March 29, 2020
How to know what to focus on to grow your brand – J.R. Fisher

How to know what to focus on to grow your brand – J.R. Fisher

fhow to know what to focus on to build
your brand have you been trying to build your brand but like there’s so many
different areas you can go and you don’t know which area is gonna work for you
the best well you’re gonna want to watch this video because in this video I’m
gonna show you exactly what you need to do to build your brand get more business
get people liking you and we’re gonna start right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher welcome to my
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right good good for you guess what we’re gonna get started right now I’ve
been selling online since 2009 I’m so millions of dollars in both digital and
physical products hey my products are on thousands of websites including Walmart
and what I do on this channel is I take all those years of experience and I put
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now have you been trying to build your brand and if you have what have you done
put in the comments below if you’ve done some things that work or the things that
you thought wasted time whatever put in the comments below because it’ll help
other people out do you have questions about building your brand do you not
know how to do certain things put it in the comments below I would love to see
it and I’ll be happy to answer any comments that you put down there okay
let’s jump right in and let’s start building your brand you know I see lots
of people trying to build their brand but they get overwhelmed there’s so many
things out there to do there’s so much stuff that you really don’t know what to
do to get the results you want so I want to kind of clarify it and I’m gonna give
you some steps for that okay so the first thing I will tell you is know who
your avatar is you got to sit down and figure that out whatever product you’re
selling them what’s an avatar an avatar is just a design of a particular person
that you’re selling to so let’s say you’re selling to housewives and you’re
selling fitness and you want to target health wise and you want to target
fitness I mean you’ve got to drill down more than that you’ve got to drill down
to you know they’re between the ages of 30 and 50 years old and they’re
interested in losing 20 pounds or they’re interested in running a marathon
or whatever it is you want to figure it out do they have kids you know what is
their income you know what type of movies do they go to there’s all kinds
of things that you want to kind of drill down and figure out who that person is
because if you could figure that out if you can figure that out you can target
them and if you can target them and you put your ads just in front of those
people you’re gonna get a whole lot better result so you put your social
media in front of those people you’re gonna get a whole lot better results
than if you’re just winging it and showing it to everybody
number two is develop your specific brand voice and what do I mean by that I
don’t mean your voice that’s coming out of your
you know what I mean is how do you talk to people you know what are you saying
you know we own a survival food company and our whole thing is helping families
prepare and that’s what we want to do we want to help families prepare and
preparing could be for you know a hurricane it could be for an earthquake
it could be for a power outage you could be whatever our whole thing is we just
want to help you prepare there are other food companies out there to sell
survival food and their narrative or their voice maybe you know we want to
scare you they’re gonna take away your guns they’re gonna take away your food
you need to hide your stuff you need to worry the government just passed this
law you know that’s their way of marketing it’s that fear type thing so
we don’t do the fear thing we just want to help people out we want to you know
make sure their families are prepared that they have food to eat that it’s a
good quality high quality food you know those other companies are probably
selling that low quality food that doesn’t even taste good we sell food you
know that our survival food company and we say this is food that you’re gonna
want to eat not food that you have to eat so we use all those little type
different narratives to set our company apart from everybody else who’s just
trying to scare people and selling products number three is you want to
build a consistent media presence now what do I mean by that you know if you
go into your page on Facebook and you post 50 things today and then you don’t
post again for two weeks and then you post two things and then you wait a
month and then you post one thing and then you go back and you post ten things
that’s not consistency okay you can’t do that and I know I was guilty of this
with my YouTube channel I’m not anymore but I was guilty of this a number of
years ago I would you know put out three or four videos and then not do anything
for a month or two and then put out two and not do anything and that lack of
consistency really hurt us as far as building the channel now we’re really
consistent and I put a lot of hours into this and I have to write a lot of
scripts that I have to come up with a lot of idea
but the thing is we’re building now now we’re seeing people want to subscribe to
