April 10, 2020
How-to Make A WordPress Website 2016 In 60 Minutes –  Business or Restaurant, Create Build Develop

How-to Make A WordPress Website 2016 In 60 Minutes – Business or Restaurant, Create Build Develop

In this episode of the 60 minute website challenge
we are going to build this website that you see right before you now this design is gorgeous
in it is perfect for a restaurant to ease small business a church or any organization
that wants to display their information in a way that is just absolutely gorgeous so
let’s jump in and take a look at the design so first resort over the logo now of one of
the best aspects of this design is the mean impact of it is these gorgeous large images
that are in the background and was really nice is I have a tent on it so you don’t have
to hire a professional photographer if say you’re going to use this for your restaurant
to to to take a picture of the front your restaurant you can use maybe I can iPhone
or an android phone or whatever the nicest camera you have or you can dose also use in
stock photography but the right when your visitors visit your website they’ll immediately
be impressed by the professionalism of your site so we got this logo here and then right
here we have our navigation section and this is was called a one page design so when someone
clicks on any of these navigation items it’s gonna scroll them down on the page to that
section where that information is so we’ve got this large headline area here in two buttons
here that you can use for a call to action or to jump someone onto the page to define
exactly what they’re looking for so let’s continue scrolling down on this site is our
second section now the wage structure as you have these roles that are just separate sections
that you can use for anything that you want of this is how I have it set up right now
so the second section we have this gorgeous about us page where you can put just a little
bit of information about you we continue scrolling down for a restaurant example you could put
some information on some of your menu items here or if it’s say it a church or some organization
you can put different information about maybe the service is that you provide and so that’s
the section here then I have a section here where you can maybe put a inspirational quote
or anything like that that you may want to add or a testimonial that someone is less
for you alright here’s a what’s new section and this is a section where you can have links
to blog posts if you want to blog the blog is also built in to this design and your visitors
can click on any of these and all jumped right into the blog right here we have our testimonials
with pictures and notice in each of the sections there’s a different background image images
as this really elegant way of scrolling through them now you don’t have to have an image in
this section right here you can see I just have a solid color so that we have a section
right here for staff if you want to highlight any of your team members and then right here
we have a section where there is a map in all your contact information phone address
opening times whatever you want to be featured here and then here is our footer area where
you can again reiterate the hours of your business you can do whatever you want with
the section and wanting/you see here you got this sticky navigation menu where the navigation
stays there are no matter where you are on the page and so I guess if I click on any
of these links is going to scroll me down to the page so by click on once new it just
does scrolled me right down to the what’s new section Gnostic look at how this looks
on a mobile device this is a mobile first design which means it’s going to look good
on every single device that anyone would view it on so here’s how it looks on an iPhone
six you can see the navigation collapse is a little bit and here’s a little way to expand
that menu and you can scroll down and everything just resizes perfectly depending on the display
that your websites going to be viewed on here’s the iPad error to all you can see the navigation
expands outs you can see all the menu items now let’s take a look at the blog radio versus
what’s new we can click on any of these links and it’s gonna jump us right on into the blog
and so here’s another area where this background image can be whatever you wanted to be and
I hear some different navigation menu to take them to different areas of your website is
where you can put your blog post information and then here on the left I’ve got a sidebar
that will also show your information there we also have a frequently asked questions
section here and they contact us page with a perfectly formatted form now then whenever
wants get back to the homepage they can click on home or just click on the logo and that
will jump you right back into the home page now if you are ready to take your website
and your web presence to a new level in under 60 minutes this video is for you keep watching
and I’m going to hold your hand through the entire process to make this happen for you
now before we get started I wanted to explain to you why I created this 60 minute website
challenge and the first reason and the most meaningful reason is because I want to improve
lives through having a professional web presence so whether it be a personal website may be
a resume or career website the person to boost your personal brand or whether it’s a website
for your business or website for your nonprofit or for your church or whatever your community
organization whatever it is my main and primary goal is to improve lives and to improve your
life through giving you the information and the way in the method in the past in order
to have a professional web presence that normally would cost thousands and thousands of dollars
and the outside of the reach of most people but I wanted to give this to you would be
that catalyst for you through this process and select the most meaningful reason and
the second thing is I wanted to make it incredibly easy I’ve seen other tutorials out there in
the just not easy I wanted to make it easy I wanted to hold your hand through the process
make it fast and easy select anyone could understand no matter who you are how non-technical
you are helping computer illiterate I don’t like seeing that phrase but a lot of people
say that of themselves however non-technical someone is I want to make it super easy for
you the third reason is I want to eliminate any excuses I know for me I make excuses sometimes
in life are certain things why I don’t get it done and the reality is you just need to
jump in and do it sometimes like with this video jump in and in doing it for you and
it may not be perfect but it will never be preloaded on if I always wait for it to be
perfect so I wanted to eliminate excuses for you is why you don’t have a website for your
personal brand for your business for your nonprofit for your church I wanted to eliminate
any excuses you might have and make it super easy and superfast which brings me to the
next next reason why I wanted to give people a chance to get massively better results when
it comes to building a website for themselves I’ve seen websites that people are trying
to build themselves through other tutorials and the tutorial and result looks like it’s
good to be good but once it’s actually the person goes through that the steps and they
try to do themselves it looks like a disaster and I’ve seen that all too many times and
that’s for several reasons but I want to make sure that you get massively better results
so that at the end of the day when you look at your website that you created you can be
incredibly proud of it in the work that you did okay so now let’s take a look at my disclaimer
I write so, just go ahead and read this verbatim and explain what it means is that due to the
nature of video I cannot change anything in the video after it’s published please visit
my website for anything I may have left out now I’m trying to be as thorough as possible
but there is a chance that there might be a little step along the way that you could
use a little more elaboration on I could be a little more elaborate with or maybe there’s
a specific change that you would want to the site you don’t know how to do it and you you
you’re looking at me for an answer and I want to be that person gets the answers to you
but due to the nature of video I can change the video I can’t let go in and reedit the
video or do anything like that therefore I have a dedicated page on my website that you
can visit and I will have all that information there so is your asking for some clarification
on something or you’re asking for something maybe related to the sides changing a font
size or something like that and you’re asking me I want to get those interest you in your
find them on the dedicated page on my website for this video and you’ll see a link for that
down below the notes if you’re watching this on YouTube or purity on my website you’ll
see how I have it set up down there just for you because I want you to be successful and
I want to do whatever it takes to help you to be successful so this process really inform
false only for easy steps not 20 steps not $.30 for simple and easy steps now the first
step that were to go through is working order a domain name and website hosting a minority
have a domain name you my rehab website hosting but this video that’s the first thing that
I’m going to cover domain name is your website address and hosting is where all you where
your websites can live in him and explained that how that all works together in the
the cycling reducer and install something called WordPress and I’ll explain a little
bit more about what WordPress is right now you just need to know it powers over 26% of
the websites on the Internet is what everybody uses some of the I guess most successful most
highly visited and highly regarded websites are all powered by WordPress in the third
is working to restore this done for you template not the way I am able to help you build a
website in 60 minutes is because I’ve already done hours upon hours upon hours of work that
you be able to just restore as if I did that work are ready for you so you can bypass all
the tedious steps in all the difficult decisions and all the tweaking and working things out
I’ve made it easy so I spent hours and hours of my time so that I can save you hours and
hours of your time and the fourth thing is the four step sorry is once the website live
all you have to do is change around some text and change around some images and your site
will be done and complete so let’s first talk about how it works I wanted to be just you
