April 1, 2020
How To Grow Your Ecommerce Or Online Business Like Clockwork

How To Grow Your Ecommerce Or Online Business Like Clockwork

Hello and welcome to this presentation which you all have seen is titled, Avoid Single Shot Marketing Syndrome and Consistently Turn $1 into $5 or More Online by Applying Geometric Growth Marketing to your Business. My name is Jon Warren and I’m the CEO and Founder of Traffic x Conversion Squared or as you may see is referred to tc squared. Basically, we help businesses grow revenue and profit online. I’m truly grateful to be able to present this session to you and I really believe that you will gain fresh insight and knowledge into how you can spot consistent growth for your business online. And that really gets to what you’re going to learn during this video. This video is about the approach and strategies that you need to put in place in your business to rapidly and consistently grow your business online now and into the future. This video is not about the latest shiny object, the latest tactic or the latest marketing hack. If that’s what you’re looking for, then save yourself some time, jump off this video now and thanks for joining us. If that’s not what this is about, who is this for? So are you a business owner, manager or employee whose business can generate leads and or sales online? Is your business built around physical products, services, digital products or personal services like coaching for example? Are you currently struggling to grow your business using online marketing? Or are you not generating the results that you would like to see? Or are you about to launch a new business and you want to lock in online success from day one? Look, if you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you need to watch this video to the end, I believe it will truly help you in what you are trying to achieve. On the flip side, who is this video not for? Look, this video is not for you if you are not genuinely interested in growing your business using online marketing. This video is not for you, if you think you already know everything, if you don’t have an open mind. This is not for you, if you’re looking for shiny tactics or the next marketing hack, there are none of those here. And this is definitely not for you, if you are not prepared to invest either time or money into the growth of your business. If you identify with any of those, then please leave now, best of luck and thanks for your time. And before we jump into the main part of this presentation, we just touch on where does this presentation come from? Like why this presentation now? So basically, everything I’m going to share with you today is born from our experience working in our own online businesses here at Traffic x Conversion Squared and with our clients over the past five years. In that time, we’ve worked with over 400 clients either in a direct business coaching role or by providing a managed marketing service or both. We’ve been privileged enough to look deep inside each of these businesses across a range of industries, categories and niches. We’ve worked closely with hundreds of clients who have come to us because they are struggling to realize the online results and growth that they would like. We’ve also worked with a much smaller group of businesses who are already consistently and profitably able to grow their business online and wanted us to help push them along even further. What has become clear to us from that experience, is that from a marketing perspective, there are clear themes that separate the struggling and successful businesses. This presentation will show you what the struggling businesses are missing contrasted with what the successful businesses are doing day in day out to grow online. And what you need to do to apply that successful approach to your business to generate rapid, consistent and predictable growth online. So with that, let’s dive into it. This presentation will run for just a little bit over an hour so thank you in advance, stick through it and please watch to the end. And thank you for providing me and us with the opportunity to share this with you. Now, I wanna start by asking you a couple of questions and have a quick think about these as I asked them. Imagine what would happen to your business if you were able to turn $1 into $5 of revenue or more consistently, so it could be $7, could be $10. But what would happen in your business if that came about? How would it feel to know that you have a predictable, reliable and growing stream of qualified leads and customers knocking down your door to buy your products and or services? Now I’m pretty sure that you would be able to confidently invest further in the growth of your business. You would feel successful in yourself amongst your peers, other business owners, friends and family. You would be better able to enjoy the lifestyle of your choosing without the fear that things are about to fall apart at any moment. And you would be able to stop worrying about where your next customers are going to come from. I’m going to show you how you can turn your business into an online leads and sales machine that consistently turns $1 into $5 or more. And I repeat that $1 into $5 or more a few times, it’s a number that we commonly say, is profitable for a lot of businesses but that doesn’t mean that has to be your target. It could be $1 into $7 or more, it could be $1 into $10 or more, we even have clients who have been turning $1 into $15 consistently for years. So they put $1 into their marketing, they invest $1 and in return they’re getting $15 of revenue. Now I’m gonna show you how you can realize the funds and the freedom to experience the success and lifestyle of your choosing. And hint, it’s not what a lot of the gurus currently are selling online or what you are seeing in YouTube videos. It’s not the latest marketing tactic or shiny object. Individual tactics and shiny things in and of themselves do not deliver lasting growth and success. And what we’re gonna talk about today is definitely not what most digital agencies will sell to you. In fact, you’re going to be surprised I think at just how simple it seems once we go through this. Now, before we jump into the what this actually is, I wanna start with something very simple but something that gets overlooked by many online business owners and that’s, where does business growth actually start? Or what are the basics of business growth? And once again, this may seem really simple when I say it, but we talk with people about this all the time and this is not a way that a lot of people think about growth. Now there are three basic ways to grow your business online. Incidentally, there’s a truth for any business and it’s also true offline, this is not just online. The three ways is firstly, to increase the number of new customers coming into your business. The second is to generate a higher average purchase value or to increase your average purchase value, which means the amount on average that each customer spends with you. And the third way and possibly one of the most important ways is to increase the amount of times a customer buys from you. So does your customers, do your customers just buy once from you? Or can they buy a second or third or fourth time? So these are the three ways that you can grow a business. Now all of the marketing tactics and sales tactics all fit within one of those three ways or sometimes more than one. Now you can improve any one of these areas and your business will grow in a generally linear fashion. Right, so if you picture a straight line or a straight diagonal line on a graph, so for example you increase the number of new customers and that’s all you do, your business will grow at the rate that you can increase your new customers. But if you can make increases to all three