the channel which if you haven’t done it do that right now you can click that
button it won’t stop the video you could just click that button but what we’re
seeing now is people are more interested they’re more engaged they get more out
of it so whatever you choose to do be consistent do it on a regular basis
number four start a blog or start a channel and keep it updated
now we don’t blog as much as we used to but we do the YouTube channel so you can
pick one or the other you can pick both of them if you want but if you do a blog
and I’ve seen people do this well they’ll put 200 articles in there and
then not write again for two years it’s not gonna do well it won’t be favorable
to Google it won’t be found people won’t want to come back to it because they
know there’s nothing new there you’d be better to try to do two blogs a week
than to go in there and put 50 blogs in there or not post for weeks or months
that’s the bad thing to do we do the same thing on our YouTube channel that
will we consistently upload videos on a daily basis so that people can get this
information and it’s useful information and they actually get results out of it
number five devote yourself to customer service you know I got to say it it
wasn’t always like this it wasn’t always like this then you had to really cater
to your customers but you do nowadays and if you’re gonna be in business
nowadays you have to appreciate every single customer I don’t care if they
spend a zero with you and they just want free content or they spend thousands of
dollars with you you’ve got to treat them all really really well and you know
I find this a lot when I go into restaurants that some of the customer
service is not up to par it’s just not good and if it’s not good I’m not coming
back you know even if it’s pretty good food
if I get treated poorly in a restaurant I go back and I don’t think I had those
standards many years ago I was like I got a bad waitress but now we almost
blame the company so nowadays when you have a company you’ve got to kind of
suck it up right you’ve got to suck it up and you’ve got to expect that you’re
going to get rude and bad people and irritating people now the fortunate
thing is having a list you know and selling online you can get people off
your list you can take them off your list but I understand that if you upset
somebody online they can give you a bad review they can write bad things about
you many times we’ve gotten difficult people and I wanted to say something
back you know about the way they were acting and I thought well now it’s not
going to do me any good I don’t want any negative comments so I don’t do it you
don’t want to get into that little battle anyhow because the thing is you
want to put out more positive anyhow you don’t want to put out negative number
six partner with other knowledgeable commerce professionals what do I mean by
that find out who the leaders are in your industry and make relationships
with those people you know get things going with those people I want you to
think back and you don’t think this makes a difference think back to when
you were in high school remember being in high school wasn’t that fun who had
fun in high school but they had cliques right and if you got into the right
group in high school you know that the world opened up to you you know you were
invited to the parties and you got the boyfriends and girlfriends and you got
everything if you were in the right clique now the cool thing about being on
– you can pick the click you can pick who you associate with
you can pick who you don’t associate with you know we’ve had to make those
decisions in the past – who do we want to do business with that is in our same
niche and who do we not want to do business with but online if you do that
you can up your authority and you can up your image by associating yourself with
the right people okay doing all these things that building your brand is not
gonna happen in a week sorry it’s not an overnight thing this stuff takes time
I’ve been doing this since 2009 I can tell you in 2009 I had zero people in my
list I had no followers I didn’t have YouTube channels I didn’t have Facebook
pages I didn’t have groups and all these things took time and you know a lot of
people say well I don’t want to spend all the time it’s gonna take me a year
it can take me two years to take me three years you know you can make money
pretty fast online by running ads but building your reputation is gonna take
time and the fact is yes it may be take you a year two years three years
whatever it’s going to take but those years they’re gonna pass anyhow so why
not invest them into something that’s gonna bring you money on down the road
that’s gonna bring you something of value down the road and more importantly
bring value to other people on down the road hey if you like this video give me
a thumbs up I’d really appreciate it put a comment below what have you done to
increase your brand what have you done to increase your image what have you
done that works or what didn’t work what do you have questions about but those
are the comments below – I would love to hear your questions now don’t forget to
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  1. What have you done to increase your brand what have you done to increase your image? Please put our comments below. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.

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