April 9, 2020
How To Make a WordPress eCommerce Website (Online Store) at SiteGround – 2020

How To Make a WordPress eCommerce Website (Online Store) at SiteGround – 2020

Hey guys, I’m Greg and honestly some days I can’t even remember all the stuff I’ve bought on the Internet, but if there’s one thing I know for sure It’s that ecommerce in other words the act of selling and buying online is Huge and if you want to get involved and create your own online store Or you can sell whatever you make then you’re in the right place But there’s one problem when people make an e-commerce website with shopify bigcommerce Weebly or maybe Big Cartel these people don’t get to see the e-commerce process You don’t get to play around with the checkout page the cart the my account and a lot of that stuff is stored separately Inside the website where you make it because they’re actually charging you fees so then I see people making an e-commerce website from scratch and they have to design the cart and the checkout and all the PHP and JavaScript that goes into actually processing a transaction on their own which obviously takes forever So I’ve found the perfect. Happy medium for you guys And that’s to use SiteGround plus WordPress to create your online store with no coding needed So all you need to focus on is just uploading your products and making it look pretty because we’re using WordPress That means you get the same powerful content management system or CMS Used by tons of name brands and it’s the same thing a local web designer It would probably charge you about five thousand dollars to use if you contact them in your local town but of course we’re gonna do it for free together and because we use SiteGround when we install WordPress It’s actually gonna come with all that ecommerce goodness like a cart a checkout page a your account all sorts of stuff people need to actually process the Transaction through PayPal and credit cards because SiteGround partnered up with WooCommerce The number one ecommerce solution on WordPress to make sure you get all those things prepackaged with your WordPress installation Believe me guys ever since I made my first e-commerce website for a woman in New York City’s Lower East Side Who sold bracelets and fashion gear until now when I make ecommerce websites for bigger brands? WordPress has only been growing in strength and today I want to give those tools to you and make sure you watch till the end Because we’ll be running an e-commerce giveaway and I’ll show you how to get one on one personal website consulting with yours truly All right. So if you’re ready, I’m ready grab yourself something to drink Let’s run the intro checkout the steps that we need and let’s learn how to make an e-commerce website with WordPress. Let’s do it In today’s video we’re gonna feature cottage Sullivan’s website and try to create a website like Conners Connor is a famous youtuber and I really like watching this video is from Germany USA Asia and beyond super inspirational and thanks so much Connor for Showing us how to live out our dreams every day and just get out there and do it a really cool shop So we’re gonna try to keep it simple like Connor and create inspirational products that sell. All right, kind of hope you see this Thanks again, man All right guys to get started and make your e-commerce website with WordPress You can visit wordpress.org if you want But you don’t need to click get WordPress or download anything from this site because our web host of choice today SiteGround has unlimited copies that they’re gonna help us install super easily But you might want to click on showcase to check out all the other household brands that run WordPress Websites that you get to join today when you join WordPress, so to get the ball rolling let’s open up the description beneath your videos and click on the site ground link to get you the best SiteGround discount and the newest WordPress tools at SiteGround Alright guys, so welcome to SiteGround. So you might wonder why do you want to be on the managed wordpress hosting page right here? Instead of on the normal web hosting page right here We can see we get all sorts of other essential WordPress features obviously We don’t want to miss out on that and that’s basically the reason we’re gonna get managed wordpress hosting Instead of the web hosting same price more features. Ok So now that we all understand that we can just move forward and even though they’re saying the best sell it is to grow big We’re on the budget today So we’re just gonna go with the start up crafted for a great WordPress start and now you can click on the get plan button Okay, guys so step one was just choosing the plan that we did right there So that’s done and now I’ll walk you through all of step two and step three So that you can move forward and install your WordPress software Flawlessly, and I’ll try to answer any questions that might come up along the way but also let me know in the comments All right So the next order of business is to enter your domain name if you have a new one Click the top box here and pop in your new domain name or if you already own a domain like from GoDaddy or somewhere else Just check this bottom box, but in my case I have a new idea for domain name and I want to get everything at site ground today So I’m gonna click register your new domain and then pop in site ground Website WP e guide alright then on the right You’ll see a drop down menu for dot-com but there’s also plenty of other options. That could be cool like net org DUP is the dot-com is the most recognizable that’s probably what people will think of when I think of your site like nobody imagined visiting face book org when someone tells them to go to face book and the.com is also the most profitable if you want to sell your website someday, however Any of these other domain names? It might be helpful to tell people what you’re about like your about clothing or coffee And you can rank in Google pretty much just as good with any domain name extension here. Alright and click proceed Alright cool the next order of business is to create our account So with Sega and we just need an email and a password and you have an account Alright confirm the password and we’re done with that Scrolling down you can give yourself some client information if SiteGround asks for your full postcode just google yourself and you can get the full nine digit postcode and then phone number Alright good job. Now. We come down to payment information here All right So just pop in your payment information like you would at any sort of online shopping experience like at Apple Amazon EBay Ebates wherever you shop online, so I’m just gonna blank this out here and enter in payment info All right, sorry guys getting a lot of text here you’ll see that site grown also accepts Visa Mastercard, Discover So I hope that helps you out, but if you can only pay with PayPal or Van Melle or something for some reason Let me know I’m sure we can figure out a solution for you with SiteGround So now we’re done with that. We’re gonna come down to our purchase information and this is basically super easy We just have to confirm that we’re getting what we want So we have a plan start up if you want to change the plan I think you can hit this little refresh button, but we’re good with startup We like that because that’s the cheapest way to install WordPress at site ground data center You might want to take a look at if you have an audience that’s in a different part of the world Then you might want to opt for one of the other Headquarter data centers at site ground so that your servers and information are closer to your audience next up We have our term period which is how long you’re registering hosting for I really like 12 months my first hosting order ever I got Was for 12 months and I gave me a perfect amount of time to learn how to blog how to use WordPress How to make money with WordPress and set me up for success But if you choose 24 months or 36 months You will see that you get a slightly better value and that is just because you pay a little bit less per month 12 months though is great for today. We’re going to keep that Hosting price is cool Alright, and of course you get that discount locked in it’s normally 1195 with the regular price But because you use my link We’ve secured the best discount so congrats on that and now we can just come down to extra services alright so like I said before we’re on a budget so Just gonna keep the domain for now and I believe we can add these later on if you want Alright, so that brings us to our total for this price right here in our case. It’s 63 and change which comes out to about five dollars a month if we divided it by 12 we get the amazing WordPress services of SiteGround you can install WordPress with one click in the next step without any coding knowledge and then you basically get the same website as The major blogs like Mashable Forbes. Jay-z Beyonce Katy Perry Walt Disney Time magazine They’re all using or and it’s really awesome to me that for this small price You can be on the same level playing field with those brands And if you’re interested in learning how to make money with WordPress just drop me a note in the comments I have some fun resources on that. Alright, so that’s all I’ll say for now. I’m super excited Let’s go ahead now and just check I confirm and I’d like to receive news and offers sure. Why not? We like safe ground and then the next step will install it your own copy of WordPress together Alright, so let’s click pay now and let’s move on to the next step. Let’s do it Good job guys, so now we can click proceed to customer area You might notice a ton of cool things to play around with and learn it now that you have your own psyche gun custody area But most of you are probably eager to get WordPress set up on your new blog. So let’s just click set up site Alright guys, so here we are on the add a new website screen I’ve chosen a slightly different domain name to build our website together today on I have a pretty big plan at site groan So sometimes ologists pick a different domain but in your case You’ll just continue with whichever a domain name you started with and now we obviously want to start a new website So let’s hit select down here and Here’s where we get to choose the really cool powerful combo of WordPress plus whoo Plus WooCommerce Again, WooCommerce is going to help us set up the account page the checkout page The product page is all the basic pages that you see when you shop on something like Amazon, for example Those will all be set up automatically on your site So you won’t have to like build them manually or code them or anything crazy So this really takes care of a lot of the thinking and effort that goes into when you create an e-commerce website So let’s hit select All right, we’re just gonna pop in our email to get the WordPress process going And a password, so make sure that is strong and uncommon words because we’ll be using The email and password here to log into WordPress and you probably keep that for a long time. All right, and continue All right So now on the extras window set grants gonna say do you want any of our other cool products like the site scanner? Which lets you know, if your website’s been hacked, but I feel like you probably be able to tell if you’ve been hacked So we don’t really need that daily scanning You can kind of just look at your site on Your own on day to day basis should be safe because we’re press and taking are very safe and then domain privacy I’m gonna add just because lately I’ve been getting a lot of calls from spam likely what you don’t really like But if you’re not worried about people looking up your website or your information then don’t worry about that one I’m gonna come down and it should say zero for you or just $12. I’m also just paying for it my mein name. So it’s a little bit more. Don’t worry about that And now I’m just gonna pay now get that done with All right now set guns during their famous two minutes site creation process so I love SiteGround because other web hosts can take like up to an hour or as Some of you have probably seen even 24 hours to get your site live, but this is mas rapido Okay, awesome Our new web site has been successfully created next we can either access the WooCommerce admin Basically log into our WordPress sites backend or we can go to site tools Which is the tool at site ground to manage our site details, so we’re gonna log into the admin and check out WordPress And as we saw there the WordPress admin screen opened in a new tab and it wasn’t quite ready for us to start using it That’s okay because we just setup the domain and hosting so it can take a few minutes for WordPress to settle into place Then I went and clicked on site tools, which is working So we were taken to this screen and site cons bringing up an important step Which is the name server notification right here? Your domain is not point to this site and that’s something I want to make sure you all Understand and know how to fix if you see something like this ever. So while your WordPress is settling into place We’re gonna learn about name servers for the next manager. So what I want you to do is just copy down These two piece of information in a separate file like a word document or a notepad So this is