November 17, 2019
How to Get the Most Out of a Picture for Drop Shipping & eCommerce   Cropping Images 101

How to Get the Most Out of a Picture for Drop Shipping & eCommerce Cropping Images 101

hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation and I got a great one for you today so well you can see here we’re on
my phone I’m screen mirroring basically so we’re gonna just hop right in and
basically what this is gonna be is this is going to be a tutorial or just kind
of kind of a video that shows you you know how you can either you know this
can you can this is relevant for dropshipping and it’s also relevant if
you’re just realistic things you know retail arbitrage wise and that’s
something that I teach you know a great deal in my course and I’ll actually link
that in the description if you want to check that out but uh so it’s really
really simple but a lot of people you’d be surprised if you look at you know
some of the listings on Amazon some of the listings on eBay some listings on
you know I’ll be getting into Poshmark cuz I’ve been getting a lot of them
actually the next video and that’s couple videos old me on Poshmark because
I get a lot of questions about Poshmark and you know that people want to see me
doing a little bit more tutorials and videos on that so I’ll be throwing a
couple of them in there but basically anytime you’re going to relist on a
different site that isn’t you know Amazon or Ebay or anything like that
this is really really valuable because you’d be surprising if you look at some
of the pictures some of these pictures that people post it blows my mind that
they post a picture like that and then they wonder why their thing isn’t
selling so let me just show you really fast it’s gonna Amazon still to this day
when I for some reason why I go to Amazon okay well obviously weren’t there
but let’s uh let’s go back to Google I’m gonna show you this funny for some
reason even though I don’t live in the UK when I go to Amazon okay it’s not
gonna do it now but this first one right here these always pops it up uh I can’t
speak I always pops up Amazon UK it makes no freaking sense I don’t
understand it but so we’re just gonna we’re gonna pick a random product and
we’re gonna assume that in this sense we were either going to dropship this or
we’re gonna you know relist it on a different site like eBay this would be a
perfect one for eBay so I’m gonna show you exactly how you can do this really
really fast really really simple so let’s say that um let’s find a nice item
right here let’s go to headphones let’s say you were scouring and I’m not gonna
get into the specifics of this um you know if you’re interested you can take
my retail arbitrage course or my drop shipping courses and like I said the
retail arbitrage course will be linked with a subscriber discount and in
the description as well as the my – dropshipping courses you can get for
free 100% free it’s kind of a gift back I’ve been doing to thank all my students
because we’re literally approaching 50,000 on you to me now so it’s just
crazy to me but if you sign up for my for my subscription on my website you
get them for free so let’s just pop in here we’ll pick up a headphone this
thing’s a good one so $25.99 now let’s say you found this on a coupon site or
or anywhere that I that I teach to you know basically find these deals and you
found this for like 2 bucks and you wanted to resell it
but you notice you couldn’t resell resell it on Amazon it was brand
restricted so you wanted to resell it because you liked that margin because
let’s say you’re getting this for 24 two bucks I mean you take the two bucks off
it’s still 20 399 potentially in profit now obviously if you’re selling that on
Amazon you’re gonna take some shipping fees you know slightly and some you know
some listing fees and stuff like that or here selling on eBay you’re gonna take
some you know a hit potentially shipping it you’re gonna take it a hit
potentially listing it but it’s not that much so basically what I’m saying is if
someone knew that you know in this sense we’re gonna go into the retail arbitrage
example but this is relevant and drop shipping to if you wanted to buy this
because you just love that margin you wanted to make that 23 bucks but you
knew that you couldn’t realistic you know how do you go about listing it
really really easy on eBay so right here we’re gonna we’re on we’re in Amazon
we’re gonna pop the eBay app up eBay and don’t know why it’s not coming up there
we go a little bit slow so we’re gonna list an item here so basically what the
way that I’m gonna teach you to do it’s really really simple now you can do this
on the computer too and obviously if you’re on the computer you can literally
snip the picture so you can copy and paste it’s very very simple but not
everybody wants to do this on their computer not everybody’s gonna have
access to a computer and to be honest it can be a lot easier on mobile once you
get good at it so what I’m gonna do is I’m literally just going to copy about
to here and I’m going to post that in eBay if it lets me don’t know why it’s
so slow paste that gonna go see if it finds
anything now it looks like it did is this the taotronics wireless yes so it
has this basically so I’m gonna click this one because it’s the same thing and
when we hit new because we’re gonna realist that same exact thing now you’ll
see here the very first thing you need is photos and they’re relevant so
sometimes I like to take a photo if I have a good lighting like of the box
that’s legitimate so people know that I actually have the item but this is what
I’m gonna show you so sometimes people will take a picture of this mess that up
maybe they’ll even get this one right here and we’re gonna throw those I need
to do that what’s going on right now all right photos and sometimes people will
literally come in here and they’ll add this is exactly what I mean they’ll add
this photo there we go add photos and you’ll notice
that it comes up with this right here with the back thing see that this is
what people are seeing on the app when they’re coming to your to your photo now
yes it’s a great white background it’s a great picture ecommerce lots and your
drop shipping this or your relisting at retail arbitrage arrives from site to
site but this is a great example of why this is bad it literally says an on it there’s a back key people are gonna know that you’re
listing this from a different site even if they can’t see the Amazon comment on
the top because there’s a back thing right there just doesn’t look clean it
doesn’t look cut and especially with the new with a new app or the new iPhone
update if you have an iPhone this is perfect and I’m sure there’s a thing
with droid I just haven’t had a droid about a decade so it’s hard for me to
say well you’re basically to do is you’re gonna screenshot it again but
instead of that you’re gonna come up here and click it to open it up and
you’re literally just gonna drag it down around it and it will resize it for you
and that’s how you get it boom resize done and then you’re gonna simply
add that now that it’s a slight difference it’s a very very easy you
might think oh that’s common sense but you’d be surprised on how many people
list items picture wise on sites like this and there’s all sorts of things in
the background it’s so obvious that they’re either dropshipping it or you
know lists relisting it from a different site and that will make all the
difference in the world you don’t want to detail buyers on your product
pictures your product pictures should be what are encouraging buyers not
deterring them so this is really simple we’re just gonna kind of bring this to
you because it’s valuable it’s very very relevant trust me it’s a little T a
little tweak a little trick just a slight tip that could help you
but it makes all the difference in your sales trust me so if you like that
please like the video comment and subscribe it really helps the channel
grow guys and I will see you the next one

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