of these, at the same time, your business will grow geometrically and exponentially. So think of an upwards curve in growth track on a graph. So if you can increase the number of new customers and at the same time, increase how much they’re spending with you and then get more of those customers to come back and buy from you a second and a third time, your business will grow at a rate that is far quicker than if you just pull one of those strings. But what most businesses in our experience are doing is they’re only trying to pull one of those levers of growth at a time. And so they experience if they can do it well, they experience linear growth, they experience slow growth. But which of these types of growth would you like for your business? Would you like linear growth or geometric growth? I’m betting you’d like geometric growth. That’s what I love and I reckon you probably feel the same. Now we’re gonna come back to why these three sort of basic strategies work and more importantly, how they work together in a few minutes. But first I wanted to dive into why many businesses struggle to consistently generate profitable leads and or sales online. All right, from all of the businesses we’ve worked with, from all their experience, it’s one or more of these things. Firstly, many businesses struggle to make the leap from traditional marketing methods so for example, radio advertising, TV advertising, maybe newspaper, magazine advertising, they struggle to make the leap from those types of advertising to online marketing and advertising. And generally what that looks like is traditional methods of advertising are often very broad, you’re hitting large audiences with the same message, right, because you don’t have the ability to tailor your message to individuals, to groups of individuals, smaller segments of your market. Whereas the reverse is true of online marketing. Online marketing is all about being able to deliver personalized marketing messages to be able to target small groups of people with more relevant offers and so if your business isn’t able to make that leap, then your results are not going to be what you’d like them to be. Secondly, businesses focused on individual tactics and they usually attack these one at a time with little attention to what their overall strategy for growing their business is. And this is really a problem for small businesses that operate online, they’ll go oh, they’ll say, someone flogging oh look, do this one thing and your business’s gonna grow or do this one little change to your Facebook campaigns and blah, blah, blah, look, those things are interesting for sure but they do not deliver consistent business growth over time. They might work for a little while but the reality is, if you get stuck in that cycle, you’re constantly looking for the next shiny thing, you’re not focused on an overall strategy that actually works. Number three, they haven’t developed the marketing basics for their products or services and we’re gonna go into those, what those marketing basics are further on in this presentation but we’re talking about they don’t understand their target market. They don’t have a clear big marketing idea for their business, for their products, for their services. They don’t have unique selling proposition, they haven’t developed the marketing argument for why people should buy their product and why people should buy their product from them. Seems like simple stuff but so many businesses miss this when they are trying to sell online. Fourthly, their website or their landing pages or wherever they’re sending their online visitors, their online customers, does not convey the right information in the right way to enable those visitors to take the next step and become, to become paying customers and this is what we refer to about conversion rate and conversion rate optimization. The fifth reason is that they follow what we call single shot marketing. We’re gonna talk about what that is in a minute. But they do that without acknowledging or respecting their ideal prospects journey, the path that their customers go through to becoming a paying customer. And I’m gonna use the word prospect a lot in this presentation and what I mean by that, if that’s a new term for you, is that somebody who is visiting your business but has not, is not an existing customer of yours, they have not bought anything from you yet, they have not paid you any money, that’s what I mean by prospect. And the last reason and this is a really big one, this really does have a huge effect, they have no plan for generating repeat business. They don’t know how to get the second or third order from their existing clients or customers. And this is huge, we are gonna attack that particular issue as we get on. But look, if even one of the six things is true for your business, you will not find lasting success online. You might find short term success, you might be a flash in the pan, but you will struggle to sustain and grow a profitable online business for years to come. Now, if you’re reading or listening to this and you can identify one or more of these common problems, don’t feel bad, you’re definitely not alone and you may well be much closer to where you want to be to addressing those problems than you think and I’ll tell you why in a moment. But before we talk about how you can make the jump from where you are, if you’re experiencing any of those common problems to where you need to be to be successful or where you want to be to be successful, I wanna come back to what I said about single shot marketing and this is the secret business roadblock online. And look, single shot marketing is a term that we made up, it’s something I refer to a lot, but it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest problem that prevents business owners from growing their business revenue and profit consistently month after month online. In a nutshell, single shot marketing is where the online aspect of your business, which may be all of your business, is focused on ones. And what do I mean by ones? It’s way your business relies on one big thing to drive sales and revenue, it’s also where your business has one great big steaming single point of failure. If that one thing breaks, your business is significantly impacted in a bad way. So here’s some examples of common ones, right? One shot at converting your prospects into sales. One primary source of online traffic. Only generating one sale per customer. Only having one selling product. To put this idea of ones into context, this is what many online businesses look like. They rely on a single primary source of traffic to send their prospects or website visitors to a single landing page, after which they make no active attempt to convert that prospect after that single visit. They rely on that visitor to return under their own steam. If the prospect is become a paying customer, they don’t have a plan to progress that customer past that one sale. So they are taking a single shot at their prospects from a single source of traffic to make a single sale so hence single shot marketing. So why is this a problem? Well, there’s three reasons why this is a problem. The first is that the average online sale happens after you prospect so the person you want to become your customer after seven touch points with your business. Yeah, that’s on average, obviously there’s a variation but if you look across the online marketing landscape, the average is seven touch points. So if you’re only actively seeking a single visit to your web page with no follow up, your chances of a high conversion rate of a large amount of people becoming your customers are limited. The second reason is that finding a profitable source of traffic is great and what happens is that people wanna push for that for all it’s worth, they get the