October 17, 2019
How To Get Started (And Grow) Your Amazon Business With Influencer Marketing

How To Get Started (And Grow) Your Amazon Business With Influencer Marketing

(swoosh) – What’s goin’ on guys? Colin Mcguire, CEO of Boomn here, I’m here at the SellerCon conference with amazing.com, and I’ve got some tips for how to get started with
influencer marketing, and also how to start scaling and growing your brand, with influencer marketing. My first tip is, if you’re just gettin’ started, instead of investing in influencers to post for you, just go ahead and send them some product for free in exchange for some photos back, and tell them that you are
going to use those photos on your social media and in your marketing, and you will tag and mention them whenever
you use those photos. My second tip is if you have already been
doing something like that, not only can you get photos to use in your marketing from them, but also have them post for you. An excellent way to actually get them to do something that’s a
little bit more worthwhile than just posting to sell your products is actually to have them participate in some sort of giveaway, or contest, and/or have some sort of themed content. And maybe they can do a series of it. Do something a little bit
more than just one post to help promote or sell your products. My third tip would be go ahead and do all the things in the previous two tips, but also ask if you can
attach your ad account, if you could get advertiser access to their Instagram account or their Facebook page, so that you can boost, or promote, or actually pull that post that they make for you into an ad, and drive traffic to a landing page. This is something that we’ve been doing for years now. It works very well. It’s a proven concept. I just got done talking here at SellerCon about it, so you can definitely check that out, but the way that we do it is we’ll actually reach
out to the influencer. They’ll send us some photos. They’ll actually post the photos. And then we, when the post does well or we actually like the content, we’ll say, “Hey, we would
love to pull this post into an ad, using our money, not yours. Can we get advertiser access to your Instagram account or Facebook business profile, so that we can advertise it?” This is a great way for you to promote that influencer’s post to a much larger group of people, and actually use it as an ad for your business. My fourth tip would be not only can you do all of those three tips that I just mentioned, but you can also start making ads on that influencer’s Facebook page and Instagram account. Get the ads approved by the influencer and then actually run ads for your product or for your offer from their accounts. This is something that
a lot of people think, for some reason it’s untouchable, that influencers won’t do it. The reality is is that they will do it. Of course, now you’re gonna have to compensate them quite a bit. I would recommend offering in between 500 to 1,000 dollars a month to advertise your products from their page. Of course, you should get their approval for every single ad before it goes live, but this is one way that you can actually leverage
influencers more so than just posting for you and actually do something that is actually going to acquire customers with your own efforts, with your own data, with your own ad spend. This is something again that works very well for us. My next tip is sometimes when, for the first two tips you’re gonna be looking
for micro influencers, not necessarily macro influencers. People that aren’t actually influencers, they’re just Instagram users that have very beautiful feeds. They’re good at taking pictures. They fit your customer demographic, and you want them to take photos with your product. Don’t rely on influencer marketing tools to find these very small influencers. They’re not on those platforms. You should just be looking, perusing Instagram, looking at hashtags, looking at check-ins. For instance, if you’re looking for a rodeo influencer, or some sort of western or country music influencer, you’re gonna wanna look at photos that are tagged or checked-in at a certain location. So, look at local high school rodeos. Look at country music shows and concerts. And find users that post content from, from those places that are relevant to your audience. And then just reach
out to them, send a DM. Say, “I would love to send
you some of our products, to take some photos of them, you can keep the products, they’re free.” We typically send in between 100 to 200 dollars worth
of products to them, so they can take some photos for us and then send them back to us. We say, “You don’t have to post anything. We’re just really looking to get some great photos from you, and then we’ll tag you and mention you in all of our marketing
whenever we use them to promote your Instagram profile.” So those are really all
of my basic tips for how to actually get started with influencer marketing, and also how to scale your
influencer marketing efforts, using your own data, using your own ad accounts, and thanks for following along and checkin’ out amazing.com and SellerCon. (swoosh)

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