November 17, 2019
How To Get Started with Internet Marketing For Newbies

How To Get Started with Internet Marketing For Newbies

Is welcome today’s video make sure you visit? Podcast for marketers Dot-Com for more information over there I have a really kick-ass course on how you can make at least a few grand a month on simple Reoccurring revenue right and that’s called freedom funnels and make sure that you like this video and subscribe to my channel man I’m put out videos every day So you don’t want to miss what I put up cuz I put on some pretty kick-ass content and man I always want you guys to comment below man I love absolutely love all the comments you guys bring. Let me know what you’re thinking if you have any questions I’m always in the comments section. I really love the community let’s get into the video alright guys, so Today, I wanted to talk about or just tell newbies noobs, right how to get started now if you really want to be like Gary vee You know he just put out his manifesto, and I called bullshit on that, and I put out actual like podcast on that bullshit manifesto, and you want to be like ty lopez okay, or You want to start your social media marketing agency? Okay The first step in doing any of that is to number one is watch what these guys are doing, right? Don’t listen to what they’re saying. I need you to watch What they’re doing? So that’s the first step right is to watch these guys. What are they doing? Don’t listen to what they’re saying? don’t listen to Gary Vee talking about hustle and You know work Thirty thousand hours a day, and you know how awesome he is Don’t listen to ty lopez and listen to him telling you that you should start a social media marketing agency And you should get one to ten clients to pay you x amount of dollars don’t listen to that part? Step number one is to watch what they’re doing are either of them Doing exactly what they say they’re doing or they’re telling you to do excuse me are either of them telling you To do what? They’re doing you know I’m saying they’re not doing that they’re telling you to do something else other than what they are doing So that’s step number one if you want to become awesome And you want you know to have lambos and hoes like tai lopez or you want to be Mr. Hustle and Ride private Jets and get paid a hundred grand to speak any events Then you can’t listen to them and talk about start what wine library if number one was a fucking flop right? It was just one thing that he tried that didn’t work and now he’s trying to bring it back now, right? But how did he do that? And one thing he does tell you to do is he started creating our started document excuse me He started documenting and creating kick-ass content All right, so that’s your first, and that’s what ty lopez does they both document and create kick-Ass content For their advert are now the difference is now gary vee has a different client or a different prospect than ty Lopez does Gary V’s people and this is the first thing you need that this the next thing you need to do is You need to find out who? is your dream prospect Who do you want to work with right so like to give you an example gary vee has people that want to be entrepreneurs? And the more than likely they either already Entrepreneurs, or they really want to be entrepreneurs, okay ty Lopez has a younger demographic? Right he’s dealing with people that are like 13 To 18 years old really you know and there’s people that are older than that right, but that’s his demographic And he knows who he wants to talk to Why does he talk why how do you know that because of how he says I listen and watch what he does right? So I’m watching that he’ll even say you know tell your mom you know that you want to be an entrepreneur You don’t wanna go to school and high school sucks. Well. Who’s he talking to right? He can’t be talking to me I’ve already been to high school in college right so he can’t be talking to me, so You know who is ideal prospect is he does a lot of snapchatting we know what that age demographic is Gary Vee you go on Snapchat. He’s not as active as he is on Instagram and Facebook which is a different age demographic right? So who is your dream? prospect, okay before document your awesomeness This is how you’re gonna get lambos and hose this is how you’re gonna get to do $100,000 You’d be paid $100,000 of speaking engagements right not by owning a social media marketing agency But I’m gonna get to that point because you guys want a social media marketing agency bad It’s for whatever reason you think that that’s what’s gonna be it for you Right I get questions every day and the reason why I did. This is because people ask me every day You know is social media marketing isn’t that the fastest way to make money no? It’s not the fastest way to make money absolutely not right, but you guys want to do it So I’m gonna tell you what’s involved with it number five after you document your awesomeness Start working on social Media for yourself now Tai Lopez gave this same advice in this course Nobody’s following that advice There’s only a few people that are following that advice and if you watch what they’re doing I’m gonna give you some examples of some little bitty micro Tai Lopez’s right Ryan hildreth that J entrepreneur the serial entrepreneur dude and Tanner Foxx Right all of these dudes are little mini Tai Lopez’s right they got it. They figured it out Everybody else is really trying to go around And sell dentist social media marketing agencies you list the point You missed it These dudes got the point like these these dudes catch flack right these mini tai Lopez’s they caught flak why? Well, they’re going around in there trying to sell social media marketing agency courses And you’re going around being just like tai lopez is what you’re saying Because they got it they understood They figured it out How can I be awesome they documented them they’re trying to start their social media marketing agencies they caught a lot of traffic they put out courses themselves and They this is the next thing they did their own Social Media to show that they were awesome doing social media right But in the interim they found something out, and that is where lie in the way, I wearing lies the secret During that they found something out. They started realizing that the social media marketing agency wasn’t where is that and ty Lopez? Doesn’t really tell you that right I? Don’t know we left out five or six, but I wanted to say five right, so that’s number five right once you understand your awesomeness and You start going out and you start spreading the word to your social media now. Here’s the thing if you have a physical product Give it away If you don’t have a social product of and you have like info products, then