know couple minutes of the just a couple minutes of talking about how websites work so that
you can have a better understanding in about this analogy that I’ve come up with so a website
domain name is your website address in relations to ship to building a house in case of this
whole analogies can be about building a house and in that analogy your domain name your
website address is like the address of your house is what you would give to someone so
that they can find you now the next step in this analogy is your web hosting account and
this would be like the foundation where you’re going to build your house okay so you buy
you got your address now you need to lay a foundation your web hosting Cal account is
going to be that foundation that everything gets built upon other third part is WordPress
and what this is this is the actual house you build on that foundation the structure
that’s what WordPress is and then the fourth part of this analogy is my done for you template
and that is going to be the design and style of the house at the core of the houses can
be what people see it’s what people in all over okay so that’s kind of my little analogy
of how this whole website thing works you got your domain name which is your address
you got a web hosting account that is the foundation that everything gets built on you
got word press and that’s the actual structure of the house and then you have my template
which is the design in the style that you apply on that house okay and that actually
accomplishes something called themes and plug-ins that will get into that a little later in
this video also next let’s talk about the most crucial of these four items in that is
to have a good foundation it is so crucial that you choose the right web how web host
it’s it’s it’s about having a good foundation so France is when you’re building a house
you need to have a good foundation or that house is going to crumble anything could be
thrown at that house in its it’s just not in a stand and that’s why a good foundation
is absolutely critical so here’s a few things that will help you identify a good web host
that you can have a good foundation on number one speed it’s very important to note speed
matters and that’s differentiator from one W. hosting provider to another is how fast
your websites can load now when you go to website in it might take 10 seconds told to
just pull up are you going to stick around you’re not know a lot of the low-cost providers
out there they are slow and so sums going to go to your site is going to be slow and
other never-ending to see your site because are going to go ahead and click off so speed
is very crucial speed matters the second item here is security matters now some web hosts
you know they they don’t even monitor anything but then there’s others that are proactively
monitoring security of your site so that you don’t have to now it’s a sad thing but at
websites to get hacked into which just part of life and you don’t want that to be you
okay so the third item here is support matters you want to go with the web host that is going
to provide timely support there to be available to you when you need them or you have a problem
support is probably one of the most Horton items of having this good foundation with
a good web hosting accounts now I recommend to you to go with in motion hosting is going
to be the same cost to you as a lot of some of the other web hosting providers you may
have heard of but it is dramatically better than all of those when you factor in those
three things that I just talked about which is Speed security in support they are top-notch
in all of those now to make this even a better deal for you within motion offers the ball
is only the cost a few dollars per month there all gonna cost a few dollars for a month and
they are too soft to cost you any more or any really any less then some of the other
web hosts out there that you may be considering what I’ve contacted them in and said hey can
you give my viewers of the 60 minute website challenge at discount nave agreed to give
you a 30% 38% discount now this might go off depending on how things go in the future but
right now they’re giving a 30% discount that you can get right now now there is can be
a link below in the notes here on YouTube that you would click through to go ahead and
sign up to get that discount okay now to make it even better for you when you click on my
link down below to sign up for the hosting I’m going to give you free access to a course
that I sell on my website is called the word press Masters course and it’s a comprehensive
course that I currently sell for hundred and $97 so you learn by it for hundred and $97
if you want but is a much better deal to just go and sign up for new hosting account with
in motion to get access to this course completely free to you and isn’t essentially a video
course is to cover every aspect of Word press and having a web hosting account that you
would need to have incredible success with your website and I cover every base that you’re
going to want to know about search engine optimization growing in email list I cover
all the administration aspects of having a WordPress website security things to consider
speeding it up I’ve got the videos pretty much on anything that you would want to know
I have it there but the best part about this courses is constantly growing so as I get
suggestions from people that are in the course of what content they would like to see added
I go ahead and I add that content and there’s no additional charge to anyone that’s purchased
it but this is an offer for you to get all of that at no cost to you because you need
a web hosting account anyway now you might say but Adam I really have a web hosting account
so do I do I really need to get another one in I’ll tell you they make it in a emotional
sending posting makes it so easy for you to transfer your web from one web hosting account
to them all you have to do is go on sign-up contact their support in the just transfer
you out of where you are because at the end of the dates can be a better option for you
because especially if you’re moving from one of these low powered Crummey web host to to
to step up so they’ll assist you in transferring from the old web host to them and they do
all that included in their packages on so anyways but to take advantage of this discount
to take advantage of this course that I’m going to essentially be giving you for free
on your web host is going to cost way someone 97 is almost a no-brainer in order to get
axis all that you have to click on the link in the show notes below or one of the links
on my website now show you that here in a moment how to do that but it’s crucial that
you do it through there now we’re going to redeem this offer of the free course is after
you order the hosting just send me a copy of your receipt and then now contact them
to make sure you ordered it through my link and then I’ll send you a voucher code to get
access to this course and I’m so happy to do that for you is I want you to just just
have all the tools that you need to to be successful in this process of building a website
for yourself all right so let’s get started and ordered that web hosting service that
will be the home of our website now if you watching this video on YouTube though be a
link below that you can click on that will take you over to in motion hosting if you
are watching this on my blog will be an obvious button below and a but you can always go to
my [email protected] and then click on the recommended menu item right here and that’s
the page that I’m at now you’re going to want to get to the hosting provider through one
of the links on my website that way they know it came from my website in the ring to give
you the discount that I negotiated with them for you in order to just get up and get started
with the least amount of money so when you click on this link is can it take you right
here and you’ll see my logo right there which lets you know that you’re at the right place
and it also confirms the current discount that I’ve arranged for you so here are the
three plans you can click on any of these order now buttons it’s going to take you right
over to the same page or you can choose the plan that you want so on this page here I’ll
explain what the differences are between these plans there’s three plans and you can order
them in any intervals of time so for the lowest price plan is called a launch plan in you
can order a 12 month or a 24 month package now the longer of the package that you purchase
the bigger discount you’re going to end up getting so know the difference between these
three packages are how many websites that you can have on the account so with the launch
package you can actually have two separate websites with two separate website names that
probably cover most people now if you need more websites that you want on the one account
you can go with the power plan which is good to you six separate websites in six separate
domain names but if you are going to have more than that you can get the Pro plan which
will give you essentially unlimited websites that you can host on the hosting package so
I’m going to go ahead and choose the Pro 12 month but if you’re just starting out go ahead
and get the launch and you can even get the 12 month it’s only good average out to $5.59
per month and on top of that is all these plans are going to include a domain name for
you so if you haven’t registered your website name it’s good to be included now typically
that’s an extra $15-$20 charge elsewhere but it’s going to be included as well so this
is a really really good deal so I would go ahead and choose the 12 month package of the
Pro plan and then I’m in a click here on continue so it’s going to take me to a page where I
could say I want to order a new domain name the new website name or if I already have
a website name I can use that for this account now not to get into the details of how to
link a website name that you have registered like it Go Daddy your name cheap or something
like that with in motion however I will say the supported in motion is fantastic you could
just put the website name and their go ahead and click on continue and you can contact
their support in they’ll help you get everything linked together but that’s not what I’m gonna
do here I’m going to go ahead and choose a brand new domain name so right here you can
enter in whatever domain name that you think you want and I don’t tell you fits available
or knots now I know which domain name I want is called show the demo show the demo.com
and then only click on continue arty know it’s available because I rechecked so just
