March 28, 2020
How To Get Online Traffic To Your Website 2019

How To Get Online Traffic To Your Website 2019

in this video I’m going to share with
you how to get traffic to your website fast my name is Rachel s Lee and this
channel is all about online marketing online business and making money online
whenever I have something new to promote whether it’s an affiliate offer and
online course a service that I’m offering within my business I can get
hundreds actually thousands of viewers on that offer within a day because I’ve
built up my online audience I already have over five thousand subscribers on
YouTube I already have over five thousand people in my Facebook group and
following me on Facebook I already have thousands of people on my email list in
my chat bot so when you already have that it’s so easy to make a video send
off an email post on social media and let people know what you have going on
but you’re probably thinking well I don’t know that but if you’re starting
from zero you don’t have a youtube channel or any followers on Facebook or
an email list or a chatbot list or what if your audience is kind of small
well that’s when it’s time to start focusing on growing it and the really
cool thing is all of these platforms can feed into each other the more active and
engaged I am on Facebook with my Facebook group members and on my
Facebook page the more people start following me or subscribing to my
YouTube channel and then the more they get on my lead magnets get on my email
list or my chat BOTS and then the same for you too the more consistent I am
with putting out videos the more I’ll get new people new eyeballs all the
videos then subscribing to the channel then clicking the links in the
description you can see right here on this YouTube video and the links in the
description is links over to my facebook page or links to some free offer that
gives people onto my email list I typically start with a YouTube videos
for the week or a couple within a week all batch film my YouTube videos and
then release one so once I click publish I’m sharing the
over to my Facebook page in my Facebook group so people on Facebook are seeing
it and people on youtubers singing it especially if you’re subscribed and you
have the notifications on then those people will see when I have a new video
out but then it also makes sure to send a broadcast to my email list and to my
chat bot list in a way that I actually save time with that is I don’t even send
the emails or chat BOTS myself I outsource that so that’s another way
that you can save time with your traffic driving efforts is have a virtual
assistant and train them on how to manage the email lists for you or the
chat bot lists for you you can also have your virtual assistant help manage
things with your Facebook when in my Facebook group there’s a ton of
engagement a ton of posts happening in the group they’re all pre-scheduled my
virtual assistant is doing it if you’re totally new and you have nothing the
very first thing that I would suggest starting with is a YouTube channel it’s
free to make a YouTube channel it’s free to pull out your phone and record a
video and upload it it’s free to make a thumbnail on camera come up with the
title put tags in the video and at first you might put a video out on YouTube and
you might get no views or you might get like ten views but if you keep trying
and learning about how to optimize videos on YouTube you’re just end up
getting more and more views organically for free and a lot of these views are
going to be from people who have seen your videos before so you’re just
growing that know like and trust factor with them and they’re excited for your
new videos or these are people that are seeing your videos for the first time
and they like what you’re putting out there so they want to subscribe they
want to check out your resources in the description they want to get into your
world they want to be on your email list they want to join your Facebook group if
you can commit yourself to ten videos for YouTube in the next month there is
just absolutely no way that you’re not going to get views on the video and
subscribers as long as you take the steps to optimize the
the main things being the thumbnail the title the description and the tags the
next step that I would suggest for people to get results quick to get
traffic to your websites or to your funnels or to your offers is optimize
your Facebook friend page you might have a lot of friends and family on Facebook
and you might be like shot they don’t want to see anything about my business
they’re gonna make fun of me they’re gonna comment main things but if they do
that you should delete them anyway so i really suggest to my students to treat
your Facebook friend page as like a LinkedIn profile make it like Facebook
business page you can also have a facebook business page a page where
people can alike but if Facebook friend they just where you have friends and
there’s a feature where you can turn on the followers some ways to optimize the
Facebook fan page is adding a bio adding a cover photo adding links to your
websites and to your offers and start posting things that have to do with your
business such as your videos that you’re making on YouTube post those so that
your Facebook pages before you make your own group on Facebook I suggest joining