blinkers on, their vision gets narrow down by the results from that big one source of traffic and they stop exploring other alternatives. But the problem is, is that if that one source of traffic dies and by traffic, I mean website visitors who are coming to your website, if that one source of traffic dies, then your business can literally be screwed overnight and we’ve seen this happen time time again. People rely on one paid traffic source, maybe it’s Facebook, maybe it’s Google, maybe it’s Amazon and they lose access to that platform or their ads stop performing and their traffic dries up overnight, they have nobody coming to their website, nobody that they can turn into a customer. I mean, if you get to that point, it’s very hard to just click your fingers and turn on alternate sources of traffic in a way that’s gonna generate money if you haven’t put the groundwork in first. And finally, the third reason why single shot marketing is a massive problem and this is probably the biggest one, is it only being able to rely on a single sale per customer means that you have to acquire a new customer for every sale? This is an expensive way to do business. If your competitors are able to make two sales per customer or more over time, they are making more profit per sale than you are, this means that they can afford to outspend you to acquire customer. And there’s an old saying in marketing, which you may well have heard before, the business that can spend the most to acquire customer wins, often this is true. So this sort of business, the single shot approach is not future proof, it cannot be relied upon. You cannot put your life into such a business and expect things to pan out over time. Sure, you can seek growth from this approach, you might see growth for three months, six months, you might not have hit those barriers yet or experienced your single point of failure if you’re in that boat but you will and your business will only ever grow in a linear way, in a slow way. That’s because you only have a pull in one growth lever to build your business. So what is the opposite of this single shot marketing or single shot marketer or single shot approach. It’s what we call geometric growth marketing. And it’s done by geometric growth marketers so we just use GGM for short. A GGM makes multiple active attempts generated on multiple traffic sources to convert every prospect with multiple offers. When a prospect becomes a paying customer, a GGM has a plan which they execute to turn that customer into a multi buy customer over time. So a geometric growth marketer is tagging constantly on the three layers of business growth at the same time. Thinking back to the start of the presentation, the three core ways to grow a business. They’re constantly seeking to increase their overall number of new customers, they’re always finding new ways to increase the average purchase price and they have a plan which they’re constantly executing to make every new customer become a loyal repeat customer over time. They drive rapid and geometric business growth and there are six minimum ways that they do this. One, they develop and know the marketing basics for every product or offer they are marketing. They develop multiple profitable online traffic sources simultaneously. They seek to increase the conversion rate so the rate at which people buy of their campaigns, of their websites, of their sales pages. They constantly retarget their online traffic in multiple ways using multiple marketing channels, when I say marketing channel, I mean Google, Facebook, other social media, email, these are all marketing channels. They have a follow up approach in place for existing customers that seeks to encourage them to become repeat customers. And finally, they can find and understand the data that their business produces and how to use this data to their advantage, how to use that data to support future business growth. Now, you’ll know that those six, I guess strategies for the GGM are the exact opposite of the six ways that many businesses are currently falling down online. Because of GGM or because geometric growth marketing is concurrently applying the three core ways to grow a business, they are generating more sales at a lower cost than their competitors who are not applying such an approach. And this is why pulling the three levers of business growth at the same time is so important. If you’re able to increase the amount of customers for higher average prices, you are giving yourself a larger pool of first time customers to turn into repeat customers at a higher price, at a higher purchase price. Once you have paid to and acquire a customer, nurturing them towards the second or third sale is much cheaper. Right, you don’t have to pay to acquire them again so your profits on each of those repeat sales are higher. So if you’re growing your pool of first time customers constantly, you then have more customers who can buy again and again at higher prices, more revenue, more profit. More profit equals more money you can invest towards acquiring more first time customers. It generates a business growth cycle, it generates a snowballing business growth cycle. And if you’re doing a better job of growing that, of developing that business growth cycle than your competitors, you will create a growth cycle that crushes your competitors into the dust, you will be able to outspent them in every time, you will dominate your market and your business will have fewest single points of failure and be truly future proof. So to get from where you are now to where you want to be or you need to be, successful, wealthy, financially free or finding increase time freedom, you need to move your business from a single shot approach, if that’s where you are, from having one of those six common ways that businesses, those six common roadblocks that we talked about at the start that are preventing online growth for business, you need to move from those places to a geometric growth marketing approach. Can you become a geometric growth marketer? Of course you can, look marketing and sales are not rocket science, right? People like me, I’m not a genius, there’s so much information and learning within your reach that you can access, all you need to do is work out what you don’t currently know, find the knowledge that you need and then consume that knowledge. Consistently apply what you learn, test multiple different ways of applying what you learn to find the best results and fail a bunch of times until you learn what works for your exact business, for your market, for your target customers. You’ll need to commit a significant amount of time, invest capital and some of which you need to be prepared to learn. Now, if that isn’t your cup of tea, if you wanna get to the results faster, well allowing you the time to focus on the aspects of your business that you do best, you could hire and build an internal team of geometric growth marketers, not a bad option assuming you have $30,000 per month to cover wages and on costs, the procedures in place to enable them to be successful, an excellent ability to identify and hire the right marketers and avoid hiring the wrong people who will cost you time and money. You can do it if you’ve got those things but it’s risky and it’s expensive. There is a third option, another way for you to apply the geometric growth approach to your business and start an unstoppable business growth cycle, a way to get your business generating $5 or more for every $1 you invest in marketing, a way for you to start pounding your competition into the dust but it’s not for everyone. I’m gonna dive into that third detail, that third option in detail shortly. But first, I wanna go over the six things that you need to get underway now if you want to apply a geometric growth market for yourself to your