April 10, 2020
how to integrate ccavenue payment gateway step by step tutorial

how to integrate ccavenue payment gateway step by step tutorial

Good morning friends , today i will show you
how to integrate , indias best payment gateway known as ccavenue . it is the best one because
, it is the oldest one , a part from that it has most of the bank , maximum payments
available than other its competitors , and the best part is that – it now allow a free
set up plan which is named as zero setup fee plan , which is absolutely free while any
other its competitors are not providing free setup plan as of now , that’s why it is most
demand able lot of people can try with new eCommerce taste on their website .so in this
tutorial i am going to show the detailed process how to integrate the ccavenue payment gateway
. i am going to use the e commerce plateform known as magento commerce , because magento
is also one of the most popular eCommerce software , lets see how to do this , go to
google , since i am going to integrate on magento commerce so , i would search for the
extensions of ccavenue for magento , so its better to get one from magento connect , hence
type in google – magento connect , click here , its a place where you can find lot of things
regarding magento by the developers of magento ,regarding various utilities , but we are
looking for payment gateways so click on payment & gateways .search you
payment gateway name here , type ccavenue
and do a search , you got , this is the ccavenue payment gateway which is free , the best benefit
of using ,magento is that its most of the extentions are free , while if you look for
the same ccavenue module or extention for other ecommerce software’s like oscommerce
, perestashop , open cart the developer will charge you some cost , but here in magento
you find most of the things free .so now how to install in your magento site first click
here install now , click here i agree , get extiontion , select key ok now copy , you
will be prompted to login here , since i had all ready login thats why it is not asking
me to login , so create an account here once we copy this link and go to magento back end
, go to magento connect , magento connect manager , once you enter here you will be
prompted to login , just login .now we have to paste here
this extension key , copy from here and paste this extension key to this place and click
on install it will ask for a confirmation you will see this screen , it will say successfully
installed do a refresh and return to the admin dashboard . now go to
configuration then go to payment
methods , select your country , look up for
ccavenue gateway , just feed all the mandatory details put your merchant is and working key here
, which you had got from ccavenue . this working key you will get after the verification of
documents and all mandatory formalities , once you get though all , they will provide you
a merchant id and working key .they will also go through your website , if every thing is
ok you are done . just save the configuration . thanks for watching , all the best

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