April 8, 2020

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Custom ECOMMERCE Website With WordPress – BEGINNERS

  1. Hi, can you please assist with the following query ? On the homepage, I'd like to move the product description to the right handside of the image – just above the price and the 'Buy Now' button? I can't figure out how to do this. Thanks.

  2. Thanks! When you add the product gallery images on your "edit product" page, the first thing I would make sure you are doing is clicking on "update" in the upper right box that titled "publish" and see if that's what it is. Also, go to "MIO", "Woo Settings", "Product Options", and make sure "Show product image gallery" is checked.

  3. Hey Mahmood, i would suggest checking out this plugin: wordpress(dot)org/plugins/woocommerce-custom-currencies/

    Also, you might check the wooCommerce website and see if they offer a paid plugin that might do the trick.

  4. You are very welcome!

    1) Changing the colors of the those buttons is possible but it would require some advanced CSS knowledge. You would probably need to create a child theme, figure out what code needed to change using a tool like firebug and then make those changes to your child themes CSS file. (obviously, there would be a lot you would need to know for that).

    2) From my experience the site works and resizes for mobile devices automatically. ( I have tried it on Iphone 4 and 5).

  5. Hi Dominique, thanks for the compliment! I'm glad the video is helpful! I would start out by checking with your hosting company to see what may be going on. Also, I would check and make sure you're images aren't huge files using a tool like pixlr(dot)com. If you're images exceed 1200pixels in width or height, I would re-size them.

  6. Hi Nina, that would definitely be a challenge. Changing the positioning of something like that would probably mean changing a PHP file to a degree that exceeds my "comfort zone". You might contact the theme developer at "Smashing Pixels" and see if they might have any suggestions.

  7. thanks for teaching me how to design website using wordpress..
    how do i create email addresses with my website name.
    how do i go about it.?

  8. You are very welcome! You would need to contact your hosting provider and set it up through them. If you are using HostGator, you can set that up through your cPanel.

  9. hello, i try getting a domain name using hostgator, on the payment country list… my country was not listed!!! which is Nigeria i.e i cant reg a domain name with hostgator..
    i dont, if yes, please can u recommend another and a better hosting site for me.

  10. Hey josh great tutorial, i'm a having a small problem that i never had on wordpress before. i'm getting 404 – File or directory not found. errors with the woocommerce pages and also when i create a new page. it's really strange and have no idea what's wrong. i'm gonna try a fresh install of wp and see if it helps. really wanna follow this tutorial :/

  11. hey just check that your host is set up for mod_rewrite, if that doesn't work try set the the permalinks to default

  12. Hello Joshs! all your videos are great! thanks for sharing! one cuestion.. i need make a selective items….something like this:
    i need that my client can choose diferente types of configuration..is posible make it whit wordpress?
    Great from Argentina!

  13. Hi Josh. Thanks for putting this info out there for challenged people such as myself. I'm having issues with 'trees'. This example is for products. The last product category I created plopped itself at the same level as the current parent product in the tree and I can't figure out how to move it under the proper tree position. I have the proper parent checked in the page creation. All of the others just seemed to line themselves up upon creation. I'll need to add new products under this category and it won't line up right the way it is. It's the last on the below list.

    All Product Categories Most Used
         Trijicon Optics
         Zeiss Optics
             Terra 3X Riflescopes
             Zeiss Conquest Riflescopes
     Zeiss Duralyt Riflescopes

  14. Hi, I have followed these steps perfectly but for what ever reason I cannot get the widgets to appear on the right side bar on my products page. The widgets appear on every page on the website as I have selected enable widgets right site wide and have selected the side bar on products page to be right side but nothing appears. Do you have any suggestions? Thnks

  15. Thank you so much! Very useful information as I am creating my own business and doing everything with no previous experience. It's people like you that really make YouTube so good. Thank you again!

  16. WordPress is a best tool for Content Management. Their CMS is one of the best tool, whether it's a normal site or an ecommerce site. Customizing WordPress for eCommerce is good but I am not sure that it can suitable for eCommerce.

  17. Hi bro, Is there any way I can work with the true HTML, of the theme?, and I need to manage manufacturers,for example, i want to have a 3 manufacturers the provide me with 1 item, and i want that when someone buy the item provided by manufacturer1, he recieves the email with the order of the customer, so that the manufacturer can send the package to him, and if an item gets out of stock, the system alerts with an email to the specific manufacturer that the item is getting low and asking to please bring more.

  18. Thank you for the excellent video on how to make your own eCommerce website. Is it possible to add a text area below the products on the homepage? If so what would be the code and where would it be entered?