named server one at the top and then name server two right beneath it. So I’m just gonna copy both of them And drop them in a blink text edit file Alright now we have and now I’m gonna go back to my account so follow me back to your account Then we are going to click on services And we’re gonna hit domains at the top and then under the domain we’re using today. We’re gonna hit manage Just scroll down a little bit and on the right you’ll see name servers so we’re gonna click manage name servers and We want to make sure that name server 1 and name server 2 in this window here match what we wrote down in textedit window that site God gave us When we first went to site tools make that a little bigger and in our case the nameservers do not match, which is good We get to change them and it’s kind of fun because I can show you what changing nameservers looks like So we just need to paste the first one In the right box over here in name server one delete and Paste and then put that second one in. All right copy it Remove the second name server and paste now the reason I wanted to show you how to change name servers here is because if you bought your domain name at GoDaddy or Namecheap or somewhere else and you’re using a domain name? Not at site ground you 100% need to do this step So like we saw here set grand will give you your name servers insight tools You need to go to GoDaddy or Namecheap or wherever and complete this process over there It’ll obviously look a little different But you have to enter in your first name server and your second name server from SiteGround wherever you bought your domain name So in our case we bought the domain name at site ground But the name servers were slightly off just because they have a big account and they were just going to like a different website That I had on my account and the most important thing about name servers is when they’re entered incorrectly When people visit your domain name? It’ll take them it’ll point them whatever you want to call it to the proper website that you want people to see which of course Is what we’re going to build today if you use the skills from this second tutorial to become a professional web designer You’ll definitely use name servers eventually because they’re a great way of pointing a domain name from an old website To a new website that you’ve built for our brand for example and making a website go live. Alright, that’s it. Let’s just hit confirm Your name servers might not even need to be changed if this is your first domain name and web site It’s a con. There’s a good chance. They were already entered incorrectly so you don’t got it to anything Alright, and the other thing you have to know about your domain names is if you bought one today at site ground like we saw In the tutorial then you’ll need to check your email inbox for a verification Required email from site ground. Basically just a couple links. You need to click to verify that you own the domain name Alright, we’ve given WordPress a little time to working now. So I’m more confident that we can log-in Let’s go ahead and go back to our websites Let’s click on site tools this little notification should be going away in a second and we’re gonna click on WordPress now and then click install and manage and Then down here. There’s this really nifty button that looks like an arrow going through a door Which we can click to login to our admin panel. So let’s do it All right, so it says welcome to your will commerce site what we’re looking at here is the site crown plus woo wizard kind of cool because it’s gonna give us some recommended cool plugins and Some themes to look at so you don’t have to start with just a completely blank WordPress and wonder like what it is You’re installing or what you’re putting in there We’re actually gonna have some things to play with and make our site look good right away. So let’s hit start now together All right. Awesome guys, so right away SiteGround gets us into the fun stuff We’re gonna choose a fancy design for your website. Meaning it’s time to pick a fancy WordPress theme for your website So right here they say they’ve gathered some of the best free and paid themes for a site to look professional and awesome Fortunately for us all of the 12 ecommerce theme options here are free to use and if you want to go the extra Mile and get a premium theme you can check out theme forest I’ll leave you a link to theme forest in the description below the videos But these themes are more than enough for us right now So as you can see here the site ground AI has us on the online store tab already But if you want to check out other themes maybe you’ve decided you just want to make a wedding website. For example And go ahead and click on these tabs Or maybe you just want to type in a keyword like portfolio and maybe you’ll get lucky so pretty cool but back on the online stereo tab I know the template we’re gonna use today because I’ve tried out a lot of them This one is fast And it looks good and uses a lot of white space which helps sales I’ve found But if you want to preview a few of them You can just click to open them like this drone one and maybe you’ll preview a few of them or show them on your computer to your fan and friends and have them narrow down like From four or five to like their top one or two to help you make your decision So in the olden days when you did install a theme by the way, you’d get a demo like this before you bought it but then once you install the theme you’d have to put in your own images your own buttons and colors and you would Generally have to do a ton of work to get it looking like you wanted it to look but now with these templates from sake Grin, for example what you see is what you get and it’s gonna look good right away with all the cool content Okay So once you’ve done your homework a bit maybe you’ll check out coffee shop because a big coffee fan here in the debug community that would Be something that we’d go for. So if you like coffee shop, you’re gonna fit right in with us This one’s particularly good because it has the testimonials Without doing any other work, you have testimonials you have this nice grid, which is good for SEO. It’s like a table and so on and so forth, but the one we want to use today is Just called fashion store Le fashion serves so much because it looks a little bit different It has the logo on the upper left and then the nav menu So right away without someone like hovering or finding some buttons somewhere they know that their shoes Thai suits wedding and when I’m buying clothing from like Under Armour or j.crew or something? Sometimes it’s hard to find like the different sections. But here you have them like right away like I mentioned this theme also uses white space really well and The homepage is just super simple. There’s a coupon area. There’s contact information Featured shop with us You have these ad banners which you can put up like your own advertisements or Other promos and you have a really nice skinny menu at the top So someone can get around to your different pages if we open up Connor Sullivan’s website You’ll see that a lot of Connor’s features are actually found on our template that we’re going to use today Just in slightly different formats So he has the large banner image at the top and we have this large Advertisement image and then when you have the social media icons here, we have the social media icons in the lower left alright And then he has like about him down below with a cool image and we have about here with the shop with this section So obviously psycho and picked their 12 best e-commerce Themes to show us right here Retin we’re getting started and I know that the fashion store one is actually stored on a link That’s just called shop S GWP demo, which means it’s probably the first one they made and probably a theme they spent a ton of time on All right, so we’re gonna get this look so back in your sec round window Let’s click on fashion store and hit select in the upper, right? Alright, it says great choice, and now it’s telling us that it’s recommended to use Elementor If you’re not familiar with elementary that’s the best WordPress drag and drop page builder right now at the moment meaning if you want to put like These social icons over here you can do that or if you’re gonna put these icons over here. You can do that You just click and drag and drop them in there and you don’t have to like rebuild anything Basically Elementor makes it a really big treat to make a ecommerce website with WordPress in 2019 Because not too long ago in memory all these things were a lot harder to accomplish so let’s confirm and now We’re gonna choose some plugins. It says the recommended useful functionality for your site. So that just means the recommended Plugins for your site and let’s start at the top. So contact form is selected That’s a good one buy WP forms really trust them and create brand by Sayyid bulky and this makes it so we don’t have to like custom design a Contact form that you can use on your contact page. It will already be there. Keep that one Jetpack is useful. If you want to connect to wordpress.com features, but we don’t want to use anything from wordpress.com today and then obviously a calendar is useful if you’re creating an event sort of Website or some events web pages on your site, but I generally don’t even know what day it is of the week so I’m gonna skip that one but by the way These are all free so go for it if you want and continue now, we have some marketing plugins So Google Analytics is cool. But I like doing that on my own through the actual Google Analytics website You just paste some code from that on to your site and then you can start tracking analytics So I’ll leave you a video on how to set that up from scratch which I recommend and that way the moment you launch you can track your pageviews and others – We are gonna optimize for SEO because that’s by Yoast and every site should use Yoast they are fantastic Basically, it makes it so your posts and your pages have little checklist on them that tell you like Hey, you should include more of this word or hey, you should put this word in your little SEO snippet So everything looks better for Google and being a total beginner You can learn how to rank blog posts in Google and the gross subscriber list We’re gonna skip because I recommend Constant Contact for that again link in the description and complete Alright and once again site guard has installed everything faster than really anyone could expect we didn’t even have time to go take a break Or get a snack but we’re having so much fun. You might as well just continue and go to the dashboard Alright guys and gals so welcome to your e-commerce website with sake ground You are now ready to go What we’re looking at here is a custom WordPress dashboard that SiteGround made for us so you can get to your site pages theme Orders create meta products check your SEO or create forms right from this page And as you go down you might want to use the useful links like SiteGround has a wordpress tutorial They also have a knowledgebase and some ebooks Hopefully all that’s free. I think it will be and they’ve even found me like WordPress events near me So like if I was bored tomorrow morning I could just drive to Redwing and check out a wordpress hacking or watch movies about WordPress with people so How cool is that very? intuitive and if you want to get to the Default WordPress dashboard that you’d see if you just made any old blog just click switch to default down here So we’re gonna do a little tour and then we’re gonna check out our site and to start we can just click on blog posts So these are where all your blog posts will be located If you want to create an e-commerce blog about your products and use like inbound marketing to pull people into your site That’s where you’d find all your blog posts You could just click add new and start writing and publish one today if you want But we’re not really focused on the blog at the moment Next we have our media tab This is where all the images on our site are and of course because we installed that Awesome theme of the fashion store from sight gun. We’re gonna have some fashion images Loaded up for us Alright super cool, you can easily delete any of them next we’re gonna click on pages and Here we see the beauty of WooCommerce right away So a basic WordPress site installed at any old host without WooCommerce won’t have the cart page checkout page account page or shop page those four are specifically given to us by Luca murse and We’re gonna check them out on the front end of our site Sutan, of course We also have a home page and for good measures a contact page next we can click on our comments Alright. So once your site starts getting some traction people should be commenting on your content great job there. We can also click on WooCommerce which is where you’ll see your orders pop in once you start getting them and Here you can also make coupons reports and so on and so forth Of course WooCommerce is known for its products so we’ve been given all these demo products like snow shoes colorful bag and we’re gonna see how to make new products and Probably end up deleting these even though I’m sure they’re beautiful Down below we have the WP form section All right So we have one simple contact