April 3, 2020
How To Make a WordPress Website (or Blog) at SiteGround – 2019 – Beginner Tutorial

How To Make a WordPress Website (or Blog) at SiteGround – 2019 – Beginner Tutorial

Alright guys and gals so you can visit wordpress.org if you’d like to I guess meet WordPress They’re an open-source software You can use to create a beautiful website blog or app Open source just means it’s an open marketplace here sort of like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store where? Everyone can build stuff for it and add to it and then you just get to enjoy all that cool stuff From WordPress usually for free But you don’t need to actually download WordPress like you would an app or something You don’t need to click get WordPress because the website software hosting software that we’re gonna use today site grand comes with unlimited copies of WordPress and we’re gonna use Site grout to download WordPress and install it for us in one-click without coding required But it is kind of fun to be here to click on showcase. That way you can see who’s now using more press like, SUNY, New York Target, Adobe If that doesn’t ring a bell, you can click celebrities and maybe you’ll see some names here like a lot its Morissette Love her LL Cool J. And So on and so forth you can click technology if that’s the kind of site you want to make I mean the New York Post uses WordPress like this is One of the most trafficked sites, but also one of the most important sites for ad revenue Look at those cool ads that come up and when you use WordPress You can do all sorts of stuff like this on Your own to run your own sort of magazine style blog if that’s what you want to do alright, so enough at WordPress.org just want to show you that it’s here And there’s a lot of resources if you want to ever make themes or plugins. You can check those out too There’s lots of action going on here and ton of free stuff to enjoy All right, so to get started and make your own wordpress blog slash website They are the same thing when you start out You just want to visit the link beneath the video and this is just an example of a previous video people followed So I’m gonna leave you guys a link beneath the video that’ll say something like get biggest discount at site grab Believe me not everyone finds this and so not everyone gets to the right page But this will take you to the right page to follow the tutorial So just pop beneath the video and click on the bitly link and then we can proceed Alright guys, so welcome to site ground that link by the way It was my affiliate link some people like knowing that if you click on that link and sign up I might earn a commission comes at no cost to you But more importantly it makes sure you get to the right page at site gun Which is their managed WordPress hosting that we’re gonna sign up for today and it also ensures that you get the discounted price You can see the prices here like 395 are discounted from the regular price of 11 95 and Across-the-board you get the discount too and also any seasonal special discounts. I’ll make sure that link gets those for you as well So you get the best so you might wonder why do you want to be on the managed WordPress hosting page right here? Instead of on the normal web hosting page right here if we click on this tab through the menu we can see that it’s a slightly different looking page and Most host site ground included offer these two good ways to install WordPress There is a basic web hosting which we usually go with in most tutorials because we keep it super simple Nothing fancy and dirt cheap and then most hosts have a wordpress hosting also known as they’ve managed WordPress hosting option which is more expensive, however SiteGround has figured out how to keep the prices the same For the web hosting which we’re looking at right here and also for the WordPress hosting So when we click to WordPress hosting we can see we get all sorts of other essential WordPress features obviously We don’t want to miss out on and that’s basically the reason we’re going to get managed WordPress hosting Instead of the web hosting same price more features those features include awesome things like the free wordpress install So you don’t need to know any code to complete this tutorial? Whatsoever free wordpress migrator so you can come from a different place and move your WordPress site here free SSL so you get the secure padlock icon and you can accept credit cards better for your website make people all confident in you and Lots more that you don’t want to miss out on Especially if you’re new to WordPress and this is the first time you’re gonna make a WordPress website so that’s why I want everyone to send it for managed WordPress hosting and Why I want you to use the link beneath the video to get to the correct page, okay So now that we all understand that we can just move forward and even though they’re saying the best seller is to grow big We’re on the budget today So we’re just gonna go with the start up crafted for a great WordPress start and now you can click on the get plan button Okay, guys so step one was just choosing the plan that we did right there So that’s done and now I’ll walk you through all of step two and step three So that you can move forward and install your WordPress software Flawlessly, and I’ll try to answer any questions that might come up along the way but also let me know in the comments All right So the next order of business is to enter your domain name if you have a new one Click the top box here and pop in your new domain name or if you already own a domain Like from GoDaddy or somewhere else just check this bottom box and then write in you know the domain