April 6, 2020
How To Get Inspired

How To Get Inspired

You know when you’re in that flow state and things are just happening, like stuff’s coming together, you’re lit up, you’re inspired. How much more productive do you feel when you’re in that space? Or how much more do you actually get done when you’re in that space? But the challenge is how do
we actually get in that space when we’re not in that space. You know, how do we find that inspiration? How do we find that fire, and the things that light us up to actually get that kind of stuff done in our business and in our life. And that is exactly what
we’re gonna talk about in this video. Now, as we’re going through
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more videos like this, three times per week. All right so lets talk about
how do you get inspired. Now when we’re in that
space of inspiration, or the easiest way to get into that space of inspiration is look back at when in our lives have we
been the most inspired, the most lit up, the most on fire. And if you can look back to that point, what we can start to break down is what was it about that space, about what we were doing
and who we were being when we were in that space, what was it that actually caused us to feel this feeling of inspiration? Because a lot of the time when we’re trying to find
something to inspire us we’ll be doing exactly that. We’ll be finding something, or trying to find something to inspire us. But the fact is it’s
so much more than that. It’s not just the
project we’re working on. It’s not just the goal
we’re working towards. It’s often about the environment that we’ve created, that we’re working on this stuff within that facilitates our character of self’s way of being inspired. And so what I mean by that is that each of us, we have our character of self. We have like how we see ourselves, how we portray ourselves to the world, how we perceive ourselves to
be and who we think we are. And when we’re feeling in this space, or when we’re in this space
where we’re totally inspired, what we’re essentially doing is we’re appealing to an
aspect of our character. We’re appealing to
something about ourselves that is driving this emotion and this feeling that we’re
in alignment, we’re in flow. And to pick that apart, we’ve gotta look at what
about our environment was appealing to our character of self when we were in this space where we were totally and
completely inspired and on fire. So for me, something that I
kind of worked through recently was I looked into what inspired me through two major points in my life. So there was the point where
I was in software sales and I decided I was gonna get
to the top internationally in sales out of the entire
sales force globally. And there was another time when
I started my first company, and I was looking at, you know, what was it about being in that space that gave me this insane drive and energy and motivation and desire to
pull 70, 80, 90 hour weeks and just not even feel like I was working. And when I picked both
of those times apart and looked at what were the components that were creating this environment that fueled my inspiration, at the core of it was this part of self that thrives on a challenge,
that needs a challenge. And it’s almost like I’ve
kind of broken it down to almost like a David and
Goliath story you know? Like an underdog story,
like a hero’s journey. There’s a whole dynamic
going on behind the scenes where for my character of self to thrive and feel inspired and alive and lit up and all these things, I need to have an almost
insurmountable goal to achieve, like a mountain to climb. I need to have an environment
where there’s other people that I can compete against, like a friendly competitive environment where I can pit my skills and
test myself against others. I need a set of skills
that I need to master, I need to level myself up to be capable of achieving my goal. If it’s easy, I’m not interested. I need it to be borderline impossible, and that’s what sets me on fire, to really dig in and work on this stuff that I love and enjoy, which is learning, which is figuring shit out,
which is testing myself, the competitive nature
of pitting yourselves against others who you perceive
to be ahead of you already, and essentially it boils down to that environment plus the target that is almost impossible
and almost insurmountable. And the thing that tops it all off is when I feel that, or
my character of self feels that I shouldn’t be able
to achieve something, it should be beyond the
possibility of what I can do, but I do it anyway, that for me is what absolutely drives me. What inspires me. So if that’s the case, well how do I manufacture that environment in such a way where I
can create that feeling? Because I know that I will be
like 10 times more productive, I’ll get stuff done in a day that would normally take me a month when I’m not in that flow state. So it’s super important to
be able to manufacture that. And so I was to manufacture that with anything that I’m
doing moving forwards, like any new companies
that I build for example, well I need to recognise
that I’ve got to put myself in an environment with
others who are ahead of me, I’ve got to be setting myself almost insurmountable mountains to climb, and I’ve got to be
creating this environment where it’s almost an expectation that I shouldn’t be able to do it. Because that’s what drives me, and the reason that that drives me is it all goes down to
something that’s called our winning formula, or
our winning formulas, we have several of them. I’m not going to go into detail of those on this call, on this video sorry. But one of my winning formulas which is based on when my mum and dad split up when I was seven years old, was this idea that I’m in control, I’ve got this, I can depend on myself, I don’t need to rely on others. And at the core of that is
