March 29, 2020
How to Leverage Influencer Marketing to EXPLODE Your Business

How to Leverage Influencer Marketing to EXPLODE Your Business

Do you remember Beats by Dre? Do you know why they became such a big company? It’s because of influencer marketing. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to teach you how you can leverage influencer marketing. There’s three main social networks you should
use for influencer marketing; Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Those are the main three. And if I had to just pick two, it would be
Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat’s not really doing that well compared
to Instagram and Facebook. With influencer marketing, the first thing
you need to know is if the fans aren’t relevant, it won’t do well. I used to try a lot of influencer marketing,
and my goal was just to go find all the people with millions of followers and then get them
to promote whatever I had to promote. For example, I recently got a quote from Neymar,
the soccer player, and he said if I donate $60,000 to his non-profit charity, I can work
with him. It’s not bad. But the problem is Neymar plays soccer, I
sell to a B2B audience. Do you see the disconnect there? Even if he promotes me, it’s not really going
to do much for me. So, if you’re not leveraging influencers in
a positive way in which they’re related, it’s not gonna help. Think about FitTea. FitTea does extremely well on Instagram because
they’re getting fitness type of people on their social profiles to post, “Hey, I’m getting
more fit, I’m losing weight, I have more energy by drinking FitTea.” It’s very relevant. The next thing you need to know is that you
need to continually post for six months. Think of this as branding. Beats by Dre didn’t get big all of a sudden,
it took them a long time. That’s how it works with influencer marketing;
if people talk about you, it doesn’t really do much unless they talk about you consistently
over a period of 6+ months. You should see financial results, in which
you should be generating more brand awareness and sales within a few months, but within
six months is where it really starts taking off. The next thing you need to know about influencer
marketing is you ideally shouldn’t be paying people. If you can get them to do it for free in exchange
for products and services, that’s ideal. If not, pay them but negotiate. Don’t go through agencies because agencies
markup things usually by double or triple. It’s much cheaper to go directly and negotiate
with these people. Sure, they may try to charge you an arm and
a leg, and it may not be worth it; but if you work out longer term arrangements, where
they post once a week for months at a time, the rates start going down substantially. And when you pay them and negotiate, negotiate
for them to do this with all their social networks because they can take that same picture
or same video, and post it on all with little to no effort.If you do those things, you leverage
it for 6+ months, you can make quite a bit of money, or ROI, with your social media influencer
marketing. Just give it time, it works well. I recommend that almost every single B2C company,
that they should try it out. And the B2B world, you can do the same thing,
but keep in mind it’s harder to get influencers. You need people who are authoritative if you’re
going after B2B influencer marketing.

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  1. Nice points, will definitely use them later on.

    Neil, would you take a little of your precious time and see my video and my channel: | Should I keep making these types of videos. I also tried to do add some products and affiliate links with the video, creatively. I stopped doing it because running a blog and YouTube channel can be tough. But I can still manage to post one video every week.

    Kindly tell, what do you think about my video and channel. I'll really appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Hi Master Neil. Can you make a tutorial on how to become an influencer? Can you consider youtube as a good influencer platform? Thanks master neil

  3. Hi, we beginners with not more than a hundred of bucks to invest at max… How can we afford seo tools (which cost too much) to have some great result?
    Group buying worth it? Or should we limit ourself to free trials? Are there any cheaper procedure to begin with?

  4. he said this in 2017, he is still right in 2019. But my question is, in 2019 does a brand still have a period of apx 6 months to start seeing ROI?

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