April 7, 2020
How To Get More Buyer Leads & Seller Leads With Facebook Advertising – Facebook Ads Tutorial (2018)

How To Get More Buyer Leads & Seller Leads With Facebook Advertising – Facebook Ads Tutorial (2018)

Cool, looks like we’re live so welcome everyone Jason and Adam right here with our weekly live Tuesday morning training. Hope everyone’s doing awesome So yeah Adam tell us a little bit about what we’re gonna go through and cover day So I’m gonna be going through kind of like how you guys know. I’m gonna go man the chat this week We switch off and Adams gonna kind of take the reins on today’s topic but yeah You want to kind of give a quick run through what we’re having a few people jump on and then we’ll just dive into things Yeah, so basically today. We’re gonna go over Facebook ads in terms of how we can catch people’s attention so We’re gonna go over images. What images have worked well for us Even the drastic change of one ad campaign that we had that was running for About a week, and we were getting leads for about three dollars, and we changed an image And we’re getting leads for under a dollar and they fizzled out to about a dollar fifty so a 50% Cost reduction there on cost per lead, so we’re just gonna go over some of those things and how we can attract people to our advertising campaigns, they’re Awesome, yeah And honestly guys Facebook with how their platforms all bail out the images are so key because everyone’s scrolling through their newsfeed whether it’s on Facebook Instagram and You got to be able to catch their attention Not in a knowing way. Obviously don’t want to annoy people but catch it to the point where they’re gonna actually stop and pay attention To your your ad your posts so anyway with that said let’s just jump into things I’m sure more people are gonna be jumping on as we get into this, but let’s just dive in and Yeah, take care of this Cool, so first let me Try to share my screen here Probably see in your face there Can you see this yep awesome? So cool guys so the first key to to facebook advertising especially in real estate Even in mortgage or actually in facebook advertising in general is a really eye-catching Image and that’s gonna be what’s going to stop someone from? Scrolling on their phone or on their computer to actually pay attention to that because they’re on there for enjoyment right they’re on there to see their niece or cat videos or what-have-you right so First of all you need really caching images, and so that’s what we’re gonna go over Today, and so, I’m just gonna show you a quick Test that we did where we we were getting three dollars So we were we were using this advertising campaign, so this is an off-market listing It’s not on the market yet, so bonus for you. You get copy on an off-market listing But this is the image that we were using and we really wanted to grab the attention of hey, this is not anywhere else Right not on Zillow. It’s not on anywhere right and so we were using this image and We were getting leads for about three dollars and twenty-nine cents Which is still really good right? I mean That’s already that’s already killer, man Yeah, right, so real estate agents would be pumped about $3 leads even $4 leads But we just like the test and for our for our full service people the people that were working with very very closely we want to get the best ROI possible for them right so we were testing images and Let me pull this second image up So we’re in this first one at number one here for about five days And we like I said we were getting leads for about $3 29 cents and we all we did we didn’t change anything we duplicated this ad So that the the audience was the same we’re not targeting anybody different We’re not changing the copy the headline is the exact same literally the only thing that we’re doing differently is This image right here right and We’re just showing multiple images of the home and this is Actually, just one image. It’s not multiple But on Facebook if you’re scrolling through and you see someone who posts multiple images This is exactly how that will look on their phone so what they’re going to do is scroll through and they’re gonna see multiple images We’re gonna say tap the photos below for first look at price location and more photos I’m going to tap this photo and go to our landing page and our landing page is going to grab their information and we have elite or What we can do is use a lead form Which is probably a little bit better because their information is already going to be in in Facebook’s database And it’s just an easy click click for them to go and get that so that is a quick A quick split test that we did based on images to get a better family Where see the one on the left you guys were starting out and it was like three dollars three dollars twenty cents I’m like that. Yep, and I remember when you first implemented this drop down. What was like 50 cents what? Yes, I think it was right around the 70 to 80 cents per lead mark Yeah, and and we we’ve been running this for Probably three or four weeks, and it’s topped out right around a dollar forty two or something like that so $33.30 to a dollar even a dollar, let’s say dollar fifty That’s a huge reduction in cost right so yeah, so based on Let’s say just for easy math. You’re at 350 dropped to 70 cents that’s like a 1/5 the cost obviously that then it obviously last But still going to 140 that’s less than 50% well That’s more than 50%. Yeah pretty some huge reduction so want to show you really briefly where I’m creating these images So canva is really easy obviously you see that I have a ton of these and then make it really easy for You to create these so if you just go click Facebook ad go through the templates and just choose one of these outlines It’s really easy drag-and-drop you just throw those in there What we can also do so that’s one type right if you’re doing a home’s list or anything like that What we can do is create a little video Collage where we’re doing something like this You can go and add more photos to these and we’re just going to move this around so I’ll show you this quick video here So this is a home’s list that we do and Typically we just do We just do pictures for this so we would do a couple pictures and leave that that right we wouldn’t have the red here we wouldn’t have This but one thing