April 8, 2020
How to Make a Website – Free & Under  7 minutes

How to Make a Website – Free & Under 7 minutes

Hello. My name is Mike and in this video I’m going
to teach you how to create a website that will be free forever and no technical skills
needed. Once you have your website you’ll be able
to optimize it yourself so that you can appear higher in search results for Google and other
search engines. To make our website today we’re going to use
the Webnode 2.0 online website maker because it is easy-to-use, there is no software download
or installation required and you’ll be able to edit whenever you’d like. Also, you’ll be able to create a professional
and stylish website. Click on the button in this video or click
on the link in the video description below to get started making your website with me. Once you’re on the homepage, click on “Get
Started” and fill out the registration form. Enter the name of your website, your email
address and a password. You will use the same email address and password
to log in and edit your website whenever you want. Now, click on the button “Register & Create”
to get started. Templates are organized by business categories
and topic. They all come with default content to help
and inspire you while you build your website. Every element in the template can be edited
and all templates are fully responsive meaning that they will automatically adjust to various
screen sizes including mobile devices. Webnode’s editor makes use of four types of
tools. Some are for customizing the design, others
create and edit the layout of the sections of the website, some add content like text,
images, videos or forms and in PAGES, here, you can edit the menu of the website. Double-click texts to edit them. With the text toolbar, you are able to make
texts bold or in italics and change the font, style or size. You can also enlarge titles by clicking on
this button. To change the header image, click on the “settings”
button and then click “Add image.” Webnode offers a large collection of free
images for use on your website, or, click on “Upload image” if you want to use your
own image from your computer. Choose the one you want, press “Open” and
then double-click it to add it to your website. Go to “Effects” to customize the header image. Here, you can add filters, change the brightness
and position, or crop the image by clicking “customize” and using the image resizer. Add sections to have more space for all types
of content. This will allow you to change the layout,
variety and even add attention-grabbing titles to your site. Click the + to create one. I’m going to use a “Services” section that
I’ve already created to show you how it works. You can add more elements by clicking on the
+ and edit them by double-clicking the element. Now, modify the text by using the text editor
bar and change the style and other edits. Click “Change image” if you would like to
use a different one. To modify the order of the elements displayed,
simply drag and drop them to another place in the list. To delete an element, select the one you don’t
want, click on the trash bin and then click “delete.” You can also delete a section by clicking
on the settings button and then clicking “Delete.” You will then be able to create a new one
in its place. If you have a pricelist on your website, you
can add more elements by clicking the + and editing the details we see right now. Add new content to your website using the
“Add Content” tool that you will see when scrolling over the section. Let’s add a button. Now, I insert a link to a page on the website
and I double-click the button to change the text as you see now. If you want to edit others pages, go to the
menu and click the page you want to edit. Add a “Text and Image” section by clicking
the + and this button. Now, change the image by selecting it first,
then click “Edit” and then “Replace.” We can place the image in different places
within the text by dragging and dropping it. Adjust the size by pulling the corners. You can also move the text to different areas
and, if the image is too large, you can adjust the focus with the slider on the side. For adding YouTube or Vimeo videos, click
on “Video” within the “Add Content” tool. Then, simply paste the video link in this
field and press “OK.” Once it is on your site, resize it by pulling
on the corners. Finally, let’s add a photo gallery. First, click the + to add a section and place
it where you want it. Click “Upload Images” and select the ones
you would like to use. Once they are uploaded click “Close.” To view the images in Full-Screen, simply
click the thumbnail on your published website. Edit the menu of your website by clicking
“PAGES.” Click “Add page” to create a new page for
your site. Choose the layout, name the page and click
“Create.” If you want a subpage, click “Add page” and
follow the same directions. Then, click on the page name and drag just
a little bit to the right. You can reorder the pages in the menu by dragging
and dropping them within the list. If you would like to rename it, double-click
the name and change it. And, if you want to delete a page, select
it and click “Delete page.” Once you are happy with your menu, click “Close.” Now that you have your menu ready, link your
elements to different pages on your website by clicking “Add link.” By doing so, you will allow your visitors
the ability to browse your site faster and in a more user-friendly way. Now, let’s take a look at adding widgets. To add a GoogleMaps widget, click on the +
and then “Map.” Enter the address and press “OK.” You can resize the map by clicking and dragging
the corners. To insert and external widget, click the +,
then click the black dot and choose “HTML.” Now paste the external HTML code into the
field and press “OK.” As an example, I added a live chat widget
to talk with visitors. Click “Publish” to publish all of your changes
to the internet. Click on your project’s name to see the published
version of your site. And now, this is how it looks on the internet. Take a look at the ChatBox widget. It’s only shown in the published version of
your website. To edit your website, go to the Webnode homepage
and click “Login.” Enter you email address and password and click
“Log in.” If you forgot your password, click here and
follow the instructions to receive a new one. If you need to contact the support staff or
check out the knowledgebase, go to your “My Projects” page and choose the website you
have a question about. Click on “Menu” and then “Support.” Having and creating your own website is a
very useful skill for both personal and commercial purposes. An online presence will allow you to reach
anybody in the world, wherever you are. In this video, we’ve seen how simple it is
to create a website with Webnode. If you have not gotten started yet, click
on the button in this video or click on the link in the video description below. If you have any comments or questions for
me, simply leave it below. If you found this video tutorial useful, “like”
us and subscribe to the video using this button. You will be notified every time we upload
a new video. Thank you for taking the time to view this
video tutorial. I look forward to seeing you online soon.

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