you already Purchased Dot-com net whatever it is and then go ahead and proceed and get your hosting and then after we get our hosting I’ll pop in And I’ll show you how to connect your hosting a to your domain name. That’s just how that works So if you already have a domain name you want to use no problem at all just pop it in and then go ahead and Register your hosting and then we’ll connect the two things But in my case, I have a new idea of your domain name and I want to get everything at site ground today So I’m gonna click register your new domain and then pop in around Website wpe guide. Alright then on the right You’ll see a drop down menu for dot-com but there’s also plenty of other options That could be cool like net org dot biz go ahead and choose from any of them. The dot-com is the most recognizable That’s probably what people will think of when I think of your site like nobody imagined visiting Facebook org When someone tells them to go to Facebook and the.com is also the most profitable if you want to sell your website someday however any of these other domain names might be helpful to tell people what you’re about like your about clothing or coffee and You can rank in Google pretty much just as good with any domain name extension here. That’s what these are called extensions Alright, so keep in mind if you pick something like expert it might charge you a little more for that registration You can see that price jumped up or you know, you can try out the different options Some are a little bit more premium like plumbing So let’s go back to that calm and I’ll move forward. All right and click proceed All right, cool the next order business is to create our account So with psych and we just need an email and a password and you have an account Alright, so I’m just gonna pop in my email All right and a password All right confirm the password and we’re done with that Scrolling down you can give yourself some client information So this is like if you have a business or a company rather that goes in right here in our case They just want to know a little bit about yourself As you know, whatever sort of business you are at the moment could just be a small blog or an entrepreneur Go ahead and fill that all in if saikhan asks for your full postcode just google yourself and you can get the full nine digit postcode and then phone number Alright good job. Now. We come down to payment information here All right So just pop in your payment information like you would at any sort of online shopping experience like at Apple Amazon eBay Ebates wherever you shop online or and of course like any major business saikhan will keep all of your information 100% secure guys, so I’m just gonna blank this out here and enter in my payment info All right, sorry guys getting a lot of text here you’ll see that site grown also accepts Visa MasterCard and discover So I hope that helps you out, but if you can only pay with PayPal or venmo or something for some reason Let me know I’m sure we can figure out a solution for you with SiteGround So now we’re done with that. We’re gonna come down to our purchase information and this is basically super easy We just have to confirm that we’re getting what we want So we have a plan start up if you want to change the plan I think you can hit this little refresh button, but we’re good with startup We like that because that’s the cheapest way to install WordPress at site ground data center You might want to take a look at if you have an audience that’s in a different part of the world Then you might want to opt for one of the other Headquarter data centers at site ground so that your servers and information are closer to your audience So you might want to go with UK or Singapore or Europe? For example, I think that ones in Amsterdam, so just keep your audience in mind there Next up we have our term period which is how long you’re registering hosting for I really like 12 months My first hosting order ever I got was for twelve months and I gave me a perfect amount of time to learn how to blog how to use WordPress how to make money with WordPress and set me up for success But if you choose 24 months or 36 months You will see that you get a slightly better value and that is just because you pay a little bit less per month So for example the price of 12 months is this down here? but if you went for 24 months the price is not quite double that all right so incrementally you’ll pay a little bit less if you register more hosting upfront and if you know You need your website for three years that might be a good choice. I’ve certainly have kept mine for almost ten years now, so Twelve months though is great for today. We’re gonna keep that Hosting price is cool Alright, and of course you get that discount locked in it’s normally 1195 with the regular price But because you use my link We’ve secured the best discount so congrats on that and now we can just come down to extra services alright So if you want anything extra if you’re worried about privacy or if you’re worried about having regular monitoring go for these two There’s certainly good quality services that sycron delivers But like I said before we’re on a budget So just gonna keep the domain for now and I believe we can add these later on if you want All right, so that brings us to our total for this price right here in our case It’s 63 and change which comes out to about five dollars a month if we divided it by twelve we get the amazing WordPress services of SiteGround you can install WordPress with one click in the next step without any coding knowledge and then you basically get the same website as the major blogs and major players in your niche huge