March 30, 2020

100 thoughts on “How to Get PAID Brand Deals in 2020 (For SMALL Influencers!)

  1. Was there a tip from the video that surprised you? 😆 I hope this video helps you guys!! ** Don't forget to download the FREE Step-by-step guide to turn your followers into clients:

  2. Always learning so much on your video. And i like the tool to estimate the price to charge.
    But how you know your value, how you estimate your hourly rate ? I am very curious ~ i know it grow when expending your business but it would great to hear you point of you about that^^

  3. If we remember correctly from business school don't "interests" fall under the category of (psychographics) rather than (demographics)?

    Just figured we would mention this for anyone else learning about these marketing buzzwords. Our professor had us remember about 15 demographics for the exam and we had to differentiate demographics and psychographics.

  4. Some fantastic points! I just realised that I've been watching so many of your vid and I wasn't Subs. Quickly fixed that over-sight! 🙂

  5. Would be so helpful to do a subsequent video on putting together a media kit (or what to send) and price sheet.

  6. Can you please do a video about the different compensation rates for different categories of YouTube videos?

  7. Thank you for sharing such an informative video!! What do you suggest is the right way to present the stats while pitching a brand? Within the email or in a separate media kit file since the chances of PR person opening an attached file is lower than reading the email itself.

  8. You have quickly become one of my FAVORITE YOUTUBERS. The quality of your content is second to none. Thank you for dropping gems on a consistent basis. I knew a lot of your tips provided in this video already, but trust, I've learned quite a bit from your other videos! This video is super helpful, especially for someone just starting out.

    P.S. Social Bluebook is bae, everyone. I check my stats on there every week or so. I love seeing the numbers go up lol

  9. Fantastic content as always!! Thank you!! I do have a question for you though…How do you ensure that your emails land in the inbox of your audience, rather than the spam or promotions folder (on gmail). I've read that making your emails simply text style, and not including pictures or video, is the way to do this, but it doesn't seem to be working out for me that way either. Any suggestions on this?

  10. It’s fun to watch you grow, your so well spoken and your style is really coming together! Thanks for another great video!!

  11. This video is right on time as I am working hard to grow organic loyal followers on Instagram and eventually YouTube. My short term goal is to have 1000 loyal followers by the end of this year and start getting brand deals. After watching your videos Vanessa-I have finally found my niche too! Fashion and Natural hair. I am creating content specifically for these 2 categories. I am very passionate about it.

    The tip you’ve provided I found really helpful is this: An account with 35k followers vs 100k followers can charge more because of the various social channels that creator has-email list, Facebook group, YouTube channel, blog, etc.

    This is an eye opener and helps me create a plan on what I need to work on.

  12. Loved the video! "Just because you have a lot of followers doesn't mean you have a lot of influence", absolutely true!

  13. I only watched one video and subscribed ! I just started my channel. My niche is addiction since I went through it. I hope this will help others. Can’t wait to start it foreal !

  14. Thanks so much! I am very interested to know more about the practical side of brand deals. Things like: how to set up price 'packages', do you create a PDF with data like piecharts of demographic and other things, or not? When to send them your invoice, what things to include in the invoice. Also, do brands work with contracts? If so, what to look out for when signing or making one. When to expect payment and what to do when the payment is delayed. As someone who is just starting to work with brands (like you, I also waited a long time to first build trust with my audience) I'm kind of stuck on the practical stuff. I know my worth, I know how to make the videos, it's just that practical business/administration side I would love to know more about. Hope it makes sense 🙂 Thanks for the great video!

  15. I don’t think I’ll ever get a brand deal 😢 I really want to do my best here but it’s so difficult. That’s why I quit but I’ll come back again.

  16. you r such an awesome youtuber! You are my idol! Social bluebook was something I did nt not about.

  17. I needed this. I’ve worked with forever 21 , savage x fenty and many more and when they reach out to me I never know how to bring up payment. I don’t want to ask for payment because I don’t want to them to walk :/

  18. Hey Girl, I am new to your channel and have seen a few videos. I have to say you are providing crucial info that I was looking for as a newbie to YouTube. Love your content and the way you go about explaining everything. Super organized and precise. Thanks!!

  19. Super helpful Vanessa thank you and thanks for focusing on small audiences or small YouTubers my channel has about 4,500 so it's growing fast on so I really appreciate this info.

  20. Impressions for Instagram makes a lot of sense, but impressions for YouTube would not be the same right? Bc the "impressions" just symbolize how many people see the thumbnail of your video being recommended. So with YouTube, would the actual views be most comparable to Instagram impressions?