business. I promised at the start you are gonna learn from this presentation so I wanna take you through this. Now we kind of go into the exact how’s and what’s in everything for each of the six things that you need to do here because honestly, that would be more than an hour, each one would be more than an hour in and of itself but you will know where to get started and what you need to learn. The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is develop the marketing basics for your business, for your product, for your services. And like I call these marketing basics, not because they are basic or unimportant but because they are the basic building blocks of any wildly successful online marketing campaign, they’re not basic, far from it. If you get these right, you will never struggle to run successful marketing campaigns that convert prospects into customers. So what are the basics? I’m talking about knowing who your target customer is, doing the research, spending the time developing a picture of your target customer, you may have more than one profile of your target customer for your business or your products but doing that research, knowing who they are, what they do, what they love, where they spend their time online. You need to develop the unique big marketing ideas behind your products and services. So what is it about what you do that is unique? You need to build a marketing argument to support those unique big marketing ideas. A marketing argument that convinces your prospects to buy your product or your service from your business. Then you need to be able to develop that into information that’s presented to your prospects and develops emotions within them. You need to be able to articulate an unique selling proposition. Why should people buy from you and not your competitors? You need to be able to craft features and dimensionalized benefits that provide the logic about why someone should buy your product from you to support the emotion that your marketing arguments have developed. Remember, people take action, people buy for emotional reasons first, they then wanna have those emotional reasons supported by logic. If all you are doing right now is relying on list of features and simple benefit statements to sell your products or services, then you’re only doing half the job of selling and you’re not even doing marketing. Features and benefits are selling it’s not marketing, right? You need to have marketing is about emotions, it’s about ideas, you need to have those things locked in, they provide the bedrock for everything else you do online. The second thing you need to do if you’re not doing it already, is you need to grow, develop and grow multiple profitable traffic sources. So multiple ways for people who are not yet your customers to find your business online, to find your products, to find your services, to find your offers and then to consume them and purchase them. There’s no secret that online businesses must have traffic if you don’t have any traffic, you’re not a business online. We’ve also seen that relying on a single big source of traffic, like Google or Facebook threatens the growth and future of your business. To truly grow your business in a sustainable way, you need to invest in the development of at least three profitable and scalable traffic sources. Now, that’s not me saying, you need to go out and open an account on every social media and network, you need to be pumping ads out on five different places and at the same time be an SEO Ninja, right? That’s not what I’m saying, what I’m saying is that you need to find the most important traffic sources for your business, for your market and for your target customer and you need to start making use of them now. So what traffic sources are right for you? Look, there’s no single answer to that question. It varies from business to business and it varies from market to market, from niche to niche, however you wanna term where you operate. But what you need to be guided by is your target customer. Right, you need to be wherever they are, wherever they spend most of their time online is where you need to be meeting them. So the answer for a business say who serve 21 year old women may well be different to a business who serves primarily 55 year old male property investors. Those are two very different markets, they don’t often inhabit the same spaces online. So what you’ll find is the traffic sources that are right, that are the right fit for businesses that serve each of those target customer profiles, is going to be different. But if you’ve done the research as part of your marketing basics into who your target customer is, you will know where you need to be online, you will know where you need to be catching the eye of your target customers online. Now, there is one place that almost all businesses do need to be though and I will mention this is this part and that is search. There’s a lot of people out there who spread all different ideas about this but 100% almost all businesses who wanna operate online, need to be able to be found on search engines. When customers want to find somewhere to spend their money, they overwhelmingly turn to search engines. Regardless of age, gender or profession, a large proportion of your market users search. So if they can’t find you, whether you’re there with paid ads or whether you’re there organically using search engine optimization preferably both, your customers need to be able to find you when they go onto Google or Bing or wherever it might be, to search for products like yours, services like yours or even to search for your exact business. Something we say really commonly as an aside is, yeah, there’s businesses out there who are doing great using Facebook ads, they’re generating lots of money using Facebook ads and that’s great. They’re relying on Facebook ads but you know what happens when you run a lot of Facebook ads, you get a lot of people searching for your business on Google. If they don’t convert of your directly off your Facebook ads, what do you think they do? They go into Google and they search for your business or for your product so for whatever it is that you’ve been pushing out there on social media and what they’ll find, if you are not there is either they’ll find your competitors for that product or that service and they’ll buy from them or they won’t find anything. And that’s a sign for a lot of people that your business is not legitimate, that it might be a scam, people expect to find your business on Google, that’s what they’ve been trying to do so generally you need to be there. The third thing you need to be focusing on now, is how well you convert, how well and at what rate do you turn prospects? People who are visiting your business online, wherever you are online for the first time or for the second or the third time. How well do you convert those people from where they are into a paying customer? At what rate are you doing that? You need to find ways to increase that. This is one of the ways that you can increase the number of new customers coming into your business without spending more, without spending more on marketing. And you need to look through your entire online marketing and sales process for opportunities to increase that rate and this is what people refer to, what people mean when they refer to conversion rate optimization or CRO, this is what they’re talking about. Now the mistake many businesses make with conversion rate optimization is that they focus on a lot of little tweaks like changing the color of a button here or the position of an image or the layout of the checkout page. Now those things are important and you need to do them at some point but they aren’t the big movers of conversion rate. Those things you’re talking about point one, little point one incremental changes