give it a moment is checking to see if that domain name is available or someone else has
it registered to them now are right now saying the domain is available if it wasn’t it would
tell me and then I would have to go and choose another domain name until I found one that
was available that is what I would want so I was just confirming my domain name the plan
that I want to and what it’s going to cost me to go ahead and click on continue and it’s
gonna take me to the last step where on the new make a few choices so the first choice
is whether you want the website server on the East Coast of the West Coast of the United
States so the East Coast is really good if you’re have traffic from UK or different European
countries I want to go ahead and choose East Coast are you could just choose not sure nowadays
the Internet is connected so fast that words and it is always good to have the server closer
to where your traffic’s can be but is not as important as it was before in the past
so here you got to go ahead and fill out your billing information in a positive video in
a moment and do this but I want to scroll down and show you these last few options so
this one right here is domain privacy you can pay $10 a year I’m not going to have that
with domain privacy is is whenever you wear register a website address a domain name someone
could go into the domain name registry and see who owns what domain it it requires that
you have current information in there now if you want to have privacy so that no one
knows that you own a particular domain name you need to get done domain privacy if you
like that privacy you don’t want someone to go in there to be of the sea that you on that
website address so you go either way with it, I’m not to get it but if you want to pay
$10 and get that that’s that’s totally fine now right here it says this a content management
system auto installer now when you set up your account the in motion can automatically
install some of these these applications for you like WordPress or Joomla! worse or bold
grid okay now I’m going to suggest you just choose know is I want to walk you through
in the next step how to install it is I want to install it a certain way so go ahead and
just choose no on this and were going to go ahead and install everything manually okay
now right here for payment information just honestly drop your credit card information
in there click the I agree button and then click on the purchase account button right
there not been a positive video and enter my information in here and order my account
right now alright I just completed filling out the order form I’m on this order confirmation
page just let me know that someone’s going to give me a call to have kind of an onboard
welcome process with emotions on about 30 minutes or less I received a telephone call
from the number that I put in when I ordered the hosting account and so McGowan posits
video again until after that call takes place right so I just got my call from in motion
I really like that they take that extra step for security and on boarding process to personally
give me a call and welcomed me to their hosting companies now I’m not sure if they do that
for every count towards a random process but that’s what happened for me right now so I
am going to jump over to my inbox in show you the emails that I received from in motion
okay here I am not got these three emails here now the reason I got three instead of
two if if you ordered a new domain name your to get three emails is one of those emails
you actually have to click on a link to verify your email address and ask for the dome on
the new domain name registration that you ordered okay now if you didn’t order a new
domain name with your in motion accounts you’re probably not get that email you just to get
a receipt and the welcome email to go ahead and set up your account so I’ve got three
email Solomon to go through each one of the first one here is from Melbourne IT that’s
who they’re getting there eat their domain names through so all you need to do is click
on this this link right here and let’s see what happens okay yes it just given me some
information that the domain name is now registered and they wanted to verify my email address
so I go back to my emails I don’t need that anymore someone go back and they just sent
me an email to verify that I just verify my email address okay this next email is my billing
email just to let me know what I paid and then here’s the one that we need to get to
from in motion hosting that’s is welcome to in motion an ongoing and scroll down and what
you want to do is click on this big red button here this is to get started set your password
someone gliding click on that and it’s just open a new tab in my browser and the eye I
am going to get the opportunity to set up a password right now so I will just skip ahead
right I just set my password and now it excepted my password and I can go ahead and click on
this log in link which I’m in a do our right as you can see my count is all set up I’m
logged in to the admin panel where all the magic can happen next RA to install WordPress
you first need to log into the account management panel with in motion you can see I’m logged
in there right now and scroll down to write here where it says cPanel so go ahead and
click on cPanel now what to do is can open up in another tab and were going to be in
the control panel that you can basically control everything related to your web hosting account
in this one panel so we’ve already got ahead and it’s opened up now this is actually a
standard application called cPanel most web hosts have cPanel they might have changed
the way it looks so for in motion you can see’s got the logo in the top left but just
about every web host uses cPanel except some of the really high and customized solutions
other than that they’re all pretty much using cPanel so if you didn’t opted to go forward
with in motion you can still follow along now once were logged in the in motion scroll
down and working to see this option down here that says top applications and this is a tool
called soft soft tactless I have a problem with pronouncing that wrong it’s off tactless
like miraculous but it’s soft tactless Amy makes installing these customer content management
systems to super super easy so I do scroll down and click right here where it says a
word press cane it’s good to take us right here and go ahead and click on this Big Blue
install button alright now here’s some choices that we need to make for installing the word
press okay so the first one is the protocol and what that is is if you got your website
domain name and that’s if you wanted to be www.then the domain name or just the straight
up domain name now for reasons I’m not going to get into deep details on your want to change
this to write here words is www.okay so go ahead and choose that okay there’s a lot of
technical reasons why you want to do this but I’m not in it want to get into right now
but just go ahead and choose that okay now if your web hosting account has more than
one domain name on it you can see a list of all those domain names right here now I only
ordered the one domain and I have connected any other domain names when I go to this drop-down
list I only have the one domain name show the demo someone to choose that now this is
in a directory just leave that blank database name you don’t have to change this you can
leave it as it is a little on the technical side or you can give it a database name very
technical I would just go ahead and skip it and the site settings were just going that
default will actually edit that once were inside of WordPress okay right here is his
admin account we need to assign a username and a password and now with WordPress or do
you want a strong password and you want to use a username that’s not obvious like admin
or user or WordPress or something like that so choose a username that is going to be a
little more on the unique side now you feel that out in a moment I just want to go through
the remainder of the settings okay so right here you would put your email address because
there are administrative emails that WordPress has to sent from time to time and you want
to put your email address in here that you know you’ll get those emails at okay you can
choose your language for the WordPress admin menu there are that WordPress is amazing in
supporting all different languages our right to answer what users click on this little
plus right here it says advanced options and it’s going to reveal a set of options that
you have available to you okay so the first one is disable update notifications it’s good
to leave that uncheck as you want those update notifications Otto up and then the next three
kind of go together auto upgrade auto upgrade WordPress plug-ins auto upgrade WordPress
themes now I recommend checking these three boxes cam in a check it in him and explain
why WordPress it’s self gets updated every few months they add security improvements
they had features they just make it all around better and they do a really good job of making
sure when they release an update it doesn’t break anything K that’s number one and plug-ins
and themes those are updated regularly as well adding features and making your site
more secure and faster in things that nature so what happens is sometimes people will set
up their website and then I’ll never log into it again and then it gets outdated and outdated
and outdated and who knows maybe in 12 months a security vulnerability might be discovered
that WordPress patches because you didn’t install the updates your site is now vulnerable
to have something malicious happened to it not want that to happen to you and that’s
one of the best reasons of going with in motion because they have soft tactless and we can
enable it to automatically maintain your site for you there services that charge of $50
a month just to make sure everything’s updated so all right here is very easy to just have
a soft calculus do it for you so go ahead and fill this out on the fill it out and then
I am going to rejoin you on this video okay I just filled it out and I realized they made
one little mistake that I wanted to update you if you filled out and hit submit this
probably would of happens you there’s little box we need to check right here this is overwrite
files and what this is is when you first set up your hosting account they put to a they
put a file in the directory that says the domain name it hasn’t been set up yet and
then easily be wiped out before we can go ahead and put WordPress and she just got a
