April 8, 2020
How to Get More Clicks on Pinterest – The Worst Pin Mistakes That Kill Your Traffic

How to Get More Clicks on Pinterest – The Worst Pin Mistakes That Kill Your Traffic

If you’re watching this video you’re one
step closer to success on Pinterest than many others because you are asking the
right question how to get more clicks on Pinterest not how do I get more
followers on Pinterest or how do I get more impressions on my pins the right
question means that you know what is really worth fighting for in the
Pinterest world and the only real metric that you should pay attention to is your
clicks from Pinterest meaning the traffic that you get from this platform
to your website or to your affiliate offers that you promote with your
account hi I’m Anastasia of Anastasia blogger.com
I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and I share my Pinterest tips on this channel
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video you will learn what are the worst mistakes you could probably be doing on
your pins that are minimizing the chances to get clicks from Pinterest if
you stay with me until the end of this video I have some interesting numbers to
show you from my account you will find how many clicks I’m getting and how many
clicks you should expect from Europeans on Pinterest on average compares to
european impressions so stay tuned so my first tip will be a pretty unexpected
involved because I usually like to say things in a more theoretical and
scientifically proven way but just don’t make ugly pins on Pinterest just deal
with it pinterest is a platform for people who like beautiful things it’s a
visual search engine and people who go to Pinterest they naturally prefer
things that look nicer so you don’t want to go to your website like you see here
so many pins that obviously these people just save whatever images they had on
the site or maybe sometimes it’s Amazon throat type of products like just a
product on the back white background very small size of the image and that’s
how it looks on Pinterest if you look at it on a mobile device it would still be
very blurry and pixelated so this kind of activity doesn’t help your account at
all because over time Pinterest start collecting this negative engagement
scores it starts seeing that mean people don’t like to save your pins don’t like
to click through your pins so overall the account quality is
suffering when whenever you are creating those ugly pins just because you don’t
want to spay spend extra time and effort for creating proper Pinterest optimized
images you are basically hurting your account for many months in advance and
another thing that you might have noticed here that to show you this ugly
pins I had to do a search with a hashtag mompreneur right so the hashtag search
as you probably know if you watched my other video about hashtags I will give
you a link to that video in the tip of my hat in the top right corner of the
screen in that video I explained how the hashtag search works on Pinterest and
how it’s different from the regular search hashtag search is showing you
pins based on their recent say-so the most
recent pins they just go to hashtag search when you go to a regular
Pinterest search you will see pins that the platform is ranking high because
they are the best they’re not the most recent pins they’re the best pins and so
here you can definitely see a huge difference you don’t see those ugly pins
showing up because that’s not a hashtag sorry
hashtag search is just showing everything that was published recently
with this hashtag and that’s the only way you can basically surface on this
Pinterest platform those ugly pins otherwise Pinterest will never show you
ugly pins and that’s why you’re never getting traffic from ugly pins the
second rule that will drive you a lot of clicks from Pinterest is compared to the
pins those ugly pins that I showed you those many of them we’re square pins so
as you can see the the general search results on Pinterest
they are never showing those square pins they’re always showing vertical images
so your pins have to be vertical or else you will have miserable results with
good clicks because the majority of Pinterest users are on mobile devices
and that’s the basically the nature of the platform when you’re on a mobile
device you want to see vertical type of content and they get this
chickens they get a lot of space compared to horizontal or square images
a lot of more space on Pinterest and the recommended
image ratios on Pinterest are from two to three image ratio up to one to two so
if we look at these bins most of them will be two to three because that’s the
recommended official recommended by Pinterest but you can make pins up to
one to two ratio maybe I’ll find one for example this pin is 1 to 2 ratio and
this is the maximum ratio after which the pin becomes too long and the
platform can even cut off part of the bottom part of the pin and can even
reduce the distribution of two of the pins that are super tall rule number
three if you want to get a lot of clicks from Pinterest you need to make sure
that your pins have at the resolution of at least 600 pixels wide so it means
that if you have an image that is smaller than 600 pixels it might look on
some of the devices it might look blurry and it will overall have a lower quality
of the image based on how Pinterest algorithm analyzes the image and also
based on how users are looking at European so 600 pixels is the minimum a
lot of people are getting confused by the sizes and think that 600 pixels is
the only size of the pins that you basically the recommended size of the
pins it’s not it’s the minimum width of your image your image can be 600 by 900
then it will be 2 to 3 image ratio or it can be 600 by 1200 pixels and that makes
it 1 to 2 image ratio or your image can be 700 by 1400 valid tip number 4 is
that text overlay is a must that’s something unconditional and I’m
talking about this all the time in my course and I wanted to share here on
YouTube as well that if you look in some niches for example in DIY and in home
decor you will notice that a lot of pins that are popular and ranking high on
Pinterest they will be pins without any text overlay this is specific of this
nation if you remember the search for mom preneur