to your conversion rate, not significant changes, your conversion optimization journey, where you need to start looking is actually outside of your business. The first thing you need to do if you wanna boost your conversion rate, if you’re not happy with it right now, you need to do a complete tear down of the market you operate in and your competition because the reality is in 2019 and beyond almost all customers will comparison shop to some degree or another. They are always considering their options, they’re always looking at their upstairs always looking for other options whether they’re buying a physical product, an information product or service, they will be looking at more than just you. If your offer, I’m going to come back to what I mean by that in a second but if your offer isn’t better than your competitors, if your offer isn’t unique or doesn’t contain in it some unique elements, then it doesn’t matter how optimized your site is, it doesn’t matter what color your checkout button is, you will not significantly grow your business online. A great website doesn’t overcome a poor offer. Then on the flip side, if you have a stellar offer, if you’ve got the best offer on the market, you will still grow your business, even if your website or your landing pages are not the most amazing in your market. And we see this all the time, we see people with amazing offers and to be honest, their pages as very standard and boring and not that interesting but they still sell products. Right and we also see on the other side, people who’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars developing the stunning websites and they just don’t get the results they want. They look beautiful, well designed, colorful, engaging, but at the end of the day what they’re trying to sell isn’t unique, it’s not the best offer on the market and so they don’t reach their potential. So what do I mean by offer? Many people make the mistake of assuring that offer equals price and they focus very much on their price and is their price the best in the market or other people that are cheaper than them. Now, price is definitely an element of your offer but your offer is about so much more than price. Your offer includes the following, it includes your marketing, your big marketing ideas, you price, your shipping if you sell physical products, your unique selling proposition, your argument of why people should buy from you and not your competitors, your approach to risk reversal, so how you reverse the risk on your customers in case there’s a problem with their order or they don’t like the service. What are you gonna do for them? Do you have a guarantee of some sort? Do you provide them money back? This is what is meant by risk reversal. Your customer service is part of your offer, your trust factors that you have built into your sales process. Do you have reviews? Do you have authoritative content that’s better than your competitors? That’s what we mean by trust factors and finally your value delivery. Do you over deliver on value? Do you do more than what your competitors do for the same price? And once again, this may be on top of offering the same product. Do your customers perceive you as being better value than the people you are competing against? You need to analyze your market and your competition on these factors and you need to build a map of what is already out there in your market and then find ways to differentiate yourself. The key is to as much as possible, make your business and your products or services, a unique proposition for your prospect and not a commodity. Right, it’s hard to sell commodities, it’s not hard to sell unique propositions. If what you offer and do is the same or worse than your competition, then you will become a commodity, you will become commoditized and your job of turning prospects into customers, of getting people to converge during your sales process is infinitely more difficult. If you can make yourself a unique proposition on the other hand, selling becomes easy. A unique proposition does not have direct competition, it almost kind of operates in its own space. Now I understand like that all sounds easier, much easier said than done yet, you’re probably sitting there thinking yeah, that’s great Jon but I offer the same product as other businesses and I can’t compete on price or maybe I’m locked into a certain minimum price. What we need to remember is the price is just one of the offer elements, it is not the be all and end all, you can still be a unique proposition with the same core product and price. What you need to do is blow your marketing, USP, risk reversal, value, trust and customer service out of the water. Find ways to position those things better than your competitors. If you do those things in a unique way or a better way, then you can overcome the less unique elements of your offer. Remember, people consider it as a complete package. Right, yes they will pick apart individual elements and they might say yes, your price is high but you’re doing wow, wow wow, you’ve got all these other amazing things going on. So I’m prepared to pay a bit of a higher price because I can see that there is more value attached to your price than someone else’s price. Now once you’ve done the work on constructing a unique offer, you need to scream it to there afters. You don’t wanna hide it, you can’t be ashamed of it, you have to bake it into every element of your website, of your sales process, of your customer service, you need to make sure that it can’t be ignored, into your marketing. Then once you build a stellar offer, that’s when you should start worrying about what color your add to cart button is or what your checkout page looks like. And then you can start focusing on improving your conversion using the smaller things. The next thing you need to do to get that geometric marketing approach is to become a stalker. Now, stalking is a serious issue and I’m not making light of it but commonly when we’re talking about retargeting, people will make that analogy. When I talk about retargeting, if that’s not a term that’s familiar to you, we’re talking about how you follow your prospects, how you follow people you would like to become your customer through their journey to becoming your customer, through those seven touch points they might have with your business before they hand money over to you. Do you just let them go through it on their own? Do you collect their emails? Do you run what are called retargeting ads? Do you have any variation in your retargeting messages? The average customer has seven touch points with a business before they purchase online. If you’re selling expensive items, it may well be more and the key factor here is that those touch points happen over time, they don’t all usually happen within one hour. They happen over two days, three days, a week. Once again, if you’re selling expensive products, it might be two weeks, it might be three weeks, from when somebody finds out about your offer to becoming your customer. And so what else do you think your prospects are doing in that time, they’re not just sitting there twiddling their fingers, right? They’re out there doing research, they’re comparing you to their other options, they probably haven’t made their mind up yet and you can’t leave them alone, leave it to them to make that decision by themselves. You need to make sure you remain at the front of their mind. People are constantly bombarded with information online in their inbox or whatever, offers coming at you left, right and center, all your competitors might be getting in there really and you need to make sure that you’re not forgotten before you make a decision. That’s where what we call retargeting comes in. And there are three mistakes that a lot of businesses make when it comes to retargeting, they