April 7, 2020
How to Get Free Blog Traffic to New Blog Fast without SEO? (2020)

How to Get Free Blog Traffic to New Blog Fast without SEO? (2020)

So you started a professional blog, written your first blog article as well, and then you hit publish button hoping that hundreds of blog visitors will visit your blog and start reading your new blog post. But unfortunately, that’s not how it happens. Hey digital learners, I’m Rahul from LearnDigitalwithRahul.com And, in today’s video, you’ll learn how to
get free blog traffic to your new blog. And if you keep watching this video until
the end, you’ll also come to know about a little secret strategy to start making money
from your blog without waiting for tons of blog traffic. But, before we get started, make sure you
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updates. Alright! Now let’s learn how to get free blog traffic
to your new blog. When I started my first blog, I was like if
I create it, they’ll come and read it. But that’s not how it works. Then, I started searching in Google and came
across many articles suggesting to focus on writing SEO optimized articles with proper
keyword research. And you know what, SEO was the most dreadful
word for me as a beginner. If you are a complete beginner, let me tell you learning Search Engine Optimization takes time and even though SEO is the most cost-effective
way to drive traffic to the new blog, it’s also worth noting that SEO will take time. You can’t just create and publish a few
keyword-targeted articles and start hoping to get free blog traffic fast. There are factors like domain age and domain
authority that play a crucial role. Well, that’s a different story for some
other day, but right now, I’m going to teach you how to get free blog traffic to a new
blog without SEO. The #1 tip I have for you that’ll instantly
help you get free blog traffic to the new blog is: Start leveraging your social media
presence. When it comes to social media, most people
start with Facebook fan pages. But don’t do that. Instead, I would recommend you to start with
a Facebook group. The reason why I recommend Facebook groups over Facebook fan pages is: The organic reach of Facebook pages is decreasing which means even if you have thousands of fans and followers, if you post something on your Facebook page: it will hardly be seen in the news feed of a few hundred people. Facebook has changed its algorithms time and
again making it harder for marketers to reach their audience without paying for Facebook
ads. However, as mentioned in the F8 event, Facebook is currently focusing on putting groups first. So Facebook groups are the future and I would highly recommend you to create a healthy group with meaningful conversations. Once you do that, you can start promoting your new blog post to drive free organic traffic to your new blog. And if you don’t want to create your own, you can make use of already created other Facebook groups as well. Join other Facebook groups that have engaged
members, participate in discussions, and build your personal brand. One of the advantages of actively liking,
commenting, and starting conversations in these groups is: you get free exposure to
thousands of people without you having to build an audience from scratch. And the best thing is: some groups also allow
you to promote your blog post once a week on specific blog promotion day. That’s how you can get free blog traffic
from Facebook, but why to stop there, you may utilize other social platforms as well – you
have Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn – just to name a few. The 2nd Tip that’ll help you get free blog
traffic fast is: Start blog commenting. In case you don’t know it, blog commenting
is basically visiting other blogs in your blogging niche and leaving a meaningful blog
comment. You can search for blogs related to your blogging
niche in Google or use free tools like DropMyLink to find blogs where you may start commenting. But don’t just leave one-liner blog comment
like “Hey this was a great article,” if you do that, your blog comment will never
get approved. So, all your work goes wasted. Therefore, your priority should be leaving
a meaningful comment that sparks conversation. If your blog comment is impressive and adds
value, that’ll not only help you get free blog traffic but also make a real connection with other bloggers. And you know what’s more exciting than that? You’ll get free backlinks that’ll eventually
help your blog’s search rankings as well. So, it’s completely a win-win for you. And now that we are talking about connections, this brings me to tip #3 which is the last one. The last tip that’ll help you get more
free blog traffic is: use influencer marketing to get tons of free blog traffic. So what is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of marketing
where you utilize the influencers or key leaders in your industry to promote your blog to an
even larger audience. It is also known as Blogger outreach. So how do you use influencer marketing to
drive free blog traffic to a new blog? Let me tell you how I’ll do it. I’ll create a masterpiece of the article
citing other influencers and bloggers in my niche as a resource and link out to their
article to support my research and points. Once the article is published, I’ll find
the contact information of all those bloggers or influencers whom I linked out in my article. Then, I’ll reach out to them by sending
an email like this: Hey {Blogger first name}, I just read your blog post about {how to get
free Blog traffic to a new blog}, and I must say, it was an amazing piece of article as
it helped me learn: 1. [how to use Facebook to drive free traffic to a new blog] 2. [how to use blog commenting to drive free blog traffic] 3. How to use influencer marketing to get free blog traffic fast Awesome! I really appreciate the amazing work you have
been doing. And in fact, this article was so amazing that
I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with my blog readers. I have mentioned you in one of my recent blog
posts here: {Your blog article URL} Would you mind if I ask you to check it out
and share it with your fans and followers? If you share it, I’ll be highly grateful
for your kind act. If not, I’ll still appreciate your work,
no hard feelings. Thanks! Regards, Rahul When you’ll send this email to other bloggers or influencers in your blogging niche, they’ll gladly share your content with tens of thousands of their followers. Not all of them will share, but even if some
of them will do it, this will eventually bring tons of free blog traffic to your new blog
very fast. And by the way, don’t forget to send them
a thank you message when they share it. That way you’ll be on your mark to developing a relationship with those bloggers and influencers which might help later as well. Well, that’s all about how to get free blog
traffic to a new blog. These traffic-driving strategies are so effective
that you can start driving free traffic to your blog without SEO. But wait, as I promised……… And if you keep watching this video until the end, you’ll also come to know about a little secret strategy to start making money from your blog without waiting for tons of blog traffic. So here comes the best part: If you use display ads like Google AdSense to monetize your blog traffic, you’ll need at least hundreds or
even thousands of blog visitors to see any considerable blog income. So rather than relying on display ads, start
promoting highly profitable affiliate products to start making money from your blog without
waiting for tons of blog traffic. By the way, if you are new to affiliate marketing
and don’t know which affiliate products to promote on your blog, download my free ebook
by heading over to affiliatesalesmastery.com, I’ll also leave a link in the description below. And if you are watching this on Instagram,
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below and I’ll be happy to answer. Thanks for watching! I’m Rahul signing off, and I’ll see you
in the next one. Until then stay motivated, stay creative,
and feel proud to be #DigitalLearner.

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