April 10, 2020

How to Launch Your First Amazon FBA Product: 6 Hacks to a Home-Run Success (w/ Daniel Audunsson)

Hey guys, it’s me, Sarah here, the video editor
of Wholesale Ted. And in this video, I’m gonna give you six
super important tips for launching your first Amazon FBA product and making it a huge success
right out of the gate. Now I decided to create this video because
if we’re gonna be honest, there is a lot of information out there about how to pick your
first Amazon FBA product. But there is a surprising lack of information
out there about how to launch your first product and make it a success. And when I say “launch,” I mean making your
initial first sales and rising to the top of the Amazon search results because that
is where 90% of the sales are made. Now there are two ways to gain the Amazon
search algorithm. And if you know these two hacks, then you
can do what the pros do, and you can brute-force your way into making your product a success,
even if it is your first product ever. Now the first secret is that you need sales
velocity. Sales velocity refers to how many sales your
product is making a day. And your goal is simple. You want to either equal or, ideally, beat
the same number of sales per day as your competitor. So if your top competitor is making, say,
10 sales a day, then what you want to do when you launch your product is you want to be
making 10 sales a day for about 2 weeks. So if you make 10 or more sales per day for
about 2 weeks, then the Amazon algorithm looks at your product, and it says, “Wow! This product is outselling all of its other
competitors. I guess then that we should promote this product
above others.” The second secret is that you need high conversions. What I mean with this is you need a high percentage
of people who come to your listing to then go through and actually purchase it. So if you had 100 people come to your listing
and then 50 people were to buy it, that means then that you would have a conversion rate
of 50%, which would be amazing. You want your conversion rate to be as high
or, ideally, higher than your top competitor’s. So if you get higher sales velocity plus high
conversions than your competitor for about two weeks, then you’re gonna rise to the top
of the Amazon search results and get free sales from organic traffic. And your product will be a huge success. Now you definitely spend some money during
this process. But it’s well worth it because once you’re
at the top of the Amazon search results, you start making free sales, and you will make
the money back that you spent during this process. So the question is how do you actually do
this? Well, if you follow the six steps that I’m
gonna give you in this video, then you should have a homerun success of a product launch. Now I’ve got a special guest to help me on
this video today, Daniel. Daniel and his business partner Ryan have
launched over 200 products on Amazon and make millions of dollars every year from their
products. Obviously, Daniel is a little bit of an expert
at launching products. So it’s great to have him on this video with
me today. All right, let’s jump straight into it. Tip number one, product giveaways are the
fastest way to build up sales velocity and increase your conversion rate. Product giveaways are one of the most powerful
methods available and almost guaranteeing that you’re gonna have a successful launch
out of the gate. Now you can’t actually give products away
for free on Amazon, but what you can do is get a coupon code and discount your product
down so that it costs just 99 cents. So it’s not free, but it’s basically free. So, of course, the way a product giveaway
works is simple. You create your discount coupon code. Usually, you discount your product to just
99 cents. Secondly, you sign up to a membership program
that has a huge amount of members that are very interested in purchasing products using
these discounted Amazon coupon codes. Some examples of these are Jump Send and Zonblast. These services will distribute your coupon
code to its members. And, of course, those members will go and
buy your product. Not only does this give you a huge surge in
sales, but because of the fact that those members are eager to buy these items and they
have a heavily discounted coupon, it means then that they’re gonna have a super high
conversion rate on the page. You can be looking to get a conversion rate
as high as about 50% from people that arrive at your page this way. Product giveaways are the brute force way
to push your product to the top of the Amazon search results. But of course, like with all things, there
is a downside. And of course, in this case, the downside
is that they can be a bit expensive considering that you’re basically giving your product
away for free. Now keep in mind there are less expensive
ways to get sales, such as paid advertising. So you don’t need to use this method to get
all of your sales during the launch. But, again, don’t get too discouraged by the
cost of this method because once you get to the top of the Amazon organic search results,
you’ll start making free sales, and you make your investment back very fast. All right, that’s my tip. Let’s switch over to Daniel, and he’s gonna