check that little box sorry I left that little detail out now scroll down and go ahead and
click submit okay I just click the install button and you can see it’s installing right
now it just takes maybe 20 seconds or less and then you’re presented with these two links
right here here’s the link to your website and then here’s the link to log into your
WordPress site someone to go ahead and click on both so this is what your words side your
WordPress website will most likely look light is just your default theme and here is the
login page and I’m a go ahead and log in right now and I’m fully logged in now WordPress
is completely installed and you can see how fast and easy that was you wanted to quickly
to show you how to delete a WordPress install if you want to wipe it out and start back
from the beginning and it’s super easy so walked back into your cPanel and then scroll
down and that we want to get back into words is word press here such as going click on
that and it takes us here now in the prior step we clicked on the install button to install
it but working to do that if you scroll all the way down it has a section here this is
current installations and it’s really simple to edit some of the settings that we placed
for this installation but what we can do is go right here in click on the big X click
on remove a minority says remove all the files the database user just leave all that checked
click on remove installation now is going to give you this warning he the warning that
basically says everything you’re doing now is either reversible some go hitting click
on okay and Walli in the one minute you’ve wiped out that installation and I can go back
in and install WordPress all over again if you’re in the learning process and you just
want to start over wow congratulations you’ve already made it halfway through this process
and I told you was gonna be easy right and it only as can get easier from here now to
get to the exciting part of taking that website that done for you template to get it downloaded
on your computer and then restored on your web hosting account in the beginning of the
fun parts of customizing it to make it exactly how you want it so it on YouTube there is
a section below the video where you can put were either video creator caput notes and
the first link in that is going to take you over to my website and it’s a page on my website
that I set up specifically for this 60 minute website challenge now gonna need you to click
on that link go to my website to download the data for you template resources file you
need to download that to your local machine and that’s the next step so that you go ahead
and click on that link right now okay so I’m on my site right now you should see something
different than are similar to this but obviously it’s going to be this video it’s going to
be right here in this large video frame that you can actually watch this entire challenge
right here on my website if you like you see how the video is a bit larger so might be
easier to see certain things but when you scroll down just underneath it others this
form here this is download done for you template resources so what I need you to do right now
is to go here and put your name and email address and click download in your unit of
the sending email to the email address you give me an in that email is going to have
some information for you and it’s can have the link to download all the resources file
and some really simple so I’m gonna do it right now just put my name one of my emails
and then on to click on this download button so you see this little spending action with
ask you to do is it’s gonna take your email to make sure it’s a valid email and then it’s
going to send it off to you and then it’s going to reload the page so let me pause this
so is reload the page now don’t there is a day message and it’s a success it’s on its
way but if you check your inbox right now they will be in email from me to you how so
let’s go ahead and jump in my inbox right now and take a look at that email okay I’m
in my inbox right now and I’m using Gmail now if you got lots and lots of emails all
you have to do a search or inbox for 60 minute website challenge and will pull my email that
I just sent you right here into here it is here’s your download for the 60 minute website
challenge template resources know I have to do is go ahead and click into that email and
there’s can be a link right there that you can click on and it’s been a download this
file to your computer it’s not a huge file so it shouldn’t take that long to download
to your system now if you’re on a Mac computer which I’m on your web browser may automatically
unzip this file this is a zipped file and it has several folders and files in it now
if you’re on a Mac it might unzip for you if you’re on a PC approaches download file
and then you’re gonna need to unzip the file now I’m sorry if you don’t know how to unzip
a file all you have to do is go on YouTube in search how to unzip a file but most people
know how to unzip a file and hopefully you do so let me pull up the folder contents right
now so here is the folder contents that your to see after you unzip it you see it might
I might add some stuff in here so this is what’s in it right now it might look a little
different when you download it but it’s gonna look very similar so you have two folders
once called restore file the other ones going to be image resources like I said I might
add some to it and then there’s an instruction file but if you go inside that restore file
folder you double-click on it there’s this long filename in this file right here this
is good to be our restore file that were going to need in this next step in order to get
the site on on your web hosting account looking exactly like the one I showed you in the beginning
of this video so let’s go ahead and start that process right now so click back over
into your WordPress installation and what you want to do first is go to Wertz’s plug-ins
and then there’s an option here to add new please click on that our right and then right
here on the right it’s his search plug-ins were going to search for a plug and cold all
in one migration so you have to do is type in all in one migration alright and it’s showing
up right here go ahead and install that for me just click on the install button and installs
pretty quick and then click on activate plug-in so now we have this new option right here
this is all in one WP migration so going here and click on the import option and then we
have the section here we can track and drop a file onto so what I want to do is that long
file name right here we want to drag and drop it into this area right here some of the show
you how I would do it going to drag and drop it right there and let go and if you done
this right you need to drop it in the area where there’s is dotted lines it’s you should
see what you said what you see right now the the screen she kind of gray a little bit in
then you’ll see this box and what it’s doing this is now uploading this file to your website
it’s essentially importing it now depending on the speed of your Internet it might take
less than a minute maybe 30 seconds so for me it looks like a spring and take about 30
seconds or so we’ll just wait for the process to and now once this is done uploading worker
to go ahead and restore this file okay and then we’ll have a few cleanup steps after
that also I’m at 50% right now and were getting there now it’s important to note that this
process is intended for a brand-new website so if you try to add this to an already existing
WordPress site in this process what it does is go wipe everything out in restore the whole
site as I’ve designed it for you so all those hours and hours I put into designing it you’re
getting all that right now for free but anything that you’ve already done on the site is going
to get wiped out so that’s why I showed you the beginning me doing a fresh installation
of WordPress and working to restore this in its gonna wipe everything out so there’s can
be some warnings in this process so right here is that first warning says the import
process will overwrite your database media plug-ins and themes please ensure that you
have a backup of your data before proceeding to the next step so just go ahead and click
on continue and what this is going to do is literally wiping everything out in putting
that exact template in for you and this is going to save you a lot of time okay that’s
the only way I’m able to make this a 60 minute website challenge versus a 10 hour website
Jones because who has 10 hours I really wanted you to be of the do this during a typical
lunch break at work or something like that am so once that import process is done we
get this message cheers is your date’s been imported successfully you need to perform
two more steps don’t worry about it were just a click the close button here in a minute
number to walk you through those steps now I wanted to share that if you didn’t get new
hosting with in motion hosting and you’re using some real low powered crummy web host
you might have some issues in this restoration process and that’s usually cause if your web
host is a crummy web host okay so you might want to consider if you run into an error
getting in motion through the link to 30% discount and the free course and giving you
will the course and giving for free not a free course so that if you get some weird
errors it’s usually because maybe you didn’t unzip the file that you downloaded from my
website if you didn’t unzip that you just drag and drop it in your gonna get an error
message here as well suggest keep those two things in mind so now what amenities click
on this close button and when you click on any of these links is to log you out of the
site okay and that’s because when we restored it using the username and password that I
created for my site so work enough to log us out we need to log back in and were going
to do some cleanup and change some things to watch this if you click on dashboard is
can it take you here and you have to log back in now that username and password that you
set up just a little bit earlier that’s now gone because everything from that is been
wiped out so now you need to login with username and password I’m going to give you but honestly
how to change that to what you would want it to be okay so the username is 60 minute
website challenge without spaces
okay now the password is all lowercase DF why at WP crafter so that’s DF why Stanford
done for you [email protected] WP crafter just like that and then only click on login and I have
all these password managers so let me just say no and not now so now I logged back in
