November 17, 2019
How to Get to Space on the Cheap

How to Get to Space on the Cheap

Most people who visit LA come to see something like this, But I come to see stuff like this. This Grimey part of LA is Hawthorne California It’s not a lot to look at but it is where all the aerospace companies are located The old ones, the new ones like spaceX and then even newer companies like the one we are gonna visit today that are trying to build rockets faster and cheaper than ever before Relativity and its two founders – Tim and Jordan – have a plan to make rockets faster and cheaper than anyone else. To do this, they’re looking to build every part of a rocket. its engine, its fuel tanks and its body – with giant 3D printers. Relativity’s building the first autonomous rocket factory in launch service. The basic problem that these guys are trying to solve is that rockets remain very expensive and hard to make. SpaceX is the cheapest, most nimble rocket company around, and it charges about $60 million per launch So raw materials and propellant are 5% or less of the cost. 80 or 90% are labor and then the rest are kind of operational fees and things on the launch side. And so it’s really how do you take that raw material, make a rocket that’s actually going to work, and then fly it in the most efficient way. We believe autonomous manufacturing, which is how we think of 3d printing, really gets us to that point where we save a lot of money. At this point, you may be thinking, dear god, not another 3D printing thing. But here’s the deal. Relativity wants to sell it’s rockets for 10 million dollars each Hitting that low low everyday price, can only happen if machines replace humans on factory floor and to put a novel twist on it’s 3d printers, Relativity’s making it’s own metal, with this guy’s help So I’m Sam Thomaslan, I’m the lead materials engineer at relativity, I’ve been in charge of sourcing alloys, designing alloys, and tailoring all the processes to get the best material properties out of all the parts that we’re printing. We are looking at the structure of the materials on a micron level, and so we wanna see ductility, strength, formability, all that stuff. It’s insane to try and build a rocket. It’s even more insane to have to build the world’s largest 3D printer along the way. But there’s some reason to think that these two guys in their 20s have a chance at succeeding. The founders both built rockets at USC. After school, Tim took a job at Jeff Bezos’s rocket company Blue Origin where he specialized in 3D printing rocket parts. Jordan ended up at SpaceX, working on engines. Relativity has only been in business for a couple of years and hopes to fly it’s first rocket in 2021. They’ve raised about $10 million in funding and count Mark Cuban as their lead investor. Tell me how you first made your pitch to Mark Cuban, what was the subject line of your email. The subject line was “3d printing an entire rocket, space is sexy” and he bit and he bit, within 5 minutes like, his email game is crazy With a bit of luck. Okay, with a few thousand metric tons of luck, these guys hope not just to make rockets but to alter the course of how and where humans make all kinds of stuff. So we think a fully automated 3d printed factory with intelligent manufacturing with a small footprint is what we need when we’re going out to mars and colonizing outside of space. So relativity’s long term mission is we wanna 3d print the first rocket on mars this is like a stepping stone towards a future on mars? To get to this million people living and working on mars, you’re going to need industrial technology to compliment that. Being able to send these machines and 3d printers will really leverage and augment what their able to set up early on.

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  1. Fuck them. There should be a law that says you have to clean up as much space junk as you send up there. It's getting rediculous. They litter up there with crazy amounts of satellites at one go then just decommission them after like half a year.

  2. 80 percent labour? Or R&D? What is a rocket? A mere tube containing propellant and engine. That's it. Tube is no problem. Just use any pipe. I built rockets out of tin foil when I was a kid. So nothing to it. And i had no engine. Just a nozzle at the end of it. So it could be done very inexpensively of fuel is only 5% of the cost.

  3. We cry about the limited resources on this planet and continue to send more away. Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd and insane? Can't we just stick to real solutions?

    Congress could have implemented a negative income tax and administered pharmacological freedom decades ago, and they still can, as proposed by Milton Friedman.

    "The only difference between "propaganda" and "education", really, is the point of view. The advocacy of what we believe in is education. The advocacy of what we don't believe in is propaganda." — Edward Bernays

    "Poison is in everything, and no thing exists without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy." — Paracelsus

    "Its a moral problem with a harm which government is doing." — Milton Friedman

    911 was an inside job and addiction is no more real than is Sisyphus. Milton Friedman has a full lecture on here, but our prison industrial complex is more important; not to mention liberty and freedom for human capital:
    Carpe diem.

  4. SpaceX rocket cost: 60 million per launch

    Relativity rocket cost (est.): 10 million per launch

    If these two companies combined technologies, I’m sure the cost per launch could decrease to 1 million per launch.

  5. Hope all these missions do not turn out like the moon landing scams, where they just take ur money and dump ur bodies in space

  6. 3D printing the whole rocket will never work. The structural integrity is completely ruined for the combustion chamber and nozzle.

  7. Fascinating! While many would hit the brakes right away, these guys put it to the test. They have a materials engineer and are in the R&D phase. Of course, the real plan so far is to R&D the hell out of it until we see the real boundary for their materials' capacity. You'll be on my watchlist, Relativity.

  8. This is stupid. Why not make it reusable instead of cheap?
    A 200milion dollar reusable rocket is cheaper per flight than a 10 million dollar expendable rocket.

  9. Hey, Bloomberg! THE GRAPH AT 3:00 IS WRONG. You shouldn't use an ascending exponencial curve to model the business costs of the company. Maybe a descending one, "touching" the 10M line from above, in the long term. The graph in the video shows that the cost of each rocket will keep groing (exponentially!) after reaching the 10 milion line.

