April 10, 2020
How To Get FREE Instagram / Influencer Shout-Outs For Shopify DropShipping / Ecommerce (Part 2/3)

How To Get FREE Instagram / Influencer Shout-Outs For Shopify DropShipping / Ecommerce (Part 2/3)

What so everybody it’s hunter welcome back to a brand new video today So don’t to be teaching you guys here today is how to actually go out there and get influencers shout outs for free there’s going To be a part two of three for today And what I want to be really teaching you guys is just in their strategy and kind of a social engineering method that you can Go out there and not have to pay for shout out that being said what I want to teach you right now Is that what you’re gonna want to do is essentially reach out to influencers like we mentioned in part one? We’re actually to get them to work for us, and this synth are instant so we in the first episode We talked about promoting a giveaway and in this way this method We’re going to actually be getting them as an affiliate so what’s an affiliate now you may have heard This is affiliate marketing the link that I have in my description is a Shopify affiliate link essentially if you sign up for that I obviously get a kickback and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be Doing on our own store now how do we actually go out there and convince? Influencers to promote our content and actually go get them to sell for us now Here’s the thing is that usually you want to test the waters here a little bit in terms of how well a product is selling Essentially the goal is to maybe go find a product. That’s selling on Facebook already with Facebook Ads This is why Instagram influencers in and of itself are kind of like if you just do Instagram influencers You’re really leaving a shit ton of money on the table the people right now in this YouTube space that are promoting Instagram influencers is a better way as opposed to Facebook advertisement are just straight-up retards who don’t know what they’re talking about and They’re actually promoting the wrong thing and actually leading people astray charging them money anyways That’s a story for another time but Regardless here today what I want to let you guys know is that if you are going to do this? Test something with Facebook Ads first then go to all of these Instagram influencer pages you want to pay a single sign Sent and sign them up as an affiliate now. How do you create an affiliate? There’s things called elite? There’s an app for the Shopify store called lead Dino I know it costs a monthly fee But obviously you’re gonna be making money with this app and what you’re gonna want to do to convince these influencers to actually come join your Shopify brand is you’re gonna want to offer them a good incentive to Actually promote your product now if it’s already selling like crazy You know what’s gonna sell well on their page, but if you have a product that isn’t selling well on their page I’ve done as high seventy-five percent Commission to them if they just promote any product on our store, so essentially you say find a way We’ll ship you out a bunch of products find a way to promote one of these every single week and We will go ahead and give you a fifty to seventy-five percent commission on that now what you want to do is obviously hold those Commissions Sales Lead, I know actually sets this up. It’s very very easy I don’t think you guys need me to walk you through that it’s essentially just as easy as filling out your info and Obviously sending them to a link in a dashboard that they can log into and track their own sales Now you want to actually hold their money for thirty days now be very very clear with the influencers have them draft up a con or a draft up your Own contract or whatever you need them to agree upon with this Where essentially they get 50% of the cut and you want or fifty to thirty to seventy five percent? Essentially you sign them up as affiliate and you want to hold that money for thirty days To make sure that it clears but on your end that way the Influencer can’t get paid and let’s say the customer goes and returns it you obviously need to see whether they’re gonna return it or not So you can hold it for thirty days sixty days whatever it may be obviously communicate this with your influencer eating them itself But usually just if you want to approach them. I would go ahead and say something along the lines of hey, man I’m looking to promote our brand right now. We have a product That’s selling really really well through paid advertisements or whatever it may be and if you want to get a piece of the pie all you have to do is monetize your Page now you don’t support this product, and you have anything against that you want to close our page But if you’d like to make some extra money We’re not just paying you for a shout out. You’re gonna get continual money influencers like to make continuous amounts of money They like to just be able to post whenever they want as opposed to having to set everything up in ahead of time this didn’t of itself is gonna give you more and more value for the Influencer as opposed to just going out there and paying for it now other companies contract us out in different different ways Depending on referral fees but in and of itself you can do a flat bonus for every person they refer or whatever it may be But all you have to do essentially in this situation is to go out there contact them with a product That’s already selling you’re essentially just hitting more and more Pockets of people that you’re not hitting with your ads That will essentially just allow you to scale further and further and you’re not paying for any of it You’re just getting extra money for them going to do the work now. You can give them templates You know maybe give them a copy of your ad working and give it to the influencer And they will actually use that on their own page And they’re gonna get a ton and ton of sales because you know what’s working over there like I said This is just a way to capitalize on audiences because here’s the thing all the other kids that are promoting the stupid Influencer marketing is the way to go it’s stupid because you don’t have access to the entire Excuse me. You don’t access to the entire space of people But you have access to these small pockets of these people and people who don’t know one other thing that the influencer Or gurus, don’t tell you is that these audience get tapped really really quickly so it’s not your problem to go sell this product It’s the influencers if they want to make money they can go do it But make sure you’re obviously transparent about shipping times and everything of the sort. I’ve used this It’s worked in the past is it like the best way to make money And no Facebook Ads is always going to be the best way but this is a way to actually just scale further and further as a As your just able to reach more people, and it doesn’t cost you anything Obviously it cost you 50% of the profit But 50 or 75 percent whatever you want to work out usually if the influencer is not interested You can bump that up. Maybe start at 40 go up to 50 Whatever it may be but This incentive in and of itself allows you to just build a network of people that you can then go back to later But I came at we’re doing this other promotion I know you’re promoting this but can you promote this instead and that is going to allow you to just build up this huge community of people that are your Promoters for you and get this they’re working for you, you’re not working for them you’re not paying them the whole paid for a shout out thing is literally kind of the Sleaziest bullshit ever okay this you’re actually building a relationship with these people they want to actually get results for you and themselves and they don’t have to do any work not do any customer service they just Have to make a post okay, that’s as easy like People like sim simple if they can go on there and place one post at the end of the day And they get a kickback and that’s going to their bank account They’ll be happy Okay, so that being said obviously this requires a little bit of talking and it’s gonna be different based on every influencer, but hey Throw us into your arsenal of tools of marketing skills that you can get to grow your drop shipping business Or your e-commerce business or whatever and this is going to actually get you that next level More people more money more sales even if you’re just splitting 50% of the influence or 75 or what? It’s still money that you never had to go pay for ads for specifically At the end of the day – like when you’re doing paid Advertisements or whatever you’re still looking at a rough profit margin that equates to that anyways so And the in the end it works out that being said guys I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video a little bit shorter, but it is late It’s Thanksgiving, but I will I’ll be back again tomorrow with a new video for you So that being said I’ll catch you guys later peace

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