March 29, 2020
how to get MORE SALES on eCommerce Products that are NOT Selling [eBay, mercari, poshmark, etc…]

how to get MORE SALES on eCommerce Products that are NOT Selling [eBay, mercari, poshmark, etc…]

what’s going on guys today I want to
talk about how you can get more sales on your ecommerce products that might not
be selling so and this is a typical problem that the majority of us face now
this is not relating to you know Amazon this is not relating to you know like
drop shipping if your drop shipping on Shopify it will be relatable if your
drop shipping on like eBay or any of these ecommerce platforms that I’m gonna
go through right here so this is a common problem you list a bunch of
things whether they’re things from around around the house whether they’re
private label products whether the things that you ordered overseas from
Aliexpress or simply whether your drop shipping them or you’re you know you’re
doing arbitrage online whatever your purpose
if you’ve listed a bunch of things on an e-commerce platform like the ones we’re
gonna go over here you’ll notice that some of themselves some of them don’t
some of them get views some of them don’t some of them get exposure and some
of them don’t now there’s a lot of different reasons that this could be
however the number one reason that this could be is because you didn’t index it
properly for whatever reason so in the system for eBay for an example which is
one of them ones we’ll go over you know depending on when you list it what the
other competition in the marketplace is you know the how it index is based on
you know the SEO factors on eBay so the title the description the different you
know product conditions and all the you know the UPC and and the different um
little variations that you’re throwing in there are all little things like
there’s a little there’s a lot of other things that go into it too not just with
eBay but all the other ones as well but those are little factors that each play
a small role in where your product will be ranked under what keywords on it you
know with a visibility in certain search and suggested on different platforms and
you know put simply how many customers will see it and when so if you do go
through your numbers and you start to see whether you’re selling on Macari and
you’re doing you know arbitrage on Macari or your drop shipping on any of
these platforms whatever you’re selling on Macari this is gonna work there if
you’re selling on Poshmark this is gonna work there if you’re selling on let go
this is also gonna work there it’s a great app that is a little bit local but
still works well on let go it also works on offer up which is also a local
flippin app but you can use offer up just like eBay or Amazon or Macari
there’s a shipping process with offer up that works well too so this is very very
valid for offer up it’s also clearly Macari here twice didn’t uh must not
have looked at that so obviously orcs for Magary and it also
works very very well on ebay so you’ll start to notice i’m gonna go through the
evil at bay example with you here but it works for all those platforms what
regardless of what you’re doing now you’ll see here that some items i just
listed and these are all other arbitrage problems products that i’m going to
fulfill on the back end i just relisted all these really really fast the other
day because it’s q4 it’s you know we’re approaching christmas not really trying
to make a great profit on any of these some of the products if i see there’s a
good margin on I try to but some of them I just listen I try to make a quick 5
bucks because I can literally after the at the eBay if the eBay fees and the
slight shipping charge of a medium mail US Post Office which is like 267
typically I’m gonna make about like five bucks roughly per items so if somebody
goes ahead and buzz it’s just a free five bucks for me the post office and
the little drop box is right on the way where I go to work out and grab those in
between my apartment so it’s literally perfect it’s just free extra money here
and there like I talked about my other video and if you haven’t checked that
video out of me actually fulfilling it and going through how I make an extra
thousand a month doing this type of stuff I’ll drop that as a card up in the
right-hand corner and I’ll also link it in the description below but so put
simply I’m not trying to you know make a shitload of money on these items I’m
just trying to you know flip them for an extra bit of profit to get rid of them
because I have so many freaking items and be just make a little bit of profit
so you’ll see here I literally just listed this like two days ago it’s
already got 91 views so it clearly has visibility this one let’s just listen
two days ago got 53 views so far clearly has visibility this one I listed a
same-day previews not that great visibility but there’s one watcher so if
I reduce the price a little bit maybe someone comes and buys it not too
worried about that but as we scroll down some of these other ones didn’t really
get that much of visibility and obviously I could scroll back up and
there’s differences and some of the other products that I have but so this
one would be a perfect example this one would be a perfect example it’s got zero
views in two days that would be an indicator now obviously you want to wait
maybe a little bit longer maybe a week or two to make sure that that’s the
issue but typically it’s because it was indexed in the wrong place so how can
you solve that well this is a simple simple tip but a lot of
people don’t do it and for whatever reason it’s common sense but a lot of
people don’t do it you simply relist it so what I would do
is I would take this down I would simply go here and end the listing I’d copy all
the other stuff and ivory list it under you know maybe a slightly different
category and the fact that I’m relisting at a different time where there’s
different competition different people are on and obviously I’m talking about
eBay here specifically but this especially works with Poshmark
it especially works with offer up and it especially works with let go among all
the other e-commerce platforms that we are going to that we’ve discussed but
it’s gonna give it different visibility it’s gonna give it different eyes on it
at a different time different people are on the platform at a different time
especially with like offer up and let go different people are gonna see that post
at a different time same with Poshmark same with eBay and it’s it’s basically
the simplest way that I could put it is if you’re not getting views you’re not
getting visibility on your ecommerce products the easiest way that you can go
about reselling them on same marketplace and potentially getting a sale and some
more eyes on that potential product is to simply re index it by re listing it
so that’s my tip for today I hope you guys use that so that you too can take
these tips and make an extra thousand dollars flipping products in your spare
time now this video is obviously you know
related around eBay and Poshmark and all those other e-commerce platforms that I
do you know what’s the word I’m looking for that I’m then I’m basically
supplementing my income with that thousand on these you know with
arbitrage however if you guys are interested in making five to ten
thousand dollars every single month with practically no work we’re talking about
an hour or two work a day max and like simple work like scrolling on your Peter
and clicking buttons and maybe packaging up a couple boxes if you want to make 5
to 10 grand right from your computer doing that every single month first link
in the description will be online arbitrage pro that’s my premium course
it will teach you and run you through everything that you need to know from
beginning if it doesn’t matter if you if you’re advanced or you never have any
you know experience with Amazon or arbitrage eat you know ever before that
will run you through everything from A to Z in the process and teach you
exactly what I do and what a number of my other students are doing right here
right now to make five to ten grand a month right from your
computer so first link in the description I hope this video helped you
out I hope you take it and implement it and you’ll see that it works for you and
I’ll see in the next one

7 thoughts on “how to get MORE SALES on eCommerce Products that are NOT Selling [eBay, mercari, poshmark, etc…]

  1. Hey Bryan, can you dropship on poshmark? I've heard there are special labels you have to print from poshmark so the customer knows it isn't dropshipped. If not I may try it!

  2. Just a small side point that I noticed right off the bat is the example you showed for observing views when reviewing your listing activity is on ebay which is really far more sophisticated with its options for sellers to accuaratly review listings for number of views on listed items. In other words ebay exposes a lot more traffic reports to a seller then Poshmark. And obviously Letgo, Offer up , craigs list ect ect. Not sure about Mecari as i have finally just started learning about that platform recently but i am not sure they offer the sophisticated tools that ebay offers. So you would only have TIME to gauge whether or not this startetdy is helping your bottom line with listings selling.

    Your topic is very good here in this video (first video I have seen off your channel) and I can see how this strategy would not only be useful but even a must for sellers whom have strong number of listings lined up on multiple platforms. I just sub'd your channel and appreciate all the gracious insight as I am serious about taking my online ecommerce sales up a notch or two. Thanks!

  3. Can you make a video about how to sell on Poshmark and what type of ways there are to sell there? How do you get your listings seen by actual potential buyers? Everyone just seems to add each other as soon as I signed up

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