form on our site super good just for getting people to respond or ask you questions after forums, we have elementary which is our page builder and Of course a lot of these things we’re gonna see on the front hand of our site So this is just like the back settings area. So now you just know where they are. We also have templates not sure what those are we’re not going to use those and Then we have appearance and if we have round appearance we can click themes which is arguably the most important area of your site because this decides the entire theme or look that your site is Wearing when we chose the fashion store look from site. Karim They gave us ocean WP theme which is easily one of the top-five best WordPress themes of the year right now known for being fast Beautiful and great for drag and drop see don’t need to know any code So I don’t think you’ll need to make any changes to your theme anytime soon But if you did want to try another theme you can just click on these ones open them up and hit activate Alright, you can also delete themes like these default themes from WordPress If you chose to you can do open one of them like 2016 great one from the past and click delete in the lower right and then okay, you can also add new themes at any time just click add new and You can bring new themes into your little personal library over there just by searching for them like searching for a business Seeing what you find Clicking on them to preview and then you can of course install them all these things You see here will be free. The only downside is there are so many themes in WordPress that a lot of them we haven’t vetted and we just don’t know what they’re gonna be fast or pretty or even look like they Should look right away for you So let me know any questions you have if you want to change your theme, but like I said We have a really good one next up we have plugins these are just the plugins that we told Sakura to install for us Elementor is the page builder Ocean extra is part of our theme to give us extra features as she optimizer is custom built by sycron to optimizer site Then we have our e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. WordPress importer helped us get our template live WordPress starter also helped us get a template live. This is the former’s plugin and then we have our free SEO solution Down below. We also have the users tab. This is where you can find yourself You can always click on yourself at any time and change your password Just scroll down to where it says generate password Click that and then write in a new one and then save it at the bottom Now eventually you might want to fill in all your details here, but it’s not too important right now As long as you have a working email in for email address, then you’ll get the WordPress notifications All right, cool we’re almost done here we have tools alright so No one really goes to tools Unless you want to import or export something. So that’s too complicated for now. Then we have WordPress settings WordPress settings is where you can change the title of your site like instead of my wordpress my e-commerce Say grant amazing or pests and that’ll show up in the tab up here when someone’s on your site and Then a tag on alright, so we just want to get rid of that down below We have your WordPress address and your state address. If you want to add the www you can do that here Just make sure you add that WWN in both boxes right here that I’m clicking on otherwise your site will break so I don’t like changing this but if you want to put the WWN go forward just make sure it’s up here and it’s also down here Alright that’s the settings there’s writing reading discussion so on and so forth I’m sure you know as you get your coffee in the morning, you’ll click around you’ll browse the settings and you’ll Discover all these new powerful tools that you have at your fingertips Alright, and that does it for our tour because SEO team panel and esti optimizer are gonna be a little too complicated for now But as it is for everything this tutorial played out with it. Later Don’t be afraid of breaking something and if it’s something like plugins, for example And you delete one of them you can always get them back at no cost you know without really much harm to your site if you delete one of them or you think you made some terrible mistake and not Sure what to do She’s supposed to comment and let me know you can most often get these plugins back for free just by clicking add new and searching for them and It’s not like your site’s gonna break if it’s not relying on one of these plugins. Alright cool guys I made you learn all about these different dashboard tabs in advance before we check out our site just so you’re more confident Navigating WordPress, you know about all the powerful tools we have and now it’s time to finally look at our site So look at our site at any time. I always just click on the site title and upper left And there you have it so this is how the world sees your website Of course, they don’t see this black navigation bar at the top That’s only if someone is logged in that they’ll see that like you are now and yeah Like I said when you use site down and their templates, it looks good right away Super cool. So we’re gonna edit in a moment But if you want to get back to the dashboard at any time Just click on your site title, or you can hover on it and click dashboard sort of the same thing All right, it just wants us to log in again Can happen from time to time And that is how to use the button in the upper left so now we are gonna start designing our site from top to bottom from left to right just like a normal web designer would Let’s start with something relatively easy, so you can get a couple WordPress changes under your belt right now so the first thing we’re gonna change is our Navigation menu on the left and then our social icon and if at any point you get stuck or things on your screen don’t behave Like things on my screen then just stop the video and post a comment and I’ll get back to you the same day All right, so we’re gonna hover on our site title and click menus And here we are in the WordPress menu area You’ll see right away that We can also right-click on the site title and open it in a new tab so we can see what we’re changing So you’ll see right away that this menu is sort of just WordPress guessing. What should be over here There’s not actually a menu built right now because this is blank Alright, and so the first change we’re gonna make is upload images to our website so we can swap out the stock images So to upload some images we can go to new in the skinny nav at the top and click media Alright, and I’ve gone ahead and emailed myself some images and also done airdrop. So if I open up Gmail, they’re gonna be Sitting there. Yep, that works pretty good. So if you have images on your phone, you can email them to yourself, too and then you can just open them up and Then do a bunch of downloads might want to name them quick All right in all to speed up that process downloading all those images Alright and a good best practice idea is just to make a new folder for all the images going on to this specific website Now we can just click and select all of them Except for this one because it needs a little photoshopping and drop it in the folder. Great Then I’m going to downloads too because we have a cool video and another image which are also gonna go on the Satan’s Alright, so I’m gonna copy those and put them in the folder next We’ll go back to web press and we’ll do a bulk upload. So we’re gonna click select files open up our folder You’re super easy. We can select all of them again and click open in a lower rate Alright, and if a file fails to upload like this one right here, no problem. We can just Dismiss it and then we’ll try to rename it and upload it again So if we look at that file that one air dropped as a dot hei C which is no good So when we learn PicMonkey a little bit later in the video We’ll just have to open this image and then resave it as a jpg alright now that our images are uploaded you can click media and see all your good work and There they are so that part is done Now if you’re like me You’re probably ready to make this site your own and to do that what better way than to upload and create our first Product once we have a prodigy to made we can learn how to position it around the site like here and here And then learn all the interesting WooCommerce features, like how people can actually buy it funny enough Your site is actually pretty much ready for sales right now. It’ll accept paypal and credit card via the paypal app So theoretically you could get sales already for like a colorful bag, but you’d probably have to cancel them from within your WordPress dashboard Okay, so to add our first new product, let’s use the skinny now at the top again and go to new product Alright and our first product is gonna be something everyone needs and something everyone’s dead We’re back in the 70s and that is gonna be a leather jacket But this time it’s worn by Christo next we can write a description of the product in the text area here We can give the product a category which is really important for how we put the products in our navigation menu so let’s go to add new category and Jackets and add that now let’s scroll all the way down to where it says product image and click that link Media library and now it’s time to choose the main image for our leather jacket, so we conveniently have three of them We’re gonna create a little gallery. But right now we just need the best one. So we’ll go with the head on image And click set probably damage Now we can add product gallery images and grab those other two I’m just holding command and clicking on two of them. So they’re both checked and clicking add to gallery Awesome. Now we need to scroll down to the product data, which for some reason is down here product data So we need to drag this up. This is really important So I’m clicking and holding and dragging it all the way up to so it’s right underneath our text area like so cool Now it’s time to set a regular price. So I’m gonna go with seventy-five years and then a sale price if it’s on sale, which is because why not of 60 euros very cool before we publish I’m gonna take you down to the bottom Where it says product short description and we’re gonna write a few things about the product I’m gonna make a semicolon and then use WordPress is bullet feature. So Comfy soft Humanly and that’s a clay made affordable and stylish All good things and then come to the top and publish just so we can see what this new product will look like Obviously as your products evolved, you’ll add in more settings and more descriptions, too But the goal is to get you familiar with creating products right now so let’s click – so let’s click view product to the top to see what we made and Well out, we have our very own first product page someone could add to the cart and then someone could view the cart and proceed down the usual use your experience of checking out and Buying it from you. We can see we can zoom on top of the product So we can get up close visual. They’re really cool All right, looking stylish in an alleyway And then we can go down and click on our gallery to nice to change the currency of our product We’re gonna go to the WooCommerce settings. Let’s go back to our dashboard Alright and click on WooCommerce now, we’re gonna click on settings So welcome to the wonderful world of WooCommerce settings and we’re gonna scroll down to where it says currency so we have pound sterling and we just want to search for US dollar or just jealous should do it don’t even know my own currencies called there. It is United States Dollars So there’s obviously tons of currencies to teach them to satisfy all sorts of people and Save Changes now Let’s click to the home page and see if our product is on the home page So if we scroll down there, is it fill itself in on the right? Cool, great job now that we know how to add a product There’s no since in having these stock products posted on our site. So let’s learn how to delete products. Let’s go back to our dashboard come down to products again and We can just select all the products that were made with the site when we get first got it Now that this is selected we can go to bulk actions and move to trash and then apply Alright and if for whatever reason you want to get those products back you can just click trash and then click restore underneath them Let’s go back to all Now I’m going to open up the leather jacket product and show you how to make a product that has variations like colors and sizes Also known as a variable product in WooCommerce so let’s scroll down and let’s see that this product is a simple product and it has a place and Has a simple price and then a simple sale price, but what if we choose from the drop-down? variable product All of a sudden the price goes away which looks bad at first so we would want to keep that price because it’s the main Characteristic of the product now, we don’t even know where to put in a price But what I’m going to show you is actually really valuable Because this is how you create items like t-shirts Bracelets shoes. You name it that have different sizes and colors So let’s do it and we’ll be able to add in multiple prices for