March 28, 2020
How To Grow Your Instagram Account – 6 Tips For Success

How To Grow Your Instagram Account – 6 Tips For Success

– Today we’re going to talk about six tips on how to grow and manage
your Instagram account. Coming up next. Tip number one is to pick a theme or a message. Now this doesn’t really matter if you’re just starting
your Instagram account or you’ve run an Instagram
account for a while. Sometimes you need to step
back, sit down, and just think about what do you really
want this Instagram account, what do you want your
profile to really do? Is this going to be motivational? Is it going to be
informational, educational? Are you selling? Are you teaching? Are you training? Find your theme, find your
message and stick with it. Nothing’s more frustrating for a user, for someone who subscribes to you and follows you on Instagram. It’s really frustrating for them to think that you’re providing on thing and then to find out this
really isn’t the profile they thought that they
were subscribing to. So find your message, stick with it and that’s how you not
only gain followers, but you keep them also. Tip number two is to research your hashtags. Now this can be a time consuming process, maybe you don’t want to or you don’t really
know how to get started. First thing’s first, open
up your Instagram account, pull up your search and
just start typing things in that you believe are gonna be related to what you’re gonna be posting. Just start here. Another way that you can
do this is by following or finding other influencers in the area or in the same industry that you’re in and seeing what hashtags they’re using. Now if you’re doing this
within the Instagram app, you’ll be able to identify how much search or how many posts are really being posted around this particular hashtag. You don’t wanna spam, you
don’t wanna use hashtags that aren’t related to
what you’re posting, but find a good healthy mix,
maybe even a good 50/50 balance of hashtags that are very common, they’re used quite a lot,
they’re very popular, and hashtags that are maybe less popular, only a couple a thousand
posts, something like that. You’ve got more opportunity to show and show higher for those, but obviously lower volume of people that
are actually seeing it. So you wanna find that balance. Don’t spam, just be
sure to use the hashtags that are related to the
content that you’re posting, related to the message that
you’re trying to get across and that’s how you’ll be able to be found by new followers that are searching for the kind of content
that you’re putting out. Tip number three is to create a content calendar. Now I’ve said this on a
bunch of different videos all related to social media, but it still rings true for
Instagram, particularly. You can say all day long,
I don’t need a calendar, I’ll just post, it’ll feel organic, I’ll do it when it’s necessary. No you won’t. Everybody has the best intentions. Everybody thinks that
they’re gonna have the time, but if you don’t actually
create a consistent schedule for yourself, you’re gonna
find that it’s very difficult to maintain, very
difficult to keep updated. And that’s what a lot of
users will expect from you, especially if you start
following individual themes, like Motivation Monday, or you
know, Thoughts on Thursday, Friday Fun, things like that, any of those hashtags that
you wanna be a part of, you need to consistently
be planning for them, because your users are
gonna start to expect it and they’re gonna start to expect it on the day that you’re
supposed to be posting it. So build yourself a content calendar and start giving yourself ideas of what you actually wanna
post, when you want to post it, and create that content in advance. And you still wanna leave room for that organic side of things and that’s actually
where Instagram Stories is really, really valuable,
because that’s instantaneous, it’s 24 hours, it’s in the moment. You can still be instantaneous with the rest of your Instagram, but really for that part of it, that’s where you can use
that content calendar to get the best results. If you wanna be really
spontaneous, that’s stories. It’s not gonna mess up your
feed, only your followers are really gonna see it
unless you promote it, but that helps you ensure
that you’re posting. You’re posting on a consistent schedule and you’re growing your Instagram account. Tip number four is to be dynamic. Now this kinda fits a little bit in with what we were talking
about with the calendar. A lot of people would
say if I have a calendar, I can’t be dynamic or if I’m too dynamic, I’m not gonna be able to really follow a calendar or a schedule. Find a middle ground for both. Find your consistent posts,
that with your calendar. With this, you could be dynamic,
this is Instagram Stories. This is IGTV, using
emoticons in your content, using different hashtags,
being a little silly sometimes, responding to comments and
responding to them quickly, asking questions, engaging
with other influencers or your followers, responding
to direct messages, things like that. You really wanna make sure that
you are engaging with people because this is the social
part of social media. This, being dynamic, or dynamic account is where the value really comes from. People don’t follow a brand or
follow a company on Instagram because they think it’s
cool, they follow it because they want to
