April 2, 2020
How to install Google Tag Manager on Wix (feat. Mike Sale)

How to install Google Tag Manager on Wix (feat. Mike Sale)

In this video, Mike is going to show you how you can
install Google Tag Manager on a Wix website. All and more coming up. Hello there. Welcome back to another video of measureschool.com
teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian. But today we have Mike Sale from michaelsale.com
on this channel to show us how we can install Google Tag Manager on to a Wix website. Now spoiler alert, you will need to have an
upgraded account in order to do this. But if you’re serious about building your
website on the Wix system then you’ve probably done this already. Now, Mike is actually gonna show us in multiple
videos how you can then take the next steps of installing Google Analytics, Facebook Ads,
or the tracking for Google Ads on to this account. So definitely subscribe to this channel down
below because there are new videos coming out every week. Now we got lots to cover. So Mike, take it away. Hello, Julian, thank you very much. Hi, everyone. This is Mike from Michaelsale.com. And we’re going to show you today how to install
Google Tag Manager on your Wix website. So to do that, we need to validate two key
prerequisites from your Wix.com account perspective. So you need to go into your site dashboard,
and validate that you have a plan here a premium plan, or basically a plan that does not say
free, if it says free. Under this location, you’re going to need
to upgrade your plan. It can be the smallest lowest that you could
possibly have. But it just needs to be not free. The other one is that you need to have your
domain connected. Your domain is your website address like for
example, Michaelsale.com, or in this case, Michael.sale, it will handle anything in terms
of domains, like for example, that .com .net, .gov, .org, all those will work just fine. Once those two prerequisites within Wix are
met, you need to go to tagmanager.Google.com. In TagManager.Google.com will require that
you actually have a Google account, that Google account will be used to login and create a
business account or a company account within Google Tag Manager. So to do that, we’re going to go ahead and
click Create Account. And this is where I’m going to put in my company
name. And then I’m going to go ahead and create
a container, that container is your site. In this case, it’s going to be Michael.sale,
right? And what kind of container will you need for
your Wix website? Well, guess what? It’s a web container, no big shocks there. Let’s go ahead and make sure that we select
web container. And that will now allow us to create both
our account that’s our company, as well as our container which is our website. We now have to go ahead and select the terms
of service agreement. And now Google tells us that we need to install
Google Tag Manager by copying and pasting in some code into our website. Wix has a special integration just for Wix
that allows you to only take the container ID and copy that. You can also find that tag that container
ID right here. And we’re going to go back over to Wix. Now that we’ve got both our tag manager container
setup and our Wix connected domain, and premium plan, we can go over to where it says marketing
tools. Under marketing tools down at the bottom,
you will see marketing integrations. Under marketing integrations, you’ll see Google
Analytics Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager allows us to manage all
of these other tags and more beyond what may be set up for marketing integrations within
your Wix website. So we’re going to use Google Tag Manager to
do that. So we’re going to connect Google Tag Manager,
as you see up in the upper right. Click that and it will ask you for your tag
manager ID basically your container ID. We’re going to paste that in and hit save. Now, our Wix website is connected to that particular
container. What that means is that that snippet of code
Wix is actually taken that snippet of code and put it into place for us on our Wix website. Now, we need to validate and understand if
we actually have that Tag Manager properly installed on our website. So right now this is this is the plain Jane
website that I’ve set up just for this demonstration. And we’re going to go into a special mode
that allows us to see what it would be like if we were to publish
this particular setup or this initialization on our website. So to do so we’re going to go ahead and go
into preview mode. Preview mode is exclusive to this particular
web browser. So now what we’re going to need to do now
we’re in preview mode, we’re going to go back over to our website, and we’re going to do
a hard reset. So we’re going to go ahead and reload the
page. And what will pop up at the bottom here is
the Tag Manager preview window. This allows us to look not just at whether
or not we’ve installed Google Tag Manager. But have we set up the tags within Google
Tag Manager correctly and are they firing where we expect to fire them at what events
we have all that good information. So understanding this will show you that there
are no tags. But we can go ahead and set that up right
now in Google Tag Manager. The other way we can validate and verify this
is using something called the tag assistant. This is a Google Chrome assistant, Google
Chrome extension. And Google Tag assistant will actually tell
you Yep, when I look at this, and this is only in the preview mode, I can actually see
that this is up and running, that Tag Manager is there. And it does not currently have any tags but
the Tag Manager is installed. And you can see that this is the code snippet. And we can now go back and turn off preview mode or leave preview
mode. When we do that, what you’ll find is if you
go back over to our website, and we reloaded again, you’ll see that the Google Tag assistant first
of all the window down below that tells us about what things would be like if we were
to publish this container is gone. And number two, you’ll see that Google Tag
Manager is there. But it is it’s it’s not quite correctly set
up something’s wrong. So we need to go over to Google Tag Manager. And we need to publish or submit our container. So now that we’ve seen it in preview mode,
everything is working as we expect, we’re going to go to submit this particular container. And in this case, we’re just going to initialize
the install of Google Tag Manager. You can put anything you want here in the
description of what it is. And when we hit Publish. Now, we’ll see that we have this version that
has been published. Tells you when, there are no tags installed
yet. We can install tags for Google Analytics. You can see those tags right here. Google Analytics, Google Ads, remarketing. There’s also not just google tags, but for
example, the Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn, and a variety of
different tags that have nothing to do with Google whatsoever. We’re not going to do that yet. We’ll do that in a subsequent video, we just
want to verify that the live version of Google Tag Manager is now running on our Wix website. So we’re going to come back over to our website,
do another hard refresh. And now what you could see is the Google Chrome
tag assistant is showing us that we do have the Google Tag
Manager is now in a green state and is working properly. Next, we will need to go ahead and add new
tags, for example, Google Analytics. And Julian, I know that you have plenty of
videos and tutorials that will help people understand how to do that. So at this point, I’m going to go ahead and
hand it back off to you. Thanks, everyone, Mike from MichaelSale.com
signing off. Bye. All right, so there you have it. This is how you can install Google Tag Manager
on a Wix website. Thank you, Mike for explaining this to us. And if you want to follow along with the next
videos that are going to come out in the series, then definitely subscribe to our channel right
over there. Now, my name is Julian. See you in the next one.

5 thoughts on “How to install Google Tag Manager on Wix (feat. Mike Sale)

  1. Thank you Mike, this is going to be really useful. Wix itself doesn't enable event tracking and I wasn't aware it enabled Tag Manager to be connected. I'm trying this right away.

  2. Timely video. Hopefully this will help reduce the keyboard head banging some of us are doing right now as we try to help clients make sense of this monstrosity called Wix.

  3. Awesome video Julian and Mike! Thanks for all the great content. In my case, I have been unable tu succesfully track conversions on my Wix website so they are visible on Google Ads conversion tab. Is there any advice you guys could give me? Should I use GTM entirely for this purpose? And if so, which steps should I follow? Thanks a lot again!

  4. How I can install google tag manager via Ftp where in index.html? is not wordpress i AM LITTLE CONFUSED where I have to install many thanks in advance

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