different sizes, etc in just a moment So let’s do it now that we were on variable product. We’re gonna go down to Attributes and click on add and Give this attribute a name like size. That’s an easy one and then the values separated by the vertical bar should be things like large vertical bar medium Vertical bar Small now just check use for variations and save attributes So we have a size attribute with three different types Perfect. Let’s add one more attribute, which is going to be color and the values are gonna be gray black and Brown Check you serrations and save attributes Beautiful now we need to go to variations Under add a variation click on the drop-down and choose create variations from all attributes and go and ok And ok So what it did was it added a variation of every combination possible that which there are of course nine That’s math I probably couldn’t do in my head But we can clearly see that nine variations make sense because we have three different sizes and three different colors One color for each different size and I totally get how little sense this would make if you didn’t previously know how to do this I’ve been there. So now we’re going to click on one of these white spaces because that makes sense and open up the Variation itself and give it a regular price So you’re going to need to go through your inventory and figure out what the real prices should be But a large gay for example, it could be $75 in stock and if it’s on sale, then you can drop it down to the sale price How about for a large black? That’s a little more valuable. Maybe the regular price is $85 and it’s on sale for $70 To close one of these windows just click on the white space again alright, and we’re gonna want to do is go ahead and assign a different price to all of the Variations and again, they don’t have to be different prices for each of them unless that’s just how your business works Alright and medium brown and the smalls are going to be a little bit less material So that would be a little bit cheaper and we’re good to see this in action in a moment on the home page Alright and a little bit lower price for that one Okay, once you’ve entered in all your different prices and you’ve factored in other details Like weight length width height all that important stuff like description. We can save the changes. Okay, beautiful So now we’re gonna update the product and we’re gonna view the product And we should have a few more options. All right, so now when someone wants to buy your product, they’ll first choose his size Large medium small I’m feeling like a large today and then color I think you know a nice brown would look good and Then someone’s allowed to add to the and they’ll see the right price All that’s left for you to do is to upload a picture of each different color like you’d see on Amazon when someone chooses a product when they click on the color then the product changes color. Alright, it’s super cool I’m gonna flick back to the homepage now and Now that we know how to create a simple product in a variable product I’m gonna add in three more products just so aesthetically it looks good on the homepage So let’s go to new product again, and let’s create a product called matching Formal attire Not the best copywriting but you get the picture alright, we’re gonna go to category now and we’re gonna do men and women and then we’re gonna add a new one which is gonna be formal a new category Alright now we’re gonna pop in a regular price of a nice cool 180 because this is a combo product you get two things It’s gonna be a little more expensive and it’s not on sale because this is always good in every season We’re gonna set the product image media library and choose this image of Chris and I here on the blue carpet and set product image and Then we’re gonna add the gallery images of just more of us wearing the same stuff if you upload an image And it comes in upside down or sideways that’s done and that’s not good enough for your site You need to select it with the check mark and then click Edit image then you can just click on one of the rotate buttons And this is all and this is also where you can crop an image you just click on top of it and drag the right region and Then you click the crop button which is up here that’s crap so we can crop this image and rotate it and then make sure to save it and then WordPress will understand that it’s updated What you might need to do though is actually just close out and like refresh this page somehow So if you publish it that will effectively refresh the whole screen. Alright, there we go Now I’m gonna click on add product gallery images media library It’ll know that we flipped that image Of course, we have to flip other images so I probably shouldn’t have done that so soon. Okay, and we’re gonna update this page to refresh again now go back to product gallery images Okay, and here are the other images for the gallery. I’m gonna hit ctrl or command and select them and add to gallery Beautiful going down. We can also give our product a short description. So this product is known for being Makes you look wealthy and great for photos and We get those bullets in just by putting our cursor right by the letter and making a bullet point then delete enter delete enter Delete enter Alright, and we’ll update this product. So now that we have two products when we go to our home page You should see that next product lined up alright, and there it is and what I’m gonna do now is zoom ahead and add two more products that are simple products just like The matching formal attire. So again, it looks good, aesthetically See you in just a second Next to create a downloadable product like an e-book or maybe an mp3 or mp4 File that someone’s going to download or maybe a set of images Let’s go to new product and the most important part here is clicking downloadable and Then choosing which type of file it is. So let’s say we have an e-book which is just the e-book from to your blogger and things do For you Live It’s actually the second evoke Then we’ll come down and give it a price that’s technically free But maybe we want to sell it for a little bit so five bucks and then we click Add file and It’ll bring up the file name and the URL option so we can choose the file if we don’t know the URL off the top of our head select files and We’re gonna grab a PDF for my desktop. So I’m gonna look at 10 things to do and insert a file from URL Beautiful. So now we have our ebook uploaded. I’m just gonna call it its name All right, and then in product image we’re gonna get that ebook cover image upload files select files Again some things to do you get the picture One of these is just a cover this I’m just gonna double click it Not sure why those file names are grayed out But we can set prior to image works. Great and then here we go with our downloadable product and we’re gonna give it a category of Ebooks and publish it. Oh forgot that short description at the bottom And when we look at our homepage we can see that we now have Five products, but it’s only showing four To get more products on your homepage or just to show certain products and not other products I want to introduce you to commerce shortcodes And to do that we need to actually click Edit with elementary at the top of the page So once we’re in elementary, we’ll see sort of the bare bones of what’s going on in our homepage. This is all the content Arranged neatly in this little drag and drop window so you can always click on an item and hold and drag it to a new spot Super easy drag and drop technology, but we’re gonna cover all this in the elementary section of the video I’m gonna hit command Z. And for now, what we need to focus on is our products right here Our products are living in what’s called a text editor so we can see there’s like blue boxes which are sections this is a big section as you can see it says edit section if we hover on that six dots and then there’s a section within the section which is a header and then some sub header text and then the products and We know this is a text editor because if we click on the pencil icon over here on the left it says edit text editor what’s going on here is that all this is is like a text box or a text widget and then Saiki on has written in this short code which WooCommerce understands to mean products limit equals four just for products and columns equals four just for columns Now the beauty of WooCommerce when it’s built with elementary and these short codes is you can just write in different Commands to the shortcode and get it to do different things with your product For example, let’s say we wanted the product limit to be a little bit higher We can change that four to seven Click away and then it’ll show the five products we have because we only have five we don’t have seven yet Let’s edit that and let’s change that to five just to be precise let’s say we want the columns to be three because you know, we only want three columns from people to look at and There you go Now the image automatically becomes bigger if you want to just display a certain category your products Like maybe you only want to show products for men in the specific section or for women. You can just click on that pencil and Go ahead and give it a category command and to do that. I’m gonna refer to this cool guy by cloud ways so I’ll link you this in the comments below but I just found this from google and like how to use WooCommerce short codes for Categories and there’s tons of good information out there now I click product category and I learned here that you can do product category by slug. So That’s gonna look something like this we are gonna copy that shortcode and Then delete it and then right at Open bracket Product category space category equals Let’s say women close quotes and then close bracket and then click away and There you have the two products that are categorized for women You can do that for any category Of course and you can also mix it up with different commands like columns order by date Which I love ordered by ascending. So for example, if we go back to elementary and we bring back our previous shortcode Just gonna paste that back in And maybe we want the order of this to change so we can do edit Make a space right before the closed bracket and do order by equals date All right, and that should change the order of the product So now the product that we created first is first and the product we created last is last All right, so really cool stuff guys You can play around with the different short codes and use them just to display what you need. Of course There are like infinite millions of combinations you can do once you have more products and we’re gonna update now we can click on the hamburger in elementary and click view page Next we’re going to setup free shipping on all of our products because I believe we should bake in the shipping cost into our prices or just try to figure out a way to ship them for free to people because that increases The customer experience there are of course ways to charge for shipping or make it so you can ship based on weight But that’s too detailed for now. So to set up free shipping We’re just gonna go to the dashboard and we’re gonna hover around mu commerce and click on settings and Then we’re gonna click on shipping and now we’re gonna add a shipping zone and you can really call this whatever you want like Sweden or world or Whatever is most descriptive and frozen regions You can choose a country but we’re gonna go with just everywhere and then we’re gonna add a shipping method There are gonna be three shipping methods flat rate free and local pickup. So, of course, we’ll choose for you and add shipping method Make sure it’s saved it is saved because it’s on and it’s saved itself already and That should do it. So now when someone is on a product They’ve got it in their cart and they’re gonna check out their on the checkout page It should just say free shipping and that’ll obviously make people happier I am happy to show you how to get really detailed with your shipping cost though If you have any questions on that, just let me know in the comments to add reviews to your products Someone would just need to be logged out and visiting as a customer so we can simulate that by hitting command shift n on My google chrome here and visiting our safe And then someone would be on your product like on the matching formal attire They’d like it so much they would be in the review section and they would be like, yeah, I really want to do this I’m gonna add a review because it was a great experience Hi this product Save me when I Needed last-minute formal gear meshed my partners All right, and then someone’s gonna need to put in their name so we can go with James my middle name and nickname and then an email is necessary To post this review, which is a lot like a comment and someone could save it and then just submit. Oh We need a rating so we gotta get the star rating. Maybe just like four stars pretty good night. That was and submitted All right, it should say something like your review is posted and there it is so now when you log in each morning You’ll need to check for reviews so we can close this incognito window. We can go back to our dashboard and Instead of going to WooCommerce that review will import right into the comments So just