is to put in a subscribe form so that you can build your email
list and gather you know a contact base for when you want to send them
new content or offers sobering new tab with me and visit MailChimp con. All right. And one two here we’re
going to click either sign up or log in. So it’s free to sign up but we have an account to make the call. But if you want to sign up just
click on that but instead just log in and we’re not robots again and once you’re in MailChimp back and they might ask you for security information but I don’t think we need to do that. Somebody’s going to do this
later. Good. Onward and now we’re going to get your
first free e-mail list with MailChimp. So the first step is to create a
list for it. Let’s click on the list tab and a list is just like a potential list of contacts. So you need to like name it. And then we’re going to help people
join that list. That makes sense. All right. So click list and then click Create list and then you just need to give your
new e-mail list a name so I’m going to call it like my community and you can see like some good
examples below comments about examples from
Alstrom. And you need a default email address
that people apply to. So I’m going to write in my gmail. But ideally you have one for your business you know so I might use
like my other blog e-mail which is a little bit more branded and it’s got the blogger name sort of the Gmail and from name that’s easy. And remind people how they signed up
cheerfullest sure. Minor what they’re going to copy what
MailChimp said because you know or something more
customized of course. And you need a basic address just
for like the rules for the sake of the
email marking rules on the Internet. It doesn’t have to be a real address
though it can be like a PLX and then come down and choose how often you want to know about subscribers. So I want to know about every Strieber as they happen so I
can celebrate that moment. And on subtribes too because you just got to know that and then click say. Very good. We’ve not created the my
community email list. We just have to like promote it now. So what we want to do to get that e-mail sign up form onto your Web site is come up and click this. And then in your list right here click on the dropdown on the right by the word stats and then click on sign up forms and then on the screen you can
decide what type of forms you’ll put on your website and you could try all of them. But I just think imbedded forums
will be easier because it’s copy and paste. So we’ll select embedded forms. All right. So then the screen lets
you choose a few different designs that are all like really great for getting
subscribers. I like all the preset modes. But my favorite is probably super
slim and you can include form title or not. I like doing that. And then we want to put in a form with because I’m not sure that this
wide of this bar will fit in or say maybe something like 300 and click away to you know reset it and have it come in there and then we can choose who we want
to enable. Recapture or not. If you think that will annoy
people then remove it and if you think you’re getting a
lot of spam then keep it. And then all we need to do finally to get this on our Web site is just
click in this area to highlight right click copy and finally come back to our blog post and I’m going to navigate to the
text tab because we’re pasting in some HMO code that Web site generated for us. The Enter bar to get some spaces and now right click paste. With enough space around the form. All right that’s all we really need to do. And of course you’re going to
write more content for this blog post. Fill it in like a real blog post. But this is just one way of using the well-composed and I see a lot of bloggers have
success embedding a email sent a form right into a blog post so people are going to use it as
they’re reading a blog post that they like. Pretty cool technique. Lastly our post needs a new
category. So just click add new category and we’ll go with who’s for this post because it’s
technically news about what we’re doing on the
blog and you can also you know write it
like fitness. You want the categories to be broad groups of blog posts. So if fitness is a category then you know the tags will be more
specific like bench pressing and push ups and sit ups and stuff like that. So it’s pretty simple. The post just needs a featured image so click Set featured image and click upload and you want to choose whatever
thumbnail image you have to represent this
post the best thumbnail you have. Click select files and see if I have anything lying
around my desktop in the battalion if you upset folder at the shed and go with a pretty looking photo of Tom Tom. Can’t beat that nice nature put from Tahoe. Open now set feature. Image and we might finally be done with this blog post. All right. So let’s try to publish it. We hope it works. I did not just click the post and pronation and check out what we made. All right. Very nice. So we now have subscribe for and working and the Post doesn’t have an image. But if we click on the blog title to go back to the homepage. We can see that hostes featured
image populate perfectly on our homepage and that’s looking good. And if you want to get that image in
the blog post itself it’s really easy to just click that edit button and then you can put the mouse at the top of the post and go to visual and click Add media and you can add it right here. I want. Or you can add that image through the header featured image options see click ATAPI to image enable and then update and the post. And we’re going to have a huge head
image on the blog post which can really like get people in the mood
