April 10, 2020
How to Grow a Successful Business Online with Natalie Eckdahl

How to Grow a Successful Business Online with Natalie Eckdahl

Hey, hey. Hey, how are you, Everyone? This is Karen Yankovich and this is the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast recap for episode 85. With Natalie Eckdahl, the founder of bizchix on the show this week and it was such a great interview. Oh, my gosh, we had so much fun. Natalie runs a Community of women business owners digital and offline which I love that you doing that and her strength. Is not just helping them. Create a funnel and goes to the beach. It’s really helping them create a thriving business. Using a lot of one-on-one coaching and you know the high ticket. item. She hopes it will get to six figures. She’s got different group for multiple six figures and then she’s also going to Mastermind for seven-figure entrepreneurs and we had such a great conversation. There’s a few things that we covered in this that you’re absolutely going to want to listen to we talked a little bit about understanding the space that you’re in right? What is the space that you’re and where are your customers? What are they looking for from you and stop looking at whatever else is doing and just provide that, okay? So she talked a little bit about what that is. Have you tried a physical product or are you going to make it a different service will be offering a subscription package right. So we dive into a lot of that? and her tips Are invaluable so check it out will put a link below this to check it out. If you don’t know Natalie, this is you really going to want to listen to this cuz you don’t want to be a follower for her. She really does an amazing job with her community, And what I love about Natalie is that we have a lot of similar ways of thinking, we talked about that niching down and you guys hear that from me a lot the importance of niching down how my business exploded when I really niche down on LinkedIn. Okay. It doesn’t mean I can’t help you with other things that when I niche down on LinkedIn everything changed for my business. So niching down in the importance of being comfortable in that Niche and how to really leverage a niche. the tips she gives are unbelievable. lot of talk about mindset a lot of talk about worth not just talk about it, but like walking the talk. Right walking the walk. not just talking to talk. So you’re going to see you just got a list of assets list of tips. my audience has been reaching out to me right and left loving this episode loving Natalie and loving the synchronicities to what she teaches to what I teach on the podcast. So I would love for you to check this out. Again at karenyankovicm.com/085 Natalie Eckdahl, the founder of bizchix. She’s just brilliant and I am honored to be able to share her Brilliance with you and I can’t wait to hear anything about it. So comment below and let us know what you got as your most important takeaway of episode 85 of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast.

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