March 30, 2020
how to install magento step by step tutorial for beginners

how to install magento step by step tutorial for beginners

Hi , Good morning friends , in this video
tutorial – i am going to show you that how to install magento commerce & its sample data
on your hosting account . because magento commerce is one of the best eCommerce software
available in the market as of now which includes lot of features than other its competitors
, but people are finding it a bit difficult to install and configure that’s why i am doing
this video . so first of all there are two ways to install magento . The easiest one
is , if your hosting provider is providing you one click installation of magento from
their control panel thene that is the more easiest option , but if there are lot many
hosting providers who doesn’t provide one click installation facility in their control
panel , then you need to go to download the magento engine from its website and the sample
data . so i would show both the process one by one but first of all lets start with the
easiest one by 1 click installation .but even if your hosting provide 1 click installation
yu still need sample data , fr which visit magent commerce website , go to download and
in community edition , download the full release version zip and after that download the sample
data because it contains pre created cart , products . themes zip file
of magento
sample data .i had already downloaded it and kept in this folder . this is magento & sample
data . so since first of all i am going to my hosting provider website , i am using panel
, and panel hosting provides one click installation of magento commerce . so in order to install
it , just go to software services and then go to quick install and you will find here
magento commerce , click on that do the continue , after that if you want to it in root folder
, just leave it blank , but i am going to install it on sub domain , so i am writing
here my other folder name – demo , ok now write your email address , user name which
will be latter used to login , first name last name , time zone , country , currency
, mine is india , and install now . make sure that you should have at least 150 mb free
hosting space with your hosting account . ok now its installed but it is without sample
data . lets view the front end . yeah magento engine is installed but you find here a blank
space because you have not uploaded the sample data and media folder . so lets
login to backent by adding / admin in url and enter user name as – admin & your password
shown there . click on login . yeah , this magento backend , you can change your password
by going here .and do the save . now my password has been changed . now lets install the sample
data , this is the sample data zip which we had downloaded from magento commerce website
. so it consist of two things . lets find both by extracting the sample data zip file
. we find that there are two parts media folder & sql data file . hence first of all we need
to upload this database in order to full fill the requirement of online catalog , hence
go to control pannel , go to my sql database , go to php my admin .this is preinstalled
magento database click there , you find lot of tables , you need to drop all the tables
, select and drop we have to check all and select drop , will ask the confirmation do
the yes . after that again select because it consist of lot of pages , its not possible
to drop all the tables at the same time , still it has lot of tables again select all & drop , repeat till all tables get deleted
. yeah now i had dropped all the tables . now it is empty . now click on import button browse
and select the sql file downloaded from magento website , select and click on go .wait .. yeah
, imported successfully , ok thats all we have do here . now if we will visit the front
end you will surprise that every thing is done & ready . oh my god its done .but you
may have a question that i have not uploaded this media folder inspite its working how
? the answer is cpanel hosting had all ready uploaded media folder . , if you are using
any other hosting which support 1 click installation , but if not getting carts and images then
you need to upload this media folder to you hosting space at this place , see replace
this media folder by new on by uploading , you can do it by file zial or direct if your hosting
allows . but now i will show you the steps involved in installing magento if your hosting
provider don’t allow one click magento installation , even godaddy
hosting doesn’t allow one click installation of magento . you need to
manually upload the
magento engine & sample data to your hosting
space , upload this by file zilla , extract the files to desired
folder , lets see in the next video tutorial

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