April 4, 2020
How To Grow Your Online Audience WITHOUT Paid Ads

How To Grow Your Online Audience WITHOUT Paid Ads

hey guys Rachel Isley here coming at you
from my room this is the best channel on YouTube to learn how to make money from
your room so in this video I’m going to show you a bunch of cool ways that you
can get traffic and grow your online audience without spending money on paid
ads so be sure to take notes and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you are
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new fresh videos ok guys so I’m gonna make some notes with you in this video
so like I said this is gonna be about growing your online audience with out
paid ads I have grown my audience throughout the years and significant
significantly like the past maybe six seven eight months yes I have used a
little bit of paid ads for certain things like for audience cruise I’m
gonna share with you tips that do not involve paid ads and I think it is very
important it’s not supposed to be called don’t have eggs in one basket but that’s
one of the notes is do not have all your eggs in one basket I wouldn’t just pick
any one of these that I’m gonna share with you I will go through multiple and
I’m gonna be adding notes as we go through this so let’s get started one of
the first things is what I’m doing right now YouTube videos YouTube videos you
have many people message me on Facebook because they’re like Rachel I saw your
YouTube video I was on a phone call with someone today a coaching call and he’s
like I originally found you from your YouTube video but how do you get people
to look at your YouTube video well you want to put SEO on that YouTube video so
find a popular trending topics do some keyword research start seeing what your
competitors are making videos about the more time you spend on YouTube the more
this helps so start subscribe
to other people in your competitors and their videos are going to start showing
and your suggested feed and it will start to just become second nature of
the popular training topics but you can also do some keyword research straight
on YouTube I would download the extension vid IQ and to buddy and that
helps with keywords so let’s say you have a topic like I have this topic grow
your audience online without paid ads it’s a popular trending topic I want to
SEO optimized that by putting the keywords in the title and in the
description and the tags and in the vid file name and in the thumbnail file name
and the end screens I’m going to add end screams to my video when I edit them I
want those to be relevant links I want to put relevant links in the description
I want to stick this in a playlist that’s about social media strategies and
that all helps optimize your video so you show faster my YouTube at the time
that I’m recording this is I just had a thousand subscribers about like 10 days
ago and I’m already at like 11 36 so it
starts to grow rapid the more content that you put out there so definitely
make these vids and make them like about 12 to 20 minutes
is something good to aim for and you get better know in a year I could be looking
at this video laughing at myself oh my god actually did that today I looked at
a video from four years ago I like started crying it was so embarrassing so
the way to get better is keep doing it SEO is not only limited to videos this
would also be like blogging or niche sites no we’re not talking about
that we’re talking about bringing on the audience so I would say blogging I’m
talking fast sorry embedding the vid on the blog you use WordPress for this
stick this on LinkedIn blog post medium blog posts these are good if someone could be
searching for something very specific and you might have to answer to
something very specific and are you gonna make money right away because they
were searching let’s just say I’m gonna give something like specific in my world
how to connect Aweber to clickfunnels okay you know they might not buy Aweber
because I already have it they might not buy clickfunnels from me or my affiliate
link because they already have it but they’re gonna see how helpful my blog
posts are my tutorial in training was and then follow that blog or opt-in
somewhere to a lead magnet or subscribe to my youtube channel or come to my
youtube video or my blog post let’s say and see my social media links and then
opt-in to my audience and I want to mention up here too for your online
audience it’s important to have we want traffic leads and sales in any online
business I specialize in making money online with affiliate marketing and info
products but for any online or any business and online business we want
traffic that’s eyeballs and then we want leads which would be email opt-ins chat
BOTS subscribers or just general like people subscribing to you followers and
then sales them eventually buying something that you either created or
like through an affiliate link ok what’s another way to get more of an online
audience cuz people are like Oh Rachel you got results because your audience
like you have a youtube you have a Facebook you might have an Instagram
followers you have a list I know but like I started from 0 when it’s like
literally not that big like okay a couple thousand subscribers on
everything or like 1000 subscribers here two thousand on this three thousand on
that like it’s not that much and I grew up pretty organically without spending
that much on ads which I should spend more on ads and visibility and I am
starting to but I know how it is you know in the beginning wanting to
do this organically and through attraction marketing which let me add to
here ok interviewing others this super helps interview people like on your
level and above so you might have some colleagues in your niche in your
industry if you don’t have any friends online it’s time to start making friends
online the link to my facebook group is in the description below join the
Facebook group get in the community start networking and that’s how you make
friends and then you can interview those people under YouTube or Facebook and get
you’ll get actually some of their audience and it just puts you in a
position of like leadership and authority by you interviewing someone
and bringing cool guests on your show you want to start a show so that would
be a YouTube channel you can also as you start getting these interviews and proof
that you have interviews and that you’re at least like somewhat decent at
interviewing someone I’ve been interviewed before and it was like kind
of painful but it’s ok you better get better then you’ll you could start
interviewing people that have a bigger audience than you and that’s where like
the sh money’s at because they could share that with their audience and you
would get some of their followers and that’s really great for search engine
optimization if I got to interview like Lewis Howes on my channel I will get my
audience was just super huge like grow like people would be seeing it on social
media on Facebook I’d be utilizing tagging maybe he would give me a shout
out I’m just using this as an example yes one day that’s a good goal I’ll get