give you another tip for increasing your sales and conversion rate. Daniel: Tip number two is pricing. Pricing is the most underutilized and underestimated
strategy of them all. And in my opinion, pricing is probably the
most important strategy when it comes to promoting your products and getting those sales on Amazon. And the reason is simple. Pricing dramatically impacts two of the most
important factors when it comes to ranking your products better and getting more sales
on Amazon. And those are conversion rate and sales velocity. So with pricing, you’re able to actually click
a button within Seller Central to drop the price. And that can literally have a massive impact. So with pricing, it’s really important to
understand how powerful it is, especially for products that are already getting some
traction, some sales, some momentum. Just dropping the price can be enough to promote
the product for a week or two, and it can be enough to give you that extra boost to
get more visibility and more sales. Sarah: Tip number three, use super URLs to
push your listing to the top of the Amazon search results. So let me give you an example of what a super
URL is, why they’re so important, but also why they can be a bit controversial. So let’s take this item, a barbecue spatula. This is an item that has been private-labeled
specifically for Amazon under the brand GrillHogs. Obviously, with this item, they are hoping
to be number one in the search results for the keyword phrase “barbecue spatula.” Well, the best way to raise up their ranking
for the keyword “barbecue spatula” is to have people type it into the Amazon search bar,
scroll down the results, click on their listing, and then purchase it. If you have more clicks, sales, and have a
high conversion rate from people going through the Amazon search results for your keyword,
clicking on your listing, and then purchasing it compared to your competitors, then you
will rise to the top of the search results for that keyword. But of course, as I’m sure you can imagine,
if you’re running a giveaway and then you ask people to go search for your keyword,
find your listing, and then purchase it, well, a lot of people aren’t gonna bother. So the workaround for this is to use a Super
URL. This here is the original product URL for
the GrillHogs barbecue spatula. And here is what the product URL for the GrillHogs
barbecue spatula looks like if you go through the Amazon search results and click on it
after searching for the keyword “barbecue spatula.” As you can see, the URL changes depending
upon how people found your Amazon product listing. And this is the tracking information that
Amazon uses to see how people found your listing and then purchased it. So of course this sneaky method is where,
instead of sending people to the original product URL, you send them to the product
URL that is generated if they had gone through the search results for your keyword and then
selected your product. So if GrillHogs wanted to rank for the keyword
“barbecue spatula,” they wanna send people to this URL and get those same people to this
URL so it looks to Amazon as though they bought it after searching for the product. So of course what you do during a product
giveaway is you send some people to the super URL for your product. But there is something very important to note. You don’t want to abuse this method. This method isn’t strictly against the rules. But it is gaming the Amazon algorithm. And if you abuse it too much, then you risk
your product getting removed or, even worse, your Amazon account getting banned. Experts like Ryan and Daniel have tested it
and have found that 20% is the safe number. So during a product giveaway, you might send
20% of the people to your super URL and the rest to your normal product URL. So back to the original example at the start
of this video, let’s say that your goal is to match your competitor, and they are making
10 sales a day. So what you wanna do is you wanna be making
10 sales a day for 2 weeks. So over the course of your promotion, you
would be making about 140 sales. So a safe number would be to push about 28
sales through using this method since 28 is 20% of 140. And as I said, this method is a little bit
controversial for this reason. Do it at your own risk. But experts have tested it, and they found
that if you do not abuse it, you should be fine. And of course, it’s even better if people
actually go and search for the product and then purchase it. So when you’re getting your family and friends
to purchase the product, ask them to do this. Because of the fact that they actually care
for your success, they should actually go through the process of doing it. All right, let’s move back to Ryan, and he’s
gonna give you his next tip for increasing your sales velocity and your conversions. Ryan: Tip number four is Amazon ads or otherwise
known as sponsored ads. So now you’re able to simply pay for advertising
on Amazon. So you pay to be seen for a human search,
instead of just ranking there organically. This allows you to get that visibility from
