April 10, 2020
How to get MORE views on Youtube in 2020 (Algorithm EXPLAINED!) ft. Lauren Tickner

How to get MORE views on Youtube in 2020 (Algorithm EXPLAINED!) ft. Lauren Tickner

What is up, everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to teach you YouTube
optimization strategies so that you can get more views on your videos and you can grow
your channel faster. In my last video here, I talked all about
how to go viral on YouTube and how a small YouTuber like me blew up kind of overnight. Well, in this video, I’m actually going to
finish up some of the hacks that I shared in the last video and teach you how you can
really optimize your YouTube channel so that YouTube will favor you in the algorithm, which
would then lead to more views and more subscribers to your channel. Now, before I get started and do a deep dive
on my hacks, I have to tell you that this video is actually in collaboration with Lauren
Tickner. I’m going to give you three hacks, and she’s
going to give you the other three, so after you watch this video, make sure you go to
her channel and check the rest of the hacks out. That being said, guys, I also have a special
bonus for you, so make sure that you actually download this checklist that really rounds
up optimization for you guys, so every time you’re uploading a video, you can follow along,
and make sure that your video is fully optimized. I’m going to link it in the comments section
below and in the description box, so make sure you download this optimization checklist
so that you can be on top of your stuff every single time you upload a video. All right, so one thing that you really need
to know about YouTube success is understanding the key metrics that you need to keep track
of. The ultimate goal for any content creator
is hoping that YouTube will actually recommend your videos to people who aren’t even looking
for you. In order for you to actually get to that point
where YouTube is favoring your videos in the algorithm, you need to have good watch time. YouTube success is not just determined by
views or by subscribers. It’s really determined by how long your audience
is actually engaged with your videos and the length of duration that they actually watch
your videos for. Because YouTube is a content platform, they
obviously favor content creators who have the ability to create really good content
that allows viewers to stay on the YouTube platform for as long as possible. That’s why what you’ll notice in the next
three tips that I give you, it’s going to be solely focused on helping you increase
that watch time so that YouTube will pick up your video in the algorithm and increase
your chances of getting more views and more subscribers. Now, the first tip I have for you is perfect
if you are already an existing content creator, and that is, is to look at your analytics. I feel like analytics is something that a
lot of us content creators gloss over. However, it’s probably one of the key things
that YouTube gives back to you as a content creator that gives you a lot of clues and
nuggets of wisdom on how you can improve in terms of creating your videos. That’s why I’m going to share my screen and
show you some of my favorite key analytic tools that allow me to understand why people
aren’t watching my videos, or how I can improve my videos so that people watch them for longer. Hey, guys. Right now, we are in the analytics section
of my Creator Studio for my YouTube channel. Now, obviously, when you go on the overview,
YouTube is going to tell you your average watch time and also your average view duration,
but what I really want to show you that’s really cool is actually looking at all the
analytics that’s under the watch time reports. One of my favorite ones that I’m going to
show you in this video is audience retention, so let’s click on this tab right here. Okay, so audience retention is going to tell
you a number of things. It’s going to tell you your average view duration,
so with all of my videos, my average view duration is about five minutes and 48 seconds,
and also the average percentage viewed. For my video in the last 28 days, on average,
people finish about 40% of my videos. Now, obviously, this is going to be different
for everyone depending on the length of your video. If you have a one-minute video and everyone
watches the one minute of that video, your average percentage viewed is obviously going
to be 100%. The longer your videos are, the smaller this
percentage most likely will be, but anyways, what I actually really wanted to show you
is, you can actually look at your audience retention report per video, so I’m going to
go on my Gain Instagram Followers Organically video. This one is my most popular video to date,
so let’s take a look. Once you get into this report, you’re going
to see the audience retention report for this specific video, and there are two tabs here. The first one is “Absolute audience retention,”
and the second one is “Relative audience retention.” What absolute audience retention is, is basically
it’s looking at the specific video and telling you, at what point in the video do people
start dropping off? Relative audience retention, on the other
hand, shows you how your video compares to other videos on YouTube of the similar length. For example, for my video, this one specifically
