March 28, 2020
How to Join the BEST Blockchain Community – NEW Pillar Project Forum!

How to Join the BEST Blockchain Community – NEW Pillar Project Forum!

Psst, hey. You there. I know what you want. You want to learn how to be a part of the
best blockchain-centered community there is, of course. So stick around, and I might just tell you
how… Don’t look anywhere. Else. Okay? Okay. But if you’re new around here… Click that shiny ‘subscribe’ button, will
ya? NOW. We’ve made a change and are no longer using
Mattermost as our go-to community discussion communication platform-thing. Instead, it makes MUCH more sense to integrate
things with – you guessed it! The Pillar Wallet. So if you’re a Pillar Wallet person, meaning
that you have it comfortably nested on your mobile device of choice, be it iOS or Android
– sorry windows phone people. Are those still a thing? What about Blackberries? iOS and Android! If you got that, you have your awesomely unique
username. I’m talking to you, PabloEthcobar. But that, dear friend, is the same username
you’ll be showing off in our brand new, Pillar-Wallet-integrated, forum. You heard me. Now, you’ll be able to chat with other members
of the Pillar community, quench your thirst for crypto-knowledge, and voice your love
– and requests – to the Pillar Team. Oh, what’s that? You want to know how to get there? Well, HODL on to your hats and come with me. First thing you gotta do is, on your mobile’s
web browser, go to After the page loads, tap on “Log in”. Then, go ahead and choose “log in with Pillar
Wallet”. Your Pillar Wallet will then open up. After you authenticate, you just need to tap
confirm. And done. Alternatively, you can open the forum page
on your desktop. Click on log in, then log in with the Pillar
Wallet. After that, simply scan the QR code using
your camera app. And if you think about it, this looks suspiciously
like the beginning of the Personal Data locker, doesn’t it? Do you see it now? DO YOU? How easy we’re trying to make you life? We’re all about life improvement, here. And data privacy. And chocolate. David’s into chocolate, did you know that? He did courses and everything. You can ask him about it on our brand new forum. See what I did there? I hope you enjoyed this fun-sized video, and
hope to see you very soon in our forum. Still talking to you, PabloEthcobar. Until next time! Cheers!

8 thoughts on “How to Join the BEST Blockchain Community – NEW Pillar Project Forum!

  1. Pablo is a great “face “ of Pillar Wallet. Way to go !!! Keep up the great work you guys ! By the way thanks for the latest Pillar update 😀 I’m starting to really look forward to your videos.

  2. cool update, great to see more developments and intergrations, just don't take too long to add more cryptos to the wallet and the exchange feature

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