day one with the new product that isn’t ranked already, but in turn, then you do get sales
even through the ads for the searches you wanna be ranked for. It actually increases the odds of you being
ranked there organically. So it’s one of the initial ways to get some
traction, to get some momentum and start getting some sales coming through the searches you
wanna rank for. The more sales you get through a human search,
the higher you’re gonna be ranked for that search. In the long run, it’s also an important strategy
because Amazon ads can be very profitable. It’s an essential part of promoting products
on Amazon. We always run Amazon ads. If they are either being profitable or breaking
even, you want to run them all the time because, even breakeven ads, they help you get more
visibility and thus more organic sales. So Amazon ads is tip number four. Sarah: Tip number five, have a high-converting
product listing design and get reviews. So let’s say you have your product launch
and you run your giveaway and you use these methods to increase your sales velocity and
conversion rate to equal or match your competitor and then you rise to the top of the Amazon
search results. Well, the Amazon algorithm has put you there
because it thinks that you’re gonna make the most sales compared to your competitors. And of course, this benefits Amazon. You see, the more sales a merchant makes,
the more that Amazon makes back in fees. So of course, it’s in their interest to put
the highest-selling merchant at the top of the search results. So here is what you don’t want to happen. You don’t want to, at the end of your promotion,
return your product to its normal price and have people come to your listing, decide they
don’t like it, and then buy from the competitor who’s sitting below you. That would be a disaster, because then Amazon’s
algorithm would move your competitor back up above you because now they are making the
most sales. So what you want to do is create a high-converting
product listing. Here’s an example of high-converting product
listing. This is a product created by the Jungle Scout
team, Jungle Stix. As you can see, they have lots of high-quality
photos. Amazon has found that having the highest number
of photos in high quality so that users can zoom in on them is the number one conversion
fact to foreign listing. They also have a keyword-rich product title. And they have multiple bullet points with
excellent copy that makes the Jungle Stix sound exciting to buy. Scrolling down, you can also see that they
have an excellent product description with more photos included in it. This is a great product listing to use as
a basis when designing and writing your own high-converting product listing. You also wanna take advantage of all the sales
that you’re getting during your promotional period to get as many reviews as you can. Now your potential customers don’t need to
see anywhere near as many reviews as your top competitors. But they do need to see some because having
some really good, positive reviews shows that they can trust your product. The key to do this is to follow up with the
customers who purchased your product and ask them to leave a review. You cannot ask people to do this before you
give them your product discount code. In the past, you could, but it is now against
Amazon’s terms of services, and it’s considered soliciting reviews. But you can email people who purchased your
product and ask them to leave an honest review. And emailing them and asking them to leave
the review is crucial. Jump Send have found that if you don’t email,
then less than 5% of buyers will leave a review. But if you follow up with emails, then you
can bump your success rate up to 10%, 15%. And of course, when you’re getting your friends
and family to come and purchase your product during the product launch phase, you should
be asking them directly to leave you a review since hopefully they will as they actually
care about your success. All right, let’s switch back to Daniel so
he can give you his final tip for increasing your sales velocity and conversions. Daniel: Tip number six is Amazon Marketing
Services or AMS. Within Seller Central, you have access to
sponsored ads or Amazon ads. But with Amazon Marketing Services, you can
actually place advertisements on other places inside of Amazon, not only in the search result
pages, but also on the competitor’s product pages, for example, and inside of categories
and things like that, other places where people are browsing on Amazon. You can actually now buy an ad placement there
and have your product being advertised in different locations on Amazon. So doing this really help you get more sales
to your product. In a lot of cases, these ads are very profitable
because they’re not being utilized by most sellers. If you got access to this, then you can place
a lot more advertising on Amazon than 99% of your competition. So that’s tip number six. Sarah: So those are our tips for launching
your first Amazon FBA product and making a homerun success right out of the launch gate. If you liked this video, I’d appreciate if
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