now I’m gonna show you that now your site looks identical to the one I showed you in
the beginning of this video so if I go here on the site title and this is visit Seidelman
open this up in a new tab and go to it. To see it looks identical to your site all right
here it is sorry it looks identical to the site that I showed you the beginning so now
everything’s on your your your website hosting account but we need to do some tidying up
I got a show you how to change some email addresses in the in the system I can show
you how to change the username so it’s what you wanted to be so the first thing I need
you to do is change an email address into locations okay so fight go here to settings
and then general right here’s a section where you put the email address that WordPress is
getting used to notify use of things like if someone leaves a comment or there’s an
update available things like that it’s good to go to this email address here that was
under settings general I need you to change that please and then while you’re at it if
you want you can change the time zone to your time zone that’s always kind of nice as well
and then scroll down and then click on save changes so that’s the first place I want you
to change your email address the second place I need you to change your email addresses
in the actual user account she would go to words as users click on your profile right
here alright now that’s pulling up organist scroll down just a little bit and were to
see it right here under contact information and this is email I want you to go ahead and
change that email to your email your email address and then I want you scroll down again
and I want you to click on this update profile so now all the notifications everything are
you not to me I tell you this is important I’ve had people skip this step and they have
a contact form on their website and all their contact form submissions they come to me this
is like leaves for them in money and all that I’ve notified them and they still don’t change
it I don’t know why siliceous make sure we don’t skip any of these crucial steps okay
so now let me look at my list we want to change the username so if I click on users right
here in that all users this is the username cake I want to change that as you might not
want to login as 60 minute website challenge for the rest of your life you might wanted
to be your name number I mentioned earlier you don’t want a username that admin or something
like that you want like a good username aviator first and last name bunched together or something
like that you want to use a good username so right ominously how to change that username
you just go here to plug-ins and click on install plug-ins so now that you’re here you
can scroll down in I plug in but in activated it’s called username change your own you activate
this this is getting easy way to change the username the only other way of changing the
username is to the little technicals to go into the database and do it this is just a
lot easier to go ahead and click on activate okay the plug-ins now activated and let’s
see we can go to now works as users there’s a new option that’s his username changers
to go ahead and click on that every year we need to drink and choose in this drop-down
the username we want to change in it’s right here 60 minute website challenge know when
it’s showing you the username it shows this bracket and then the email address and then
another bracket that just if you have a lot of usernames in this new installation that
so you can kind of another way of identifying them I don’t want you to click on this to
change it and then type your new username like this and then go bracket in type an email
that is going to cause problems I had someone do that once don’t do that all you’re doing
is putting a new username so this right here is just for reference to just putting the
new username that’s all so go ahead and enter your new username and then click on save changes
now there’s a chance that this might log you out and then you’ll have to log right back
in actually here why not to do this I’ll do with you Sammy my username WP crafter and
that I click on save changes let’s see what happens okay and showing that the user name
was changed to WP crafter right here yes click your log back in so when you make this change
it boot you out and yet the log back in some of the click that so now WP crafter and then
it’s DF Y add WPCrafter and then here’s my password managers again okay so now I go back
to users and click on all users now Simon is a 60 minute website challenge anymore is
can a CWP crafter now what I want you to do is actually change the password for this user
account so you don’t have to type DF Y at the BP crafter anymore you can use your password
please use a strong password use may be a character in it or something like that to
make it even stronger she just would go into all users your profile and then it’s at the
very bottom so let’s scroll down there it’s right here is his account management it’s
his new password and generate password when you click on that it’s good to generate a
password for you but you don’t have to use that password WordPress does that so he can
try to nudge people towards having strong security in it has the security meter here
as well as password strength meter but you can use whatever you want is a password so
don’t use this don’t do password and was but if you did that you would happen then check
this box is as conferring use of weak password and then you scroll down and click on update
profile I think if I check that you then you can click that never use password is your
password you one you something strong that it is not easily guessable in it’s usually
best to take a phrase and then take the spaces out so there’s a phrase you like say I like
60 minute website challenging you can make that your password without spaces is it would
be impossible for a hacker to hack into a password and user account the password that
that that so long like that and it will be easy for you to remember so anyways go ahead
and set a new password all right so now what I need you to do is update something called
permanent links you don’t worry you don’t have to ever worry about the setting other
than right now so you’re in a hover over to Wertz’s settings and then it’s as permanent
links click on that okay and is can it take you there and exhorting it have this in our
radio box on post name you can scroll down and click save changes if you have my WordPress
Masters course there’s a whole video on what the permanent links are all you need to know
is with the one we selected our our website links are to look like this versus something
crazy like question P equals in a number know that that’s all you essentially really need
to know about permanent links and you only do this once all right so let me look at my
list okay let’s go to plug-ins and work a new clean some things out so the all-in-one
migration you don’t need this anymore you can go ahead and deactivate that plug-in you
can also delete it I need you to deactivate jet jet pack right here it’s his jet pack
go ahead and click on the activate and then right here you can we don’t need to user name
change or reuse that are ready you don’t need it anymore’s you can deactivate that is well
now these deleted plug-ins are not using you can delete them some click a checkbox on using
changer do not delete jet back we don’t need it this this comes by default when you install
WordPress we don’t need the migration anymore we don’t need ask met so now you have those
multiple once checked I can go to write yours as bold actions and then click on delete and
then apply and that is just wants me to confirm somebody’s a click on yes okay and now my
plug-ins my install plug-ins everything down and cleaned out so now I want you to go ahead
in now activate jet pack again, explain what your pack is so don’t worry about that so
when you activate jet pack you should have this green bar here now jet pack is a plug-in
for your website that add some features to your website and specifically for this one
is can add the contact form integration units can add the ability to have those testimonials
on the homepage that’s another thing that it can add for you and there’s a few other
goodies that I’m gonna show you now oh and one of those things it’s kinda big it kinda
gives you sites that so you can see how much traffic’s on your website if they’re getting
there from Google what are they typing in your to see some really neat bits of information
into back at a lot of different features on most of which were not to use but we do need
it for these few now jet pack needs to connect into a WordPress.com account don’t worry it’s
all free but I need you right now to click on this green button and go and set up a WordPress.com
account in case all you have to do is click on this button and it doesn’t open up in a
new tab is just getting in the same temperature in its gonna take you over there so were just
a click on connect to WordPress.com in his can jump us over there already now what assuming
you don’t already have a WordPress.com account that’s totally fine go ahead and click right
here it says please log into WordPress.com account but the nurses questions as needed
account so Yorty have an account you can see this area here to fill in an account the credentials
or you can click on need an account so just click on that it opens up in a new tab in
your web browser and this just a little bit of information it wants and wants an email
address from you put a good email address and could you need to there is an email where
you click on it in and verifies your email account then choose a username and then choose
a password and then click on create account now I’m not can it create account written
account right now just follow these steps you get an email click on the link in the
email to verify your new account with WordPress.com there’s no cost for so do that and then login
K so now were to go back in the browser it really click on that big green button again
and then this time your GNU you have an option to link your WordPress installation to your
newly created WordPress.com accounts I’m just canoe go back right here in him and to go
back right here in my web browser and then go ahead and click on connect to WordPress
again and this time I’m just gonna log in click on approve and just give it a moment
and it’s going to link the WordPress site to the accounts and then it’s going to take
you back into WordPress and then this can bring you to this screen so this is where
we can enable or disable the certain modules that jet pack has to offer now jet pack on