keyword there was most of the pins where with tax totally because mompreneur
niche they they basically are explaining what the pin is about and trying to
drive traffic to their site whereas in home decor most of the pins or a lot of
pins are just something that people saved to their boards and people like
saving some beautiful images some ideas that they might then apply at their home
and that doesn’t necessarily mean that people will actually click through to
your site they might have an board with a hundred different ideas of these
kitchen islands and doesn’t mean that you will get any traffic from those pins
so yes it takes a little bit of extra work and effort to create those
Pinterest optimized pins with text overlay but it’s very important to have
text overlay on your photo not just any random text and not just copying the SEO
title of your post I will explain in the next tip how you have to work with this
text overlays to actually get clicks it is important to add those text overlays
and I explained how easy and quickly you can do this with a free graphic design
online tool called canva I have a video about it I’ll give you a link above my
hat in the top right corner of the screen and you will learn how you don’t
have to be a graphic designer you don’t need to learn Photoshop for example to
make beautiful text overlay and create several versions of you pin very quickly
in about five or ten minutes and that can drive you traffic from people who
searched for different things now tip number five is that your text overlay
must have a hook we agreed already that the text overlay is a must but now you
also need to think about what kind of text overlay will actually help you get
clicks and I as I mentioned just copy and pasting your the entire title of
your post usually it’s very contour productive because the text of the lay
is supposed to be short you need to use bold and very clear fonts the text of
your PIN has to be bold and easily readable on any kind of devices even if
it’s small mobile device so the text cannot
be long but it has to have a hook and let me just show you a few examples of
hooks that I find I found by searching for Home Organization pins so I’m
looking now at a very nice pin that used several hooks for example they use this
arrows that motivate users to click this is just visual signal and you have to
click here and then they explain that it’s not just at some organization tips
but it’s an organization organization tips on a budget so it will save you
money and I also like this icon here that it’s free fridge labels so people
want to click they have so many reasons to click through from this pin and I
have to make a note here that when you’re looking at the top search results
you will often find some pins that have no text overlay and they have a lot of
repeats and they’re obviously popular pins but they might be generating a lot
of saves like saves our equals free pins but so people like to have them on their
boards but they might but you never know how much traffic these pins are
generating and most of the times people just like to have these images on their
board and they don’t need to click through for example from this image why
would you need to click through from this image it’s just a pretty image that
someone would like to have as an idea of how they could organize their pantry but
just the fact that it’s a beautiful photo people like to save it doesn’t
mean that the owner of this website is getting a lot of traffic from it I just
wanted to give you a quick example of something I thought about as a good
versus bad text overlay so a good text overlay for something about decluttering
could be how to declutter your home in 10 minutes in a day so what is the hook
here it’s that you’re telling them they can do all of these cluttering in just
10 minutes a day versus the bad text overlay that would just say kitchen
organization tips it’s a statement and that’s it it doesn’t explain how the
spin is better than the other and why people should click through through the
earth from this pin to your post or from another pin that was there in search
results my tip number six will be for ecommerce sites so I wanted to just
explain why these simple images on the white background don’t work and on
generate clicks so people on Pinterest are open to multiple ideas this is the
nature of Pinterest users they’re so different from people who are searching
on Google because on Google usually you know exactly what you’re looking for and
you insert this exact longtail keyword where some Pinterest users are looking
for inspiration and for some ideas about a generic topic sometimes even for
inspiration in a very generic niche sometimes it’s just home decor or
fashion in general and so people are open to multiple options and they
actually prefer pins that show them these multiple options so as an
e-commerce site you will get a lot more traffic instead of one product photo if
you show them multiple versions of this product in different colors so this
helps you to get clicks from people who have different tastes and also another
way to generate more clicks is to show some matching products together in the
same image in the same photo with your main product that you are trying to get
traffic to my tip number seven is to tease your audience because if you
create infographic for Pinterest and you know that in the past infographics those
tool images they were super popular nowadays I have to warn you that when
the image is taller than one to two image ratio it will be hard to rank high
that image so by default infographics are already losing being so super tall
images so if you create an infographic keep in mind that it should be within
this one to two image ratio and the second reason about the teasing your
audience is that on infographics I see a lot that people are sharing all the
information and that’s the purpose of it infographic and that’s how people
actually get a lot of save to this infographics and they this pins are
getting super popular just because of the number of saves but the problem is
that people don’t have any reason to click to to your website when you have 7
essential oils and then you give them away all the seven types of oils and
even explanations how to use them or here on the
