April 2, 2020

How To Get Your First Sale

– I love that my number
one looks like a four. It’s good. (upbeat music) How to get your first sale. Today’s video is gonna
help you get over the hump. I know a lot of you
guys are struggling. You have a product, you
have an idea, you wanna get a customer. Maybe you’ve talk to a
customer and they said no. Come back later when
you got more developed ’cause you’re trying to pre-sale. Or you’re just scared that
you’re gonna sound sales-y. I get it. I mean the last thing you
wanna do is just be that sleazy, car dealer sales guy. But I know that nothing
happens ’til a sale is made. In this video, I’m gonna walk
you through a very simple way to get your first sale,
to make it feel effortless and to get you going, ’cause
it’s an exciting thing. You know, when
I was building Flowtown, It was a social
marketing application. I was like, how do we get
in front of small businesses to get their involvement. Involvement or support or
whatever you wanna call it, essentially, I wanna
get their money. We had this crazy idea of
hosting lunch and learns. The thought was simple, if
I can get them in a room, teach them a lot of cool
stuff and get them excited about the opportunity, then
hopefully they would say, man, this stuff sounds great,
we don’t have time to do it. Do you guys offer a tool or a
service to get it up for us? And that was our approach. So pretty much for the first
six months of Flowtown, we hosted a bunch
of lunch and learns, we had customers
come in we created a bunch of value for them,
taught them some really advanced neat conversion stuff and
at the end they were like, hey, we need a tool
to help us with this. That was our in. So I got good at
selling without selling. That’s what I wanna share
with you guys in this video. The first one is the belief. You know, if right off the
bat, if you’re sitting there going, but I don’t
wanna sound sales-y, you’re kinda messed up. You’re gonna have a hard
time because you may not realize it, when you talk
to a customer and your goal is to get an order, to get
them to part with their money. And if in your mind,
you’re thinking, I don’t wanna sound sales-y,
it’s gonna come across. It’s just gonna be the way it is. You’re not even gonna realize
it but you’re gonna be hesitant, you not gonna
have that confidence. You’re gonna be worried
that they’re gonna think you’re ridiculous and all
of that is gonna come across in the way you communicate. So step one is don’t connect
sales to being sales-y. The way I look at it is
you’re just giving them the opportunity for
you to help them. And if you say wow, my
product, my tool, my service, I know it serves my
customer, I know it can be helpful to them, then it’s
you’re ethical responsibility to actually make the offer. So that’s number one. Two is ask for advice. You know there’s this
great quote by Pitbull that’s “Ask for advice,
get money twice, “ask for money, get advice.” I just love that. Yes, I quoted Pitbull. ‘Cause it works for
customers as well. You know, when you’re
trying to understand if they’re an opportunity
for you to serve them, then just ask them for advice. Ask them, hey, I’m just
curious to get your feedback on what are some of the
challenges you’re having. And they just start this
conversation, interaction. They start telling you
all of the friction points in their life, in their
business and in their work. And that’s your opportunity
to say hey, well I heard what want you were saying
here, we actually got this tool I love to tell you about
if you’re open to it. And you get
permission to present it. So ask for advice,
get a customer. Number three is
no means not yet. Okay, so I want you
to flip the whole no and understand,
when a customer says no it really just means
not now, not yet. Whatever problem you solve
is not a priority for them. That is it. It’s not a personal attack
on your presentation skills, on you as a human being,
on the quality of your product. It is just, I have
priorities in my life, what you’re trying to
offer today doesn’t fit the goals and the
dreams that I have set. But it’s not no forever,
it’s just not yet. And to me, that’s your
opportunity to learn what could you’ve done better. If somebody says no or
they give you objections, you just need to understand
that that’s what you need to overcome in
the next conversation. If they say, wow, it
sounds expensive, then you didn’t explain how much
value it was gonna deliver so that the cost or
investment that they’re making is a fraction of the upside
that they’re gonna get. So remember, no means not
yet and it really means your opportunity to learn. And fourth for me is
it’s a numbers game. You know, I believe that the world is
essentially a funnel. From recruiting
people to raising money to business development to sales. So you wanna have
a wide top-of-funnel, meaning that if you have
one potential customer, if you’re like man,
I really want this customer and if they become
part of our product and use our product, that’s it. If you have one, do you
realize how crazy that sounds? You’re gonna hinge the whole
success, your happiness, your team’s ability to actually
interact with a customer based on customer, no way. Go wide, go 50, go 100. Make it a game,
talk to a lot of people. Get advice, ask for the
sale, make the offer. And trust me, if you
go to a lot of people and they don’t buy,
that’s a good signal that you might wanna
change up your offer. But trust me, the more
people you have at the top of the
funnel, the easier it is. So real quick recap
for all of you guys. It’s belief. You wanna have the belief
that selling is not sales-y. That’s number one. Two is ask for advice,
get a customer. Three is no means not yet and
it’s you opportunity to learn. And four is numbers game. I want you to think wide
funnel, the whole world is a funnel, make sure
you start with 25 potential customers
and talk with them. I hope this video,
you found it useful. I’m really excited to hear
from you below in the comments. I wanna know if you
got your first sale. Did this video help you
reframe some of those beliefs that were stopping
you from taking action? Leave a comment below. Let me know,
can’t wait to hear from you. As per usual, I wanna
challenge you to live a bigger life and
a bigger business. And I’ll see you next Monday. Cheers. If you liked this video,
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