  10. Obvious Starcraft fans here. 3D printer called "Stargate", Rocket name "Terran" and that big Protoss decall on the wall.

  11. is the environmental damage from a single launch not enough to say we should not be launching anything non critical until we have a better way to get into space?

  12. the next problem will be the fuel. It's nearly impossible to launch a rocket by electricity, you won't have enough thrust power to push it through the earth's gravity. Basically fossile fuel is still a must and sadly, it's not unlimited

  13. Cheapest and most simple way is to stream the star wars trilogy straight to your phone while sitting on the toilet. That's the closest anyone is ever getting into space!

  14. The privatization of the supply for space carrier by corporation will lead to a lot space crash and accident… why? Simple the rocket will be build according to the demand and by price so it will be good and no so good products
    Now all will sounds awesome but when the private space travel industry kicks off, get ready for this headline:

    "The survivors of the StartShip Jupiter might come back home in 2 years after 5 years lost in space"
    "The family are demanding to Chinese company JupiterFlights $US800 mm for damage…"

    "The space smuggling controls a trade network of 20 bn"

    "Trump the 3rd say it would build an earth shield for ilegal human born in mars"

    There's 5 millions of aliens dreamer (human born in outer-space) dreaming to one day to visit planet earth…"

    Emperor TrumpIII says "They're rapist.." "
    "They bring rocks"
    "They don't understand gravity.."
    "They never seen a butterfly… "
    "They never see and heard a covfefe can you believe that? A covfefe!
    And trust me when I say…. they are not here just for covfefe…

    "In congress 200 Democrats killed a bill for rising the budget for space defend"

    "Saying that money should be use for welfare program in the space colonies…."

    "The UN is putting sanction on Russia for allegedly build a death start in Saturn orbit.. The Kremlin denies it, such thing do not exist"

    "Congress approve Transalien- extraterrestrial- marriage… whatever that means"

  15. This doesn't really seem viable; Rocket Lab is about to put 150kg payload into LEO, launching every 72 hours for $5m. Granted this is for a much higher payload, but a 2021 launch is way behind the curve.

  16. How can a 3D printed materials can be strong enough for such use? I think this company will succeed with rockets for other applications, like entertainment. Rockets for pyrotechnics, toys, or launching equipment into high altitudes..

  17. Be very careful,remember China is looking at you,and they will still your idea and technology,good luck.remember China will be killing,Apple,Amazon,tesla,Ford,G.M.,solar panels made by American companies,in very few words they are buying corrupt people and very important companies all over the world specialty in USA,Germany,etc.etc.and if you're not thinking smart,Chinese will be owning almost every thing.

  18. This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen. If you have the resources to 3D print this shit, you have the resources for injection molding, which is far cheaper, far more consistent, way faster and overall more reliable especially in large scale production. The fact that it yields a smoother surface on the product is enough of a reason to switch on its own – Look at those fucking surfaces! Do you honestly think that is going to withstand atmospheric reentry?? That shit will produce more friction than a greek man's pubes.

  19. Building a rocket on mars seems like a silly goal, if we fly rockets there then we would have all the rockets we need.
    A mars colony however would be critically dependant on 3d printing tech to manufacture and maintain domiciles, tools and vehicles on mars. That should be their goal, it is both necessary and feasible within our lifetime.

  20. Bloomberg, I know you think douchey hipster is in right now, but seriously, get someone else to do your voice overs. This guy sounds like he just woke up from a heroine nap.

  21. Is this intended to transport humans into space? while you're at it, why not try to build a hyper-drive instead of another rocket.

  22. Building parts has Nothing, NOTHING to do with having them function under RIDICULOUS loads. Loads that make the loads on a fighter jet look small. These are two guys that less than 10 years ago were doing home work in high school. If you think that all the knowledge of a full science team just gets picked up with a bit of work then you have no idea what a team of hardworking, committed, focused people did to make those other rockets work. This exists because someone with $5 billion dollars threw them $10 million dollars because he thought it would be fun. It has nothing to do with possible success.

  23. I'm a total science geek… But the money spent on all these space shits should be spent on making living on earth sustainable

  24. I hope after 20 years having rockets would be like buying cars today. Really a great idea of fully automated rocket manufacturing factory. Thanks Bloomberg for giving such a awesome news. 😘😘😘😘

  25. Unfortunately by that time 7 million dollar per launch BFR will have flown, sending 150 metric tons to orbit. Maybe not the rockets. But Mars will DEFINITELY need these guys to build things like dust proof machinery and habs and everything else. Better to send raw material and printers than premade parts, more space efficient. Pun intended.

  26. This rich Caucasian male really out here calling the most under-served communities of California grimy, I cant with disrespectful ytpipo

  27. Well if they can get that decent quality of 3D printing then obviously they won't just use it in the rocket business – that's inelastic demand. You wanna profit from increasing supply go for elastic demand markets such as manufacturing consumer products.

  28. Seems like the "painter's pallet" of materials/material properties would (at least initially) seriously constrain weight to thrust ratio based on what one could economically print. Imagine, for example, building lightweight pressure vessels without composites.

  29. Unfortunately drawing, mapping, and computing aren’t enough when it comes down to actual structures. Just look at the luminosity project over there in Switzerland for example.

  30. Why would you buy a cheap and plentiful steel or aluminum tube when you can 3D print it with a machine that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now you're thinking!

  31. I got a space Ad right before this. Thank you ☺️. That said, it was about the incredible BLOOMBERG series “Giant Leap” which I’m already watching (it’s incredible!). YouTube didn’t need to show me that ad, find new viewers, spread the promise of space to more newbies 😁

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