April 2, 2020

How to Increase Sales on Ebay through Cross Selling and Automate Customer Service Using Subivi

hey everyone I’m here with Nadav from
Subivi ecommerce solutions and for those of you that know I’m it was a big Amazon
seller I sold there for over eight years sold over 25 million dollars I never
really got into eBay now on the freeeUp platform we have a lot of sellers that
do sell on eBay they use Virtual Assistants they use freelancers they use
agencies firm freeeUp to sell on eBay and those of you that follow me know
that I’m all about two different things one is hiring to take tasks off your
plate and the second is automation and even on the freeeup platform we’re
constantly adding new virtual assistants new customer service reps well at the
same time automating different parts to make it faster and better for them and
all the different people that we work with so since I’m not an expert at eBay
and I’m not an expert automation I bought it in Nadav up to talk all that
not how you doing it I’m doing great and Thank You Nathan for having me here so
just a few words about myself so I’m Nadav I’m the marketing manager here
at Subivi ecommerce CRM and just so you guys know the main things we offer eBay
sellers is one we help them automate their customer service for all their new
base tours and number two we give them tools which help them increase their
sales those are the two main things and today I’m going to introduce you to our
tool what our tool to do for you and I’ll also do a little live demonstration
okay so we call this how to automate your eBay business the eBay X series so
this is probably what you thought your life to look like as an eBay seller you
thought you’d have lots of extra time to travel
you know I that’s basically the dream most people tell me they thought they
would be living but in actuality you spend 12 hours working 14-hour days
crazy crazy amounts of time on customer support answering Kuster customer
queries you know dealing with cases dealing with returns and you essentially
don’t have time to scale your business or family now there’s the two keys to
scaling to growing your business our automation and outsourcing okay nathan
has you guys covered what in terms of outsourcing
and I want to introduce how to automate your eBay business in this webinar okay
so when it comes to e-commerce CRM you know you want to find a tool which is
really specific to eBay you have lots of general serums but they don’t really
help you guys with with your specific needs so arm serum actually helps you
save time on customer service it increases sales with cross selling
capabilities and product specific feedback now product specific feedback
is really important because if you if you just send the request for general
feedback usually people just ignore this and I’m gonna get into this you know
I’ll get a little in-depth in a second we also have in-app translation tool so
we have we have a tool which translates to and from 100 languages so if you
wanna you know sell in Germany if you want to sell in France we have a lot of
sellers selling in France now and Italy this makes it so much easier saves you a
lot of time okay now here’s just a little case study we put together of a
seller you know before they started using our tool and after they started
using our tool so this specific seller was able to save 63% of the amount of
time he used to spend on dealing with customer support and and we were able to
reduce that buying 63% which essentially gave him time to expand his business to
open more stores and to to make more money which is you know why we’re all
here doing e-commerce we’re actually developing we’re integrating our our
platform with with AI technology and that’s actually gonna be rolled out in
the next few weeks and that is actually gonna help sellers optimize our listings
and appear first in eBay so if you guys want to get in right now and I was a
great time we had were a company of 10 people were around for around three
years we have a few hundred clients we have clients based in the u.s. in Europe
in Israel and I just recently spoke to some of our clients in Australia yeah
any other any other now that’s perfect keep on okay great so
this is our cross selling tool now what is cross selling so let’s say your your
drop shipping or you have a few hundred items you can’t do a product specific
message for all those items so I usually suggest people you know choose their top
ten items and they create a product specific message so this guy here is
selling a laptop and you know the second or the minute after the your client your
customer buys that laptop you see it says one minute after ordered you can
also do delivered but in this case you want to do ordered they’re gonna get a
message you’re gonna add in the SKU which is the identifying number on eBay
for the laptop and you’re gonna say thank you for buying this laptop I want
to offer you another item which connects to that item in this case in this
scenario would be a case a laptop case and I’ve actually seen a lot of our
sellers able to increase their sales drastically
with this it’s actually fairly simple but but really effective so that’s cross
selling in terms of product specific feedback like I mentioned before there’s
actually a really good example of a seller we had who was selling drones and
he was getting a lot of negative feedback because people didn’t know how
to how to set those up they’re really complex and so we looked at his feedback
and it was just about the set up so we decided to include a video on how to set
that up and we told people only once you’ve viewed that video and reached out
to us for help only then please can you leave feedback and we were able to
reduce his feedback his negative feedback dramatically and increases
positive feedback dramatically and and his sales followed suit meaning he was
able to sell more once he got more positive feedback this is also very
similar to the cross selling tool so you add the SKU in here you add let’s say
one day after the item has been delivered because you want to give your
buyers time to you know open the item play with the item set it up and only
then send the request and here’s just a little demonstration of the in-app
translation tools where you have a little icon here for translate in the
message and then it just quickly translates it directly in this case
English to French oh I’m just gonna actually open up the app in my browser
can you see that yep okay great so can you give this a little sense of like
what sellers should be using this like are we talking are they more for smaller
sellers more for bigger sellers can also use it right okay so that’s so that’s a
really great question I mean it our tool is really meant for
any type of seller we have cells we have one store we have cells with 60 stores
it would be extremely effective for sailors who have a lot of eBay stores
because then then you have them jumping between stores it’s also officially
illegal to have more than one eBay store so they have to use VPNs they have to
use clouds and with us you first connect with your cloud you connect each eBay
store independently and then once you do that there’s no need for you to log into
