April 10, 2020
How to Import Contacts into Your HubSpot Portal

How to Import Contacts into Your HubSpot Portal

So you’ve generated a list of contacts maybe it’s through social maybe your speaker Maybe it’s business cards. Maybe you’re just working the street but at the end of the day you want to continue on the Conversation you want to be able to nurture these leads you want to be able to provide helpful content? Well in this video tutorial we’re gonna show you how to import those contacts into HubSpot right now Remember if you need education House-wide education past this video look in the descriptions. We love to help let’s go ahead and dive into the portal right now okay, as you can see I am in hub spot and right now I want to create a list by Importing context now there’s multiple ways as I said earlier you could do this So let’s just go ahead and dive into the tool and actually learn the tactical piece of this action We’re gonna go to contacts and then under contacts You’re gonna see lists once lists loads what you’re gonna be able to see is there’s a create list button and then a right next to that an import button we’ll go ahead and click on that what that’s gonna do is It’s going to walk us through some steps to make this easier. Now. First of all, you can see how to prepare your Spreadsheet you can click on View an important guide to get your spreadsheet ready they’re gonna tell you about how to have things like name and last name and email and headers for the information you can also download a sample spreadsheet and if you have questions There is an FAQ in here you’ll be able to see some lists that have been imported historically but then there will be a button up here that will hit start and import what you’re gonna want to have is a CSV file, of course You could do an opt-out list and you could do contacts from Gmail in here as well in this case I’m going to show you a CSV file example, so we’ll click on that and we do want this to go into contacts But notice you could import companies or deals here as well But again, this is how to import contacts into HubSpot. What we’ll do is we’ll select the file and we’ll go into our desktop here and we will see that we have a Connections and we will open that and they will give us a check mark and say ok. Cool or you can change file It’s gonna give you some things to know about Importing these contacts that you haven’t bought a list and managing the settings and how to just import them and other great stuff But you’re gonna see here at the bottom because we are number two of a five step a process You’re gonna see down here that we can upload this CSV file so we’re gonna go ahead and upload that and what we’ll do is we’ll just kind of give it some more Specificity so we’ll name this Gorge connections and then for a lifecycle stage What we’re gonna do is put these folks into a lifecycle stage of lead as we import them Now import contacts that don’t have email addresses No, I don’t want to import contacts that don’t have email addresses and then there’s some Advanced Options also add contacts to a certain list I don’t want to do that and give them a default date property We’ll just go ahead and hit next and we’ll do map your properties now notice. We’re getting a little thing here You can’t finish this import without an email property. And so we’re gonna actually Look for columns, that could be emailed. Here’s email address. We’re gonna map that to in The easiest way is just search and notice we search for email and here is email So we’ll click on that and then we’ve got position and so this is actually going to be job title So again, we’ll search for that then we’ll select job title. So we have mapped first name last name the company name the Email and the job title in here notice that our error did go away and now we can go ahead and hit Next to confirm these options. It’s gonna ask us these contacts are expecting to hear from us You know some different things if you have not purchased this list If you have created this list in a inbound e way you can hit true true true If not, well, you’re not gonna listen to what I’m saying right now, but you would probably click false which then it wouldn’t work But hey, we’ll just go ahead and put our initials here below And once we have true true true and our initials, we’ll go ahead and say finish Import now that’s gonna take some time. But once this is done, that’s it You’ve got your contacts inside of HubSpot. Now you can start to segment them You can start to look for more information You can start to market and sell and service to them in a better way through your HubSpot board You see what HubSpot it’s just that simple. It’s just that easy So now in HubSpot, you’ve got your contacts in there. You might want to go ahead and clean them out Make sure they still want to hear from you and then go ahead and start adding that value start Doing some lead nurturing start getting some more lead intelligence on those Contacts so that you can market in a better way as always this is your boy George be from impulse creative saying happy hub spotting Oh, yeah, make sure you hit the subscribe button hit the bell for instant notifications or do one of these things

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