April 1, 2020
How to import products to Shopify using Importify

How to import products to Shopify using Importify

Importify makes it easy to import
products from multiple wholesaler to your Shopify store with a click of a
button. Let’s start with installation process, First make sure you are using
Chrome browser, Next go and click the “Install Now” button, Click “Add to chrome”. Now, that you have importify app installed and the Chrome extension you are ready
to start to import products. Visit one of the wholeseller websites, you can click the wholeseller list or right-click the Importify icon and go to supported
website list Find a product you want to sell And visit the product page URL, Click the red “Add button”, You can change the title The
description The price And you can link it the specific
collection. Click the “add product” and wait till you get the confirmation
message that the product was added successfully. Now you can use one of the
three options to check your product Thank you for choosing Importify.

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  1. hey gays i m a dropshiper i want to ask you . how to contact seller in wish .com and to ask them to not put the adrres and price in items plz give me some answer . this is my facebook khalidi marouane

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