don’t do it at all. Obviously, that’s the first mistake. Secondly, they only use a single retargeting message for example, come back and get 10% off if you buy now. They send that out to anybody who comes in contact with their business they can. And also the third thing they’re doing wrong is they don’t retarget their existing customers to help them get back to make that second or third order, which we’ve already said is super important. Effective retargeting will increase your conversion rate, it will increase the number of new customers that come into your business and it can also boost your repeat sales so you’ll be hitting two of the three core business growth mechanisms that we’ve been referencing throughout this presentation. So when you’re, what you need to do to introduce a geometric growth marketing approach to retargeting your business is to start retargeting your prospects and existing customers with multiple segmented messages across multiple retargeting channels. And that goes retargeting channels by that I mean marketing channels so Google, so Facebook, so email. You don’t just retarget your website visitors with a single standard message, you need to run multiple messages that engage them with offers of assistance, valuable content and discounts if that’s right, you can use those. Remember, the goal of retargeting is to keep your offer at the front of the prospects mind until they’re either persuaded or ready to buy from you. And the path to persuasion or the elements needed to persuade people will vary from prospect to prospect. Right, not everybody will react to the same message. So running as, just slapping up a single message that goes out to everybody, not testing multiple messages for people before they purchase from you is going to deliver you lower results because yes, some people will be convinced to come back and buy from you by that broad generic message but a lot of people will not be and you will miss out on those people. In the same way you need to deliver your retargeting message across different platforms, don’t just rely on one, don’t make it just Google, don’t make it just Facebook. Each platform delivers your messages in different ways and format, some people will respond to well to retargeting on Google, while others will respond better on Facebook. So you need to be using what you can. The next thing you need to do to now to start the geometric growth marketing approach is to start loving and nurturing your existing customers. Now you probably do love them, but do you nurture them? And by nurture I mean, do you continue to grow a relationship with them so that they can continue their customer journey and buy from you again and again or are you just leaving them alone and hoping that one day they’ll come back? The single most powerful thing that any business can do to grow their revenue and profit online is to increase the rate at which existing customers make repeat purchases. Now we’ve talked about why that is important for creating that business growth snowball. Those repeat purchases are typically referred to as back end offers or back end purchases and for a lot of businesses, that’s where the real money is made, why? Because as we’ve said, you don’t have to pay again to acquire a customer on the second or third sales. But it doesn’t just stop there, it’s not just cheaper to make repeat sales to existing customers, it’s also easier, it’s much easier to convince an existing customer to purchase from you than it is a prospect who has had no interaction with your business before. It’s also easier to get an existing customer to spend more with your business to increase your average order value and that’s because you’ve already established trust and value, assuming you’re providing a good quality service or product. You’ve already started a relationship, you don’t have to convince them again. But this doesn’t happen by accident, like any relationship and that is how you should view the interactions between you and your customers, you have to work at developing it, you have to work at developing the relationship you have with your customers. You need to communicate and you need to add value to their life and almost universally, the best way to do that is with email marketing. If you don’t currently have an email marketing system operating in your business, then this could be the biggest growth opportunity you have today. Email offers an unparalleled way for you to have an ongoing and detailed conversation with a captive audience, a conversation that can be two way. So that’s something that advertising doesn’t do well, you can’t have a conversation that’s two way, people can’t respond to your ad, they can’t just type in a message and have you reply back and start a conversation. Right, with email you can. And the stats are consistently there to back up the strength of email marketing, for years running now vast amounts of research point to email returning at least $30 for every $1 spent on it. A lot of reports of much more, $40, $44 for every dollar spent on it, almost no other marketing channel can boast even close to that sort of return at scale. An email marketing is at the core of the geometric growth marketing approach, it is a must so if you aren’t doing it right now or if you’re only sending the odd email blast out to a big list, you need to build an email marketing system that is a mix of automated and manual email sequences or flows or whatever people like to call them to engage and nurture your existing customers to then towards their next purchase, to add value to their lives, to continue that relationship. To support that you also need to have identified the product or service pathway to those multiple purchases. So it’s not just enough to say yep, I’m gonna do email marketing to get people to buy again, you need to identify a pathway for those customers to, so what are you actually gonna be pushing them towards buying? If they bought x product on their first order, what should they be buying for their second or their third order? Right, so if x product was consumable, it might just be that they buy that product again in two months or three months or six months, they might get a refill pack of some sort. But if it’s a non consumable product, then you need to have other products, maybe up sales on that main product to add value to that first to product x. Maybe there’s other products that you know people who buy product x are usually interested in and same for services, do you have a follow up service? Do you have more of the same service? Do you have a service to increase the results of the first service you sold? But you need to identify those pathways now so that you know where you’re actually sending people. If you’re currently unable to see how you will make more than one sale per customer over time, you are in trouble and here’s why. If you are competing against other businesses who are able to generate multiple sales per customer, you’re at a disadvantage. I mentioned earlier that the second and third sales are more profitable. That means that after those sales you will have more money to invest in acquiring the front end sale. So if your competitors are able to generate multiple sales per customer and you aren’t, then they are more profitable than you. In turn, they will be able to throw more money at their marketing efforts in comparison to you and history shows usually that the company that can afford to spend the most to acquire customer wins. So if you currently can’t see how you will generate a second or third sale from your existing product or service, you need to prioritize this, you may need to find additional products or tweak your existing services. It may take time and money but I guarantee that if you can find the service or product pathway to generate multiple sales per customer