feel connected with you and they want that social aspect of your business and your company. So give that back to them. Be easy going, be friendly,
be lighthearted, communicate, you know, show them what the company or what you are like behind
the corporate curtain, and give them that social experience that they’re really looking for. Not only will they stay engaged with you and following with you, but their friends and other people that
they influence will also. Tip number five is to follow other influencers. If you can identify other
influencers in your area, maybe it’s other people in
your kinda niche industry, thought leaders, it could
even just be news sources or media sources that are familiar with the industry that
you’re in, things like that. Follow them. One, it helps you keep on top and abreast of what’s happening in your industry, it allows you to keep your finger kinda on the pulse of what’s going on. But two, and this is
something I really enjoy, is if you keep your follow, the list of people that
you follow kind of low, a lot of users can use this
as a curated content list of people that they should also follow. So you may not want to always
be following competitors or things like that, but follow people and give your followers an opportunity to follow people that can provide value and add more value to their social feeds. Now, it’s not just you out there, you’re not the only business, you’re not the only company,
but there’s other people in your same niche industry
that can provide value. And if all the value in a user,
one of your follower’s feeds is all related to the service or the product or the
industry that you’re in, that is still helping
to keep your business and your industry top of mind. So keep your follow, or the
list of people that you follow, keep that a little bit low, and use that as a curated content list of people that your followers should also follow. It’s a great way to
connect with influencers, let them know that you’re out there, but also make sure that your followers are getting great value. Tip number six is to dedicate a budget. Now, like all social platforms, and really all types of
marketing, nothing is truly free. You can get organic reach
if you are an influencer and you’ve got more followers and they’re continually gaining, that’s where you’re gonna
see more of that growth, but your growth is gonna be
limited by algorithms, right? By Instagram’s algorithm,
by any other social media, things like that, plus everybody competing for the same followers
that you’re competing for. Take a little bit of a budget and use that to promote
your posts and your ads. You can send people to your website, you can send them, the link
will be your phone number. I really like to send people
directly back to my profile. You know, if I’m specifically marketing,
a lot of the posts that we will boost, or
that we post on there, we sponsor, we direct
’em back to the profile because there’s a lot
of great content there. And this may be your
first time interacting with our Instagram account, so we wanna give you the opportunity to check out everything else
that we’ve got over there, all the other tips and the tricks and the strategies that we post. You can do the same thing
for a pretty limited budget. Identify your audience, identify
the people you wanna target and then just, a dollar a day
per post, two bucks a day. Let it run for three
or four days, you know, and then continue to build. You’ll find that you get more followers, you get more influence,
you get more people that are communicating with you. And it’s just a little
bit of an investment, but it helps push you through, or push past the algorithm
and give you more reach than you would experience if
you didn’t invest anything. And finally, I’ve got a bonus tip for you. This may go against what you
may hear some other influencers or some other Instagram experts say, but believe me, don’t use
automated bots or automated tools. This goes against everything, one, in Instagram’s Terms of Service, and two, it goes against everything that is really ingrained in social media. This takes away the social
aspect of social media. If you’re auto following,
auto unfollowing, auto liking, auto commenting, auto following hashtags, things like that. That is not the purpose of social media and there is zero, I’ll say that again, there is zero value for
anybody using automated bots. You’ll find it all over the place. You’ll find these people
that are paid influencers, you know, saying I use this bot, and I love this, and it grew my Instagram. Sure, it filled it up with other bots. It filled it up with other
bots that are commenting, you know, auto bot and auto
reply comments on their pages. Now, these are the folks that you see have seven posts and 30,000 followers. They’re using automated bots,
they’re not to be trusted. So, pro tip, bonus tip for everybody. If you’re gonna grow
your Instagram account, grow it organically. It takes more time, energy, and effort, but it actually pays off in the end, whereas using automated bots has zero pay of at any point in time. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like this video, please be sure to like,
comment, and subscribe. If you’ve got other tips,
I’d love to hear ’em, so leave those tips in
the bottom comments. If you want us to produce
other videos, just let us know. Thanks again for watching,
and happy marketing. (soft jazzy music)

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