visit your comments and then you can approve that review from James All right. Ideally you get a lot of reviews So then you can be like one of those companies on TV that says we have over ninety nine hundred Five-star reviews on Amazon and that’s why you should buy us Of course yours will all be real though to set up the easiest form of collecting payment through your e-commerce website Which is PayPal we’re gonna go back to the dashboard And we’re going to click on WooCommerce and then hit settings of course and now we’re gonna go to payments So this really is why WooCommerce is so preferred most of it works already We just need to check a few boxes enter a couple emails save it and then you’re ready to collect payments from your customers online So let’s check the boxes to enable All these ways that someone might want to pay us most importantly PayPal and Save Changes now we can just click on the PayPal link itself and It’ll take us to this screen, which is the PayPal setting specifically, we’re gonna enable PayPal standard which just means enabling PayPal Title PayPal is great. This is what it’ll tell customers that they can pay via PayPal You can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account Which is perfect make sure your paypal email is in there correctly. So mine is actually at gmail.com otherwise it won’t work and then don’t do PayPal sandbox because that just makes it like a testing area where it’s not real and if you want to do this stuff you can but I like these settings just as is right here and We’re gonna save those changes Alright now when we’re back on our Website now someone actually has payment options. So if they’re on the checkout page and They get past the billing screen right here down below You’ll now see these options to pay with cheque Which we all like bellick getting cheques direct bank transfer wouldn’t hurt neither a cash at the door, but most importantly PayPal So most people go with when someone clicks proceed to PayPal It’ll give them the option to go through PayPal or to enter in their Visa MasterCard, etc credit card number so That’s now working Congratulations, you can now accept payments in the most common most standard way so Before we jump into Elementary ed a– ting. I want to show you one way to earn money on your ecommerce site before your products actually start selling and That’s what the site called like to know it So like to know what lets you organize collections of your favorite gear and then you promote them on a site like instagram so this is Krista’s cousin my girlfriend’s cousin and she obviously does a lot of cool photographs and Really nice setups in nature. I think she’s out west somewhere so if you went to like this photo right here and You go to the top you can see that she is talking about What’s going on in her life and then has a link to like to know it? That’s a short link and then when you visit that link You’re gonna get her own collection of gear all the stuff she wears. You know, you got some joggers got some cream Boots and a fleece. This is an image right here of her favorites, which she pride me. That’s really pretty. Good job Jessica and then there’s also this product link and this product Lee when someone clicks on them if they like what you’re wearing Then they get directed to the site where it’s found so this is a broker me calm and someone can make a purchase to look just like you and then you probably get it cut of that if Understand this correctly. That’s pretty basic affiliate marketing and that’s how a lot of bloggers like me make money I just do it through tech companies like hosting and domain names and it helps keep the channel free for everyone but if you’re into fashion like Jessica and you now have a fashion website like the one we’re making It’s really easy to sign up to like to know it and then just put your link on one of the products Right here Like maybe someone’s not ready to buy it from you directly But they trust a site like Abercrombie a little bit more just put a little link to check out your like to know what collection Okay, now that we’ve covered all the stuff we need for our products pretty much maybe we’ll do a couple more edits before we launch we’re gonna move on to Editing with elementary because you’re probably tired of looking at this upper section and middle section So first, let’s learn how to edit some simple text in Elementor. Let’s click Edit with elementary All right in the Edit any text you can just point and click on a header and change it to whatever you want and you can right on top of the text right here with the point and click or you can Change it in the editing window on the left Same goes for the subheading down here And you can see that’s also just called a little heading if you look at the elementary element name So these are all elements Alright, so that’s how to change some text in elementary to change the icons You can just click on these little icon boxes as they’re called Then you can hover on the icon and click icon library Elementary comes with all these cool icons for your own personal needs So I really like how the ship is for shipping But maybe we’ll go with like a shopping cart just cuz that’s standard ecommerce and now the icon box comes with some text So we’re gonna edit that right here on top of the screen Alright moving on to our next icon so this one we’re gonna change from the rewind button We can also do a search at the top left nibble on YouTube Super cool. We can go with like a stock YouTube or a alternative YouTube icon And answer I’m gonna call this one Designed by youtubers And change the text Alright look and get it and then moving on to the third icon. So this one work shouldn’t keep the dollar sign and save time and money Okay, so that is how to design your own custom text area in elementary next We’re gonna do something important, which is choose a color scheme for our website So we probably should make a logo that matches our color scheme but right now I know that colors like orange and Magenta are really good for taking action, and I want to utilize those colors in our icon to you And then also use them when we make our logo in a little bit so we can easily do that just by clicking on top of one of the icons like the shopping cart and then we can go to style and do primary color and Now when you click on any of the colors below it’ll change, but it’ll also bring up the entire color palette So I really want this one to be like a bright orange if you can’t get the right color, sometimes you just have to kind of maneuver the tabs on the right So we’re gonna go a little bit brighter And get ourselves a nice popping Orange that Should do it awesome And once we have the right color, I’m gonna double click on the six-digit color hex Copy that and put it back in our text file where our name servers were So this is like our little notes that we’re gonna use to make the logo later Alright next we need a magenta. So I’m gonna leave the middle and gray and go with the far right dollar sign We’re gonna click on style again and primary color And we’re gonna click on blue to bring up the colors and then drag over to magenta So it’s pretty clear the colors at the top of the window are a little more striking down here you get darker more pop and strike up top and this actually looks perfect right about There and this actually looks perfect right about there nailed it. All right, we’re gonna copy the color hex You’d be amazed how these simple decisions have like long implications on your business. So take your time and get the right color You might be using it for years to come All right, and we’ll update the site Next to move sections in elementary. That’s obviously what they’re known for is being drag-and-drop, so it should be easy you can just click on the six dots for this section and hold and drag and I’m scrolling at the same time and Then dropping it at the top because we’ve got to be able to see the products on our home page above the fold above the 50% mark In the upper part of the website right when someone lands on it All right, and then we’re gonna replace feature it with Clothing and gear we love And you can change subheading If you think there’s too much space above a heading like this You can edit the spacing Elementor by clicking on the section settings now going to advanced and we’re gonna see what sort of margin Which is space Outside of a section and padding which is space inside of a section currently lives in this section So there’s clearly some padding on the top and we reduced that to Just 24 to make things a little tighter and do the same on the bottom Beautiful and we’re gonna come down and do that to our Text section as well. Click on the section settings advanced and drop that padding and so the page is consistent looking And we can do that for our 20% off as well And a little bit less space now to change the background color in element 2 for example We have two great backgrounds next to each other gray and gray and a white and white and we really want to just go white kyk Just click on the section settings Click on style and then background type will be classic and you can click on the color double click on the hex and copy we’re gonna change that to white and then we’re gonna come up and change the background color of our clothing in gear we love Alright style color just paste that in now beautiful a little bit easier on the eyes to navigate now and if you want to go crazy with like a blue or whatever else stands out, maybe one of our Branded colors like the orange or the magenta. Go ahead go right ahead you can also add cool and funky borders in elementary just by clicking on the elements tab and Then do a search for a border or a divider as it’s called and then drag that divider in between two sections Alright so here we have a full width border we can adjust the width in content just by bringing it in a little bit and Then centering it Bringing a little bit more super cool. You can also get a style and change the color of that border Make it. Um gray and then you can actually go to Advanced and add emotion effect so that this border will actually come in in a cooler way than just being there Let’s go to bounce in And one of the ones I really relate to and like is rubber band, so let’s play with rubber bands as a kid So let’s choose that and update And now click on the hamburger and exit to dashboard and let’s see how it looks Let’s click to the home page and now we can see a super cool animation comes in right away People went out if you notice it, but it should draw their attention towards your products where of course you want them. Okay? So now that you know all about elementary page builder It’s time to do some of our own graphic design and get these images looking more like something our brand would want up top so the images I have for our header or hero section are located in that folder that we made and we are gonna use PicMonkey for all of our graphic design here needs including but not limited to resizing the images to the perfect size Increasing their resolution and sharpness and also putting a shape like a circle on top of the images and embedding that with some text So it looks like a real advertisement. So let’s open up our PicMonkey window And I’ll leave you a link to get started with a pic O’Keefe retrial I think they still have a really good free trial going in the notes below the video. So make sure to check that out I use PicMonkey every time I need to make a YouTube thumbnail or a graphic for one of the websites I’m building. It really saves you It’s so much easier than Photoshop and it makes you look totally amazing and marketable to clients So definitely, I would recommend signing up for PicMonkey if you haven’t already. All right, so we’re gonna click on the edit button first and then we get the computer option to upload something from our computer and I’m just going to upload our banner one image And my goal for this image of Christa walking down the stairs with the blue carpet and Everyone’s setting up the beautiful flowers is to put this image on our home page in this large sort of square rectangle section Along with some promotional content on top of it like a shape and text So this image you can’t even see the person really it looks cool because there’s like a fun city background and shopping But we can definitely do better. So let’s go back to PicMonkey and achieve our goal So first thing I need to do is figure out the right size to shape this image as so let’s go back to our dashboard and Click on media and find that stock image that we’re using There it is so we can open it up and see that this is 800 by 800 pixels So that’s the size we should go with now. Let’s go back to Christa in PicMonkey and scroll down to Resize and we could change the size down to 800 by 600 But I personally don’t want us to lose the resolution of making it smaller so I’m gonna cancel that and we’re gonna go up to crop and Just size this down to a perfect square So we can choose a width right here of something larger than 800. So we keep a little more resolution maybe 1600 for good measure and a height of 1600 then click scale photo and we’re gonna click the box To position it and just drag over the perfect square image that we want So we’re gonna highlight the entire right hand side of the image That’s really