and you can communicate that to your customer base, your business will grow and your profits will increase. Now the final thing that a geometric growth marketer understands is how to find, interpret and take action on their business data. They’re able to use their business data and the right data to support their business growth decisions, to know where to allocate marketing budget, to know which campaigns are performing and which are and why, to know how their website, their sales funnel as it’s commonly termed is performing and which steps in that website or funnel need to be tweaked, to understand their prospects buying cycle and their journey towards conversion. If you’re not currently including data in your decision making process, then you are relying on your gut to make decisions, you are relying on instinct. Now, your gut feel is important and often you need to rely on that, often you need to trust your instincts but if that’s all you’re doing, then in the long run, you will lose money more than you will win money if that’s all you’re relying on, you will be gambling with your business’s success and future. When you gamble, you rely on your gut, because you don’t have data and that’s why most people when they gamble, lose. So you need to learn where to find your business data. Ideally, you rely on multiple sources, sources like Google Analytics, your ads platforms, so whether it’s Facebook ads or Google ads, hit mapping software, apply to your website, which will show you how people are interacting with your website, with your web pages. If you’ve got an e-Commerce Platform like Shopify or BigCommerce, those platforms are full of data about your product, about how people are buying your products, about which products people are buying, about your customers, where they’re from. And so you need to be able to access that information to know which information to be able to pull out. And as you do that, as you get to know your business data better, you also get a better understanding of your business and market, you’ll start to see the patterns that exist in your market, amongst your customers, believe me, there are patterns and once you can recognize those patterns forming, you will be able to start predicting what will happen in the future, you’ll be able to make investments ahead of time in the growth of your business which will enable you to generate greater returns down the track. And this will help you to do everything else you need to do to become a geometric growth marketer or to apply this approach to your business, you become better require more new customers, you’ll have a better understanding of how to increase your average sales value and you will have a better understanding of how to nurture your existing customers to the next sale. So look, those are the six things that you need to be doing now in your business, if you’re not seeing the results you need, these are the things that you need to be doing. These are the things that we see successful online businesses doing day in day out and these are the things or some of these things are the things that we see unsuccessful online businesses missing. Now, there’s a lot there, thank you for listening so far, we’re getting towards the end but stick with us a bit longer here. Right, because I mentioned earlier in this presentation that there was a third option, a third way for you to apply this approach to your business, a third way to do that quickly. I said it earlier, this option isn’t for everybody and it’s not, it’s not for you if you’re afraid of growing your business quickly. It’s not for you if you aren’t prepared to do what’s necessary to win. And it’s not for you if you’re stuck in your ways and you aren’t prepared to change the way you currently do things online. Have a think about it, if that sounds like you, then just look please stop listening or watching now. Close the page, thank you for your time and best of luck with your business and really thanks for investing the time listening so far. You already, you now know what you need to do to change the growth trajectory of your business online. You’ve now got the basic strategies. On the other hand, if you’re excited about the prospect of growing your business online quickly and profitably, if you are prepared to do whatever it takes to win and if you’re prepared to make the right changes to how you currently do things to lock in your success then keep watching. I would like to introduce you to the third way that you can apply geometric growth to your online business, The Single-Shot Marketing Killer. You can kill Single-Shot Marketing Syndrome, an undesirable business performance by partnering with us here at Traffic x Conversion Squared and applying our Geometric Growth System to your business. A unique approach to online business growth is unlike anything else you’ll see offered by digital agency. It’s also backed by an unbeatable results guaranteeing a completely transparent pricing and I’m gonna get back to that guarantee in a minute. When you partner with us, you’re working with a team of geometric growth marketers, it’s like having your own in house team without the management headaches and at a much lower cost. Our team has experienced with over 400 online businesses. We’ve worked with these businesses directly either as system partners or via direct business growth coaching and consulting. We’ve worked across a diverse range of industries and categories, we’ve worked with e-Commerce businesses, selling cosmetics, golf clubs, wine coolers, bathroom vanities, home lighting, clothing, apparel, lingerie, fireplaces, literally everything including kitchen sinks. We’ve worked with service providers, mortgage brokers, plumbers, builders, cleaners, the benefit of this broad experience is that we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. Your business is unique and we deliver you our solution, our system completely bespoke and unique to your business. Our experience enables us to quickly cut through the nonsense and identify what are the best options available to suit your business then put that into action for you. So what makes us different? Why we’re better place to help you than other digital agencies. As I said earlier, most agencies are full of single shot marketers and they’re single shot agencies, they usually specialize in just one or two traffic sources or marketing channels like Google ads or email marketing. Now that was a great and at request, we do provide those as an individual services if your partners specifically asked us to do that. And sometimes and those can generate amazing results. They may generate good results initially, but these will plateau over time if they’re applied in isolation. The best Google ads in the world will only provide a limited success if the rest of your online marketing efforts are not up to scratch. They don’t drive geometric growth and they can fail at any moment, leaving you high and dry. On the flip side, when you utilize our Geometric Growth System as our partner we do the following, we develop the big marketing ideas for your business and your products or services. This is almost always ignored by most agencies, but it’s the foundation for wildly successful marketing campaigns. We then identify and exploit three or more traffic sources that we know based on deep research best fit your products in your target market, you’ll no longer be reliant on a single source of traffic, your business traffic supplier will be future proof. We’ll make sure your sales process converts, we’ll go over your website or landing pages with a fine tooth comb, we’ll implement those big marketing ideas, marketing and arguments and make your business a unique proposition online instead of a commodity. If you’ve got an online sales process we’ll work through that with you as well to