when I can prove to myself that I am worthy, like that
is a fundamental aspect of, or call it like a pillar, a foundation of my character of self, it’s this need to prove that I am worthy, like I’m worthy of challenge, or I can achieve challenge because at the fundamental core of myself, I have this need and
this desire to be the one that’s, I’ve got this,
all right, I’ve got this. And that comes from, as I say, mum and dad splitting up when I was seven, and it formed a foundation
of my character of self. This is part of my path that has defined who I identify as. And the other thing as well is that each of our aspects, or each of the aspects
of our character of self is gonna have two sides, right, it’s the light and the
dark, the yin and the yang. And essentially it’s gonna be either you’ll be driven by fear, or you’ll be driven by inspiration. And it’s a lot more fun being
in a space of inspiration everyday than it is being
in a space of fear everyday. So we get to choose the aspects
of our character of self that we’re appealing to, right, when we’re finding that
space of inspiration. We get to choose what is it
that motivates ourselves, because we can’t change the
fact that we have a past, and we can reframe how
we relate to our past, but the point is that we
will always have an aspect of our character of self
which has been created by the events in our past. Right, we can alter how that looks and reframe how that looks, but essentially there’s always
gonna be a part of us there. And so if we’re allowing
the aspects of our past to drive us by fear, right, so I’ll give you an example myself, it could either be that the
fear of having an expectation of how I should be, like I
should be the one in control, I should be the one that I can depend on, and therefore anytime that I’m showing up where my outcomes I’m creating in life are not in line with that, that could be creating senses
or it had been creating a sense of guilt, a sense
that I’m not enough, a sense that I’m not good enough, the sense that others are better than me, which is obviously fear driven. Well on the flip side, it can be, well, if I tap into the positive parts of that aspect of self,
the inspiration pieces, that’s the thriving on challenge, wanting something to
really sink his teeth into and to achieve something big to achieve, a big almost impossible goal. That’s the more positive
side to that aspect of my character of self. So if we can choose
what we’re tapping into, either fear or inspiration, by having that awareness and looking up when were we most inspired
in our lives before, and what was the recipe, like
what was the environment, what were the different
components in our environment that created that space
where we were inspired instead of driven by fear. And then we can look to replicate
that in our lives, right? And so if you look at what is
it that you’re working on now, or maybe you’re not working on anything, maybe you’re in a space
where you’re waiting for the next thing to come. Well if you understand how
to create your environment in a way that’s going to
facilitate inspiration instead of fear, that’s
gonna go a long way to helping you find that
purpose, that drive, that motivation and essentially
be living day to day in a space that feels incredible, as opposed to a space everyday
that just feels fearful and you feel guilt and shame and lack and all these negative emotions. However, as part of this, a
question that comes to mind is well, if you were to start reframing and letting go of and moving
on from events in your past that have defined the
darker side of your aspects of your character of self, does letting go of those
darker sides also mean that you then have to let
go of the lighter sides, like for me, the challenge, the taking on a big task ahead of me, like the thrill of competition,
that’s the lighter side, and the darker side is not feeling enough, or living up to my expectations
of myself or of others. Okay so the question
that’s come into mind, is if we start reframing and letting go of the fear driven darker sides, does that mean we also have to let go of the more positive lighter sides? What do you think? Comment below, if you’ve got a
perspective to share on this, or if you’ve got some thoughts on this, I would love to hear from you, so comment below, what do you think? What does letting go of the darker sides also mean that you have to
let go of the lighter sides? And if so, what is it that’s opening up in the space beyond that? All right? So if you’ve enjoyed this video, please hit like, as I say, please comment below if you
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  2. I can 100% resonate with what you just expressed! Five days ago I also uploaded my thoughts on the same subject, The Flow State and its triggers to get into it. You just made a great video here, I hope one day I will be able to express myself like you! Thanks Dan!

  3. Always find your videos really inspiring dan! I resonate with what you've said about finding what puts us in a state of flow I've recently started tracking what I do every day and then rating how I feel -2 -> +2 in a spreadsheet, with the idea is I will be able to highlight what my life looks like when I'm inspired/ demotivated and then get more of the good stuff in my life. Also, I think that's a really interesting question posed in the video, I think it's not about letting go of the light or the dark sides but being able to recognize that they are both there a bit of ying and yang they balance each other and like you said it be tricky to have one with out the other

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