April 7, 2020

100 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Brand through Social Media – 3 Power Tips

  1. I love these videos!!!! I have a question! I have a channel that began as primarily beauty, but I have transition into more fitness related content. I still do live beauty videos on Facebook as well as post both fitness and beauty related content on Instagram. Should I incorporate both beauty and fitness on channel? Or would it compromise the rate at which I grow my following? Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I just started my YouTube channel and will be posting my first video soon. I am don't know if I should post a random video or introduction? What is your intake?

  3. I notice when we stream on FB and we have multiple people share the live stream as its happening our reach on FB grows almost double what a normal live stream would reach.

  4. Thank you for all of your help! I have been watching as many of your videos as I can to learn as much as I can before starting my channel – I've finally gotten to starting and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the knowledge you have shared – I appreciate it!

  5. Love it! My tip: Be social in social media–support others even more than you promote yourself and they will often do the same and you'll have more fun.

  6. Hey Sean, my channel is new, I come with best music at one place.. Still not getting views.. Hardly 50 views over 10 days.. That's not what I want.. My videos r not going to viewers.. What should I do? Pleaseeeeee help Sean.. Your help will be appreciated..

  7. I will start trying batch recording as it seems like a damn good idea. Would you say posing on YouTube every day is a good idea or would you stick to every other day on YouTube and then regular posts on Facebook, Say 3 – 4 times a day?

  8. Again bro… you have some of the best, practical & clear content & value around!
    This video is πŸ”₯

    I'm still prepping for a relaunch in late summer. I've been watching u & a couple others religiously to build my approach.

    Thanks again

  9. Love these Q&A sessions Sean, thank you for answering these questions. I've been on youtube know since January this year and i'm trying to grow my subs, i think my content is not focused enough on one specific target which makes it a bit harder maybe. I'm also growing my Instagram at the same time, and to grow faster on Instagram would you use the same trics as on youtube ?

  10. Question, Should someone start making smaller videos for other platforms while still small? It's my 4th week. I was thinking to do smaller videos to link to the YouTube video on platforms like Facebook when I got bigger. But do you think I should start sooner? So far, I've only posted pictures early.

  11. I want to start a vlog series where I walk about my hearing loss and how it has impacted my lie when it comes to day to day living as well as playing my instrument. I would love to know your opinion on how to approach something like this. Thanks for the awesome content Sean!!

  12. Learned so much from your videos. I get more hits from Facebook due to my demographic and having more friends vs subscribers here. What would you suggest is a good way to drive more from Facebook to You Tube? Should I make a separate short video (from same segment) for FB to get them to come to YT?

  13. Thanks you I'm close to having 2.1k subscribers on my channel. You're awesome, Sean. Thank you for sharing your super informative videos.

  14. my best way to built my brand on social media is that
    Example in insta or twitter when ever I post anything first a research every thing and try to think out of the box and post it with TRENDING HASHTAG , these hashtags has help me a lot to attract more and more people In my post .
    I have build a workout platform in all social media named as "calisthenics brothers".

  15. Thanks for the tips. I've just started batch recording instagram videos – I try to do 2 or 3 back to back. I might push one out immediately, but I'm now uploading the videos to Trint to transcribe them easily, then taking the transcription into Camtasia as captions and releasing the captioned video to instagram so that it can be viewed in a mobile feed with the sound off. I need to start creating custom thumbnails for them as well though, haven't done that yet. For batching outdoor instagrams I either change position to have different background or take my hat off between video recordings. Thanks for the tips.

  16. My question is what happens to the people that pay for subscribers from fiverr or a third-party company. Does youtube block him from getting more subscribers and being a bigger YouTube or do they get penalized. And is there a way to remove those paid subscribers and start from scratch"

  17. You and your videos complete my day everyday. πŸ™‚ thanks a lot for always teaching us and sharing everything! I appreciate you!

  18. I have got 2 Questions:-
    How can i use affiliate Marketing in a Gaming Channel? And Uploading More(for example daily) helps in fastening channel's growth in some way or not?

  19. my tip : start doing & stop consuming too much content. it will make you overwhelmed & procrastinate more HAHA (this tip is for me) πŸ˜‚. Nice video πŸ˜€

  20. Sean, I've been watching and subscribed to your channel a while ago! Love the content! On my channel we do a lot of couple challenges and getting into the vlogging style. We have experiment where we test things out. I've been trying to find out where to market these videos, would you have any recommendations?

    Thanks again for all the videos you've made as well!

  21. Should I get the Sony a6000 or a g7x mk ii if I make vlogs, challenges, and edits. I already have a t5i but the auto focus is slow.

  22. Another great video! Your content has helped me as I've been building WOW kindness, an interview-based channel focused on spreading words of wisdom and acts of kindness. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you so much for all of the great tips!

  23. I got one question I am youtuber gamer and I am trying to know how does the SEO of youtube algorythm works? By any chance could you give any tips on how to gain more viewers likes and subscribers.