for what you’re talking about. All right. I love this post. I’m very happy with it now after all of our hard work sorry for all those steps but you know I know how to write an. While post to launch your blog. So let’s come back to the homepage. Now I want to show you how to add
the social media icons to your website or blogs Hetter aren’t. So to do that just click customize and then come down to where it says
social links. Pretty simple this part’s really
easy like social links again. And now just copy paste in your social media links so you might have to like go find them. Or you might have them handy which would be nice but I’m just going to hunt down my Facebook. You are ill and copy and pasted in them for Twitter. I got that one memorized. You know learning how to write out
links and it’s good practice are not I constantly Right. And then lastly I’m going to go like a LinkedIn but I dont really use LinkedIn because I don’t really have a real
job. I’m on YouTube and so that you know it can just be like the LinkedIn domain name itself and then you can just fill that in
later just to get the icons up there. And then of course when YouTube my youtube link is just youtube dot com slash no Reiger old nickname that a friend gave me. And that should do it. So if you are struggling to read and if you paste them in right then
they’ll show up and you’ll get a nice appropriate color that follows with that whatever that company is pretty cool. Saving public and accent and now it’s true for links like
Facebook and it works. And that way you can send people to your page and ask them to like it. And you know build your social
falling right off your website and I really do think you should
like my pages and follow them because you share
more advice about blogging and WordPress and it’s all really honest and open and free. So that’s my little pitch. All right now I’m going to show you
how to customize this call to action area which is pretty self-explanatory. You can insert a call to action to your latest offer what you’re
writing about you know what someone else wants you
to write about or just what you’re up to and then you can make this button go
to any one of your blog post pages. Maybe a third party say whatever fits your business model to customize this area and just click customize and then click the Options and click promotion headline options. It’s kind of hidden but here’s where it is. So we’re going to add it. Catch the full text and right in our own. So I’m just going to talk about this
tutorial itself right here. All right so randomly when we
started editing this headline text it jumped down to 30 of our blog posts and I’m going to have to look into
that for everyone. But for now I don’t think this will hurt our website and I’ll show you why after this. So let’s just talk about this
tutorial or about whatever your blog or web site is all about. So in my case it create a WordPress website with Go Daddy really simple. And then we’re going to first change the subject line text steps or. All right. So that’s awesome. And the section is done. We just don’t want the button to say reviews or go to the WordPress support site. We want to say Get started today. And the link can go wherever we want before. So you’re going to have it go to go that is that’s where the tutorial
here is called get aid. And that this can be like an
affiliate link of yours or a referral link or Chacun link or just some third party lines or a blog post. You get the picture. All right. Saving publish and we’re going to go back and we’re going to add this feature content section and then to show you cool add that section which is to go to your content and just to turn it off to disable and what that will accomplish is
will get our featured headline right beneath the image
side again and it’ll get people reading
our blog posts right away because they don’t really need to see that
picture content. We don’t have it yet. So saying publish and now we’re looking really good. So that’s back. So what was that one thing I saw. Who the hell world post. All right. So let’s back out and go back to the dashboard and we’re going to delete a blog
post delete your first blog post. Just click posts and you’ll get a list of blog posts similar to how you click pages and you get a list of all the pages
you’ve made or the drafts of pages that you will make in the future. So just click on posts and hover on Hello world. And sadly we’re going to trash it. Even then that’s a really cool WordPress blog was that. Like millions of people start with it we can get it back later. Just sitting in the trash
right now if you want to bring it back to
life. Now click your web site and we’re starting to look like a finished product. So we’re almost there. All right. There’s a few other
things we need though. For example the contact page needs a
contact form. So how do we insert a contact form. I’ll show you right now. To insert a contact form on this page click the navigation to the dashboard. And by the way this could go on any
page you want to the contact form can go
anywhere. Just click on plug ins and we’re going to look at new and get a second plug in and look for the most popular
contact form plugin ever would just call a
contact 1 7 and it’s going to be this one right
here by talking to me Oshi install now. Activate a and really cool. All you need to do to use this plug
in is just click Settings and just copy this shortcut. It comes with a beautiful custom contact form out of the box and everyone uses this. If you’re a developer you’ll know
how to like add a new contact form. But in our case we can just copy the short code and it works great around the box. Now we go back to our site and click the contact page and look at it page and I’m going to show you how to