  21. v anessa this is so timely for me. I have to answer an email of a start up looking to work with me and help promote their offering. They're reaching out to me, it seems they are new at this too, when a biz reaches out to you do you have a "media kit" that you give them? I'd like to know more about putting one together if you thik it's necessary. Thanks for the email copy help on this vid

  22. Every word is a gem! Thank you! Vanessa recently I was asked to be blogger for a skincare products seller website, they asked for my rates? I have no idea how should I charge for per blog post? The app you shared is for social media platform, how should I use it to gauge my work for a website 😅 little confused here!

  23. Also Vanessa can you please make a video on “IG feed video vs IGTV” like which is better for an account growth?

  24. Thank you so much for this video! And for the people that are out there grinding on there socials keep this video in mind. If you have a small channel but have a tight community it is better to have that, rather then have fake followers or a gigantic following that isn't a community. Great video

  25. Great Vanessa. Thanks for always supplying relavant information for content creators. What type of editing software do you use?

  26. Vanessa! Your videos are sooooo helpful, you should put up a donate button so we can just pay you as a thank you!! haha <3

  27. Dude this is SO helpful. Thank you so much! I've rewatched this 3 times to take notes and I'm about to reach out to some brands. You're such an inspiration and can't wait to be my own version of you one day soon!! 🙂

  28. I’ve watched a ton of videos about this subject, but this was the most informative and honest. THANK YOU!!!

  29. my social media worth $4 whoo happy meal 😛 HAHA I love your videos ive been watching since you were at just a few thousand and never fail to provide value

  30. This video even helped me as a brand founder! Although I would really appreciate a video about the other end of the brand deal and how to search for and talk with influencers. You almost got to that 100k followers tho!

  31. I wonder if someday you could teach us how to "convince" a Brand to create the affiliate link so we can start to share those links. 😁

  32. This was an amazing video, thanks Vanessa! Like you said, it is very difficult for small influencers to estimate their own value and prove value in the bot filled social media world.

  33. I have dealt with digital consultants in the past but i have never come across someone like Vanessa. True acumen, commercially panoramic…

  34. I don’t know what to do with my audience. Most of my subscribers are 25 year olds who like Coachella but Coachella is not relevant all year. I feel lost 😥

  35. This was very insightful. Thank you for starting with the basics which is building the audience. Doing this will help with all the other steps. I think sometimes we forget about that part.

  36. I have a quote page with almost 2k likes and most of them are from United state. I want to create an Instagram account for my page. Is quote is a good topic for Instagram?

  37. Should we link out socials in the pitch email so they can put a face to the name? Or just send the initial email and wait to hear back?

  38. What are the best websites to find a niche influencer to hire? The company I work for is looking for pet specific video creators.

  39. Thank you for doing this video! I just reached 100 subscribers and wondering how many it takes for brands to really start noticing me so I clicked on your video so quick to learn more 👍🏻

  40. How do you find the contact for a particular company that would be in charged of hiring influencers? I've checked many sources but I find it hard to find emails that are public

  41. Would you look at my social media and give me some tips and advice?
    Idk if you do that but I figured I would ask.

  42. How is it that im eligible for Branded Content tags? I have 480 followers and 260 posts, which most of them are of my kid…I dont even have a niche, unless wearing tanktops all the time is a niche.

  43. This is PhD level on branding. If you want to understand sponsorships, stick around and listen to Vanessa.

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  45. By any chance do you have or will you make a video on how if you are a business instead of being the influencer, what is the best way one can go about asking the influencer for rates to promote my product?

  46. This was an excellent video Vanessa. If you're an avid affiliate marketer, you'd really appreciate her points. You boost your value by knowing your value AND by never taking the first offer a brand gives you. 🙂

  47. This video has been in my Watch Later list for a few days so I'm glad I finally broke into it. ☺️ The impressions > followers tip is so helpful. A lot of the time I see interaction stats on Twitter from IFTTT that are usually pretty good. It's helpful to know those are more valuable than my small follower count.

    Is there any rule of thumb for what type of companies small influencers should be reaching out to? My brand is based in the pop culture niche so stores like Hot Topic or EB Games seem perfect to work with, but they're fairly large corporations. Would reaching out to them with that data driven pitch be a smart and beneficial decision?

  48. I feel like if you are a really small small account, a lot of these tips aren’t helpful. Eg. I’m not going to have a very high “click-thru” rate when I haven’t gotten any brand deals yet..? What are they clicking thru to? For another eg. my impressions stats are going to be very low since my content isn’t popular enough to make it to hashtag posts or reposts, so it’s not getting seen very much..?

  49. Such a helpful video!!
    I've been doing youtube for a long time but I've never reached out to brands, so I found your video while searching for info to learn about and I found it so helpful, one the best I've seen!
    Thanks for doing it!! .. I'll keep watching your other videos! 😀

  50. Great videos Vanessa! You're a great speaker! How do I get better on camera? Any suggestions? I get so nervous behind the camera. Also, What video editing software do you use?

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