January 18, 2020

100 thoughts on “How to grow an Instagram account from SCRATCH (With ZERO Followers!)


  2. my account got hacked or deleted wrongfully even tho i didn’t violate guidelines. i really was upset by this bc i had so many memories and photos used for a portfolio there 🙁 i’ve been contacting them for days to try to get it back but just in case they can’t help me, i’ll try these things agh. tysm

  3. My old personal instagram just got hacked now I’m restarting by focusing more on my graphic design profile. Trying to mix my business with my personality. Starting from scratch is tough but I love these tips! @gracefuldesigns.co come check me out ☺️

  4. I'm currently bed bound and can't work properly but I'm feeling so productive cause I'm learning so much from your videos. Thanks so much!!

  5. Shameless plug but I really would appreciated if you check out my ig and follow if you like what I'm posting there thanks https://instagram.com/meera_16m?igshid=1rfq8pr5saosj

  6. Hi Vanessa, I'm really loving all your content. Every video has so much information that learning so much with each video.

    I have a question, what would you recommend for someone who isn't starting from zero, but maybe started a short while ago as a bit of fun that wants to do it more seriously.

    I'm an artist who started out posting all my art from scribbles to full work. Now I know my niche, should I delete posts that don't keep within that theme, or just carry on with my niche going forward? (I have a mix at the moment so wouldn't be deleting everything)

  7. Love your videos!! So I am struggling with the if I should start a whole NEW IG account or convert my current IG account.. My current IG account is mainly all family and My new business account I know I should incorporate family and my business.. Ugh..Any advice??

  8. Got a couple hundred followers from this website, but it did take a while so idk if y'all would be interested.


  9. There are two many scam follower hacks. I cannot believe people fall for these scams. The only website that works is Quickfollowz, tried it myself

  10. Vanessa your amazing ❣️. You are so smart and professional! I'm a new fan and a New subscriber.

    All I can say….wow. Thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving great work.

  11. This is so incredibly valuable! (<—this is me implementing your last tip straight away) but seriously, Thank you!

  12. The only real website that worked for me and sends me free likes and followers is SMM EMPIRE – Trust me, I tried many other websites too but none of those worked like SMM EMPIRE lol

  13. Wanna make legit money online ? Do not believe me ? Try it yourself https://share.influencersearn.com/dashboard/register.php?referral=businessthinker123

  14. Just started new account doing great already for a days work. Thank you so much for this video! If any of you are interested in fitness follow @gus.strength on Instagram. It would be a great help to grow a healthy community

  15. Hi, I just started a new Instagram. I want to do fashion, lifestyle, and sobriety. Would those be okay? Or would it be weird?

  16. Hi Vanessa. I just wanted to say thanks for your helpful content! Recently started on Instagram and your content has been helpful in getting my ideas straight and making a plan. My account is to share my own music – so quite different from your niche but regardless, your content has been very helpful. Hoping to get my first 100 organic followers in the next few days : ) Thanks again. I appreciate your good energy.

  17. I really like all of your content, been sending my husband all the links to your videos as he has just started a new business venture and needs that traffic. Thank you! Keep posting!

  18. I learn every video you uploaded.🌹🌹🌹.
    I will continue to grow my channel because you inspire me about different techniques🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  19. Hi there! I'm right now sucking up all your videos. Your content and info is spot on thank you for that!. I wanted to ask if you could make videos on how to use social media to sell tangible product. I've seen that most of your videos feel like are intangible oriented, like fashion, bloggers, people that sell their image. But, i haven't seen one that helps for business with an actual product. Topics like how to use Instagram stories to promote your product and your business, why people would buy you product. Hash-tagging, photos. As an entrepreneur with an tangible product it would really help. Thank you so much and keep it up!

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  21. It’s my first time watching you. I feel like I’m learning a lot from you. I have also subscribed and hope I grow as a YouTuber. Thank you 🤗😊😊❤️

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