insert a shortcut. So it’s really tough. Now I’m getting it’s really easy. All you need to do is go to the text
tab because we have some code we’re
going to paste in and you can put it like right instead of this texture. Here it’s going to delete and then paste we get this short code you like some space above it and below it so that you know where it is when you’re editing the page and so that it looks clean and then update and now it’s few pages into it made in it is like an awesome professional looking contact form your client’s or your new perspective writers or business contacts can use to send you a message. And this way you don’t have to put
your e-mail out here you want to display email. But when they send it it will send
right to free e-mail inbox. So how cool is that everyone. So we just have a few more things to
do with our Web site and edit before we can actually call
this a final product and release it to the world. I’m so sorry that the screen might
look different now. I had to go on a road trip so I’m
working mobile now. I’m so sorry. But let’s tackle a few more things and then you’ll have a
complete website. So let’s log in for Slash WPB Desch admin at the domain name and enter and password if we can remember it. Should be good and we’re in. All right. The first thing I want to
do is just I want to change the text logo right now because that looks kind of
silly. So we’re going to go up to the top and click back to the dashboard. And now we’re going to click on
settings. All right. And we’re going to make
the site title something that I’ll tell you guys when you
visit this site that you’re in the right
place. So and I call this go daddy Web site tutorial and I’m breaking the rule
here I’ll tell you what room breaking it’s that you
want the title to always match your
domain name. And that’s why it said your
perfect domain name or your perfect domain and dot com before. All right. And tagline I’m going to
learn how to make this exact website easily on YouTube. Perfect. And and so if you have any questions about other
settings just let me know. All right. That’s done for that. Now if you want to navigate to the permalink area settings right here where it says Permalink. Look on that. And I’m going to show you over here. So if we visit the domain name that we’re working on your private
domain name then we click on a page like about
us we’ll see this annoying index up ph P in R U R L which is also called the purple and up here. That’s not good for Google at all. And you want your links to be simple and only contain keywords. After the dot com or dot org or whatever you have I don’t know what WordPress does
this by default. But we want to we should actually
gotten into this earlier. And if someone has to type in your
link like if you advertise your site and they have to actually type in a
link to get to the page advertising
there’s no way they would remember that. So when you about to permalink
settings and just check post name you can see that all this one has is
keywords like sample posts and that’s good. You don’t want dates either because
that can outdate your content and then save changes after you choose post name. OK. And I could go on and on about ranking Google. All right. Now when you click about
us that link will be nice and simple. And same goes for your blog posts. Be nice and simple. Next I want to just show you how to put a picture in the About Us
page because everyone wants a picture of you know the founders or who you are. So we’re going to go to the page and click at page and we’re just going to come down to
the middle paragraph and maybe a couple of spaces. All right. Your master. And then click Add me here. And click upload files and select files right to see if my air has any good pictures on it. We’ll have some log in estop Web site photos or so this is just like a picture of me working on the computer. That’s kind of weird. Yeah that’s another blog we made and this is really just pointless them all we do through here. So I’m going to go with this one. Just like a really cute
photo I took of my two kittens and she liked it and click open and it will start uploading. I don’t know why my internet is so
slow. I’m not saying that but I would imagine yours is much
quicker. I agree. And once it’s uploaded click insert
in a page and it’ll come in. And so we can go to the visual tab
now and check it out. And we can see it might not be big
enough so you can click on the image and then you look at it. Now open up the image details then we can change the size to. Like full size. And then it should go all the way
across the page and you can make this link to
somewhere if you want. But I just want to leave none there. And center update. And now it’s humongous. So if we click up on that post or the page either and then you page then we should have a nice like full with image and there so people can know you or your pets are. So that’s how you do that makes you
about page more personable and you can also edit a page and use that trick we did where we went to catch bass options and made the head or featured image options
enabled and then that puts this feature
image in the huge area above the page just like we have on the Contact page. If you remember that’s what we did
here. So you might like that option too. All right. Almost done now almost they’re going to make it this far really takes a lot of guts to make a website like this so you know I commend you Pat on the back for
sure. And we’re going to just at the
footer right now. So to do that we have to go back to the dashboard and we have to go to. Appearance Iveron appearance and click Ed.. And this is like the scary code in
the the word pressed him. So I saved it for the end and it was square and it went away in the middle of course. So this is just the code that makes up your