  19. Hi Josh, First of all, really nice video with good content and you explanation is very clear to me. The only thing i dont understand is how i get more Related Products, hes ownly showing 4. And another question i want to ask is how change the image size to one size i see different sizes at my widget pictures.
    But after that i want to thanks you for you nice video! 

  20. Awesome video, Thank you so much for taking the time to do it. I completely re-did my website from scratch by following along. I have but one question: How can I put in a different slider on the homepage? I want to have a slider which explains what my website is about rather than showing the products. I did try Soliloquy Lite but when I put the shortcode in on SP Home – nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  21. Thanks for this excellent tutorial video Josh. Thank you for producing and sharing such clear, well planned and informative piece of work. 

  22. Going well until I inserted an image on the About page; I published the page, added it to the menu and refreshed my site OK but when I click on any of the page buttons I get the message "Not Found
    The requested URL /about-us/ was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Why can't I see my pages? 

  23. Josh, i've watched your videos from Plymouth, England and they are just what I needed to give myself the confidence to do it myself. I've seen the responsive video (wordpress 2012) and the ecommerce one, Do you know any responsive ecommerce themes that would be good or is it a case of starting with a responsive theme and adding in an ecommerce widget? Thanks!

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  25. Hi,
    Thanks for the video.
    I have wordpress 3.71,and i have a problem,its seems you haven't.
    When i add product,and i set featured image,i upload it,and the image looks good.But i "view product"
    My image is horrible,like a big zoom(good quality)
    I try to resize in photoshop,the size is good but very bad quality.
    I think,the problem is from word press…If u know,please help me.
    Sorry for my english.

  26. hello, so far the video is great!
    but what if i need to change the colors or erase the gradient of the nav menu? can i do that and how?

  27. hey, thanks for the great video!
    i am wondering if i could go themeforest and replace MIO with one of those. is that as easy as deactivating MIO and activate a new theme? thanks very much.

  28. Thank you for this great video. It solved my problems I had last night. I struggled with wp.com trying to intergrate my shopping cart and wondered why the html code didn't work. You solved my problem. I will be booking this video and referring back to it if needed.

  29. This is the best video tutorial ever. Thanks a lot.
    But i have a problem that i hope you can solve for me.
    When i add images to products it dosen't show up. I just get a blank Square but when i click on the blank then the images are showing up on the viewer.
    What could be the problem ?

  30. Your tutorials are fantastic!  I was able to create my first WordPress site using your tutorial for Beginners and finished it in two days.  Fantastic!  Thanks you so much!

  31. Wonderful tutuorial! Thanks 🙂
    Is it possible to change the color of the menu bar? Or the default color of the frame around new text?

  32. Great vid. Almost gave up on WordPress then I watched your tutorial.
    Only issue I'm having with the MIO theme is the side bar and skin options. In admin mode the changes are made but when the site is accessed out of admin, they are not there.

  33. Hi, Josh right, just wanted to let you know, great video, and is sub, favorite and also i used your coupon code for hostgator, 1st question, why are all my pics not showing full size? tks

  34. Hi just a query, mio is unavailable on splashing pixels because it is being upgraded. If i was to use another theme like mystile which is on woothemes.com would this video still be useful or not really ?

  35. SplashingPixels Mio is no longer available. 
    "Notice: We're no longer selling our themes here on Splashing Pixels and will be selling them on marketplaces in the going future. We have also made any themes that are out of date temporary unavailable for purchase until they have been updated and thereafter will be available on marketplaces. Thanks for your patience!"

  36. Hey Josh, alternative location to download the MIO theme? Their website says they are no longer allowing theme download?

  37. I want to set up and Ecommerce site very similar to the one you've done here.  However when I called Hostgator to ask them what would be the best option for this they told me I had to go with the highest priced package because I need the dedicated IP address.  But you chose the middle package… why?

  38. Hi Josh,
    First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials! As I've read from many other folks, I too have looked high and low for good WordPress E-Commerce instruction, but was almost to the point of giving up. But then I found this tutorial. I was SO excited and then found MIO was unavailable. I know that you are right that the same principals would apply to other themes, but for newbies like myself, having you to hold our hands step-by-step with the same theme was going to be comforting.
    No pressure, but do you have any idea when you will have another video using a template that we can also get? I just love the way you explain things and think I may be better off waiting to try this. Just wondering… Thanks so much again!

  39. Hello Josh,
    Thank you for taking the time to making these videos and informing "noobs" like me on how to build a website.  I would like to get a Jewelry eCommerce site set up but I am having trouble finding a good template that would allow for a more luxurious looking website.  The current website which costed a few hundred dollars doesn't do the nature of the business justice.  If you could help in directing me in the right direction on getting this project going it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  40. Josh Jackson is the GURU of the GURU's. This detailed tutorial is awesome!. and has no match on the youtube so far. Keep up the good work Josh. Thank you so much.