cool because there are some people doing fun stuff and it also left aligns Christa in the image. So We can put some text to the right of her and click apply All right now our sizing is perfect. Let’s go ahead and change up the sharpness and the clarity click sharpen Every image you can see needs a little bit more sharpness Maybe not a ton. But if you get used to it with the sharpness and then go back to non sharp, it’ll look blurry So then you know that it does need a little bit more sharpness. I usually like somewhere in the middle of the range just to get the crispness of the light on our hair standing out and The greens to pop a little bit more. So 21 is perfect And then with clarity we can see what happens when you go to the far right so that’s not realistic but again, if you go to the far left, it looks Less clear. So let’s bring that up and trail it behind the sharpness By about that much. All right now we’ll click apply cool Now we’re ready to start designing the circle and the text on top of Krista. All right, let’s go to the butterfly And we’re gonna click geometric and grab a circle and there’s our circle We’re gonna pull these little panels out of the way so we can see everything going on and drag our circle To the upper right and then pull the corner to make it bigger Perfect One trick I like doing is also floating part of the shape off the image Just sort of looks bubbly and cool. So that’s what we’re gonna do there. All right So the key here is that Krista is facing the circle and that way it’ll direct people’s attention or it should at least Towards our message. All right, let’s work on the color there So on our site the default was like a nice stock Pastel gray, we’re gonna click on color 2 and do a little bit better than that One of the coolest things is you can click on the eyedropper and PicMonkey and then select colors from the image itself like the green of the tree is the pink on her dress Whatever you want to do So I’m a big fan of that pastel pink and I’m gonna click just to select it Beautiful and we can also change the fate if you want people to see through that image a little bit Nice, right All right. Now it’s time to add some text. We’re gonna click on the T Next we’ll choose a font Scroll down and see what suits us today We could try something like Laura or maybe Quattrocento You just click on the font and then click add text You can also click to drag then just click in the middle of the box and start typing And click the text box and drag to position it and if you don’t like the font It’s a good read. You can just leave the text up like this and maybe change the color so it’s clear And then go ahead and just go back to fonts and change the font. So we’re gonna go back behind this little tab and move the tab Over there and then we can keep our fonts Changing and pick the right one because we can preview them now Okay. So a lot of good options Pacifico is a classic play ball is good. I Think today Pacifico could totally work but write a couple more Obviously we have lighter thinner fonts and we have more engaging fonts So really geo sans light though is pretty cool Okay. So after trying a lot of fonts, we like Pacifico I’m gonna go ahead and put that one up top Only downside of Pacifica is it doesn’t come with a bold and an italic like a lot of the more stock fonts, too But that’s okay for us now because we can use two fonts so we have join us at the top and then we are gonna have Shop and travel in the middle and I want to use an and signed from Pacifica So to do that you can just copy one block of text by having it selected like this By selecting the text like this so you don’t want the blue highlight in there You just want it selected then hit command C and command paste. So command C and command V and you’ll get the same text twice now we can highlight it and make a plus sign And it gets smaller All right. So the next two words, I need are gist shop and travel so to do that, we’re gonna move this panel again and Now we can choose the right font, which is gonna be a little bit more his font. All right Roboto is always good and add text click and rate Enter and travel I’m gonna pull that over PicMonkey takes a little playing around once like you’ll have to click on the text and off the text sometimes to get the right options To drag it around But with a little bit of practice you’ll definitely get it All right, we’re gonna Center this text and move it back to the middle and then we’re gonna pull the size upwards The big as we can get there it is and now we can move our plus sign click right on that Plus Where is that plus we’re gonna try to put that dead center of the circle And move shop and travel so that we have shot plus shell That’ll do it. You can also click and highlight just one word like travel and change the color of one word So how cool is that? And let’s say we want our orange that we used in our icons We can open up our little sandbox editing window Copy the hex bring it back and paste that right here where it says color and Hit enter and you got it Let’s go to effects from none we can do drop shadow and that’ll make it stand out more And in this case, it looks like you do need to make that orange for the travel a little bit lighter All right, we’re gonna do one more copy of join us and paste that With the command C command V and bring it down here And we’re just gonna right All year long and pull it in And click lit and beautiful we’ve just designed our first fashion advert together Of course, if you don’t think the text or the colors are the designs look good. I’m 110 percent sure, you can do better over there. In any case we’re ready to put it on the website so let’s go to export and we’re gonna name this so Krista shop travel advertisement And if you make it a PNG it’s a little bit bigger you can see the size of it will go up in megabytes So we’re gonna go with jpg to sell it loads a little faster fuse is good and now export to computer and It’ll come up as where we want to save it. Perfect save it up Now, let’s go back to WordPress. Let’s click on our home page and go back to our favorite edit with elementary Click on top of the image we want to replace and we can see it weirdly enough. It’s just a spacer So what we want to do is click on the plus icon at the top to get a new section And we just want to go to elements and drag in a text editor Alright so now we have our text editor We’re gonna highlight the text and delete it and add media and we’re gonna upload our new advertisement so select files double click it And There we have it and sometimes images won’t upload in WordPress If you saw that last one came in blank I think that’s because the word advertisement was in it and I have an ad blocker on the browser right now Sometimes you’re not sure and you just have to play around with different factors of the image and then it’ll upload Let me know if you have any issues with that sort of thing All right. So then in attachment display settings we can change the size to large and insert into post And we have our huge travel banner that we have to fit into this small area right here So what we can do is just come down and drag this image by clicking on the pencil and holding it to the right To make space for a new image then click on the pencil up top and drag it into the lower section Beautiful so for our PicMonkey design of the images on the right It’s probably in our best interest to make one exactly the same size as the crista Advertisement and then just put a white space in the middle of that image. So it’s one image on the right instead of two so we can right click delete these skinny images and Now we can just right click and duplicate the crista advertisement and we can see like by clicking and dragging How that would look if we had two images so it would look really nice and lined up on the bottom and on the top Or if you want to be clever You could put in a Google Adsense advertisement or a sovereign advertisement or something You learned in our video on 10 ways to make money blogging That could get you some revenue too in our case. We’re gonna keep it real though with an image. So let’s go back to PicMonkey And I like opening a new window just in case it want to change that old design and go to PicMonkey instead of edit We’re gonna go to design and custom size and we want this one to be 1600 by 1600 because that’s how big the krista advertisement was and click make it So on krista travels his instagram, I know I want to steal this image of la terraza and the image of the eiffel tower So I went ahead and emailed myself those direct photos cuz I don’t know a way to steal images from Instagram if you do Please hit me up in the comments and let me know And I’m just gonna download These two and then show you how to design our own little custom collage in PicMonkey So save and save and then back in PicMonkey where you’re going to click on the butterfly Which is also where you add images on top of an image. So we’re gonna click add your own my computer Hit up the Downloads if you have one image and open it and the canvas will stay the right 16 by 1600 sighs Alright we can just position it wherever we want and add another one my computer Got our second image beautiful Alright so given that these are long images we might want to make the gap in the middle So what we’re gonna do folks is just rearrange the images perfectly with this nice z shape as Such so there’s equal amounts of each image on the screen and equal white space around them then we’re gonna head back to our text tab and grab some more of the Pacific L. So it remembers we like Pacifica just click and add text click in the middle and start typing. I’m gonna write out your Then try to get that you’re the right size cuz that’s going at the top of the screen Now we’re gonna click on the Pacific o text command copy and command paste I’m gonna bring it down and I’m gonna rotate that vertically an easy way to rotate vertically is to hold shift and then click on the rotator in the middle and drag it and it should lock in once it gets to a vertical position and now, let’s hit paste again to get that one more time and Down below we’re gonna write guide So that’s down the text so it fits a little bit better And what we’re going for here, not sure we accomplished it But I think we got close is to have it look like a street It’s walking down your Travel Guide to a cool destination down that Street. Alright with a couple more movements of the images I think we’re all done and we can put this on our website Alright, and the look we’re going for here is to make the your Travel Guide take us down a cool Street to a cool destination just like Krista is walking down this street here and Yeah, I think we got it. You can always find arrows also if you’re in the butterfly Tab over here. There’s gonna be some arrows down below So if you want to use them go ahead that’s obviously a common choice, but right now we are ready to export Let’s click on the export button Nemeth your travel guide the Hana and Now it’s ready for the web export to computer Just like before save it now go back to elementary and then click on the right-hand javert Iseman And now in the left-hand window, we’re gonna click on the MA and delete it add media again upload files select files and double-click on your travel guide banner Alright and it’s already large so perfect inserting the post and well you did it So now it lines up on the bottom and on the top and we have two cool ways of looking at an image. I Got to admit that took us a little bit of time and work, but I think the lasting impression That this sort of beauty makes on your visitors will be worth it. Make sure to update now Let’s click the hamburger and we’re gonna view page and voila All right guys and gals now It’s time to talk about promoting your e-commerce website so you don’t hide from the world But you make a big presence when you launch and hit the garden running as they say So we’re gonna set up your email newsletter with MailChimp and we’re gonna also set up all of your social media buttons so that people can easily click and follow to set up your Email newsletter. We just need to go to edit with elementary and scroll down to our MailChimp form right here Then just click anywhere in the form. We can just get rid of this except GDP our thing and now it looks super clean So we just want to actually set up a MailChimp because it already looks good So then it says you need to set up your API key and let’s ID on the settings page So let’s update and then click on that. Alright going to settings page We’re gonna skip this And this is where MailChimp lives along with a lot of other advanced stuff Go to integrations Alright, and then it’s gonna say we need an API key and a list ID and we can follow this article to get them Alright, so we’re just following the links here. We’re gonna first login to our MailChimp here We set one up together brand new in our how to make a wordpress blog. It’s a crown video So if you don’t have one and you get confused on how to create an account, then you can reference that But it’s super easy and free all we did before. We just click create an account Tell them a little bit about us like our business name or address Our website and like what we want to do and then they give you a free account So once you do that, you’ll be