businesses like Mashable Forbes jay-z Beyonce Katy Perry Walt Disney Time magazine They’re all using WordPress and it’s really awesome to me that for this small price You can be on the same level playing field with those brands. All right, really cool to top it off You also get a 30 day money back policy and if you’re interested in learning how to make money with WordPress Just drop me a note in the comments. I have some fun resources on that. All right, so that’s all I’ll say for now I’m super excited Let’s go ahead now and just check I confirm and I’d like to receive news and offers sure. Why not? We like safe ground and then the next step will install it your own copy of WordPress together All right. So let’s click pay now and let’s move to the next step. Let’s do it Okay, so you get the thank you screen here and now it’s time to head to our email inboxes Alright guys, so pretty quickly. You should get important information about your new hosting account. Let’s just open that up Alright and now we can scroll down and it says your new account is live So that took about like five seconds maybe less pretty cool. And now it’s gonna say you can set up your website Start a new brand. Ah blah blah. Let’s go ahead and let’s launch the wizard. Okay. Oh And before I forget there’s an important step for your domain name If you bought a domain name like I just did at SiteGround come back here to this email and I’ll say complete your domain verification Your new domain was successfully registered and pointed to your new hosting account. You will receive an additional verification mail It’s very important that you click the link. So that’s what we have to do. Let’s go back to the Inbox Boom. All right. We got the verification required option open that up and go ahead and click on this link to approve domain Alright, that should be done. I think second. I just wanted to confirm that we’re not like a spam bot. Alien Look and try refreshing that Let’s click it one more time to make sure it worked Okay, so that should be all done. All right, perfect Now we can go back to our shaker and wizard where we were before And we’re gonna set up your new startup hosting account. All right, so let’s check start a new website And we’re gonna just select the WordPress software. Oh, there’s some other cool options here. You might want to try later now Let’s scroll down and let’s pop in our admin email or it’s gonna send your WordPress login. So make sure to get that right Next up is your username which will show up on your WordPress blog post as by this person So don’t put like cutie pie pizza lover or something. Keep it professional And because they want the 8 to 20, we’re gonna go with our full name without the space and just to make easier Let’s just do it all lowercase Alright, then we have our password here. So try to make that at least medium and strong you can I don’t know Eva whatever I’m thinking you swords. I cope with the weirdest words. It’s really tough. I’m like, why am I even thinking of these words? But that should do it and then we’re gonna click confirm’ All right Now, let’s review these details to make sure we got it right so you’re requested to install WordPress on your account. Perfect They’re gonna process that in a moment Enhance your account we could do domain privacy No, thanks, and we could do malware also. No, thanks. So just another little upsell here that we’re gonna say no Thanks to you but you know if you want to do that Feel free to and now we are ready to confirm again and psych ground should be installing WordPress for us. All right, so confirm Then check this box at the bottom and now let’s click complete setup. Let’s do it Alright good time to take a quick break or get a drink of water Good job guys, so that works successfully. Your hosting account is ready to use. Let’s proceed to customer area Alright and we’re in so let’s explore a little bit we can click my accounts And from here we can go to cPanel if we want Precede and check that out Alright so cPanel is like the traditional website designer tool if you hired someone in your town and they charge you like five hundred to a couple thousand bucks to make a website They would probably do it with this tool In any case now you have this tool so you can become that web designer if you want to explore these options I’m just gonna go back to our home now Alright and now click on my accounts again Keep exploring. All right, so we have our installations here. Our first WordPress installation is up and running So why don’t we check that out and see if it’s working. Let’s click go to admin panel Alright and this takes us to our wordpress login screen, so that’s awesome, but I’m actually gonna go back and I’m gonna show you how to actually open that in a new window which would be to right click on go to admin panel and Open in a new tab. So we keep our user area open. All right on your login screen I recommend bookmarking it for future reference so you don’t have to type in like some long link But if you do want to type it in in the future and you get logged out It’s just going to be your domain name. So all right. Sorry about that. So ours is say crown website wpm Forward slash WP dash admin. That’s how everyone gets to the login page Once they are comfortable using WordPress takes you right here. All right, cool and then back in our users area There’s that step for people that registered their domain name somewhere other than second say at GoDaddy Namecheap, for example If that’s the case for you I want you to just open up your information and settings here and then you’re going to be presented with account DNS That will be two lines which are known as name