on how to grow Instagram followers organically, in the beginning sections of the video, I’m
actually performing above-average compared to other videos that are of this similar length. As you go through, I perform average, and
then near the end, I’m kind of more so leaning towards below average near the 13-minute mark. This is kind of cool to see how you compare
to other people on YouTube for the similar length video, but what I really want to focus
on is absolute audience retention. This one is a very key tool that you can leverage
when you are looking at your analytics and when you are trying to understand how you
can improve from your videos. This really tells me when people are dropping
off in the video. Now, as you can see here, a lot of people
have dropped off near this beginning, and this, there’s a little dip here. When I actually click on this dip, it’ll redirect
me to the exact point in the video so that I can understand where exactly I went wrong. In this mark here, I just watched the video
myself, is kind of showing me that my intro was a little bit too long, so my intro was
about two minutes long, and naturally, people were just dropping off. Now, that’s something that I need to note
for the future, and I actually have noted for the future, and now, this is why for a
lot of my videos, I keep my intro really short so that I can preserve my watch time and encourage
people to watch more of my video. Now, the second thing that you want to know
is, actually look for peaks within your graph, so any time that there is a peak, that means
that people are actually going back to rewatch a portion of your video. There is a peak here which shows that people
were actually rewinding back to this particular scene within my video, which is me showing
the different hashtag sizes, so this makes a lot of sense. Not only this, if you actually look here,
there starts to be a little bit of a dip again at this 13-minute mark. When I watch this video, this is actually
when I conclude the video, so naturally, when I am concluding the video, most people are
exiting out, and this is what this graph is telling me. What are some key takeaways when you are looking
at the audience retention report? Well, the first takeaway is that if you see
major drop-offs at certain points of your video, really pay attention to why people
are dropping off. Are you talking for too long? Are you stuttering? Is your intro boring? Is the tip bad? So on and so forth. When there are people that are rewatching
certain scenes of your video, really ask yourself why. Was there a really interesting infographic? Were you playing B-roll? So on and so forth. These are really interesting things to kind
of pay attention to when you are looking at your analytics report, so that’s why I really
wanted to show you audience retention, because this one is one of my key favorite features
when I look at my YouTube analytics, and when I want to understand how I can improve my
videos and my watch time. All right. I hope you had fun being an analytical nerd
with me, but the second tip that I have for you is actually to leverage playlists. Now, I know. This sounds like a really, really basic tip,
but it is extremely important. In a second, I’m going to share my screen
again and tell you exactly why. All right, so one thing that’s really important
is actually having playlists. As simple and basic as this tip is, the reason
why it is really important is because when you have playlists, it’ll actually increase
the chances of YouTube recommending your own video to play after a viewer watches your
video. If you don’t have playlists, then most likely
in this section here, YouTube will recommend a video of your competitors or something else. If you actually create playlists, it’ll increase
the chances of this section being an existing video that you already have, especially if
you’ve put it in a playlist. Now, it’s not guaranteed that this happens
every single time, because at the end of the day, YouTube will always recommend a video
that they think is best for the audience. However, by implementing playlists, it will
increase the chances, and it goes to show that you are creating opportunities for your
audience to binge on your content. Another thing that you want to know about
playlists other than just adding a basic playlist within your channel is, is that you also want
to put your playlists on your homepage as well. Not a lot of YouTubers actually do this. To be honest, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t
doing this either until someone told me about it, but basically, what you want to do is,
you actually want to add sections within the homepage of your channel. If you actually look at my channel from the
perspective of a new subscriber, what they see is not just my uploads, but on the homepage
they also see all of my playlists, so the visitor can always look at my business advice
videos, my social media tips, my Instagram hacks, so on and so forth, and it’s right
at the tips of their fingers, because it’s straight from my homepage. What you want to do to get this is, you actually
want to click Customize Channel, and once you get to Customize Channel, you’ll see this