him on my show my show is YouTube Facebook Instagram and then blog and
letting that out to the rest of the world through other social medias and
email marketing and getting that out there let’s start with people on your
level ok I did mention a bit about a Facebook group Facebook groups are great I have like just make like a mastermind
group like call it like Juliet marketing mastermind online sales funnel
mastermind something like that where people can join this group and it would
show up in the suggested tab on Facebook and you want to be very active and
engaged so the algorithm gets triggered and
Facebook can you get more people in your group so I have over 2,000 people in my
Facebook group and I collect their email addresses and I’m very active with them
I only approve like about 10% of the people that even request access to my
group because a lot of them don’t answer the required questions so I don’t even
think they’re gonna be engaged I don’t want cold traffic in my audience
or spammers I want like warm people ready to go ready to take action and get
results so if Facebook group has been great for me to connect with people and
grow my audience and you’re the leader in that group it establishes your
leadership also your public Facebook post so you would have a public Facebook
page and that is connected also to your Facebook group I’ll show you guys real
quick actually I didn’t have that up I mean you should be on my youtube right
now so you would you would see my youtube and as I was talking about
earlier there’s these plugins that show you like your growth also but I’ve been
making videos now for like I mean a long time I guess like four years but some
are just like super cringe and awkward that you’re not even gonna find them
because I hid them because they were like super cringe in a year from now I
could be like oh my god did I literally use the word cringe that’s not a word
anymore um but like I interview top people in my niche and I research what
other people are making videos about and trending topics and it’s growing and
then the Facebook group over 2000 and that’s growing and it’s just a snowball
effect and I run this Facebook group from my facebook page and my Facebook
page is optimized to also grow my audience and present me
as an expert authority leader and my industry almost at three thousand
followers on here you’ll want to turn your followers on in Facebook here in
your settings and say what you do here in the intro you can put some links to
your other things that’s how you grow the other audience and I just put out
like valuable content on here or I’ll put my YouTube videos I’ll link my
youtube videos or I’ll straight-up upload them to here let’s see where
we’re at many try an email marketing that’s facebook chat bot and your email
marketing that’s still good and that’s still your online audience and you want
to grow your chat but on mini chat you can get that for free and I have some
chat bot trainings on my channel and email marketing and I have some email
marketing trainings on my channel but you want a lead magnet to get people to
opt-in to these things so when I create a new video I send a blast to my email
list and a blast to my chat BOTS list and I let them know go check out the new
YouTube video and then I also get more views right away which triggers the
algorithm on YouTube and shows me up even higher or if I make a new
livestream on Facebook oftentimes link grab the link and send out an email
blasts and a chopped up blast and then for sure I get more views on these
videos grows the perceived perception of my expertise and authority therefore
getting me more followers it’s kind of crazy how it works okay and then last
but definitely not least because I’m sure there’s other things that I didn’t
talk about so you guys can leave those in the comments ideas that you have and
that is attraction marketing and that is not being attractive like in the
physical look at my beautiful face scent it is in the look at my life scent in
the freedom if you’re in the MMO make money online industry but even with you
know there’s like a three industries health wealth and release
chips whether you were in the relationship industry like a love coach
or whatever or like a parenting coach or you’re in the health industry like
dieting or exercise or you’re in the wealth industry like two people
businesses to grow or being a consultant or teaching like affiliate marketing or
sales funnels still people want to be entrepreneurs because everyone just
wants freedom and happiness so if you could show you just being happy in your
life yeah you me smiling whatever then it
softens it’s below when you are doing something a little more salesy so we
want to do someone asked me like what do you do on YouTube and I said I motivate
and entertain so educate would be maybe your tech tutorials and tech trainings
that you’re doing kind of more than 80 gritty like proving that you really know
what you’re talking about in your industry something like this this is
educational this is my educational video I guess maybe I’m hopefully a little
entertaining maybe a little motivating but then I got
straight-up videos and content where it’s just motivational and it’s not even
always like videos it’s like written post – I’m just straight-up motivating
and then I got those funny ones where I am just straight-up entertaining and
like Gary Vaynerchuk so as we go Jab Jab Jab right hook got it you gotta have
that offer over there sometimes so let’s do that let’s do the right hook right
now my right hook to you guys my call to action is I would love for you to
subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications and join me in my audience
trying to grow this online audience without pay dad’s not even asking you to
buy anything I do share really cool tools and softwares and talk about
different courses and things that like are for sale on this channel but my hope
is to put out enough strip education videos where when you’re ready to sign
up for something useful well enough informed and excited about it that
you’re ready for it if you guys want to grow your audience with out paid ads you
know don’t be too much of a consumer you guys are consuming this right now I hope
you you learn stuff from it and now it is time to be a creator and create
create that video create that live stream create that blog post set up that
interview release it to the public start that Facebook groups start engaging with
people don’t be afraid to be yourself and put things out there and share your
excitement with the world

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  2. I knew it from the moment I saw your video that you have a kind heart. The humility and honesty really stand out every time you make your videos. The way you share all the things you know about Affiliate Marketing is just admirable. Since then I kept on watching your videos and then one day I said to myself, I need to try doing this. Now I am still learning a lot and will definitely continue getting tips and strategies from you. Thanks a lot for all that you do! ♥

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