servers. So the first one is what I’ve highlighted here and The second name server is what I’ve highlighted here All you need to do is enter those two name servers in whatever you bought your domain name for example at GoDaddy by entering these two name servers at Wherever you bought your domain name And then clicking save you will connect your domain name to your hosting because these two things Represent your hosting account and tell your domain name where the hosting account is in our case. It’s at site ground All right, super exciting. Let me know any questions guys and gals And with that said we can go back to our our installations area and now we can proceed and create a wordpress website so either click on go to admin panel or just open up your new domain name with the forward slash Wp-admin like I showed you a second ago, and we’re gonna go ahead and login So the username we created The password we created click memory and login Alright guys, it says welcome to your WordPress site. We know that learning about press takes time. We’ve prepared a quick customization wizard They’ll help you choosing design and adding functionality to your site. So probably theme and plugins is what I’m thinking Let’s see what they got for us and let’s click start now All right, great guys, so here’s where you can pick one of the themes that sycron recommends The coolest thing here is you can make your website into a niche website right away in the olden days You’d have to build everything from scratch But now we can just click on something like travel and you’ll have a travel website right out of the box Ideally in the future I want to make you guys a unique individual tutorial on how to do each one of these things and then customize it into like a real wedding or travel or whatever website But because this is just a generic video on how to make a wordpress website That SiteGround we can just go with whatever you feel like right now. So, how about Magazine because I get a lot of questions on how to create a magazine style website or blog Where you can show off like a lot of content at once and people can choose like from all your blog posts so once you’re inside a specific category, we can just click on whatever catches our fancy like new site looks good and then it should give us a loaded up preview Okay, cool. So we get the nice social icons we get the logo a search bar where it should be and of course really cool a magazine style content where people can see Everything from your blog post image to who wrote it the date the category I continue reading button Looking really fun. I would definitely read this blog So once you have one of these selected and of course you can look at as many as you want Let’s just click select an upper, right? Alright and it’s gonna say great choice the design you’ve chosen comes with sample data that’s enabled by Elementor Alright, so we will install elementary on your site. What does that mean? That just means that the site ground is offering to install a page builder called Elementor for us That way you’ll be able to keep making and adding stuff to this site from within Elementor So most cool themes these days like the one we’ve selected need a page builder Which just lets you build more within that theme Elementor seems to be the best page builder Ever pretty much at the moment. So there’s really no harm in adding Elementor along with our theme it’s all drag-and-drop so you get to use the feel of like bloggers or you know somewhere where a drag and drop is the Mainstream and it’s for you So let’s confirm it and then it’s going to ask us if we want to get some functionality. That means plugins in WordPress We have contact form selected if you want you can make a shop and if you want you can do some stuff like a calendar and Jetpack if you want to install some features from wordpress.com we’ll go three out of four and hit continue and More plugins more plugins more plugins up to you I’ve used the Yoast SEO plugin so we can do that one. That’ll just make it so you have a blog post SEO checklist, so, you know how to write the proper keywords and tailor your blog post to rank in Google and then yeah, these are both great, but we’re just gonna go with SEO one and complete it And you’re really getting to see all the managed WordPress tools that psych ground came with for free Super-fun and setting you up for a future of WordPress success All right, and now SiteGround has worked their magic and our site is ready for us Congrats So you have the option to either go to the dashboard or view the site? let’s go to the dashboard and that way we can see how the backend of WordPress looks All right, so this is your WordPress and it looks a little bit more powerful and styled up because we are using managed WordPress So the default wordpress install is like don’t have these buttons Typically if you just got like a really basic hosting plan, but yours does so take that world Yeah, we can view the site by clicking this button And here you have it so now if you followed the tutorial and you chose your site ground theme Maybe chose this one. This is what the whole world will see So pretty cool, really really no complaints from my end here. Let’s see what happens if you click world Science politics they obviously have a lot of demo posts here so you can either delete them or you can edit them To go to the editing window where you would change up a post Let’s say we’re on the home page right here Clicked on our logo and we want to edit this post which looks like Santorini we can just open it. I Just clicked on the image you get this really nice wide header image, which is also a parallax image Super cool and you can just