make sure that it fits in with all of your marketing efforts. We’ll build and manage a complaint retargeting system to follow your prospects through their customer journey and persuade them to be your customer. We’ll build an online cultivation machine and email marketing system to keep your existing and new customers engaged and excited to complete their second and third purchases with you and beyond. And finally, with complete transparency, we collect, analyze data and deliver your business data to you so that you can make informed business decisions to continue growing your business for years to come without having to resort to guesswork. In a nutshell, what makes us different is that we’re simultaneously growing your business with the three fundamental growth strategies. You can say them again, this approach is what enables us to drive your business towards turning $1 into $5 or more online, to turn $1 into $7, $10, $13. But it’s the work we do is not just what sets us apart, it’s also the results guarantee that we provide to you our partner. Most digital agencies give you no results guarantee whatsoever, other than to say that they will perform the service that you’ve purchased, they do not guarantee that service will produce any results at all. We are not those agencies, when you become a Traffic x Conversion Squared partner, we will provide you with a performance agreement that sets out the results that we will generate for you and the timeframe it will take to generate those results, you will know exactly the details of what we are guaranteeing before you pay us a cent. If you don’t like what you see, you can walk away. If you would like to propose different targets, we will discuss those with you and once you confirm your acceptance of that performance agreement, we will sign it and provide you with a copy of your first IQ Results Guarantee. IQ Results Guarantee will state that we will achieve our target results, in our target time frame or you won’t pay us another cent until we do. But it’s not just that will work for free, we take this one step further, we will actually pay you back the monthly management fee that you would have paid us each month until we hit our targets, we will be paying you to let us hit our targets. This is unprecedented in the digital marketing world. IQ Results Guarantee will give you the protection and confidence you need to take the next big step. You will be able to relax and properly focus on the rest of the job of growing your business without worrying about your online marketing. Other digital agencies are seriously going to hate us. This kills a lot of other agencies and we’re proud of this guarantee. Now, as I’ve said, our Geometric Growth System is definitely not for everybody, we will only partner with you if we think you have the right business and the right mindset to take advantage of this system. I wanna say up front, we’re very open, we’re very transparent, if we don’t think we can grow your business, we won’t agree to partner with you. We’re different to a lot of other agencies. Yeah, there as I’ve said most agencies will be happy to take your money to provide a single service for a few months. If that doesn’t work out, they’ll just close the door and say sorry and thanks for your time and money or you’ll get frustrated and kick them out and then have to go to find another agency and have the same experience again and again. That’s not how we work, if we don’t think our system can grow your business we won’t agree to partner with you. Now, as I mentioned earlier, this Geometric Growth System is a completely bespoke system, it’s developed, we develop a unique strategy and a unique approach for your business, we don’t use cookie cutters here, we don’t apply templates. Templates are for amateurs, they deliver mediocre results at best. Yeah, because it’s a bespoke system, there is not a set price that I can tell you right now. We’ll develop you a quote for this service based on where your business is at right now and based on the strategy that we recommend to implement in your business. We do have a range of pricing structures available, which you can see on our website and we will give you more than one option whether it’s a fixed fee or a percentage of revenue or percentage of your advertising you spend, there are options for how this system is priced and we will present those to you. But the first step to building this bespoke strategy is that we need to know more about your business before we can say what we will do and whether you are the right fit for the system. The first step for you to find out today, if we are the right partner for you, is to book a 100% no obligation discussion with us today and you will actually speak with me, Jon, I’m the CEO of Traffic x Conversion Squared. So you will talk to me on that call. Only a call, we will talk about where your business is at right now, where you would like to go and we’ll start to explore whether we can work together. These calls usually go for about 30 minutes. But it doesn’t stop there after your call, what we do is we prepare and deliver to you a complete strategy report where we’ll set out the exact ways and the exact steps we will take to grow your business. You will also see how the exact arrangement we suggest in order for us to work together, timeframes, costs etc. Now, usually we charge, if you came to us and asked for such a strategy, we charge you at least $600 probably more for that service, probably over $1,000 for most businesses but in this case and for you here today, we’re going to provide that for free with no obligation so you can take that complete strategy and you can walk away with it. It’s yours to keep, you can take it and implemented yourself, you can take it and give it to your employees and have them implement it if you have employees. If you choose to go no further than that we respect your choice or on the basis of that you can choose to partner with us and grow your business to new heights. But the first step for you today is to book your call by clicking the blue button below, you’ll be taken to a short questionnaire just to grab your details and then you’ll get access to our scheduling calendar and to book in your call at an available time. Now we’re only able to provide this service to a set number of businesses each month and we only do 15 free strategy reports per month so I will pull this page down once those limits are reached each month. We like to do things right like we’re not just trying to stuff in every client that will partner that we can find. Generally we don’t onboard more than five businesses per month with our Geometric Growth System that means if you wait and we already have a queue, you will go into a white list and delay your business growth potentially for months to come. So let’s get it done together now, it’s time for you to confidently invest in the growth of your business, it’s time for you to enjoy feelings of success amongst your peers, friends and family, it’s definitely time to start enjoying the lifestyle of your choosing without the fear that things are about to fall apart at any moment. So stop worrying about where your next customers are going to come from, book in your call today using the blue button below and start your exciting journey towards geometric business growth success in your ideal life. But before I go, I thank you very much for your time. It means a lot to me and to us that you’ve spent the time to sit here and listen to what we’ve had to say. I truly hope that you’ve at least gained some fresh insight and fresh thoughts into how you can grow your business. If you do nothing else I hope that you can take something away from this. So I’m grateful for your time and I look forward to talking with you very soon.

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