April 2, 2020
How To Get 95% More Customers in Your Ecommerce Business

How To Get 95% More Customers in Your Ecommerce Business

well hey there what’s up, it’s Scott and in
today’s brand building tip, we’re gonna be talking all about your market but
we’re also gonna be talking about how to get more of your market to buy your
stuff not just the 5% that are ready right now so that’s what we’re gonna be
talking about in today’s video so if that sounds interesting
stick around that’s what we’re gonna be covering on the whiteboard all right
cool so Before we jump in let me just remind you if you have any questions or
if you have any comments drop them down below let me know I’d love to hear from
you because I want this to make sense to you and a lot of people a lot of people
in business maybe if you’re just selling on one channel like Amazon or maybe your
own Shopify store or maybe on eBay wherever that is you’re probably only
focusing on this part of your market so what I want you to do is I want you to
think about your entire market okay now your market right now might be hanging
out on Amazon they might be hanging out on Etsy they might be hanging out on
eBay Walmart wherever right so they’re hanging out on all different parts but
there’s only 5% of them that are ready to buy so again let’s use Amazon as an
example if we’re only focusing on Amazon those people are ready to buy right now
and that’s great right but what about these people right
here this 45% of people that in the next six months will probably be wanting or
needing what you have to offer but they don’t want it right now so wouldn’t you
like to be able to reach those people and kind of remind those people
different times of the year and then they would be interested in your
products or your services sounds a lot better right because that part of your
market is still there but again we’re only focusing on the 5% most businesses
are just trying to focus on the quick sale how do I get that one sale or that
you know that second sale with the people that are ready to buy right like
buy it and then maybe with an upsell maybe then we can do some retargeting
whatever that’s great but that’s still only 5% of your market you gotta realize
something there’s 45 percent that are ready within the next six
months here’s the other cool thing there’s fifty percent of the market of
your market of any market that’s maybe twelve months maybe even a little bit
longer so this is why it’s so important to be able to retarget to these people
or to message these people whether it’s on Facebook and you’re in their feed or
maybe it is on an email or in an email that you’re sending out and then you’re
sending a piece of content now if you have not been following along with all
of the content strategies that I’ve been talking about the email list building
the retargeting on Facebook if you’re not going through that you need to do
that all right I’m gonna link everything up in the in the description I’ll also
probably put up some end cards here so this way here it can take you over to
more of this training alright because this rate here you need to understand
the big picture this is your market this entire thing is your market every market
is pretty much set up like this all right think about yourself for a second
if you are going on a fishing trip you’re gonna probably start looking for
fishing gear right there you are maybe in three months from now you might
get asked to go on that fishing trip six months right or maybe seven months from
now you’re you know going on maybe another fishing trip and then you’re
going to need to start looking or maybe you’re just starting to get interested
in bass fishing in seven months there’s the other part of your market okay so
remember 5% most of the time this isn’t like a hard rule but 5% a small portion
of your market is ready to buy right now six months some more are gonna be ready
twelve months some more gonna be ready things happen right things come up I
mean think about this for a second right now everything might be working
perfectly on your bass fishing boat right and then six months from now
something isn’t working right or something broke and I got to go search
for something that you have to offer right so that’s why we don’t want to
just focus on this 5% we want to focus on all of these in the entire market all
right and again this is like say that we sub niched it down and this
is just the kayak bass fishing market well you can do the exact same thing and
even put it out over here and have a whole nother part of the pie alright or
the circle and and over here could be just regular bass fishing
right and then you’d have the same thing five percent 45 percent 12 months well
it’d be now six months twelve months you get what I’m saying right so this rate
here you really really need to try to understand and if you do then you’re
going to start really understanding that content marketing Facebook Ads being
able to show up in people’s news feeds and really being able to show yourself
over the course of the year so what I want you to do is I want you to think
about this and I really want you to understand this okay you need to be
thinking long term within your market for your customer because not everyone
is going to buy rate now in a real business that’s going to go out there
and be able to market over the next 12 months it’ll be a lot easier for you to
get more sales especially if you are going out there and really starting to
put out other content that can be shown to your market so this way here when
they’re ready they’re gonna know about you and you’re also going to be able to
get them to maybe view a video on Facebook and then track how long they’ve
watched it and then that will get them to raise their hand and then you can
start to send them some of your content through the year and eventually there’ll
be that part of that 5% that’s ready that time of the year all right so
hopefully this has helped you again I want you to just think a little bit more
long-term a little bit more about your market as a whole and how you can get
out there and really stay in front of your market year-round alright so here’s
the deal if you have any questions drop them in the comments down below and then
the other thing is subscribe to this channel this way here you don’t miss out
on any of my upcoming video trainings like this so this way here we can
continue to build your brand all right so that’s it that’s gonna wrap it up as
always take care and take action we’ll see you soon

1 thought on “How To Get 95% More Customers in Your Ecommerce Business

  1. Scott, next level FBA thinking, for sure. Coca-Cola built a business empire off long-term sales, in other words, many repeat sales of their drinks, rather than one-and-done sales. Savvy FBA sellers need to take same approach. Doing so 1) opens up new income streams from repeat sales, 2) builds brand recognition, and 3) smashes the competition, since so few really think beyond initial sales.

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