site. Like everything you looking at when it’s on the front end as your readers see it. It it’s all just back here in code and then WordPress tells the
Internet to turn that code into beautiful Web sites. So what we want to find is an area called footer and I can just hit Control
controller command and voter and then we get the theme voter
because I couldn’t find it before or so I just make selective edits in these template files where it says templates like I’ve pasted in Google Analytics code in
the header area. I’ve edited the index top HP file to put a message on the home page but it’s also active stuff and you always want to be really careful because you could
potentially like you won’t break the site but you could definitely cause an
error that you will understand over here. I don’t like the word break because that implies you can’t fix it and you can always fix it. But the point is just like you know
be really careful. So we’re going to click theme for an importer. Calm down. And we can see that it might not be the right area. Oh my gosh I’m sorry. OK so a little trial and error and thank goodness that
I’ve worked with hundreds of WordPress
themes. We found that the footer does not live in water or at least a part you want to add
it doesn’t which is where it says copyright. You know 20:16 an ambush site it actually lose in court. Catch bass core that BHB. So when we find that file just click on that and open and then we want to do another
control or command and search for copyright. I know this is a little crazy but bear with me a little bit crazy. Good times. We just want to find the copyright. And then this section right here like roughly I’m highlighting is what tells the website to look like this right here. So we found this section right here in the code and everything on the you know the
front end is somewhere in the code. You have to find it if you want if you’re crazy like me. So there is a couple things you need to edit. You add it first where it says footer left content or you can add it first where it
says put the right content and that will be the left content over here and the right time over here. So first I’m actually going to hit command a and highlight everything and then right click copy. I’m going to open up note and paste that in there just in case
anything gets messed up. We can copy paste it
back into WordPress and then we’re going to start
editing. So where you see this little single
quotation mark all the way to see the other single quotation mark is
what we can edit in between these aligator brackets don’t remove the alligator
brackets so I so to go to the front end and I’m actually going to copy part of this default for and going to pasted in here over the catch code paste or at just like that. And then going to make a vertical bar and say All rights reserved. Any text you want to have a link or something like that. And then we’re going to object file
into happens. So we’re going to refresh your site
now. All right the bottom OK. So with that little break what I did
was I hit refresh on the browser like three times and then it finally showed up in the floater. The changes that we just made and I also changed the text in between these two brackets to say thanks for watching. But you can say whatever you want. Of course the point is if you’re making changes to your
Web site and they’re not showing up you might get like really frustrated and I understand you can to make sure that your WPEC cache plug in or W3 total cache or any cache plug ins that you may have installed in plugins are deactivated and better yet just deleted cache and plugins create old
versions of the Web site and show them to
visitors including Tijoux which makes no sense when entering your site you want to see changes quickly. And you know I just think they’re
pointless to begin with. We’re not even using the cash in
public and so I’m going to chalk that up to
like really lazy Internet and the good news though is that we found how to FOTR and it’s right here in this section in the catch based chord up DHP. All right. So now I know how to do
that. Pretty cool. Don’t get frustrated. Just hit
refresh a hundred times like I do or post me a comment if you need any help. And our Web site is in fact all
done. Congratulations. You don’t know how to make a real
web site just like a professional web
designer or a celebrity or you know a business or a Fortune 500 brand might do and you’re all set to go on share
your website to the world. I mentioned creating a logo earlier. However that’s too much information
for this tutorial and just too many design options. But I do have a video on how to make
a custom logo for your web site easily without any photoshop skills. And for free. So check that out. In the end screen to this video. I think they’re calling
it screens. I’m pretty old fashioned with my video so this was the first
time I’ve ever used any fancy setup features like you saw in the
introduction so I hope you enjoyed that and I hope you enjoyed it. Making a Web site right here with me and with everyone else
following this tutorial. If you add something with us we’re
able to get your own website. Please let me know in the comments and also please great feedback. It really helps you make more upsets because they’re simple easy to use and just plain work. If you want to get back to the feel free copy paste link to. Every you like but it’s much easier to cover a lot more. Now I won’t tell you my channel but I will play to with you if you subscribe to my channel. You will learn more
about how to be. Your website will be free. And the emoji for WordPress is smiling. So just think. Dustings. Watching. All on.

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