April 7, 2020
How to Leverage Social Media for Your Business

How to Leverage Social Media for Your Business

Do you find the use of social media for your business intimidating? If you do… don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. These VERY powerful, low cost marketing tools can definitely feel overwhelming at first.
But they don’t need not be. In this episode, you’ll learn practical steps to ease your way into mastering the key social media channels you need to promote your business cost-effectively. This is the standout
like a moose not a mouse marketing video series where you get regular time value
advertising and marketing advice that will help your business to thrive right
here in Alaska. It’s likely that if your enterprise is not on at least one major
social media platform you are leaving revenue on the table. On the surface
toying with social media can seem like a lot of work with very little ROI but in
fact small and large enterprises alike including B2B businesses that never deal
with the general public, are now utilizing platforms like Facebook,
Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter every single day with great success. Not that
long ago advertising was a lot less fragmented than it is today…
Brands of all sizes would create radio or TV commercials and broadcast them to a large swath of consumers, but consumer habits have changed. Today’s television
is the smartphone, which you may be watching this on, and with today’s mobile
based entertainment platforms, people do not need to sit through ads. So what’s
the solution?To begin with you want to make sure that you post over a wide
range of platforms in order to hit the widest demographic possible. Then make
sure your content brings value to the consumer and is not a hard sell it
should either bring some kind of no-strings-attached meaningful relevant
and useful information or it should be entertaining in some way the most
effective social media accounts are not always trying to sell you something,
overtly at least… They are leveraged in order to create long-term brand
awareness. This reinforces brand equity so that when your customer is looking
for your product, they will be imprinted to choose you versus a competitor to
make the purchase. If you put yourself in the shoes of a consumer and you are
scrolling through Facebook would you rather see an ad for the
amazing slicing and dicing micro widget or would you rather read the
manufacturers unique and humorous observation about something that
everyone is currently talking about. One is intended for a short-term gain and is
a hard sell, while the other is relevant and there’s a long-term play and will
strengthen the relationship to the brand. Here are some tips on how to dip your
toes into the fast-moving waters of social media. The smartest way to really
understand a platform and to learn how your company may leverage it effectively
is to do your research first. Download the app, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and search those who are in your industry whatever your service or
product may be, from medical dental legal cars, home, pet food, whatever… follow
several accounts that show up in the hash tags of your industry and spend
just a few minutes every day for a couple weeks at least consuming their
content. Note what they’re doing and how they’re doing it some posts will seem
stronger than others and you’ll get ideas as to what an effective post looks
like versus one that is not since you’ll be able to see how much engagement each
post gets just consume and listen to what they do and how people react to it
then post frequently. There’s a lot of noise out there that you are competing
with but there’s another important question to address… How do you generate content in order to increase your frequency of posting for some businesses this will simply be documenting and uploading for others it involves
creating long-form piller content such as a written blog a video blog or a
podcast to fully leverage this content you will want to create micro content
which is your long-form content sliced up into the strongest fragmented pieces
for example this can be a pull quote an interesting image a gif a short
high-value video clip from the pillar content which will be posted to
platforms such as Instagram LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest of
course there’s an art to doing this effectively but this gives you an idea
of how to fully leverage your content on social media you may be thinking why do
I have to create or giveaway anything or valuable information what’s in it for me
giving away free content is not only altruistic but it will position you as
the authority in your space and will help the cut through the
clutter so that you are seen and heard in a very noisy world people will not
consume your content unless it’s either entertaining or helpful once you find
what organically does well put some money behind it by making it into an ad
and directing it at your target audience creating ads that boast about how great
your product or services can be effective but the trend is actually
moving towards marketing models that focus on generosity and attention freely
given to your audience if your customers needs are at the center of your focus
rather than your product or service you will credibly establish a long-term
relationship with your market that will last for years and generate business for
example let’s say you have a customer who wants to bring back an item but it’s
a few days past the window for returns you can deny the return and risk losing
the customer for life or you can differentiate yourself by being an
empathetic human company that is more interested in the satisfaction of the
customer rather than the short-term financial gain of your own business
these gestures are always remembered speaking of customer relations this
point is very important when posting on social media you want to make sure that
you respond to comments on your posts do not ignore your audience responding to
each comment good or bad is important for building brand loyalty over time so
social media for your business can be intimidating yes even a little daunting
at first but with a little discipline knowledge and time every day you too
will leverage a powerful tool that is free to use thanks for watching I’m
Robert Hatcher of Hatcher Digital be sure to follow me on Instagram at Hatcher
Digital and subscribe on YouTube and hit that little bell icon so that you don’t
miss an episode leave any questions or comments or ideas for episodes you might have in the comments and as always remember, be a moose not a mouse

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