April 1, 2020
How To Get An eCommerce Job – Digital Careers Guide by Bubble Jobs Episode 9

How To Get An eCommerce Job – Digital Careers Guide by Bubble Jobs Episode 9

eCommerce is a huge industry within itself
now and it’s connected with any organisation that is looking to sell products over the
internet. Any business which tends to sell products to consumers or to other businesses
is continuously looking at its sales strategy and eCommerce is the huge growth area for
any business at the moment. eCommerce roles can take on a variety of different
forms, from digital merchandising to business analysis roles and product and project management
– but in general, eCommerce Managers are all sort of connected by the singular focus
on looking at how they can improve an organisation’s ability to sell products online competitively.
eCommerce jobs are a great opportunity to get into digital, purely and simply because
any organisation in business today that is selling products needs to look at how it is
going to sell that product to consumers over the web. Even the largest retail chains are
seeing more and more transactions occurring online and with the advent of new technology
platforms and hardware platforms like smartphones and tablets, they are all more increasingly
being used by consumers who want to search and buy products – so literally there are
shed-loads of opportunities within the market – and they are really something that you
should look at. eCommerce jobs would be suited to actually a really wide variety of people.
If you’re looking to take a step into the industry then many degree or A-Level courses
would really suit. If you’re already in the industry and maybe looking to change into
eCommerce, then if you’re from a retail background then I think that really helps
because you already have an understanding of how products are historically bought and
sold to consumers. You can get into eCommerce from a marketing background or a sales background
so many commercial functions really make it appropriate to consider eCommerce as a career
step into digital.

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