some other groups on Facebook Facebook groups are a huge thing right now
Facebook is investing a lot of money into showcasing in these groups I even
see build works for them here in LA about Facebook groups they will show
your group in the suggested sidebar of Facebook so you can get a ton of free
traffic to your group which then would get you free traffic to your website so
before you make your own group just join some other groups and see what are other
people doing I have a my for your Facebook group linked in the description
below so you can join it check it out see how I did it see how I have a cover
photo how I ask people three questions before they join the group one of the
questions being what’s your email so I’m collecting their email address once
people are in the group they see how engaged it is they see that I have
videos I have trainings I have posts asking
questions other people are engaging other people are posting training videos
and answering people’s questions and networking with each other the next
thing I would focus on is growing your email list if you don’t already have an
email autoresponder if you want people to get on your email list you need to
offer them something for free lead magnet so you can make a free training
you can make a video and if people want access to that free training video they
get it in exchange for your email you can also offer them a cheat sheet a
guide a blueprint another great way to collect emails is offer a webinar like a
more advanced training so I have a free training a more in-depth training in the
description below so if you click on it there will be two options they might
switch it out on an alternate it’ll either ask you for your email or ask you
to subscribe to my channel very similar to email marketing except
that the messages are not going to an email inbox they’re going to Facebook
Messenger so the messages are shorter but facebook chat box they have a way
higher open rate and click-through rate I highly suggest doing both email and
chat bots start with email and then when you’re ready to start a chat bot then do
that but for more in-depth training on chat buzz I have youtube videos I’ll
link some down below for chat bots and in my webinar I’ll also go more in-depth
on growing your email list in your chat bot list with leave magnets so it’s free
to make videos on YouTube it’s free to have a Facebook group it’s free to have
chat bots unless you get to a certain number of subscribers and you just end
up paying a little bit of money each month and then email autoresponders that
causes a little bit of money each month as your list grows you pay more but it’s
not that much money and then you can do all the work yourself or you could
outsource and I make more money by outsourcing a lot of
the tasks instead of doing them myself for what I can pay someone in another
country $5 an hour or $10 an hour it saves up my time so I can sell
coaching sessions for $200 a night where I really only spend about an hour a day
all this stuff sometimes I don’t do any traffic stuff
I’ll batch it so on a Monday or Friday or the weekend I will film a bunch of
videos I will write up all the descriptions and SEO optimize them
I’ll prepare stuff through my Facebook group I’ll schedule interviews with
other experts I’ll pre write emails or chat box or just meet with my team and
discuss the promotion strategy for the week ahead
sometimes I’ll plan for the month ahead but it is for me kind of hard to totally
plan everything I like to have up the flexibility of being flexible of making
videos about what I feel like making videos of for of the week and switching
it up a bit but that’s totally up to you it’s whatever’s going on in your
business if you’re at a point where you’re like I don’t even have anything
to sell I don’t even have an online business then I suggest getting into
affiliate marketing because that way you can make money online selling something
but it’s not your own product you don’t have to create an online course or
fulfill on anything all you have to do is send traffic for me how I make money
online with this YouTube channel and Facebook and email and chat bot is a mix
of promoting other people’s offers like horses or software’s and then promoting
my own courses if you like this video and you’re ready for it the next step I
highly suggest checking out my free webinar in the description below and
joining my free Facebook group when you get in post introduction of yourself and
let me know that you found me from YouTube and also let me know in the
comments if there’s anything from this video that you’re going to implement or
if there’s anything holding you back from starting a YouTube channel or
making more videos or starting that Facebook group or growing your email
list check POTUS let me know in the comments
or let me know some suggestions of other videos other topics you’d like me to
make videos on and I look forward to hearing from you thanks for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

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  2. Great video! Do you do YouTube channel analysis? I would love your feedback! What do you charge? πŸ™πŸ» Many thanks!

  3. Hi Rachel, in other vids you said that less than 3% (or was it 1%?) of the world are able to generate any income online. What did you mean by that?

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