able to log in like we’re gonna do here So MailChimp is really cool and free I’ll obviously leave you a link in the description to MailChimp and a lot of people like them because they let you send newsletters and campaigns To I think up to 2,000 people before you have to pay anything So darn good deal and to get that information that WordPress me is that API key and a list ID? We’re gonna hover on our name and then click on account now click on extras and API keys and you’ll have to create a new API key, but we already did so we’re just gonna highlight it and Copy it and this will connect to your MailChimp list with WordPress So when people enter their email on your WordPress blog it gets stored right here and you start building a list Okay, so we’re gonna feed WordPress with the first piece of information. It needs paste that in now the list ID is a little bit harder to find we have to go back to MailChimp and We’re gonna click on audience this time Again, you don’t have to do much in MailChimp or really even know what any of this means just get it going and start collecting Subscribers and we’ll figure it out later together View contacts and then we’re gonna click on settings Audience name and defaults and here we have our audience ID So just highlight this guy without the period copy it and paste it into wordpress Beautiful and save it and now MailChimp will be working and you have your very own free wordpress newsletter Alright, let’s go back to the wordpress site Now to set up our social media icons which look kind of bland right there without the little icon We’re gonna click on customize at the top So customize if we didn’t cover it already is like where all the extra wordpress stuff goes on synonyms You’ll have theme options or you’ll just be able to edit wordpress in Elementor. You can’t find something now It’s probably in customized So at the moment, I actually can’t find where to insert our social media links to get the buttons to show up so one good strategy if you’re stuck is to copy your link and Take it to Twitter and I’m gonna ask Nick from ocean WP who have chatted with before where that is Because I know he made the theme And tweet it off and Now we can keep working and hopefully he’ll get back to us before the end of the video So now that we have some products and those products have categories like jackets formal men women Now is a good time to put those categories in the sidebar and replace this default menu to create our own menu We’re gonna go to customize this and then of course, my news will open up the main avenue and Here we can just click to open one of these product categories and then click remove Because we don’t have any suits yet don’t have any shoes All right now we’re just gonna keep the homepage there Then we’re gonna click add items. All right and now here we can go to product categories and we can choose men women Jackets formal swimwear with the check mark and anything else you want All right, I’m gonna close the product categories You can also just do normal categories like if you have a topic on your blog that you want to put in the menu or if you have Individual products that you want to put in – we could put in like the stripe swimsuits the badass yellow beret formal attire a leather jacket and the e-book Okay. So now if we want to indent the item so there’s like convenient lists for people to shop under you can just take one Of them to the top and then drag it to the right a little to create a drop-down menu and we can do that with the swimsuits and the Yelp array and If something applies to both men and women, then we’re gonna need to create a custom link Which is the same as this link for a matching formal attire, for example? Alright, let’s just make sure we indent the right things and the e-book can just be its own little menu item We’re just gonna open it and change the name So it’s not too long so you can change the menu tab just by writing in your own little version of it And now we’ll publish and see what we made All right, so I’m gonna keep this menu window open I’m gonna right-click on this X just a little chick and open the thing in a new tab Alright so now we can open up men with a nice plus sign and we can get to the matching formal attire. For example and if we want to put this under women Let’s just click it in the URL bar and copy the link then Go back to menus. Alright, and we’re gonna click add items Go with a custom link paste in that URL For the link text you’re just gonna also write the same thing so matching Formal tired and Add to menu and now you’ll be able to tell the difference because this one is a custom link and the other one is a Product but really they do the same thing because they go to the same page. So let’s put that under women and publish Click back to home and now both men and women have the matching formal attire. How cool is that? Alright guys, so people can buy whatever they want now through your own custom menu Customize is great because this also lets us control the upper menu We can just go back and then we can click on top nav And that’s where we have the things like my account checkout contact and so on and so forth I just want to capitalize account because that’s been bothering me for a little bit Close that one and I’m just gonna write in Many labels because it looks like WordPress was just guessing what they should be called And we want to and we want to actually call them what they’re called And publish Accept and see we made a great job To change your contact info in the top bar in the upper right corner we’re gonna go back to customize then navigate to top bar and Content and here we have a little bit of HTML and CSS that ocean WP rip forests So we just have to edit the right parts Okay, so I’m going to look for where it says info at your domain comm and we can write in your email address. I Have a video on how to create your own custom email address with your web host So I’ll leave you link to that below Looking good, and then we can change the phone number easily – that’s not a real phone number at all so Please don’t call it and publish with their top and they have done we might as well change our bottom nav aka our footer So to change the footer we’re gonna go back to you guessed it customize and then head down to footer widgets And this is the style that goes on the widgets. So we’re gonna go back up and just go to normal widgets Now we have footer one, two, three and four. Let’s open the first one which is a custom header logo we’re gonna remove that once we have our own logo, and now we’re gonna go to put her to Open the text and get rid of the demo text Because our sites not about lemon drops and cake bear claws But we are a demo ecommerce and Then the social icons we’re gonna leave alone because I actually tried entering in our own links already, but they’re not working So we got to hear back from Nick. All right, that looks good We can have move on to footer 3 Open up the contact info and add in your own contact info for your business If you have your own street address You can of course change the icon classes if you know like the shortcode to the icon Let me know if you need help finding those individual icons but right now they did a pretty good job with the pin phone and so on so I’m just gonna change up our street name I’m gonna go with Chelsea Market where I have a little space at the YouTube studio over there If your YouTube spaces definitely come give me a knock see what’s up Maybe we could make something together. All right, so that’s the address You can just copy it right out of Google come back to element 2 and paste it in All right now, our phone number is 1-800-218-4243 And the last part of our footer that we want to change is our Instagram let’s go back to footer for it’s probably the most fun part of the footer open the Instagram and All you need to do to get your own Instagram to show up. It’s just choose a username or hashtag so ours is a hat and a rag I Just a nickname that my best friend in college came up with and we’re gonna need to change the settings a little bit So we don’t want the whole post to show up Maybe we are better off for now with just a hashtag and we’ll ask Nick about that one, too, and we figured it out So just including the word is what we want We don’t want the at or the hashtag because that will actually bring in the whole post So it must be a setting on Instagram itself like if I put SiteGround it shows normally but if I put at second it also shows normally, but if I put no reigai It shows like all my posts and I tell you what, I’m gonna ask the community I’m going to ask you guys if you know how to fix an Instagram widget here or if you’re an Instagram expert and you know Why it would pull in like all of our posts and our hashtags and our little emojis right here what’s going on at Instagram? So so let us know in the comments. Thanks a lot for now. Just having sake go in and that looks good You can learn a little bit more about the people behind the machine and yeah, go ahead and click on this We’re gonna publish and we’re done with our footer but there’s one more step in the footer which is the bottom bar so we can go back out of footer and We’re gonna click on footer bottom and There we have to copyright so this looks okay right now with the copyright and if you want to put in like an affiliate link to your theme this is a great place for it You can write, you know ocean WP theme and put a link on ocean to BB theme So people can click if they like your look and go ahead and buy the same theme in our case We’re gonna leave the credit which give me your it of the by Nick put a vertical bar and then right Sit down ecommerce Yeah, um just because I’ve always liked having a link to our site in the footer So then we can grab our URL from the top copy that and to insert a link You just want to write an Open bracket a href means link equals quotation mark paste in the URL Which for some reason didn’t get fully copied. There we go and now after the second quotation mark make a Alligator bracket to close it and then anything after this bracket will be the anchor text. So this is perfect I just closed off a bracket and Closed off an A And we’ve just made a link in the footer lastly we just need a copyright symbol and we can grab that from Google All right right here in the results You happy that little piece of text come back. We’re gonna put that right after Great, and then we’re gonna write another bar and all rights reserved Which I still don’t really know what what that means and publish great job and except and see what we made next It’s time to make a unique logo. That’s totally used. So you have a logo ready when you launch your store So we can go to logo maker. That’s elegio Mak R with Fe comm where we always make our logos Click in the gray space and then I always like searching a graphic you can always make something unique because they have over a million of them and Palm-tree usually works well for me But you can literally search anything like car or baseball or couch or whatever and I want an icon where the logo is Separated a little bit in its design so I can put in two colors and it’s not just one consistent image So I’m gonna try this guy right here. And again, this is just a demo logo so you can probably make a better logo now we’re gonna hit T for some text and it’s right in C and G and We’re gonna move it to the top and hit text again in case you want to make a different font we have another text block and right shopping cool so we can just position and Dre it a little bit and You can see like maybe the C and G could be the big one and then the shopping could be beneath it Probably not under it, but just like beneath it. All right, and we can line it up with the little helper lines Bring shopping in a little bit Beautiful all right, then we’re gonna get to changing the color. So we’re gonna open up our text editor where we have our color palette We labeled them with orange and the pink because it’s hard to read them just the letters and numbers now We’re gonna copy the orange without the hashbrown sign just the letters and numbers Come up through the color wheel up here and make sure you selected on the text. You want to change the color of and Then just double click on the hex and then paste it over Beautiful and then we can do the same for shopping so open the text editor double click on the pink and copy and come back to the hex and Paste it over Nailed it if you want to change part of the image You can just click on the Paint Bucket And then you’ll be changing it to whatever color is selected here. And then you can just click on top of it How cool is that? Alright, nice guys. Alright to change the font. We can just click into the text again and That might open up some new texts. We’re gonna delete but we mainly want to get our arrow back So now we can click on the C and G Change it from a font category maybe to fancy and cursive and then change it to the different file. We might want And there’s Pacifico so he can be super consistent to our brand all right and then move it to the left We gotta Center things again cuz specifically made it a little smaller All right, Oh make shopping a little smaller, too. And beautiful So once your logo is ready we just need to hit the crop button in the lower, right and then pull in the whitespace