click Edit post at the top All right, so that’s a pretty gripping title traveling does more than Exposing you to new culture, but if you want to change the title, you just edit that right here You want to change the body of the post you can edit that right here in the middle So, you know my first edit boom and if you want to scroll down you can find that image Which is at the top of the post? We’re just going to close this Actually, nope we have to be up at the top here and you can click on document and Then open featured image and that is the image. That’s at the top of the post here So if you want to change it, just click on it open Up your media library, and you can go ahead and easily choose a different image Just highlight it and hit select But we’re gonna keep the Santorini pictures. So that’s super cool Definitely want to look at that some more and once you’re ready with your updates, you can just update the post All right, we can also get rid of that take bow on traveling Update again. And once you’re ready, you can just view the post. Alright, so that’s how to make a basic post edit here There’s obviously a lot more to change like your sidebar Everything from the news and all that. These are widgets For example, everything in the sidebar is a widget. If you hover on your site title up here, you can click widgets And that’s where you change stuff in your sidebar you can get rid of them by opening them and deleting them if you want and Then they will be gone All right, obviously, it’s gonna take a little bit of time getting used to your WordPress dashboard but this is what all the pros use to blog and It does get easier with time just a little bit of trial and error and you will become a master And if you get into a roadblock, or if you can’t figure out You know how to edit these social icons at the top for example That’s what I’m here for just asking in the comments and I’ll get back to you Hopefully the same day just before we leave one cool thing that sycron did for us is if you go to appearance and click themes WordPress is like so modern these days SiteGround actually installed a theme for us along with the plugins So when we chose that we wanted a news it was like, okay I’m gonna give you a new site which is a version of the ocean WP theme so they put in this really cool theme which is like a Framework for our whole site and then on top of that they added the new site which is the magazine site We’re looking at right here So you get the beauty of ocean WP and all the cool features in the background and then you get also the news site That’s just one way that WordPress has become so modern and you don’t have to do it from scratch You can install like a template on top Of a theme like ocean WP so really good theme to go with you. Also 2019 if you want to check that out That’s pretty new. We should have a demo coming out on how to update that soon and Yeah, I’m here to help you editing any part of WordPress or learning any one of these tabs if you click plugins you’ll see that you have a full list of plugins that we chose in our site ground suite so we have Elementor That’s our page builder ocean extra lets you get more out of the theme like more widgets So on so forth as she optimizer, I’m not sure events calendar. You have a free calendar WooCommerce. You have a shop WordPress importer that just lets you bring in like other WordPress sites and Yeah, I won’t bore you with the other ones. But the last thing I’ll say is Yoast SEO Will let you make these blog posts Google friendly right away if you open up one of them and you click Edit post again you’ll get to the Yoast SEO checklist at the bottom Where it says Yoast SEO and the whole point there is to choose a focus keyword that you want this post to rank for in Google like Visit to Santorini and then the idea is that you’re supposed to insert these keyword These keywords in as many places as they recommend throughout the post and to get advice on where to put that keyword you can just open up the SEO analysis All right, so that’s a little bit about your new WordPress guys it only gets better as you play around with it more and I know you can make the blogosphere a Better place and dominate with WordPress. Like I said, if you get stuck, that’s what I’m here for Hope you enjoyed learning how to make this super cool demo of a Random, you know website with SiteGround and I hope I showed you a little bit of how you can use SiteGround to create an amazing WordPress website here from scratch. All right, so thanks so much for watching because I really enjoyed making this for you guys Please make sure to rate the video if you learned anything here and definitely comment, even if you’re just gonna say hello I’d love to hear from you It makes my day If you have any blogging friends that want to start a blog and you want to feel all cool and show them the way with WordPress, I’d love if you shared the link to this tutorial with them so they can get started too and Yeah, thanks so much. I’m Gregg Narayan. I’ll talk to you soon

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    Welcome to our SiteGround Tutorial to install WordPress in 2019!

    September UPDATE – SiteGround has replaced cPanel with Site Tools. Here is an image to help https://bit.ly/2lLVMRi It's even easier to install WordPress and manage all your tools now. They have spent 1000s of hours to get a fully SiteGround experience for you – this is the future of WordPress and I hope you love it! That said I apologize the tutorial looks a bit different, and am working with you all 1-1 to help while I update the video. Lemme know any questions!

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