  41. Thank you for your advice. What if I would like to choose another fonds that is not in ipoccy or in google fonds: do you hsve an alternative?

  42. Josh I have literally been sitting here for hours watching your work one by one. I cannot thank you enough, you've answered all the questions I ever had. Keep up the good work you are an asset to everyone. Thank you I cannot wait to start building.

  43. Josh – Man you nailed it! Thanks soooo much for this video. I am a stiffler for detail, and you were spot on with the STEP-BY-STEP process for setting up my new website. I cannot say thank you enough.

  44. Hi, from where we can download the mio updated version because the old version
    is not working and after activating we can't access the sites and account

  45. Josn, I followed your steps to use the Mio theme, but it seems that mio theme doesn't work any more. My website is almost done. How can I change my theme to a new one which don't affect my site? Thank you

  46. Hello wpSculptor, Awesome tutorial!! was a GREAT HELP!!
    Luckily I had the theme you used, so was easier for me to go through your video and understand each point.

    Just 2 points:
    1. I have a blog on blogger that I want to integrate on my site, is there an option for that?
    2. ".footer_blog {display: none;}" is not working, I wish to remove that bar saying "Latest Blog Post: First Blog Post"!! please help!!


    P.S.: Best tutorial for making E-commerce site. I have gone through atleast 10 others

  47. Great video. Awesome instructor. When I saw the video was almost 2.5 hours, I almost didn't watch it but the time flew.  Super easy to follow the step by step instruction. Done in  a logical order from start to finish. Thank you.

  48. Thanks for running through this stuff. I pick up quite a few helpful tips, it was really useful in broadening my understanding of certain features. I wish I had found this video a year ago! 

  49. Great tutorial! I managed to get a copy of Mio but when I publish a new product I get a broken link img instead of the original view. Any fix for this? 

  50. Hi Josh…thanks for the awesome video. I managed to setup my own website based on your video! Can I create a log-in page before anyone can access to the website? Is it possible? Can u help?

  51. Great videos have watched 5-6 very NEW at web building.  have a question will you be doing  any  classified themes videos ?  or  is it poss  to have a  front page  of  custom design  and add a wp premium press classified theme as a drop in 3 types ie cars/bikes/houses with different layouts , and be able to go back to  front page in one step? 

  52. really good vid mate, i learn alot… I noticed when you got your free theme you picked a free ecommerce theme and then put a woocommerce plugin in it. Can you turn any wordpress theme into an ecommerce site by installing that plugin or does it have to be an ecommerce theme to begin with??

  53. Very comprehensive step by step, without skiping any stage, tutorial I have ever appreciated. May I know  learn how to make a magazine or newspaper website icluding Archive. Thank you

  54. Hi, I was just wondering if you ever made an updated version of this with the themes all being available?  It's just that, that text is very distracting.  Thanks in advance. 

  55. Thanks for this beautiful lesson Josh. I am struggling with one issue though. I remember changing some setting to allow WooCommerce Product page to use entire page. Now all others pages look fine, but Product page is jumbled up and I am unable to find the setting that I had changed initially. Appreciate help in locating that setting. Thanks much.

  56. OMG this is the coolest vedio ever you're the bees knees!! I wish I could a vedio of you about ecommerce but for downloadable stuff you know music and e-books or so
    Also, I wish I could support you with this whole coupon thing but am from Syria and we're not allowed to do any ecommerce due to the US sanction and boycott policies…
    best wishes

  57. Hi there, I have just started watching your vid and I'm wondering if your step by step process would be supported by the parabola wordpress theme I decided on using? I'm new to building websites, but I thought of something that I would really like to do and it involves having an ecommerce website.

  58. Great Tutorial! Just wondered if you have vid or can you show me how to move the cart and login buttons in to the menu bar or just make it appear in the sidebar. thx in advance 🙂

  59. hey man.. thanks for removing few headache..lol… MIO theme is showing unavailable…please advise how to proceed

  60. Great Video. Do you know the best way to access an external database to use the data in WordPress? I have an existing website with a large database. I want to start using wordpress for a detailed search and shopping cart however I do not want to use a new or duplicate database. I see a lot of plugins that allow you to connect to an affiliate database but not a custom personal database. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

  61. Thank You for this tutorial . Here I would like to share you a perfect theme generating software #templatetoaster . This #software is very helpful for those who want to create Custom #ECOMMERCE #Website With #WordPress
    . This tool has all the latest features like #Drag #Drop and other inbuilt features like #bootstrap function

  62. Great Tutorial! Can you please make a tutorial on custom eCommerce without using any themes. I mean by using any ecommerce html template that gets customised into wordpress

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