its own is full of features but we don’t need all of them for this site we only need a few
so what you do is when you get here to scroll down and it says see other 28 jet pack features
these are their main features but I just find it easier to click right here it’s a C 20
the other 20 jet pack features might have a higher number for you because they’re adding
features every now and then so I click on that button and this is where working to enable
or disable some of these features she can see as I hover over it as activates or if
it’s already in blue when I hover over it says the activate so the main ones we want
to make sure active is the contact form the custom content types right here and let’s
see there was also a security one I want for you monitor this is really cool if your website
ever goes down this will actually make it so you’ll get an email notification and then
a figment it comes back up to get another email notifications you can keep track of
your web host and how good they’re doing race here this is what I wanted protects I wanted
that for you that’s can add some security functions and then to the think that was the
main ones that I wanted let me just give it a quick scan back up yet that’s what I wanted
so just make sure I’m sure when you activate its majority and have what I wanted it to
have active by default and so you should see this testimonials option here and that’s what
we wanted to make sure that we had so are right let’s get to customizing the site so
go to here and let’s view the front end of this item to open this in a new tab so I can
tab a back-and-forth and let me close out some of these other ones okay so now we just
need to change text change some styles and change some images to make this look exactly
how you wanted to look soaring to do is working to make changes in the back end of WordPress
right here and then we will click on refreshed on the front and hear so many basically show
you how to change everything change the images the colors the text and everything initially
had a change all of that so that you can make this site to look exactly how you wanted to
look for you are right so the best next step is to show you the structure of the site and
how that works in then go into changing how to change the logo the menus and all that
kind of stuff so let’s go ahead and jump back into WordPress let’s click on the dashboard
but what we really want to get to is the section here called pages now in WordPress a page
is timeless content that something that it doesn’t have a date attached to it it’s not
timely information it’s just more your anger pages of your website now a post is different
post is what you would use for posting a call the blog post and that might be not a not
coming event that’s happening or some kind of timely information that can be your blog
post so what this sites mostly relying on is pages so let’s take a look at the pages
now so this is what you should see right now under pages is a series of pages that have
been created and you can see them here now these sick pages are actually the you rose
that you would see here on the homepage so this bit of text right here is a separate
page so if I click on pages it’s right here where it says home now this section right
here the about us section is a different page it’s this about us page that you find right
here and so you could see the title here is going to correspond with the title here of
the individual page or post so right here so word says was brewing I could go here to
the page that says what’s a brewing and diets can pull up and I can change the title right
here to what ever I want so I can say what’s happening like that click on updates and then
it’s going update that title now here on the front and I can refresh in this is going to
change to what’s happening so he clicked back and clicked on refresh you can see the menu
navigation automatically changes to it that new page title is and if I scroll down you
can see a sigh always pass it right here you can see that changed as well to what’s happening
so that just the page title now some of these rows the actual content in its break your
receipt filtered copies espressos and concoctions to show you how to change that so if I go
back to pages and I scroll down here to now what I change the what’s happening you see
these three pages underneath it until there’s some pages because they have the slow-so this
is the parent and these three are the children and these are what makes up the three rows
one to three so right here I can click into one of them this is concoctions right here
I’m the clicking it and you can see here’s the text that makes up the text right here
so I can easily go when they’re in change any of that text to what I wanted it to be
so for instance if your service-based business this could be our services and then right
here it could save the three main services that you offer and then a little bit of information
on each of those three services and so that’s how that is generated so let’s jump back up
here to the home page and him and go back here in the back and click back on pages Noah’s
click on that homepage and oh let’s see what the content it has now when you’re using word
press in your in a page or post you have this little area here that’s is visual in text
some sections like the page word like this area here that were editing right now it might
be a little easier to edit in the text view so the visual it’s all kind of a what you
see is what you get but he can’t show you the buttons now if you click on text you actually
see the text but just as you little snippets of code but is really easy to identify what
we want to change so for instance this section here in that has these buttons and it’s can
be a little easier to edit them when were in this text area so right here we see a section
right there this is actually the code for our buttons right here is the of the right
here’s the link to that the first button takes you and here’s the text on the first button
right here is the link for the second button and then the text to the second button okay
and these links can take you to anywhere so for instance on the front and you have this
menu and when you click on it it scrolls you down to that section of the page so if you
wanted some of the click on this button and so to say on this what’s new so we wanted
to scroll the the person to see the our staff page right now it doesn’t do that right now
it takes you to the what’s new so what you do is you need to get the link that would
scrolling down to the our staff so you can just right-click and then you could choose
copy link you can go here and so squirting to edit this first link the first button so
I’m in a change where it takes them and I’m going to paste what was in my clipboard and
let’s just say change this from what’s new to our staff now I’m holding the shift key
to put it all in caps so the buttons retain their style Sonoma click on update and then
I’m in a go to the front and into a refreshing to see this change from what’s new to our
staff and you see when we click on it it takes him down to our staff oops let me scroll to
the tops announces our staff and when you click on it it will take you down to our staff
and that’s the section right there so that’s how easy does it to change anything on this
page so let’s go here back to the front end you can see that different font color that
were this fall colors here that were implementing that is the text that in between this little
bit of code the bracket EM so that’s how you can easily change anything that is on this
site and I know it might seem just a little technical getting out of the text tab and
you gotta be able to look at it and say where do I change the button link and all that but
that’s just one of the little caveats in web development but is really easy if you just
follow what I did it’s really easy to make this a look the way you wanted him to change
these buttons to to work exactly the way that you wanted so let’s take a look at some other
things so the about us page is a really simple I’m in a click back on all pages of a click
on about us you can see it’s just some basic text cout’s basic text when we go to the visual
tag and there it is like that so just your some basic text scroll down we talked about
the what’s happening the way that works is you have a parent page in then you have children
pages so right here the parent page and these are the children pages in the children pages
of we just click on it show you how to make a page a child you right here just when you
create a new page you choose what the parent is in so that would automatically make this
page a child and then here’s the text for the for that area let’s look at this this
on creativity let’s look at that page to see how we can change that some go back to all
pages an ominous scroll down to words is on creativity you’ll deftly want to change that
page title and you can see here it is right here so you can type in your new quotes and
our right here you can change the credits it to wherever you want to do attributed to
okay so that’s the on creativity section what’s new this kind of automatically gets generated
based upon blog posts and I’ll show you that in a minute so let’s go back and just take
a look at it in the back and it’s cool down here’s what’s new in it says it’s the post
page so when I click and it is not to show any information see there’s no box to edit
any text at all scroll down to the happy customers now this is pulling in testimonials so if
I go back to pages and then we look at has happy customers what you see is there isn’t
anything in here this pages specifically this is specifically set up for testimonials and
you can see that right here in the template it says testimonials and sold the way we change
these two sections of testimonials you click right here assist testimonials on the left
is a separate the menu item and we have the two testimonials here so let’s click in the
one so with this one there’s a little tiny bit of code in the title and that’s because
we wanted it to be this is the title right here so we wanted to have the name and then
kind of like the role or whatever of this person in this different style so he could
see right there Kit Kat and then we have this little bit of code so when you’re changing
this you can just change the name and change the title or whatever right there here’s the
text of the testimonial and then here’s a little image is so right here so if you wanted
a different image I can click on remove the featured image now there’ll be no image with
it and then I can click set featured image and I could use a different image or I can
