December 9, 2019
How to Increase Your eBay Sales by 11%

How to Increase Your eBay Sales by 11%

hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation I got a good but short one for a year today so I’m just gonna go
over a little bit of eBay here and how you can increase your sales by up to 11%
very very easy very straightforward and I’m just gonna give it straight to you
so you can you know obviously hop on that so you see here I’m in my eBay you
know the hub whatever you want to call it this is a homepage but basically what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to my eBay and then selling which is what I
already clicked and you’re simply gonna go down here to active and you’ll notice
here it says you know you want to qualify for fast and free now what is
fast and free fascin free is basically a designation that eBay puts on a listing
or a bunch of different listings that the buyer knows that they’re gonna get
it fast and free obviously it’s pretty self-explanatory so what does that
actually mean well it means that you’re handling time is within a day or two and
you have free shipping now that basically means obviously the fast means
that it’s gonna be packaged and processed and shipped out fast and the
free refers to the free shipping so eBay stands behind the fact that it really
increases your sales by up to eleven percent now they say 11 percent I’m
gonna say up to 11 percent and ever since I have been starting to do this on
some of my listings I have noticed that they don’t necessarily sell all that
much more because granite I do literally just started I’ve only sold seven things
because it’s literally the next day but I have noticed an uptick in Watchers and
views and stuff like that so it obviously makes a difference when people
are scanning supposedly if you know about anything anything about search
engine optimization let’s say someone was searching for you know a throw
pillow and they were scanning throw pillows they’re scrolling down and they
happen to notice the fast and free designation on one or two of them
obviously they’re gonna be more inclined to click that to see what it’s all about
because they know that it’s gonna be shipped to them fast they’re obviously
looking for it and people this is a quick quick quick society people want
things right away and obviously the free shipping is a
great upsell to you know people love that so that’s really basically how you
do it um you’ll see here that if you go to your selling and then you go into
active it will literally show you all the listings that you can qualify for
now I’m the majority of course you know if I take that in right now
cafard remember my password there we go all right it’s basically to show you the
five that I’m eligible for now these are really these are literally ones that I
just popped up or just posted so you’ll notice that all the shipping is free
because it’s something I do but the handling time is two business days now
you’ll need same-day oh sorry so I said that wrong one to two day handling time
it’s actually same day or one day handling time not two
so at default and especially if you’re doing this via app you’re not going to
be able to change the handling time you’re gonna have to go into you know on
the computer interface so that you can change that because the just by default
it sets it to two business days so what you’re gonna want to come and do I don’t
ever do same business day because even though the majority times I do ship it
out the same business day I like to give myself you know if I’m busy if I’m doing
something else I like to give myself and just one business day you know to to
kind of get you know my bearings underneath me and get it shipped out for
them now the majority of time it’s going to be fast and and and a lot faster than
one or two days but I do like to keep it one business day just for you know a
little bit of safety purposes you’d much rather have this like obviously you want
the sale and you wanted to qualify for fast and free but you much rather have
the good rating on your account and not the sale so it’s definitely important to
make sure that you can honor these handling times so fast and for you
that’s basically what it is make all your shipping free make all your
handling times one or same day submit your changes and then they’ll get those
designations it’s that simple guys so I want to bring that to you because that
can really help your as sales and kind of increase your not just your sale
percentage 11% but your visibility across eBay’s platforms so I hope you
guys like that if you liked it please like the video it really helps out the
channel a lot you know comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the
next one

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