page. You’ll see your uploads, but what you also
want to do is, you actually want to click “Add a section” so that you can add an actual
section within your homepage and your YouTube channel. You then want to click “Single playlist,”
select “Horizontal row.” Then within your own playlists, you choose
the playlist that you want to feature. For me, let’s say I’m going to do Instagram
Hacks. Then it’ll show all my Instagram Hack videos
that I’ve already put it in a preexisting playlist, and actually tidy up, tidy it up
a little and put it on my homepage as a horizontal view, which is really nice. What you can also do is, you can do a vertical
list if you want to, so they show up like this, but for me, I personally prefer having
it in horizontal. Done. Once you click Done, you can actually choose
where and which section you want to show first within your homepage. For me, I’ve put Instagram Hacks right under
Social Media Tips, and that’s how I’ve personally organized my page. Hopefully, this tip really helps you to encourage
your audience to binge on your content, which will then allow YouTube to favor you as a
content creator because you are encouraging people to stay on the platform for longer. All right, so the third and last tip that
I have is adding info cards and end screens. Now, I feel like a lot of content creators
think that this is an optional step, but it is absolutely not. In order to actually be a fully optimized
video for YouTube, you need to leverage the end screen feature and the info card feature. The reason why you want to do that is because
once you’ve actually implemented it, it’ll flag to YouTube that, number one, this is
an optimized video, but second of all, you are encouraging people to continue to binge
on your content. Very similar to what we were saying about
the playlists, the end screens and info cards are crucial in order to show to YouTube that
you are trying to get people to stay on the platform for a lot longer. Again, I’m going to share my screen and explain
and show you how and why this works. All right. Last but not least, after you’ve understood
how to improve your videos to increase your watch time, and you’ve created and optimized
all your playlists and made them super visible to your audience, what you also don’t want
to miss out on is adding end screens and info cards into your videos. Now, this is something that YouTube has created
in order to, again, encourage people to binge watch videos on YouTube. If your video doesn’t have end screens or
info cards, it shows to YouTube that you are not a fully optimized video. Now, if you don’t know what end screens are,
end screens is basically something that you see at the end of most of content creators’
videos, which encourage you to take action after the video is over. Essentially, this is what it would look like. You would have your videos here, and the more
videos that you put in, the better, so usually YouTube will ask you for a maximum of two,
I believe, for you to put in your end screen. You can also add this little call to action
button, which allows people to subscribe to your channel, and you can also add a link
so that people can visit your website or direct them somewhere else. I believe you have to have a certain amount
of subscribers or certain amount of watch time in order to unlock this feature, but
definitely check it out and see if you can do it for your channel. The next thing that you also want to know
is info cards. Now, what info cards are basically are the
cards that show up in the top right-hand corner of a video, so if you actually look at here,
you’ll see that an info card will pop up like that. What you want to do to make sure that your
videos are optimized is make sure that you are including relevant info cards in your
video and putting them all across your video so that people will be more inclined to actually
continue watching different pieces of your content. By doing this, it can increase the chances
of you getting more views on your videos, because, especially for someone who is new
to your channel who’s not aware of your other videos, it’s going to be really great to actually
put those info cards in, especially if they are relevant to the current video that they’re
watching. For instance, this video is about social media,
so obviously, all the five info cards that I use are going to be about social media as
well. All right, guys, so those are my top three
tips in terms of how you can improve the number one key metric here on YouTube, which is watch
time. I guarantee that if you increase your watch
time, it will increase the chances of YouTube actually pushing out your video and recommending
it to a new audience. Before you click out of this video, make sure
you check out part two, created by my friend Lauren Tickner. Yes, I talked a lot about the strategies to
increase your watch time, but Lauren is going to give her strategies on how to improve your
keywords and also have better thumbnails so that you will stand out from the sea of competition. That being said, guys, as always, thank you
so, so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it and learned
something new. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye, guys.

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