April 4, 2020
How to Improve Your WordPress SEO in 30 Minutes | Rank INSTANTLY on Google

How to Improve Your WordPress SEO in 30 Minutes | Rank INSTANTLY on Google

– Look, everyone says that
SEO takes a long time. But you don’t have three
months, six months, or even a year to get result. There must be a quicker
way to get results, faster. And there is. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to teach you how
to improve your WordPress SEO in 30 minutes, seriously. (upbeat music) Before we get started,
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click the Alert notification. Now, we’re going to do
something a bit different than most of my videos. I’m actually going to share my screen and show you how you can
improve your WordPress SEO in 30 minutes or less. And when I mean 30 minutes, you’re actually going to see a change in your Google rankings, physically, within 30 minutes. So let’s get started. Here was my traffic for
the term digital marketing, as you can see here. On a daily basis, you know
it climb, get a few hundred, and then boom, all of a
sudden, as you can see here, it just started shooting up. So right here, here, here. And it stayed pretty up for a while, and then it went down
becausethe code got messed up so I had to redo the code, but
once I fixed the HTML error, funny enough, I expected it, but once I fixed the error
takes a few days to index and crawl and then boom. Back at the top, it goes down right here, and that’s because it’s a Friday. Now, here’s what I did
to get that traffic. If you search digital marketing, you know you’ll search,
I’m pretty much number one, you’ll see that there is FAQ schema that I’m using, FAQ page schema. So someone could be looking
up what is digital marketing, it’s there, I give the definition, the future, why it matters, the channels that make up
digital marketing, et cetera. That’s FAQ page schema, and
you’re probably wondering how to add it to your site. So I’m going to show you how to do that. Right here in there, on my site, and we’re going to do
it for a brand new page. So this is affiliate marketing. I’m ranking at the top. And people are asking questions like, how do I become affiliate marketer, right? Or what is affiliate marketing? So, I’m going to take my page
that is on affiliate marketing, I’m going to scroll all
the way to the bottom, it’s kind of a lengthy page. I’m using a plug-in
called Structured Content. So Structured Content, that’s
a plug-in that I’m using. And all I’m going to do is add a block, and I’m going to add a FAQ
block so that way I can enter any question I have. So what is affiliate marketing? And let’s see a type in answer. All right, so I added one. And as you can see, I
first Googled the term that I want to rank for, and I look for what people are also asking becausethese are the most common, these are the most common
questions people ask. So, for example, how
much money can you make as an affiliate marketer? So I’m going to ask the question here. How much money can you make
as an affiliate marketer? All right, so I’m going to keep going, I’m going to add two more. What else is? All right, so let’s update this. So I have four, I try to always do four, and I find it’s better
when you do at least four. Now, I’m going to also
clear my cache, here, I’m using WP engine so
I got to purge my cache or Google won’t index it. And if I refresh the page
before the comments load, toward the bottom, I should have the questions, FAQ schema. So, let me know in the comments. I probably will add a heading so it looks a little bit better. Bold this, turn this into a heading. Update that. All right. So now I’ll take the page and I’ll submit it to
Google Search Console, I’m already logged in, you
just put in the URL bar, there. And even when this submits right away, it doesn’t happen instantaneously, but you guys saw from my traffic sets that I showed you from
Google Search Console, you may be thinking, hey, if
I’m answering the questions right then and there on Google, then why do they need to come to my site? Well, as you can see, just
from that graph alone, it’s getting me more
search traffic, right? So you’re better off
doing it than not doing it because it should get
you more traffic, yes, people can click the drop downs and the search listing, and
they don’t necessarily have to go to your site to
get all the responses, but it total, from what I
tested, you get more traffic. So still takes a little
bit for it to be indexed. Sometimes it can take a few minutes. Now it should be indexed soon. Submitting request, all right. URL’s added to the queue. Affiliate marketing. It’s pulling me from here. It’s not there yet. And it’s typed wrong. I’m going to hit a refresh a few times. And then, I’m just going to
do a quick little check, here. No, it still hasn’t shown up so then I’ll take this URL
again, put it back in this. This part always takes
a little bit of time. It sucks, it’s the slowest part. Now Google does say if you
submit a URL multiple times, it doesn’t affect the indexing, like it doesn’t make speed up the process, I’m impatient. I still do it. The Google’s probably
right, but sometimes I do it when I can’t see the, the data right away. All right, got it. See, submitting multiple
times will not change a queue of the position priority. I get it, I still do it. Look, FAQ one item detected that’s valid. So that means you can see here, FAQ page, answer, what is affiliate marketing, question, question, question. That means in due time, it
is going to show up, so, yeah, as you can see,
look, it’s showing up here. So search for affiliate marketing, boom. I’m here. What is affiliate marketing? How much money can
affiliate marketer make? Is it a pyramid scheme? Awesome, I also clicked on my listing becauseI don’t want Google
to think I continually going to that page due to the fact that the result is not relevant. All right, everyone. Thank you for watching. I hope that tip really helps you out. Go and do it. All I ask is you don’t continually do it in the marketing realm
and compete with me. Other than that, if you need
help improving your SEO, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital, and of course, if you have
any questions, concerns, leave a comment below. If you liked the video,
share it with other people, tell them about it,
subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching.

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