just drag-and-drop my own image in here so say I wanted to it to be this image here I
can click on set featured image I can click on update and then now when I refresh the
front and it will be a different picture right there we have this different picture right
there so that’s how you would edit this testimonial section right here so let’s take a look at
how to edit the staff section of this doesn’t have to be used for staff it’s really just
like a grid with these three columns right here so you could use this as well for services
or staff or whatever makes sense to display in three columns like this over was like a
said church a church is different ministry groups this could be you Mary didn’t singles
or something like that so there’s lots of different things you can do with this us this
format let’s go ahead and take a look at that so let’s go back to pages were looking for
the our staff page and you can see it’s got a similar set up to how the what’s happening
page did you have this parent and then you have these child pages snow let me click into
one of the child pages this Adm. fluffiness you can see on the front and it’s this guy
right here can be the same thing if featured image this is the title of the section right
here and this is just a little bit of text that’s in it so we got our title we’ve got
the little bit of text and the when you scroll down you got that featured image and that’s
how this is a put together it’s pretty simple now this section here isn’t as simple and
that is the whole getting this image back here of a map this is actually an image is
not dynamically pulling this from Google maps what it what it is is pulling up the address
in Google maps in your web browser and then doing a screen capture of it like a screenshot
in and just cutting everything else which just the map let me show you how I did that
so pico back here when you go back to all pages and is the section here call find us
know I use a little bit of code to remove the find us title here because it’s pretty
obvious to see how you have the top the title showing their and right here I don’t have
the title have a little code added to remove that ballistic a look at how this section
here is generated the click on find us right here RA and that’s pulling up and here is
the info that appears in this little’s right section right here now this is another one
of those where it’s going to be easier to keep them in order to keep the exact formatting
to click on the text tab and start editing information and it’s a pretty simple so this
is where it actually says the word phone right there and then there’s a little bit of code
right here that shows that little image of a phone, like how that is so all you want
to change here is the actual phone number and so right here you would just wanted to
change these four lines to put your address in the right here if you wanted to have your
opening hours you could put that here instead of time such as change that hours King however
you want to word it and then right here there’s a link to a contact form and then there’s
a link to the face book page however it looks like there isn’t really a link to the Facebook
page so many show you how to do that right now so essentially this right here is the
code to have a little bit of text and to have a link so I’m going to highlight that and
I’m in a copy to my clipboard by hitting command see your control see get rid of this Plymouth
and I’m going to highlight it and then hit the backspace to delete it and the almond
paste so I did a controller command V and so here’s Facebook so I would say right here
Facebook page and then this is the link to your Facebook page right here so I don’t have
one for the site and just to put Facebook.com like that and so that’s how you would to change
this text now that background it’s essentially just this featured image that you see right
here that’s all it is so let me click on it to show you how it set up so just an image
in the gallery here so just like in these other sections of here we have these background
images like that that’s all this is just a background image okay such as the background
image you can see these are the dimensions I haven’t said to his 1400 x 8 92 it doesn’t
have to be that exact but you do wanted to be wide of like a 1400 pixels or something
like that so let me get out of there let me update this page now as I’m explaining this
to you I just realized I haven’t been explaining how to change these images you might’ve picked
up on it it’s actually really simple let me go back here to click on all pages let me
first click on the homepage so I click on homepage right here this is actually what
I think is the most powerful aspect of this design is these big images that are in the
background that you know you’re presenting limited text in a beautiful way because of
these large background images so back on the homepage here as you said this in the beginning
that background images essentially just your featured image set here so you can see this
is the featured image in the back you can see right here it’s right here it’s based
off this you can see how easy it is the change know what’s nice is when you change that background
image changes the whole feel of the site so say I wanted something more office he here’s
a picture of some office chairs I can click on this and then I can click on the set featured
image so now I’ve changed it to be this like office look so if I click on update and then
I go to the front and in that I do a refresh this image of a like a business entrance is
going to change click on refresh and so limits go back to the top you can see now I’ve got
this office background image there and so sorry I skipped that when I was explaining
how this is all set up these images are all just the featured images for those pages and
I just was showing you all the different pages and this one right here happy customers I
didn’t have an image in the background I just have the solid color so Owen you can see I
remember I updated the page to say opening hours in I change the Facebook to actually
have a link to your Facebook page and so that’s it right there another section here is just
the footer and it’s in a section called widgets in the backend so if I went to appearance
and then widgets you see these widget areas so there’s three footer areas so here’s your
four areas one 23 so sick a look at that footer widget area right here and then if you click
this little icon here it like expands the widget that is in that area on this is that
here and I can click on that expanded again you can see where it says about us in a little
bit about it Anna corresponds with the title and the content of its go to this second footer
which it and this is a custom menu called the site map and I’ll show you how to change
that and then the third one if I expanded and then expand this you can see just the
contact info so you can change the title to your business address right here your phone
number and you can put your hours right there and so that’s how this widget here is all
put together so so so far I’ve shown you how does how to make these page sections show
whatever you want with the image the text the footer all of that now I’m going to show
you how to arrange these sections see you notice there and in order so this one is your
homepage the nearby pager ministry had a changes order to show you how to change this logo
and then after that I’m in a show you how this menu is generated now WordPress has something
called the customizer and what this is is it’s a way of modifying some of the styles
of the site now if you’ve noticed right here just customize that’s good to get you in there
but if you’re back here what you do is you go under appearance to where it says customize
so notice when you do that it’s been a reload the front end of the website here and then
you have the settings panel here on the left so one of the things we want to do is, just
go in order and start changing some things so the first option right here when we click
on it is the site title and want to make this maybe the name of your business or whatever
keywords that you might want your website to be known for you could put that in there
but this is this is the section we were initially going after and that’s how to change this
logo all you would have to do is click on change logo then you drag-and-drop your new
logo here you would click on it and then click on the set as a logo and then you will see
it dynamically appears here now this site your logos going up here or on top of an image
like you see here with the tent on it so it’s better to have an a logo with bright light
with light not bright light colors like this logos all white so yellow logo version that’s
all white it’s going great now typically when I have a logo designed in one a professional
designer designs a logo the Google logo in several formats they give it to you in color
in all black or all white so in this example you’d probably want to use the all white version
of that logo okay so if you have a logo you don’t have to have one you can just have it
be text instead of a logo in that case you click on this box here we would click on remove
logo in it’s just skinny use in the text that you saw here and site title so
so business name whatever so this is for you
if you don’t have a logo that’s if it shows your tagline it also shows your tagline right
just like that so if you don’t have a logo you’ll be fine doing it this way but I’m not
going to let me just go and restore my logos I unchecked that box click on add logo click
back on my logo and then set it as the logo so now to get back to that panel with all
the settings just click this Aero okay so here’s where you can change the background
color this is Morgan to be on your blog post pages than this right here your header image
this is going to be when you’re on pages you’re gonna see this you don’t see that the header
image here background image were not using that menus so let’s go ahead and click on
primary menu now this menu right here is only shown when you’re on a page other than the
homepage this this which is seen as a one-page type website but you can have other pages
but is one page meaning you have this navigation when you click on it it takes you to the different
sections of your page saucer you little bit more than a moment okay widgets I showed you
the widgets with your footer areas but where what I was really trying to get at is right
here’85 Theme options so the way this theme is the C-sections are all referred to as panels
so you got this right here you got panel one you got panel to see how analysis panel three
