February 23, 2020
How to get rid of trolls – how to handle jerks on social media – J.R. Fisher- J.R. Fisher

How to get rid of trolls – how to handle jerks on social media – J.R. Fisher- J.R. Fisher

how to get rid of trolls how to handle
jerks on social media stick with me that’s what we’re gonna
cover you know when I was a kid I had two sisters and they both had trolls
they were cute little dolls that had a stubby body and sprouting hair sprung
out of the top of their heads I didn’t collect trolls because it was
more of a girl thing but nowadays I do collect trolls and they’re nothing like
the trolls of my childhood you know most people interact with me in a really nice
manner they got good manners they have good input they like my post they
continue the conversation and they make it better here’s the comments I got
online that I really appreciate Eileen bender said this I just spent an
hour and a half with junior and he already has given me incredible guidance
for my online business he definitely knows what he’s talking about and he
backs it up with real proven methods and as a bonus he’s a great personality
Thank You Eileen I’ve really appreciated Anthony dutour said the absolute best
goes above and beyond and seriously just listen to what he has to say the number
of aha moments we got after his coaching paid for the services tenfold and here’s
what Mike had to say if you’re looking to grow your online business Junior is
your man incredibly knowledgeable and helpful
highly recommended now those are great but they’re not always great and
sometimes I get some real trolls I decided to do this video because trolls
online have become a bigger and bigger issue recently if you’ve noticed this –
put a comment below what you’ve noticed and how you deal with it also smash that
like button and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel take a second
and hit the subscribe button right now so for the purpose of this video let’s
define what a troll is it’s someone who’s trying to take you off your topic
or press your buttons or just trying to anger you they leave nasty inflammatory
comments on your posts and videos comment below if you’ve ever been
trolled before according to an online poll 28% of all adults in the USA
admitted to malicious online activity directed towards somebody they didn’t
even know the funny thing is that 45% of the people polled said they didn’t know
what a troll was so maybe they are one and don’t know it the top three subjects
they say they posted about were politics news and religion let’s look at the
history of trolls it actually started with trolling now I found two
definitions of trolling the funny thing is that the newer version has now
overtaken the original meaning the old meaning was fishing while trailing a
baited line behind a boat but the new definition is defined as creating
discord on the Internet like starting quarrels and upsetting people by posting
inflammatory or off-topic messages online in a community
well basically social media troll is someone who purposely says something
conversational in order to get a rise out of other users this person announced
that they didn’t want to shop at Target anymore and they receive this comment
okay that’s harsh and somebody made it look like it was
the store it wasn’t interesting look I’m not an expert in this area however I’ve
been online for about 10 years selling products and services so if nothing else
I do qualify as somebody with experience so I made a list of best practices that
you can use to help you the first thing you can do is wait waiting is a really
good idea I can’t count how many times I went to do an email and I waited a day
and I really rethought it and it wasn’t exactly what I would have said the first
time around you know if you wait your thoughts won’t be as harsh and it’ll be
a whole lot better thought-out than if you instantly respond to this your next
option is option number two which is just ignore them you don’t have to
respond just because somebody’s put a negative comment and sometimes that’s
the best thing to do matter of fact I’ve ignored bad comments and I’ve seen other
people on that same thread start attacking that person so sometimes it’s
best just to leave it alone and the third thing you can do is just
kill them with kindness be good go along with whatever they said
in one of my videos somebody said I sounded like a used car salesman funny
thing I used to sell cars I put that in the comments and the person said well at
least you’ll take instruction and number four you can educate sometimes they
really don’t know and they don’t understand and if you explain the
situation a little bit better they appreciate it because sometimes they
just want to have some feedback they’re lonesome and the funny thing is most of
these bad comments will have all kinds of grammatical errors now it may be that
they’re just dumb and they can’t write or it could be that they’re putting
those grammatical errors in there just to get a reaction out of you to get the
conversation going so you can say oh you’re not so smart you messed up this
word you didn’t put a comma here or there so you may be commenting on a
subject and not realizing that it is offensive I remember when I first got
out of high school and I asked a friend of mine who was a little heavy if she
was pregnant bad mistake and this pitcher will explain when you can ask
that question of a woman I saw the girl six months later and she had lost so
much weight that she looked anorexic I felt horrible I’ve never asked a woman
that question again and the next thing you could do is just block or report
them sometimes it’s just not worth it it’s better just to block that person
from posting on anything you have from that point forward now I want you to
keep something else in mind before you get too angry about all this keep in
mind that trolls are real people too maybe they want attention because they
never got it maybe they were bullied their entire life and their lonesome
they just want attention if you don’t come from that place you may not realize
it I tend to feel sorry for that type of person they’re doing it for attention
but why do they want attention maybe it’s because they never got it finally
are you a troll search deep down and ask yourself that question according to the
statistic I originally gave you that would mean that in the US alone there
were about 30 million trolls here rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t say it
to somebody in person don’t say it online we use our phone
computer and iPad as a filter but it is real to the person on the other end and
it’s hurtful think about the power of positivity I encourage you post a
positive comment every day to somebody else online do this every single day
imagine if everyone did that the difference it could make I know
sometimes when I do a video I don’t even know if it’ll be well-received or if
anybody’s even gonna listen to it so it’s awesome when I get feedback and
it’s a positive result so here’s my challenge to you is to overcome
negativity with positivity every day post a kind and encouraging comment on
somebody else’s post hey start here with this video and put your comment below I
would love to hear your thoughts don’t be a troll don’t feed the trolls like
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thanks for watching

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