  24. Man!! as always GREAT content and tips, only that it's kinda hard to put them on practice in other country, like mexico, and more complicated in a little town. the culture it's so different over here.
    But Thanks for always inspire me.
    i just start my channel as a new proyect and a big challenge.
    greetings SEAN!!!

  25. great tips, some of them I am implementing already.
    when I do clothing video I take separate pictures of me posing, and did 2 unboxing videos in the same day. then drop a picture each day on instagramΓ·facebook plus remind people to check out my YouTube..
    need to upload short intro videos on facebook and instagram

  26. Sean this info is great. I'm not computer savvy like with doing editing an all but I'm still going to up load more video content. Thanks for the help.

  27. Another great video. You have the same problem I do. Your bangs are like, "Nah, I don't want to be on YouTube today." Get that perfect pompadour in frame man! Lol

  28. How do i get big in you tube? I'm just starting out and i only have 74 subs, so maybe can you give me a shoutout that would be great, i have a gaming channel! All your videos help me out so much that's why i'm subscribed! You inspired me to become a youtuber!! Keep crushing it!!!!!!

  29. Hey Sean! I've started a fresh youtube channel yesterday. It is a gaming channel, but I'm going to be posting Vlogs as well. I'm wondering if you recommend if I should merge my personal/gaming instagram & twitter together? Or should I have separate ones?

  30. hey sean. been watching ur videos lately and theyre awesomely helpful. I have a question which maybe isnt related to ur channel. how can i receive money online from monetized videos, or via any passive income source?. is it via paypal. I live in lebanon and paypal is banned here. ihave a debit card and ive been advised not to use it online. any other safe way. plz help..

  31. I really need to batch produce my videos!! Being in grad school still I don't have much time to produce a new video each week. Do you prepare all your scripts or how do you prepare for 4 videos (**assuming you make 4 per month)?

  32. Hey Sean, thanks for sharing the idea of batch producing. As a real estate agent is Socal, hope this helps me produce more content to grow my personal brand. I liked how you made a separate video for Fb to link to your youtube videos. That's how I found your stand up desk video! πŸ™‚

  33. I love watching your videos because they're so informative and I always gain new video ideas haha thanks!

  34. Thank you for taking the time to make this vid.

    Our Channel promotes social video gaming a.k.a. couch gaming. That is, video multi-player gaming with friends and family in the same room.

    They say it's a trend that's dying… so, I decided to do something about it.

    And now, splitscreen is to return to the Halo series with Halo 6. Ah, victory! Thanks to all who spoke and thus, made that possible! πŸ˜ƒ

  35. I started a youtube channel because of Sean. Im still only just starting and low on subs but Im beginning to apply everything Im learning from this channel to my channel and I really hope it begins to work soon. But thanks Sean for being an inspiration. 🀘🏻😜

  36. hey sean amazing video!
    i have a question. we are a new brand. just recently started a Facebook page as well. Our Facebook post are receiving alot of organic views. almost double the amount of likes we have. how can i get the audience to interact more and cross over to our youtube Channel?

  37. Think Media TV plss help me to get a very cheap gaming cpu(8GB RAM) plss help me I can not able to decide which should I buy my budget is 50000 rupees(around 780$) plsss help me

  38. This is dope Sean! I usually shoot multiple videos in one big shoot which people think I do a heck of a job to get it all done. But this will let me take it to the next level to grow my new channel on youtube.

  39. I'm using davinci and I can't figure out how to make a animated text line on my videos, do you think you could help with that?

  40. Hey Sean, you're always crushing it – I really think you should take the audio from these videos and just publish them as podcasts. I think I speak for a lot of your fans when I say I would really enjoy and appreciate that!

  41. another great informative video, thanks so much it really helps a newbie channel like mine. quick question…is someone else filming u? i mean how else do u get that great zoom in ? cheers, Alison.

  42. Thanks Sean. Love the tips. Everytime i watch your videos. I try to apply your advice to produce a better quality video on my youtube channel. Ive noticed the progress.You're my to go intructor for YouTube for advice. God bless you more.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  43. Thank you Sean!!! I'm starting a new Youtube Brand Channel on home renovation, Flipping houses, & how to transition into Real Estate Developing. & you have helped more than anyone. I'll hyu when it goes live.

  44. Very informative video, you have provided tons of great advice, marketing through social media is very beneficial for the marketers because it has become an essential tool than ever. Very helpful tips, great job!

  45. I love your videos they have helped, Facebook Live is my main platform and I upload them on YouTube. Awesome advice on editing.

  46. Hi Sean, I have a question for you. I was wondering how soon should I create facebook, twitter or instagram account for my youtube channel, so I do not get overwhelmed? I am very new to all of this, I really will appreciate your advise. Thank you.

  47. For some reason I typically only sub to new YouTubers. But I found myself watching your videos 3 nights in a row even without a sub or an intention to. So Hello! Subbed and I thank you for your great content!

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