if it didn’t get it perfectly and Then hit enter and then we’re gonna save it in the upper, right? We’re gonna hit no, thanks because we don’t want to pay anything right now, but you do need to give credit to logo maker So make sure you do that and they’ll have instructions for you on that previous page then just name it. So that’s you ecommerce those go version one and Save it beautiful now to publish your new logo. Let’s go back to WordPress and click customize And we’re gonna hit header Because that’s where logo lives and then we’re gonna click remove and select logo select files to find our logo on our computer and There she is. So just select and open and we’re gonna select it and skip cropping and Now we have a new logo If you want to make it a little bigger, you can play with the max width and max height Just keep in mind that then you’ll actually have to choose on a size And so it’s not an amazing logo, but I bet you can build a better one All right, and we’ll publish now let’s get that logo in our footer section down below. Oh wait, it already showed up cool So we’re pressed knew that because we changed our header logo. We wanted to change our footer logo. So that is done All right, guys We’re gonna X out and you might notice it’s been saying not Secure in that red or gray and I’m starting to really kind of bother us so now it’s time to set up our SSL certificate aka how to get the green padlock icon? And in SiC go and you already have one You just need to activate it and we’re gonna do that with a plug-in So this stuff really gets a lot of people to stumble but I’ll show you how to solve it right now let’s go back to the dashboard and we’re gonna click on plugins and We’re gonna hover around plugins and click add new and then we’re just gonna do a search for Really a simple SSL. It’s kind of the coolest plug-in ever install now and activate it All right, and that’s gonna help us get our SSL going just click go ahead activate SSL All right And now let’s click to our dashboard and see if it’s working and it is how cool is that? So you don’t have any mixed or insecure content on the home page? You just get the padlock and right away Connection is secure great job So I thought our social icons were not working because why would they just show a little box right there? But then I looked at this demo website. We’re making together on my spare laptop and they showed up just fine So now I’m thinking it’s a cachet issue and we need to really do a hard delete of our browser Cachet. Now I have this cached tool in chrome that you can just click and it says clearing cachet and Then you can like delete it but still things aren’t showing up So why don’t we try to purge the SG cachet and then refresh go to the dashboard We’re gonna go to s G optimizer and now click – it here open set a new tab and Even that didn’t work. So we’re on a classic WordPress hunt together and we’re gonna need to go to customize to find it let’s click on header because that’s where our logo lives and social menu And now it looks like we need to actually figure out how the social plugin works. So social menus enabled We’re gonna check that now basically gonna go down the settings until we figure out how to get those icons to show up Let’s choose a template Okay, that’s nothing link style. How about simple? Okay, that’s not gonna do it now. Let’s go down Let’s give some social media links. So instead of the hash brown. Let’s try the full link to our Twitter Still didn’t work. All right. Let’s try the full link to our Facebook now We’re gonna right click and open a new tab and see if we have any changes Still nothing Believe the cachet again and the social icon still don’t show so I’m pretty sure it’s my browser acting up It’s some sort of icon in the background which is like getting in the way of the actual icon showing up Or maybe there’s duplicate icons because I’ve installed so many themes here in any case I’m gonna open it up to you guys I’m gonna ask you if you know Why social icons don’t show up and to tell me if they do show up on your browser and what you did? Which means you have two assignments now, you have the social icons and you have the Instagram widget, but if anyone can do it I know you guys can because you usually solve everything for us that I can’t do on my own alright folks We have one more ecommerce setup step to work on and that’s to link our cart pages to our checkout pages to our account pages And we do that in our e-commerce setting so let’s go to the dashboard And that’s actually the WooCommerce settings. I should say so we’ll come our settings This one’s pretty hard to find we’re gonna go to advanced And we actually need to assign a cart page and so on and so forth for this page setup so obviously cart page is cart checkout pages checkout and So on and so forth and then we don’t have a terms and conditions yet But you definitely should make one of those just to explain to people all those little details and then we’re gonna Save Changes And check out the site again So now when we click on one of the products And we add it to the cart. We got to choose to size. Of course in the color first and Then add to the cart we’ll go through the normal flow of e-commerce. Just like you would on Amazon Now we can view cart and we can apply a coupon and update the cart and then checkout and why don’t we get a coupon going right now so that we can actually test out our own shopping carts here and see if it works to collect money for you So we can go back to our dashboard now to create a coupon. We’re gonna go to WooCommerce Coupons. That’s how important they are. They have their own setting So create your first coupon And the coupon code is just like what people type in so this would be something like summer 2019 or Whatever you’re you watching this, you know, like summer 2020 I guess cuz summer 2019 is over description so this is my 50% off option but because we’re gonna make a purchase actually we’re gonna go with something higher like 98% so I don’t have to spend a lot of money right now. And then this is gonna be a Percentage discount see if some options here fixed car fixed product or fixed percentage And then we have the coupon amount we’re gonna do ninety-eight percent Any question mark and say like what the value of the coupon is Yep, a lot of free shipping and you can say when it expires. So let’s go with the calendar This is gonna expire and I’ve ever first so no one could take advantage of it for too long and we’re gonna hit publish All right. So now I’m gonna go back to our cart. We’re gonna refresh the page So the coupon is working and we’re going to X out of all these expensive things Because why would you need to let the jackets and then we’re gonna hit the coupon code of summer 2020 Apply it alright We get a really nice discount. So removed was ninety percent I’m gonna pay this one twenty guys. Don’t worry about it. I got you covered here. I’m gonna go to checkout We’re gonna make sure I e-commerce website works So we’re gonna go with billing details of just ourselves, which is exactly what a customer would put in They don’t have to put the company name, but if they want you to know their company, that’s the following country street address Alright, so I’m probably have to blank out some of this stuff might as well start now All right got our details in there now we’re gonna hit PayPal like I said before this is the most common because someone can hit it up with their Because someone can pay you with their PayPal balance or with any sort of credit or debit card and now proceed to PayPal All right so sessoms to log in with PayPal and you know I collect money to my PayPal balance from a lot of blogging payments You know different blog and gigs I have set up But a lot of people don’t use PayPal so they’re gonna go with pay with credit or debit card down here so let just click that and Then it’s time to enter in the PayPal guest checkout, so it’s super nice It’s a guest so, you know people don’t have to worry about too much information being stored And we’re gonna go with our credit card number and then pay now. Alright, so got a blank this out again Alright you successfully paid $1 20, let’s see the results here Alright, so your customers get this standard neat and clean PayPal receipt and then we’re gonna go to our email and see what it send Us so it says so-and-so sent us money. And by the way, I had to use Krista’s credit card So if you try to do this with your own credit card on your own site Don’t expect it to work to all so here’s our payment. It’s really awesome. Someone bought the leather jacket feeling good man, first sale awesome from a total stranger Sort of looks like we got Plus 87 cents. How about that when I open it up? So people does take a fee They don’t charge you to have a website and they don’t charge you to be on your website but they do charge e when someone pays through PayPal through your website And that charge is in this case of a dollar 20 It was 33 cents. So we got 87 cents profit, but don’t worry that 33 cents looks big but it’s actually 2.9 percent the PayPal charges plus 30 cents and obviously you’re a merchant or business there so if we do the math there, so we see that we got a dollar 20 from the sale and They’re gonna charge us 2.9 percent of that. So the low twenty times point zero to nine equals three cents So three cents is the first number that came out of what we receive and they round down so it’s just three cents not Three point four eight cents or something. You can multiply that by a hundred to look at it like actually three cents There we go. And then in addition to that three cents PayPal charges an additional thirty cents just for doing business So that’s thirty three cents total three plus 30 is thirty three And that’s what we got eighty-seven cents for that purchase know as you can imagine if the cost of the leather jacket were more like the real cost of a New leather jacket it might be more like 80 bucks That you got and so 2.9 percent of that would be eighty times point zero to nine equals two dollars and thirty two cents plus point three So out of eighty bucks, you’d only have to pay two dollars and sixty two cents. For example And you’d keep a lot more of the proceeds in any case now You know how to receive payments from your ecommerce website to your PayPal from one of your customers PayPal or their credit cards or debit cards and Most importantly of all it all works Alright, so we’re gonna go back to our site now and this is where I’m gonna leave you guys Alright guys and gals so that brings us to the end of our tutorial I’m super sad to go because I really enjoyed making this for you I hope you learned how to make your own e-commerce website using set ground, and I hope you love the final result Whatever theme you ended up choosing now for how to enter our giveaway and get free coaching I want everyone to click on ‘contact and we’re gonna use the awesome contact form that our website came with to enter the giveaway All you have to do is pop in your first name last name email Make sure to choose sales and for the issue choose order and Then I want you to paste in your site ground receipt from your hosting orders to prove to me that you took that small step And committed to setting up your own wordpress.org website You can also enter in whatever questions you have or comments and then click Submit That’ll go right to my email and I’ll automatically enter you in our giveaway where we give out real Amazon cash gift cards every month to real people like you so just make sure to hit submit and send that over to us and Also, let me know in the YouTube comments that you entered. Alright guys. Thanks so much again for watching I really hope to inspire you and I hope to be your wordpress teacher your WordPress guru Whatever you want to call it into the future. I’m here for an hour Awesome, YouTube and blog community is – you are not alone, and I guess yeah, welcome to WordPress before you leave please make sure to smash that like button if you support free WordPress help and if you learned anything here and also make sure to subscribe and hit that Bell for notifications So you’ll get the latest psych ground tutorials right when we release them so you can keep your website running fast and up-to-date Alright guys and gals. I’ll talk to you very soon. I’m Gregg Narayan. Thanks for watching

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  1. 100s of people come to me every month to build an online store. It's tough and you're not alone. Big E-commerce brands charge fees and coding from scratch takes forever. So I made this video to show you how to make an ecommerce website with SiteGround and WordPress. I use it every day and believe this is the future of e-commerce. So, what will you sell me? 🙂

  2. Hi Guys! Quick Update – SiteGround watched our video and they said your best choice is to go with a GrowBig or GoGeek plan if you want to build an online store because of 2 reasons: caching and PCI compliance. So while we setup a StartUp plan here because it's a great deal, you should get these other plans for any ecommerce website you are starting. SiteGround is all about high quality performance and our happiness. For blogs and websites without ecommerce, StartUp is still best! Thanks!!

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