March 28, 2020
How to Get Free Shipping Boxes for Reselling & Arbitrage

How to Get Free Shipping Boxes for Reselling & Arbitrage

today I’m going to show you exactly the
process that I use to get free shipping boxes for my online arbitrage in a lot
of different capacities now this is not gonna work for Amazon arbitrage as the
way that I teach it unless you are merchants fulfilling which I don’t
suggest that you do because then that puts you liable for a lot of reasons you
know you there other other sellers will kind of attack your account and it puts
you at all the the mercy of Amazon’s metrics so to speak when your merchants
fulfilling I always suggest shipping in into FBA a because it’s more passive
they’ll do all the work for you because your products will sell better if they
have that Prime tag when you ship them into FBA and mainly number I think I
just said it one and B one two and three and now we’re on three and number three
mainly is to protect your accounts so that you’re not liable for all those
merchant failed orders so if you are merchants filling on Amazon this
obviously will work for you but this is mainly for the other people that are
shipping you know other products or doing other forms of arbitrage or
reselling on eBay or Macari or you know offer up let go whatever it is whatever
would have you there’s a number of other sites I’m gonna show you how to get free
boxes from the US post post office right here today so basically we’re gonna do
is you’re gonna go to the post office so USPS calm
so here we are on US Post Office calm so USPS calm tools is where you want to go
and then you’ll see this little thing called free boxes and you’ll notice if
we scroll down that yes you can get all these free boxes delivered right to your
door by the simple click in order from this website now there’s a number of
different boxes so I’m gonna go down and sort it all the way at the bottom
2:48 and you’ll see that there’s a number of different you know sizes
different you know different different types of boxes envelopes padded
envelopes are usually my favorite because I can put clothes in when I’m
shipping out Poshmark items so this is basically how you do it you browse
through you say okay I could use you know ten or twenty five of these of
these uh these of small into the medium ones those look like the medium ones of
these medium flat rate boxes that are 11 inches by eight and a half inches by
five and a half inches maybe I want you know ten of these because I feel like
I’m the majority the products that I have look like those I
that I ship out a lot of um you know scratch off maps that I got from FBA
that I can’t resell anymore because I that was literally a hot product on
Amazon a long time ago so when I buy products from Amazon arbitrage and for
whatever reason those might be damaged like we talked about yesterday even
though they’re not actually damaged I get them shipped back so I need a tube
or something to ship them out these are great for them they fit exactly
perfectly and the reason that the post-office offers you these boxes for
free and they literally take them and drop them off at your house for free too
is because they want you to use their service so you have to ask yourself you
know what are you fulfilling number one if you’re selling on ebay or Macari or
you know Poshmark I need those other sites
what are you fulfilling number one and if it’s on Poshmark always use these
because Poshmark always pays priority mail so you can use these for free the
labels are gonna be for free and I always recommend using Priority Mail
boxes like this just because it makes you look like a better more high-class
seller on Poshmark you’ll get better ratings
I also recommend doing this on requiring ebay for certain items as well and other
places like offer up potentially too because like I said it’s gonna it’s
gonna make it streamline it’s gonna make you look professional as a seller it’ll
increase your ratings it’ll decrease your your you know your customer returns
and the boxes are free but you do have to ask yourself like I was gonna say you
know what am I actually shipping so if you’re shipping something that is a high
you know high-priced margin and you can make a lot of money on it well then it
might behoove you to do this because it’s gonna get to the customer fast so
they’re gonna be happy two to three days and be on top of that and a little
caveat to don’t don’t spring for the blue boxes those are Express Mail you
always want the red ones so the red priority two to three days not the blue
Express okay just just one of the two preface of us saying but so if it’s
something small or you know maybe it’s something that you can ship media mail
then maybe you want to use some some other boxes that aren’t these because
you can your your shipping charge might be two three four bucks for a medium
mail package and you can’t use Priority Mail boxes for media mail so that’s just
something to keep in mind if you have any questions on that drop them down in
the comment section down below I would love to answer them for you
but that’s really where I get the majority of my free boxes I ship them
out now if you are shipping these out sometimes they can charge you if you use
the padded envelopes if I can see if I can find
right here these are like my favorite the padded flat-rate envelopes perfect
for clothes perfectly a number of small different items typically those are
gonna cost you six to seven bucks when you’re shipping them out but if you
spring for something bigger like one of these big these big priority mailboxes
sometimes they can run you up to you know ten to even fifteen bucks depending
on where you’re shipping so it is important to keep in mind that yes
you’re getting the boxes for free but then that’s not always the cheapest
option if you can ship it Media Mail go ahead and spring for that route but if
you do have something small get a couple padded flat-rate envelopes get a couple
of envelopes just normal flat rate envelopes – you can package them up seal
them up you don’t need any tape obviously you’re gonna have to tape the
label on there if you don’t have a label maker but that’s basically how I get all
the boxes 100 cent free to decrease my margins for the right products and
obviously make more with online arbitrage

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