you can rearrange these all that you want so for instance if I clicked in the panel
one we can see is currently set to about us and you can see right here on the left I can
choose it to be different sections so if I wanted it to be our staff I can click a right
there and change it to our staff and you see it automatically changes to our staff to put
that back to the about us now if you have a section where you didn’t set a background
image you can change the color right here so if I scroll down you can see the happy
customers which is panels panel five let me jump in the panel five and you can see that’s
it right there let’s play around with the color rainouts on the default color but I
suppose I can change it to be whatever I wanted now you would want to choose a color that
looks good with white text on it so maybe something a little dark Chicago like that
that kind of fits the benefits with this the feel of the website so go ahead and keep that
I write and then go back so that these different panels and what you can do with them let’s
see in this demo if I scroll down I’m using seven of the panels so I click on panel seven
you should see it show this find us now let me go back there is an eight panel that you
can add if you wanted you don’t have to use all these panels you can choose the order
of the panels that you want and if it’s only two or three that’s totally fine are right
now this menu here is dynamically generated based upon the panel the panels you select
and based upon the name of the title of those pages so for instance at the very bottom of
the seventh panel we’ve got this find us page we scroll down this right here if I wanted
to get rid of that I could go back to panel sorry this panel seven I can change this to
select which means no panel and then I can go back now you see that find us section is
in there anymore so this menu is being dynamically generated for you which is really cool because
that’s one less thing that you have to do and if you scroll down you’ll see that that
find us is now gone now whenever you make changes all you have to do your changes are
to live in till you click on save and publish so why not, click on save and publish to go
to the front and when you go to the front and in then do a refresh and here it is you
can see that find us is gone and when I scroll down you’ll see that it is gone as well hooray
so we have some other pages here let’s take a quick look at those him to scroll down we’ve
got the blog we’ve got the frequently asked questions in the contact us so we scroll up
and just show you how this blog works now the blog posts or can automatically the pulled
in and are shown in this section here this what’s new you can change that is the page
title and is automatically going to maintain this if I added a new one you’re gonna see
the oldest one of these three bumped off and then the new one added so let’s click you
know this one right here join our customer loyalty program so this is essentially just
a post a WordPress post enough I went to the back end here let me get out of the customizer
by clicking on this X in the click on posts would you see right here and then to see a
list of the posts in this is a right here join our customer loyalty program and essentially
all this is right here is this is the title of our post in this right here is the content
of her post title of our post in the content of the post in their special post lights if
you wanted to just show a nice large image or maybe a video or something like that you
can choose a different format that that the content is so you’ve got this are right here
could be easier to add new posts and add content to them now on all the pages right here in
posts we have this right here off to the left is a sidebar widget in this one right here
is showing our hours and information and the best in the widgets area and I’ll show you
that again and it shows a nice little map that you can now show there as well now this
is going to show our social sharing icons let me show you how to actually set those
in show those let’s see that’s good to be under jet pack settings let’s go there and
then it’s good to be under social social I always say the wrong social sharing let’s
see where was I am that that the actually is not it’s actually in the widget area itself
so let’s go back to appearance and then let’s go to widgets and here’s our sidebar and this
is these social media icons right here you can use this little arrow there and you can
put links to your Facebook your twitter your instant RAM your Pinterest and all these other
networks and then also right here I’m in expand that this is where we got our hours and information
our address and then the option to show a map if you didn’t want to show Matthew would
uncheck it so for instance down here I’m not showing a map but here I’m essentially sorry
hear from the same information but I’m showing a map you could just check on this checkbox
here and put your information and so that’s how we are generating all of this here on
the for this WordPress post now actually you can change this image here in the background
by setting a featured image of the post when you get back into that poster by clicking
on posts and then I’m a click back into it and when you scroll down actually if you don’t
specify a featured image it’s just good to show the one we should we selected in the
customizer for the background header nest why it’s showing that I believe if I click
on blog here it will like for instance on this blog post here the grand opening event
I chose a specified a featured image and that’s why you see a different image there so I go
back to all posts and I click on grand opening events you’ll see right here I set a featured
image and then when you look here you can see that featured images shown there is actually
really cool way of you really showcasing you and your content so that’s how that’s done
so anyways lastly little the tidying up the contents when you’re looking at a post it
shows you the post date and then the author of the post right now and set the 60 minute
website challenge will probably want to change that and this is how you do that that’s actually
tied to the user name so I go back here to users and then your profile it’s good to show
this right here when I scroll down this section right here it’s his display name publicly
as in this is where you’re going to want to change this nickname and then your net it’s
going to whatever you change it to your inner one is selected in the drop-down so I just
called it business name and then I go to this drop-down and I choose business name so you
can have it be your name you can be your business name whatever you wanted and then change it
in this drop-down and then scroll down and click on update profile now when I’m here
in I click on the refresh working to see this change click on refresh and now it’s his business
name so that’s how you can keep it tied to you and your business so anyways that is it
for this 60 minute website challenge I’m sure I actually went a little over 60 minutes and
like I said in the beginning head on over to my website and ask any questions for any
more elaborate explanations ask him over there that’s rear to find the answers that you might
want or need but you can just see that this website looks gorgeous it looks amazing and
you can literally spend an hour well took about maybe 40 minutes to get it all set up
the hosting account it all restored then spent about maybe 20 or 30 minutes putting in your
content let me show you actually before Diane the video where I got these images I use the
free stock image of a site called pixels let me go there now here it is is called pixels.com
PEX ELS and this is where I actually got all these background images seeking go here and
I get any background image you want everything is free so me just the presence of a click
on business here for popular searches in its gonna pull up business images or images that
have been tagged with business in you can click on any of these images and downloaded
to your computer so if I wanted say this one right here it’s as free download right when
you hover over this down arrow it shows the different sizes you just use large and then
click download and see just downloaded to my sides I’m sorry to my computer and then
only click on pages and for instance, click into the about us page why not change that
so currently we have these these a bunch of feet Soma scroll down here click on remove
featured image the number click on set featured image and then I’m going to drag and drop
that image over really quick let’s see all right it’s uploading it should just take a
moment’s and then I’m going to set it as the featured image and then I’m going to update
my page okay set featured image updates okay in the number click here to the front and
and let’s do a refresh of the page it’s refreshed and so now when you scroll down you have this
more business see look with the notepad in the computer and all of that so I call these
images from pixels.com and it’s all free and you don’t have to give a link or an attribution
and or anything like that their free there that you can use them however you want so
anyways thank you for watching this episode of the 60 minute website challenge questions
that you may have a send to me over on my website and I’m so glad that you made it to
the end of this video yes you made it to the end of the video which must mean that a private
value to you so can you go ahead and click on the phones up down below that’ll help me
out and if you want more videos like this be sure to click on the subscribe button right
down below me know if you want to find me on the Internet type got a special Facebook
group that I set up for people just like you that want answers to their WordPress website
and that we can finally interact with me and ask me questions to go ahead and click on
the blue button down below to join that special Facebook group now I never want you to leave
empty-handed so I created a free video course for you Colby three steps to WordPress success
in this video course or to really learn how to make your website shine get the results
that you want and have a really stand out from the crowd so to ask is that free video
course go ahead and click on the link over here on the right you can also find immediate
WP crafter.com make you check out my 60 minute website challenges those are very popular
and you can find those on the website as well eight thank you so much for watching this
video I make these videos just for you and I hope you watch the next one

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