left side you have essential oils for your head and toes and then they explain
exactly how to use them for each part of your body you’re basically going to save
the spin to your board and whenever you want to get this information again
you’ll just open it on your board and you has a and you have zero reasons to
click through to this website when I was looking at infographics I was trying to
find at least a few examples of good types of infographics when people
instead of showing all 10 or 25 items on their infographic when they would show
like three or four and tease people and tell them well if you want to see the
tip number five or the item number ten that is the best and then go to our site
that doesn’t have it’s really hard to find infographics that match this
criteria that they’re teasing their audience audience
the only infographic that had a little bit of teasing that I found for this
presentation it’s on the right side where at the bottom of the pin they’re
saying more inhaler recipes and they have an arrow so they’re basically
telling you to go and check more on their site so the tip number eight is
about adding a call to action to your text overlay it’s important to have this
call to action on the pin image itself and I gave you here two examples one of
them they’re saying get a free printable SEO checklist so it gives you definitely
a reason to click through to the side and on the right side it’s so I call
this and stronger call to action because they say get grabbed download and on the
right side you have a softer call to action when they just edit an icon of
this a clicking hand right it’s an icon that demonstrates the the action that
you want the user to make and now I wanted to share with you something that
I promised at the beginning of this video some of my analytics and something
that I see a lot of people are getting confused about is how many clicks you
should be expecting to get from Pinterest based on the number of
impressions that you’re getting so imagine you have a pin that you
published a couple of days ago and you see in your Pinterest analytics that
this pin is has got 54 impressions but zero saves and zero clicks what does it
mean is it a bad pin what’s going on maybe Pinterest doesn’t even work for
your niche for your website that’s how people build those cut those castles in
their heads based on a few pins that didn’t get any clicks yet and let me
tell you what is wrong about this thinking the wrong thing here is that
you suppose that 54 people actually looked at your pin let me show you in
the Pinterest health page about Pinterest analytics
what do Pinterest impressions actually mean it’s the total number of times
Europeans were shown so the key word here is shown it doesn’t mean that
people looked at your pin but imagine your experience as a Pinterest user and
think that the others are doing something like that when you’re
searching for something on Pinterest you will probably scroll down about two or
three times before you see any pin that grabs your attention and then what he
will do next you will click on it and it’s called a close up that’s what
people often completely miss then there is an extra step that is called an close
up then you will see the whole pin you will see the description and then you
can click on the pin to go to the website let’s read the definition of
close ups it’s the total number of times people viewed a close up version of your
pin so that’s actually when people are at looking at your pin compared to
impressions it means that someone actually stopped and looked at European
and took a decision either to click through or not to click through when
they’re just scrolling down the feed out of 60 pins that they scroll down through
they probably stopped their eyes on maybe two or three pins maximum so if
you have 54 impressions and doesn’t mean that any of these 54 people actually saw
a pin or looked at your pin so as I promised I will show you how my pins are
performing and this is the view that you can only get for your own pins but I’m
sharing it for you from my account in this video so you will notice that on
average for each thousand of the prescience I’m getting I would say
somewhere about 10 clicks so here we have 4,000 approximately 4,000
precious and that generated 41 click link clicks if I scroll down you will
notice that some of the pins with less than a thousand impressions they rarely
get any kind of clicks or any repents so this number that I’m telling you it’s
very approximate number because you will notice that here I have four point six
thousand so it’s close let’s say close to five thousand and we’ve got here
a little bit more clicks right it’s almost sixty clicks and then I have a
pin with three thousand impressions and just three clicks when I would expect
here to be thirty clicks right so this pin doesn’t work really well compared to
other and every pins on average on my account here again for example I have
almost four thousand and twenty seven clicks on this one I have almost five
thousand impressions and fifty six so the average I would say you should
target about ten clicks per thousand of impressions like here for example one
thousand of impression approximately and it’s eleven clicks these numbers were
just for your reference and you might have some pins that generate a lot more
repeats and fewer clicks from each thousand impressions and if you see
something like this happening you should probably pay attention close attention
to all the tips that I showed you in this video and do your best to increase
the click-through rates from your pins because we all have to keep in mind the
ultimate goal of our Pinterest efforts is to get traffic to your website not
just some impressions or some saves inside Pinterest platform we want users
to get from Pinterest to our websites did you find this video useful then give
me a thumb but because we all need some positive vibes coming our way to keep
working and sharing value week after week after week every like and every
comment or question under my videos make a difference and it supports this
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meanwhile you can check my other that are perfectly complementary to the
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week bye you

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