April 4, 2020

13 thoughts on “How to link Google Ads to Google Analytics [Quick Tip]

  1. Hey Julian!
    Love the videos, huge fan of the work you do
    I am new to the more advanced side of analytics and I was wondering if there is a way to track the journey a customer takes till purchase on different channels.
    My problem is that I can't track back the direct and google search buyers to a source
    I'm guessing Facebook ads – but I don't want to guess

    Thank, Pedram

  2. Hey Julian, long time fan. You've been a massive help. Misc q – but do you know how, or could you make a video for "installing Facebook Attribution impressions tags into Google Ads." I'm really familiar with FB, but not so much with Google. There isn't a clean way to add Google as a Ad Platform inside of FB Attribution and was just wondering if you had figured out how to do this.

  3. Im always complaining that people are forced to study in the University, so ye there are things you should make a degree about like a Doctor, Politician etc.. So basically what im trying to say is, that you gave us info in 4 minutes that usually goes at least days if not weeks to "study" or at least 1 hour under other youtuber. Thanks a bunch

  4. HI, i have linked Google Analytics with Ads anyway when i try to look at ad words keywords it shows (not set), like in this video(4:26). How can i deal with this issue ?

  5. How can I import Interest (affinity and in-market) from G analytics into the G adwords? I tried with bulk import in g adw editor, not working. The only step is to copy paste each interests, take time a lot, in some cases i want to change the interests. Any suggestion? Thanks!

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