all 60 of your eBay stores it’s off it all happens right here in our one inbox
so I just quickly jump here to show you you know if you have one store it would
be nine dollars if you have two stores would be $29 and I just want to quickly
mention for people who are watching this video I’m offering an exclusive discount
of 50% for the first two months if you sign up and a free 7-day trial and you
don’t need to give us any detail so I’m gonna you know put a link a special link
below this video with the UTM so you guys can just use that and get that the
coupon is already updated in the link so you guys can just quickly head to sabine
be calm you can register it’s really easy you
click login I’m just gonna demonstrate how you do this open system and for
those who are using it for the first time you want to head to the top right
hand corner and click the third option from the top sources and here you can
add your eBay store most people sell on eBay us but you know for selling on eBay
Australia just click whichever one is relevant to you and then it’ll take you
to eBay I can’t do this because it’s a you know it’s a test account but that’s
basically how you haven’t you had your account so it takes 30 minutes to sync
all your info and we actually bring in two weeks back back messages from your
account so you’re not from zero so let me just quickly show
you the Inbox you’ve got to open again this is a test
account so let’s say this is this is a message you had from someone okay
someone wrote here and we have a few really great features here like quick
replies okay so you would head to a category let’s say general
okay and here you could click on positive feedback for example and we
have that automated message already ready and we also have something called
smart tags when you when you go to quick replies and you click plus you can add a
new message and you can use smart text smart tags basically pulls up customer
information and product information automatically so if I were to let’s say
I’ll put in order ID or we have also an order tracking number and then you know
fit that into my message it would automatically pull the information up
which saves sellers a lot of time because they they usually spend minutes
hours days looking for all this information think about people who have
a thousand orders a day to find the tracking number for each and every one
of those orders to find just to insert the name of the product and the name of
the customer could take your entire could take up your entire day so this
makes that superfluous so I just wanted to quickly show you that another thing I
wanted to show you is you can attach images you can attach receipts whatever
you need to send your customer using that paperclip and you can also use the
translation tool here so for example you can choose any language of the hundred I
chose finish let’s say I have a customer in Finland and then I just click copy to
message and there you have it it’s in Finnish and I just send it there you can
also use a translation tool on a on a message that a customer sent so you just
click translate I have it set to German so it goes right the German and you can
do show original and then just I just want to quickly show you on the right
hand side you have the details the orders and the tickets which is really
useful because you don’t have to search for previous messages and previous
interactions with a customer it’s all right here so you’ll know exactly what
you ordered you’ll know if another representative spoke to him and you
won’t have to look for that information and another small thing I want to
mention is you can make little notes for example speak to UPS and then I’ll just
type that in quickly and push the tech and it’ll appear here you
know your customer will not see then you can also add reminders for example you
know call or contact this customer in two weeks and you’ll get that reminder
so it really helps you 1 manage all your customer service for all of your events
tours in one place it helps you set up automated messages and it also offers
you tools to help you increase sales did you have any any questions for me
what is it the onboarding look like if someone wants to use their software how
long does it normally take them to really understand it from start to
finish in what tools do you offer to educate them that’s a great question
well actually I offer all new sellers a free one-on-one conversation with me I
usually video chat with new customers we also have a team and you know you just
reach out to me you tell me what time works for you and then I actually walk
people through the process individually so I will help you sign up I will help
you connect your eBay accounts and then I will walk you through each and every
feature and I will also help you you know make it work for your specific
business so there’s a specific problem you’re encountering and you want to use
automation or one of our tools I’ll help you set that up it usually takes about
an hour you know once you’ve set one soup signed
up for the walkthrough but you know we have some busy people who I’ve managed
to do it for them in 10 to 15 minutes perfect yeah what else should people
know what other features do you have coming out with where is the business
going right so that’s a really good question we have the one feature which I
mentioned before which I’m really excited about is the feature based on
artificial intelligence on Israeli artificial intelligence which is going
to help our sellers appear first in email search results which is super
important you know just like Google search results if you don’t appear first
you know the results that appear on the first page are the most clicked on so
people who appear first in email search results are gonna make most of the sales
those are the ones who make the majority of the sales so our
artificial intelligence is going to help you optimize your listings it’ll tell
you okay this title needs to be optimized this description needs to be
optimized this picture needs to be changed and if you listen to those
recommendations you’re gonna appear first and that’s coming out in the next
few weeks and I’m really excited about that awesome and I know you said you
have a special deal for free up customers can you repeat what that was
right so this is an exclusive deal for free up customers first of all you can
sign up you don’t need to get it give us your credit card information at all you
sign up for free for seven days and then after that in addition to the seven days
you get two months at a 50% discount and that’s exclusive to free up and I’m
gonna provide Nathan with a link and he’s gonna put that below this video so
feel free to use that guy’s awesome this has been great really appreciate you
coming on any last words yeah I mean thank you for having me I’m
gonna give Nathan my details we’re gonna put it below the video so feel free to
reach out and I will walk you through the process thanks for for having me
yeah thanks for coming on hey everyone thank you so much for
watching did you enjoy this content if so click
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