you need to do collaborations Collab on YouTube Collab on your podcast do Podcast interviews and go speaking at events right This is all in line with how to do a social media marketing agency, right? It’s all in line. Why because you’re doing You’re doing this shit once you start getting Good at your own personal brand and that’s what all this is about I’ve said this a million times, and I’m not gonna get off of this, right This is you guys don’t want to hear this you want to think that you’re supposed to be marketing to dentist chiropractors and fucking Doctors or whatever and that’s not the point It’s not where it is guys. I’m giving you the secret right now now. You don’t want the secret Why because the secret takes work? And you have to do the work right? That’s not what you want you thought that you’re gonna be able to get on the phone Call two or three people and make ten thousand a month, right? It’s not Gonna work I Mean it will work for some people don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you I don’t want you to say that I’m thinking that the whole thing is a flop But personal branding is where it’s at Look at what everybody else is doing right? How can I say their names out of my mouth right? Because they’ve branded themselves Sonny t Podcasts for marketers that’s a brand. I’m branding myself and All these other guys ty lopez and gary vee they branded themselves. It’s a personal brand You have what it takes to do. Whatever it is you do well? fishing boating exercise How many personal trainers are out there that have actually branded themselves, right? You have what it takes to do it on your own, right? But these are the tips that you should do now Once you’ve branded yourself, and you’ve got yourself known in social Media and you have your own following, right? I’m not telling you to do courses What I’m telling you at that point is once you’ve done that right and you’ve gotten to the point where you have your personal brand okay, so Let’s just say your name was bobo So you got bobo calm, right? Make it Mr.. Bobo calm Mr.. Bobo calm it everybody follows you and they understand it. You’re the shit. You’re the man, right? So now once you go First of all you’ve done meetings. You’ve done the the paid engagements you’re talking you’ve you you walk in the walk You’re doing exactly what you see these guys doing You’re all over the internet you. Have your personal brand people know that Mr. Bobo personal Trainer is Right working out every day taking your supplements. You’ve been making affiliate money selling supplements just like ty Lopez So what he did he came up affiliate marketing. He’s still affiliate marketing All you have to do is give him his email list you’ll see filly at marketing right now He’s pushing the shit out of Anthony Morrison For e-Commerce let’s push the shit out of that course right? He was affiliate marketing when he did the social media marketing agency course Every guy on there is an affiliate Joe soto has his old class the one crazy dude He has his own class right now talking about info products, right? All of those dudes had a product to sell you in that social media marketing agency course every last one of them They wouldn’t had social media marketers. They were selling you their products He’s an affiliate marketer He worked up. He built his brand He had he documented and he created everything that he started doing he worked his brand And he started selling products. Just like everybody else that’s out there right, so Mr.. Bobo Follow those instructions Do all of that and at the end of the day if you still want to do a social media marketing agency? When somebody looks I was watching a Mike dillard video right and let me tell you what he said it was fucking hilarious He was like I get tons of emails every day. He says I guess I’m on somebody’s dream 100 lists, right? And he said I get tons of emails every day the first thing I go do Is go look at their Twitter account and I see that they have 500 there you know followers, but they’re following you know 700 people Any less that’s all I need to see I’m they’re done. I’m never doing work with them again ever I’m not gonna do any work with them. That’s all I needed to see he stops right there at Twitter Great, so nobody’s gonna work with you if you look like a loser And that’s what everybody else is gonna look at even your doctors and your dentist most of them So if you’re if your social media marketing is so good Where’s your social media marketing at then why haven’t you taken care of yourself, right? even though it could be like the whole dentist or not – dentist the The beauty salon that lady Ellen’s abuse line doesn’t have her hair done or the mechanic that doesn’t have a car running? Well, that’s pretty much bullshit mechanics. Have good running cars. They just usually look like shit right Beauty salon Chicks usually have their nails and their hair done, but maybe you just caught them on a bad day But they still have healthy hair and healthy nails just look at them Right so the first thing to do is get yourself in order you don’t want to hear that, but it’s true how can you do the work if you don’t if you haven’t done it for yourself and The easiest way to do the work. You know because you’re like, how can I get you know? How can I you know get clients because I don’t have any proof yourself You’re the proof that’s why a social media marketing agency is not the fastest way to get money as a Matter of fact I can show you right now that my top videos have nothing to do with a social media marketing agency My top ten videos are how to make money online how to make $100 on Instagram how to make? $3,000 a month blah blah blah they are not about a social media marketing agency coffee bread

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  2. They are not making money doing the SMMA they make their money with the course. Kinda like selling Herbalife. You make most of the money signing people up to sell Herbalife not actually selling the Herbalife. They selling a dream

  3. You are so correct I follow a YouTuber Hayden who took Tai Lopez course. He documented his journey and got a client or 2 but never got past that. I do not think he has that gym client anymore. Now he sells his own social media course. He also sells how to make money on Amazon.

  4. I wouldn't say Gary's Wine Libaray TV was a flop, in the sense that it put him in the spotlight and started his "24/7/365 Hustle Guru" Online personality .

  5. Okay so I get that starting a social media marketing agency isn’t THE fastest way… but while I’m working on personal branding (which takes time) is it still A way to make money? And what would be the fastest alternative?

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