April 1, 2020
How to Get Free Publicity For Your Business

How to Get Free Publicity For Your Business

How to Get Free Publicity
For Your Business. Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live every
day, today from Grants Pass, Oregon here at the headquarters
for BrianJPombo.com and
today we’re going to be talking about how to get free publicity
for your business and what is free publicity? What is it? Free publicity is all about getting
attention to any type of a free public forum, media and so forth. I’m
going to give you a real quick tip, one of the most unused areas
in the terms of publicity. This doesn’t work as well for local
unless you have local versions of these, but it’s podcasts. Podcasts, they’re out there.
They’re out there forever. Most episodes are out there forever. Even if a podcast keeps producing
more episodes, the old episodes, oftentimes as long as the person
is still paying their hosting bill, that stuff continues to
go on and on forever. And sometimes other websites will pick
them up and put them out there even after the fact. And so you have websites like Archive.org and so forth that will
grab onto these things and sometimes you can’t get rid of them
once they’re out there, which is really good for you if you
are looking to have that type of impact online. Now, like I said, if
you’ve got local podcasts. Podcasts that have to do with your area,
then that’s a great thing to plug into. But if you have more of a national or
international flare to your business, then you’re going to want to look for
podcasts that have something to do with your niche, with your industry. Podcasts that people who would
become your customer or client. We’d be listening to them. Is this one which we start out as a video, a vlog that goes out every day, and then the audio gets put out
there every day via podcast. So we’ve got this as a
podcast, Brian J. Pombo Live. I also have another podcast, which I’ve mentioned on here before
called The Off The Grid Biz Podcast. That has everything to do with businesses
that are in the self reliance field where I go and I interview them or people
something having to do with business or something having to do
with self-reliance in that
area or some type of lesson for someone who has a business
in the self-reliance field. So that’s The Off The Grid Biz Podcast.
You’ll find that at OffTheGridBiz.com. Now with those two podcasts, how often do you think I’m hit up
to try and get onto my podcast? You’d be surprised. I don’t
get hit up hardly at all. Once in a while someone who knows
me and may asked to be on it, but I’m always asking people, I actually have a bumper on the
end of my Off The Grid Biz Podcast asking if you know somebody or
if you are, he’d be on the show, let me know. And we’ve got a special spot
on the website where they can sign up. So that’s still available.
If you’re interested. Even if you’re interested on coming with
me live on here, let me know and we’ll, we’ll see if we can arrange something
because I love to have guests and I love to be able to talk to people.
Not that I have a lack of them, especially on The Off
The Grid Biz Podcast. I’ve got a huge list of
people to get ahold of, but you’re always welcome to jump on it. So that’s a great idea for publicity. But I want to show you how to take
that and go even further with it. And it’s a simple, simple thing. I’m going to give you an example. So I’ve mentioned before an
interview I did with RaeJean Wilson. She is one of the owners, the family of owners at Glory Bee
glory Food’s. Beyond just honey, they have a number of other natural based
foods that they put out there on the market. You can find their stuff just
about anywhere. They’re out of Eugene, Oregon, which isn’t that far North
from here. Yeah, interviewed her. Great interview. Really interesting. You can go and click the link
below in the description. Go and listen to that over on
The Off the Grid Biz Podcast. Afterward we broadcasted it, her assistant Jesse emailed me and
asked me if they could send me a gift. So I, uh, I had, I sent
my address over to them. Turns out it was the wrong address
because I transpose two of the addresses. I’ve got a couple of business addresses
and so forth. So I messed that up. And then I had to, they got the
package back and they said, well, what can we do? I sent
them the right address. Let me this what was in the
package, great little envelope. Look at this. Happy Holidays. It’s got the bees with the a little
Rudolph Bee on the end. That’s brilliant. Happy holiday. Hey, Brian, thank you for the opportunity to
share the family story of Glory Bee. Happy Holidays, RaeJean. And with the little inscription on the
card and it’s a specific card made just for them. I got this awesome bag. Look at
this. Save the Bee, Glory Bee. Their organization that
they’re promoting to help save the whole issues with the bees that
have been happening in the colony. The colony collapses and so
forth. So there’s an awesome bag, which good to have because in Oregon because they just outlawed
single use plastic bags. I really love this. I’m really happy
that they sent that off to me. It’s just such a lovely thing, but
look, every time I look at this bag, what am I going to think of? Just something real simple.
Something real subtle. They gave me a nice little
piece of swag, what they call, when it’s inscribed with the name
of your business and everything, and it’s just something just a
little bit extra, just a little bit. Not that I’m asking that from any
podcast guest. But I’m telling you, if you want to get publicity. If you want to get your name out there, get people talking about you and get in
the good graces of the people that have those media sources. Then that’s the
type of thing you do. You get on there, you thank them for getting you on there. If you can give them a little gift or a
little card, that’s great. If you can’t, it’s no big deal, but
keeping their good graces, stay out there in front of them and you
too will get constant free publicity and you’ll always be out
there in the public eye. Glory Bee does a great job of that. She talks a lot about that on the
podcast, so go listen to that interview. If you are in the self-reliance field
and you’re a owner or an executive, one of the decision
makers at your company, I’d love to be able to talk with you. Go to DreamBizChat.com
and watch the video there. Explains this whole process. I call the
Dream Business Transformation. Trust me, it’s free. Go check it
out. And in the meantime, we’re back here every day.
Yesterday we missed but tomorrow, I think I’m going to give you a
two videos for the price of one, just because we missed yesterday’s date.

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