that you can test is doing a slideshow within Facebook and Uploading these four different images so that it’s just a little bit more eye-catching And get a little bit more of the attention on your advertising campaign right so it’s a super simple Strategy here. Let’s see if this place should so that you can see it And this is just two seconds per slides just gonna change Grab your free report homes under 500k tap the button below so those are just some things that you guys can do to create a little bit more of a attention for your advertising campaign stand out from the other real estate agents mortgage brokers in your area That’s killer I like that little video, too How the red image is kind of flipping yeah? That movie that catches the eye as you’re going through scrolling through on Facebook That jumping around especially red because guys have to think about Facebook as you’re scrolling through Is kind of a light gray background with blues? So that’s kind of their color scheme there their whole feel, so if you’re using red to kind of like call out That’s why have a lot of people a lot of marketers will use red and their ads and their images because red on a light gray or a blue black background jumps out a ton okay whereas like if you’re just doing if You’re just doing like let’s say. It’s kind of like matches like the light gray or the blue or something like that it doesn’t really jump out and so people just kind of scroll over it and That’s why sometimes you’ve seen even like on YouTube videos and stuff the thumbnails They’ll have like a red outline around the thumbnail because I catches people’s eyes and one thing on YouTube same thing with Facebook what gets people to actually watch most the videos is not only like that headline, but it’s actually the Thumbnail image, so that’s a big part of you know is is it catchy is it going to grab someone’s eyes That’s gonna be something that someone’s going to stop and look at and so it’s the same thing With YouTube video thumbnails with Facebook ads is it gonna one kiss retention is it – is it going to get them? Enough attention to actually click on the image there, so Anyway guys if you guys thought it was cool. Go ahead hit a thumbs up over there in the video because when Adam was showing me some of the things he was doing with the full service clients that we’re working with I Was blown away. I was like man. This is powerful This is gonna be huge for a lot of people to be able to go through and implement this because if let’s say Let’s say you’re spending $10 per day on ads and your cost per lead is you know $3.00? Per. Li like Adam was getting you’re getting him roughly three leads per day, but then if you can cut that in half And get to what was it 150 you know in six almost seven leads per day So you’re more than doubling the number of leads you’re generating every single day, so that is HUGE right there, but? anyway guys so if you guys found that helpful go ahead hit the thumbs up so more people can kind of go through and see that and We can share that with more other Realtors mortgage brokers other people are trying to go through and get more leads from their Facebook advertising and Yeah out of anything else This is kind of a short one guys, but we feel like this is super powerful so Anything else that you want to add in there. Yeah, the only thing. I would say is don’t be afraid to test We test things pretty frequently with our full-service clients who are Will allow us to do that and and it works because you can test those things out and Reduce your costs because even if one test doesn’t work You can go go through and create other tests and you find things out so that long term You’ll continue to Reduce your cost per lead which will reduce your cost per acquisition, which who doesn’t love that right so? make sure that you’re testing images and also, if you have a listing Don’t don’t go cheap on the photographer or things of that nature we see some some horrible looking at pictures of listings and That’s just not going to be eye-catching to people who are looking even if it’s on your website or if it’s on Zillow, they’re just not going to be as As enticing to to your leads, so don’t skimp on your photographer and those photos as well Yeah, no. I totally agree man, and so also also to guys if you’re like looking at this you’re like man. This is awesome I’d love to go through and test out different eye catching images and Use canva and all that stuff because obviously like lots of these tools are free and easy to use and be able to start to implement for your business if you still have the time Or you don’t want to go through a mess around figure it out drop a comment down below If you’re watching that live you can drop it in the chat Or if you’re watching the replay of this drop a comment down below And I’ll shoot you over a link where you can schedule a call with Adam right here And we can talk about bring you on as a full-service client We’ll look at your area your community see okay because we don’t we don’t like to take on multiple people per area So we’ll look at your your area and we’ll see if there’s availabilities and After we kind of have you on the call with Adam and discuss the different Possibilities that we can go through and do to work with you You know we can work together so anyway just drop a comment down below if you’re watching the replay of this and We’ll be able to hook you up with that link so you can schedule a call with Adam So anyway any last words to close out here nope Stick with it guys if it’s not working for you keep with it If you want to schedule a call with me. There’s no pressure at all to sign up on the call I just want to get to know you guys see how we can help and see if it makes sense so I look forward to talking to you guys if you want to book a call, but it’s not no pressure at all awesome Okay, guys well. Thanks so much for watching And I hope you have an amazing rest of the day basin rest of the week and with that said we will see you all Next week next Tuesday at 12 p.m.. Eastern time or 9:00 a.m.. Pacific time Every every Tuesday We’ll jump on live share new techniques and strategies help you generate more leads and grow your business right so That said thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you all later

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