April 1, 2020

How to Increase The Average Order Value For Your Ecommerce Shop

People are buying from your Ecommerce store,
but why can’t you get them to spend more? Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
going to teach you how to increase your average order value. What average order value is it’s the average
amount that people are spending every time they buy from you. If they’re spending $50, wouldn’t it be great
if you can get them to spend $100 instead? Well, of course it would, who wouldn’t want
more people to spend money? The first thing you need to do is add in upsells. The moment someone buys something from you
once, on that checkout page why not upsell them into more products or services? There’s a plug-in on Shopify called OneClickUpsell,
it’s by Ezra Firestone. Add it if you’re on a Shopify store, it will
help you get more sales. If you’re not on Shopify, well, you’re going
to have to custom code how you can do your upsells. It’s really simple though, people need to
buy other products and services that are related to what they’re just buying from you. For example, if you sell cameras, people also
need lenses, they also need tripods, they also need cases for their camera equipment,
right? On your checkout pages why not show them other
bundle offers? That’s a great way to get them to spend more. The third tactic that you need to leverage
is showcase similar products on your product listings pages. For example, every time you browse Amazon,
even if you’re looking for things like cameras they’ll show you other cameras that are related,
some maybe more expenses, some maybe bundled items, some maybe less, but they do this because
they know it increase the chances that you’ll buy, and they can get you to buy more. Follow those thee steps and people will start
spending more money on your Ecommerce store today.

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