March 29, 2020
How to make $20,170 in 2017 | The #2017FlipChallenge

How to make $20,170 in 2017 | The #2017FlipChallenge

– I have this really
interesting 2017 challenge. It is my belief that everybody
has a ton of tchotchkes, ton of former clothes,
ton of electronics. I’m trying to find my iPhone but
different generation of iPhones. Thank you, DRock. You know,
iPhone 4 sitting in your closet. You know, a Ram-man, one
that’s actually from ’84 that’ll probably go for $9. Here’s my big belief. My big belief is
this my friends, the 2017 Flip Challenge is this. I believe that if you amass
the hours that you allocate to iPhone game for
three hours here, to when you’re on the bus
commuting for an hour instead of just reading, escapism’s
important but if you want the $21,000 that I think you’ll get
the end of the year and by the way we’re gonna have a
21-7 family thing at the end. We’ll have like a $21,700
club everybody who’s hit it, maybe we’ll get
together at the end of year. Let me figure that out. By the way, I just
changed my mind. It’s $20,170. The 21-07, the $21,700 Challenge
means it’s the year 2170. – [DRock] Oh. – Yeah, I was
like what the hell? I was driving yesterday,
I was like what? Anyway, we’re gonna
have a $20,170 Challenge. No cheating and you
need to be fresh. There’s much people like Reezy
Resells and some these other people that already
making tons of money. – Marshall’s employees think I’m
Santa Claus out here spending $2000 on shoes. Ha ha ha, little do they know,
I’m getting that online money. (laughs)
– New fresh. You’ve never done it before or
you’ve never amassed more than $5,000 before and you’re gonna
do this $20,170 Challenge I believe if you take that one
hour when you’re commuting and actually search on eBay and
search what are clothes worth? What are hammers worth? Like what is this hammer worth? DRock, you know how much
this hammer will go for? – [DRock] $20. – Yeah, $7.99 better than zero. Especially when
you don’t have it. – [DRock] You have
two hammers. $14. – Where’s the other hammer?
– [DRock] Right there. – [Gary] Fuck, two hammers. $14. This one might go for $9.
(cash register rings) What you can easily
go search hammer and you can go then
to completed items, sold items and see
what people are doing. The tens, let’s go
ask AJ actually. Bro!
– [AJ] Yeah. – [Gary] Real quick, how many
hours do you think you put in researching eBay sold completed,
how’d we build our education? How many hours really?
What’s your gut? – Realistically?
You’ll tweet 1,000. – [Gary] But it’s not that.
– I don’t think it’s 1,000. – [Gary] I get
excited sometimes. – I would say… – [Gary] We would get
pumped on Friday nights. – Yeah, do it for like two or
three hours just that. – On Friday nights me and AJ
would literally be on instant messenger back in
the day, pre-mobile, and (AJ laughs),
right pre-mobile? – Yeah, yeah. I’m laughing
’cause I haven’t used instant messenger
in a long time. – Yeah. We literally
would, I would have to, we lived far away. I was in New York, he was in Hunterdon County,
New Jersey. Oh no,
– [Both] We met in Springfield. – Because you were driving now.
Anyway, nonetheless. – Three or four hours. – We’d have to get up
at 4 o’clock in the morning. 5 o’clock in the morning to go
to these flea markets and then garage sales and at midnight we’re like sending
each other a link like, “Wait a minute, marbles
are worth a lot of money.” – Buttons and jars. – Do you have any video games? – [AJ] What do you think Gar? – [Gary] What’s the best
you think you could do on it? – [Woman] $40? – Give the lady $40.
He’ll like it. Anyway, take every hour, every hour this year
to make this $21– – [AJ] I’d say, I would
say a 150 to 300 hours. – [Gary] Okay, great. And by the way, we only did
it on like 15 categories. It’s a never-ending game. – [AJ] Well because you want to
be positioned if you want to buy mugs, you got to be in a
position that when you walk in to a garage sale and they have
40 mugs and they’re asking $5 a piece you need to be able
to cherry pick two of them. – Information expert. But AJ, the thing
that’s changed huge, did AJ have to go? – [AJ] Right, you have
phone, you can look it up. – [Gary] Yeah. – [AJ] It’s gonna be $200.
– [Justin] Really? – $40 to $200 boys and girls. – [AJ] With all
the pieces, $150. – That’s how you make $150 in 10
seconds at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday. It’s easier, you
have a phone on you. You take your phone,
you take your eBay app, you can literally scan some
items if they have a UPC but if not you just
search Flintstones mug, you go to completed items,
you see how much it sold for, how often it sold. Understand the supply and demand
of the market and if the person, by the way mugs are a quarter
they’re not $5 at garage sales. They’re a quarter. Maybe a dollar and you’re like,
“I’ll give you 50 cents,” and you can make $9. It’s also a great hobby but most
of all here is the punchline. So many of you are trying to
build a business and you’re begging for money, you’re
crippled by not having money. I have a huge community now on
social networks and they’re, I don’t know how many people
wouldn’t want to have $20,170 extra in their pocket. And a lot of you
have bigger ambitions. I know a lot of you are
about to say this is small, I don’t need it. It’s taking away time I could
be working on my business. I don’t want you to take
time away from your business. I don’t want you to take away
time even away from your family. I want you to take your time
away from other dumb shit, if you’re complaining. If you don’t complain, and you don’t want
the $20,170 then do you. Play Call of Duty, watch
fucking every bowl game. But if you’re complaining and
you’re struggling and you’re hungry and you can’t breathe
’cause you want to win like me, well then do this. Because every one of you has a
