April 5, 2020
How to Leverage an Existing Case Study to Pitch a Different Niche?

How to Leverage an Existing Case Study to Pitch a Different Niche?

It’s standard business advice now. People say there are riches in the niches. Meaning, that you have to find a certain industry and sell into that one industry to achieve massive success. And I think that’s actually true. Experiment 27 is finding a lot of success just selling into mobile app development companies. So in this video I want to show you how you can use your existing agency case studies to frame yourself as a niche business and win more business. This is a similar strategy that we’re using with our clients right now to book them enterprise deals. So let’s jump into it. For a real example, I’m gonna use prolific interactive. They’re a mobile app design and development company out in New York City and we’ll use them as an example. So the first step is to identify a case study. We’ll go over to work page. Two things to look for in the case studies that you pick when you’re doing this project. One you want to find something that you were amazing at. So if it’s a mobile app development you want to find one that actually looks decent. Some mobile app agencies, you have to take whatever worked. Especially, if you only do the backend and you’re relying on someone else for design you probably have a ton of projects that don’t have very good design. So you want to make sure that the design of the app is actually good that you’re picking. And then number two is a project that generated a ton of profit for you. Meaning the industry and the type of client are a good match for what you’re selling. There are a lot of good starts here. Sephora’s clothing brand. Scott’s lawn care. HSN, home shopping network. Alex and Ani. OPEN forum, more finance. And the way that I would go about picking these is… The second one, basically finding an industry that’s going to buy. It’s going to be huge here and it seems like they have a lot of clothing brands. So actually, I think we should go with clothing and fashion brands here. So how do we get them more clothing brands? First, we’ll identify a specific case study. I would pick Sephora, but there’s no link here so we’ll find one that has a link. Here’s David’s Bridal. They built the David’s Bridal app. But again, point one you want to find one that actually has amazing work. Three stars isn’t too good. So this is better. Lululemon, 292 ratings, 4 stars. This is a solid one to go with. So now that we’ve identified a case study. Step number two is to clone this client. We want to find a list of this type of company and wherever they exist online. So lululemon let’s do a quick Google search and find out what lululemon is. Yoga clothes plus running gear. So they are a clothing company. So basically just search clothing companies US. Top clothing companies United States. And here are the 10 biggest ones. And if you google around a little more you’ll find more and more lists. So here’s fashionUnited top 100 companies. So here’s this list of a hundred fashion companies and we’ve got a few of them based on market cap, Inditex, LVMH, Nike, TJX so this is our lead list. And you can use any of the videos on how to find contact information. I’ll link one down in the description below so you can build this lead list. And then step three is to pitch. So let’s talk about how to structure a pitch for a specific niche. The rhyme! And then how to craft that cold email. So let’s jump into the inbox. Okay, so here’s the cold email script that we’re going to start with. Let’s target Dior first because they were deep down the list. And the subject line is something simple like from a fan of Dior or about Dior and prolific. Something like that. [Reading the script] Notice that this is customized for luxury clothing companies and the reason why this is, is you want to make it niche enough that it seems like your writing directly to the person you’re sending it to, but also generic enough that you can send it to all of hundreds of these fashionUnited companies and not have them feel like you’re spamming them. And then the next part of the email. [Reading the script] And we’ll write those ideas in a second. How would you feel about discussing further let me know I can send over a few times for a call. Thanks! Basic, generic structure you can use that to pitch your Fortune 500 leads. And now in terms of the ideas. The reason why we’re going only to luxury fashion is we can take those case studies from earlier and we can make them pitches in this cold email. So here we go. The first one is this lululemon app. Browse and shop for Lululemon gear from anywhere. You’re ready for all your sweaty pursuit with technical athletic clothing and accessories. Two ideas off the bat are improving your ecommerce app similar to what we did for lululemon (4 stars in the app store). And then you can even link to the actual app itself. You might also get value out of and then we’ll pick another case to link to. Prolific, with what they did for this company threadless is they helped them organize their artist community. So that could be something that we’re pitching to these fashion company. So you might also get value out of an app that organizes your community similar to what we did for threadless. And obviously these ideas will tweak. It’s always good to get in touch with somebody from one of these companies and ask them what they want. Normally, the best place to start is the person that you’re actually selling to in the case study. For instance, if I was working with, if we were working with prolific we want to talk to somebody at lululemon to figure out why they bought. That way we can tweak the type of ideas we’re pitching and we can tweak the actual examples to make them resonate more. This is basically what that cold email would look like though to these companies. If you don’t have case studies or you have questions on how to get that initial case study there is a video coming out in about seven days that’s going to go over what to do and how to get those first case studies. So look forward to that. If you have any questions on what you just saw feel free to leave some comments down below. Like this video to encourage this type of video on youtube. Subscribe to this channel for more B2B and agency sales training and if you need support for your digital agency, marketing support, check out experiment27.com !! Thanks.

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