foundation of between $500 and $5,000 worth of
junk in your closet, attic and garage
basement right now. Every one of you.
It’s insane. Even the poorest of us in America have
stuff laying around. A jacket you’re not
wearing any more. Sneakers that are out of style. Those sneakers go for $19. I mean, DRock, I really need you
to spread a bunch of stuff from social networks like
screens here while I’m yapping. I want people to see
I made $200 today. I made $700 today. I made $38 today. The key is doing your homework. The one thing
I want to make sure, I’ve seen a lot of you post and
be successful but you’ve sold your product for half the price
’cause you created a Buy It Now price that is half the
price of it’s worth. This image, that I sent
DRock, completed and sold items. You have to understand that. You have to understand what
things sell for and you have to understand if they sell. The reason completed matters
is you can see 58 people didn’t sell that Goofy toy and one
person sold it for $18 and that’s why you can’t price it
at $18 Buy It Now and think it’s just gonna sell ’cause the
supply and demand is off. It always comes
down to the work. This is the most practical
real advice that I’ve given that actually generates dollars. It is massively important if you
want to be successful in life to know and try and
learn how to make money. If you don’t learn that, you are
vulnerable in any business or anything that you create and
so I’m very excited about this. Young and old learning
this craft because you learn supply and demand,
you learn market conditions, you learn speed of execution,
you learn so many things. This is the foundational
execution of how AJ was built as a kid so I’m excited about you
doing it but please make sure you do the work and so many of
you, already I’m seeing it are pricing things way too early,
way too high and stuff’s not selling ’cause you miraculously
think people are gonna overpay and way too low because you’re
pumped to sell this sweater for $33 but it was worth 57. So there’s strategies of listing
at $0.99 and letting the market take over but if you’re not
good at listing the name, putting out the
title you may not, you may spell something wrong or
not put the extra thing or not even know the nuance of it. There’s millions of
people, probably not, there’s tens of thousand people searching on eBay
for your misplay. Right, so do your
homework, learn, search, learn how to
search, play within it. I can put you there but you
gotta take over and do the work to understand that marketplace
so put in those hours. Learn and don’t be crippled. Don’t be crippled that you sold this sweater for $33
when it was $57. Those learning
experiences are good too. So that’s the punchline
that’s the challenge. $20,170 in my
opinion easily made, easily made this year if you
take the 3 to 500 hours that you’re gonna throw directly in
the trash doing jack shit and applying it to becoming educated
and learning the markets. We didn’t get into buying stuff on Craigslist then
flipping on eBay. Buying stuff on eBay and then selling it on
Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace
I think is a huge arbitrage, a lot of people don’t know. They’re just
posting stuff, buy there, sell on eBay. There’s also all
these flipping apps, Let Go or something
I got to do the homework but everything always matters. The photos matter, posting it
on social matters but don’t spam people because you lose them. Selling them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace
or Etsy matters. Buying T-shirts on eBay and then
selling them as thrifty vintage stuff on Etsy may create huge
arbitrage and you don’t have to go garage sale-ing and Goodwill
hunting and so it’s amazing how many things matter. DRock and I were just talking
about the questions that are coming in.
These are Google-able. Don’t ask me. Don’t ask Reezy
Resells who’s crushing it. Google it.
It’s all there. It’s just the work. You want me to answer
you in DM form real quick. You could’ve gotten the answer
in four seconds if you actually put in the 15 minutes to click
17 different links and read and watch a couple of videos
or read an article or two. And I do believe that an
enormous amount of people in my community can make $20,170 this
year converting leisure time into flipping time. Going to Goodwill,
going to garage sales. We’re gonna go hard. We’re gonna do some garage
sales videos this summer, this spring, DRock and
that’s the challenge ahead. (upbeat music) – Hey DRock, hey Gary. John Gianni here @DevelopThem
on Instagram with my son Lex. So you wanted to know about
selling these things on eBay. I grabbed this here at a garage
sale in my neighborhood for $5 and less than 24 hours I ended up selling
it for 20 on eBay. Once I did, that my son Lex sold these two video games
for $4 apiece. – Thanks Gary. – Thanks for all you guys do.
Have a great day. – For real though, I just
dropped two G’s on some shoes. I’m mad at myself, I thought
it was gonna be three G’s. I wasn’t keeping track. About to pull up and get some
pizza on the business card, you know how it goes. When you drop a couple G’s you got to get some pepperoni
and cheese, ugh. – Gary, I’m taking your advice
and selling my collectibles from childhood to help
fund my new company. – Hey Gary, DRock. I’m on a roll with
eBay and also Craigslist. Let’s start with Craigslist. Yesterday morning
I sold two couches. I put them on Craigslist they were gone by 5 o’clock
yesterday made $400. And now the eBay
I got these Christmas inflatables. Got the ugly Christmas sweater,
got a guy coming to meet me, give me $40. I got a couple more on eBay. One’s going for $95, seriously? Thanks Gary,
in for five and more. (upbeat music)

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