March 29, 2020
How To Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads | $3-6 Buyer Leads For Real Estate Agents (Step-by-Step)

How To Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads | $3-6 Buyer Leads For Real Estate Agents (Step-by-Step)

All right, so today I want to give you the step-by-step guide on how to generate buyer leads on facebook and guys this is a video that a lot of you been asking me for an updated version because as we know Facebook is changing their algorithm pretty much every single day And if you guys stick with me here to the end of the video Give this video a thumbs up and also drop a comment down below. I’m gonna actually share with you the exact lead generation campaigns I’ll share two different versions of this lead campaign Which I’ll show you guys here at the end of the video so that you can use my exact templates that have been generating buyer leads for $3 or less pretty Consistently and as a special bonus to you guys because you’re here subscribe to the channel if you’re not make sure you that subscribe button Also share with you the facebook ad copy of exactly what you should be saying Inside of your Facebook app, okay So for this example Let’s jump in here and we’re gonna focus more on the actual Facebook targeting as well as the Facebook as ad as opposed to the Facebook pixel the track and all that stuff because That just gets a little bit too much for a YouTube video here So what we’re gonna do is gonna click on create create a new campaign and look at this It says new category required for us credit employment and housing ads, right? So if you are setting up a real estate lead generation campaign That is an a housing ad doesn’t matter If you’re a real estate agent real estate investor or mortgage broker doesn’t matter you have to come down here and check this box Right here. Okay, so we’re gonna check that right there and then we’ll select the add category So we’ll come down here and we’ll say not employment This is a housing ad so as for real estate listings homeowners insurance mortgage loans or other related opportunities So we just click that right there and then for this Campaign as most of you guys know I usually like to do conversion campaigns But in order to set up a conversion campaign We have to set the Facebook pixel custom conversion a lot of other stuff which I’ve got a lot of other videos on that on this channel and Literally, it’s the exact same setup and be with the old algorithm as the new algorithm So for this one, we’re just going to do a traffic campaign because it simplifies a lot of the demonstration for you guys but the core parts that you need to know are more in the targeting so Let’s click on traffic right here and we’ll come down here. We’ll say the traffic. This is a demo campaign and we’ll hit continue And guys if I’m skipping over something that means you don’t need to touch it All right, so that that’s kind of a nice thing right there And then this one will say this example that we are in, Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Buyer leads and you can name this whatever you want. This is just how I like to go through and Name everything so we’re gonna come down here. We’re gonna skip this dynamic created We’re going to skip all that then coming down here to the locations Okay, we don’t want the United States because if we’re in Portland, Oregon for a realtor mortgage park or whatever We want to target just Portland. So we’re gonna come in here and target, Portland Oregon it pops up right there and then look at this This is one of the things that change Used to be able to go through and just say I only want to target people in the city of Portland Well, you can’t do that anymore And you also be able to go you also were able to go down and say I only want to do a ten-mile radius Which now you’re limited to a 15 mile radius, but guys the other day I’ve done a lot of tests on all this stuff and this works just fine Okay, I wouldn’t worry about I want to freak out. It’s still gonna work extremely Well, now another thing you want to do is up here in the locations You’re gonna want to go through and instead of everyone in this location because lots of people travel to Portland It’s a beautiful city. You only want people who live in this location and it’s gonna say everyone in this location by default So we just want to go down here to people who live in this location right and then dropping down here Remember how you used to be able to go through and put in zip codes and say only one target this zip code well, you can’t do that anymore because there’s a lot of discrimination going on people were only targeting high-end zip codes and so it just Was like the discrimination stuff was was crazy. And so Facebook took that away. Which once again guys. Guess what? doesn’t really matter has it made an effect on any of our ads if Anything our ads have actually been performing better with this new update Then down here. Once again the age it is open Okay, and if you guys have watched all my videos in the past like year or two years I’ve always told you to leave it open the reason why is because Facebook likes bigger audience. So like you right see right here. It’s 1.5 million people Well, yes, we can get super narrow down we can get super targeted and say hey, we only want to target homeowners But you can’t do anymore. But back in the day you can say I only want to target people with 25 to 30 There are homeowners that like homes calm or Trulia or Zillow or whatever the thing is What happens is you get that audience down to about 10 to? 15,000 people it’s a very targeted audience and your ads are gonna convert very well for about two days and then after the two days Your cost per leave is going to skyrocket your ads are going to stop performing and then you’re gonna be like Ah Facebook guys don’t work and you just shut it off and you stopped marketing and growing your business Well with the Facebook algorithm as I mentioned, they like bigger audiences So what happens is Facebook? It’s always learning so with your Facebook pixel Facebook’s able to see what type of people are opting into your landing page And then from there they’re able to find other people just like them in your area They’re also going to opt in because remember Facebook actually wants you to succeed and because if you succeed then you’re gonna pay them more money They’re gonna make more money and so it’s just better off for everyone. So Coming down here once again Gender you can’t go through and choose just male or female which honestly for buying a home or selling a home the real estate mortgage Industry that doesn’t really matter right and then coming down here for languages if you just speak English I usually come in here and I just put English I’ll just put English. Alright there And if you do speak Spanish or another language and you want to work one of those other markets Then you can go through and you can say English and Spanish or English and Portuguese or Japanese Chinese Whatever language that you speak But I usually like to say just English because that’s usually the market that is going to be in Portland Okay, now detailed targeting a lot of people will probably question this that are watching this video but once again Facebook likes bigger audiences so you can come in here and you can’t say Zillow okay, because if someone’s going to be like liking Zillow That means that they’re more likely to be searching for a home or they can come in here and put Trulia and you can see That this audience just keeps getting smaller and smaller But guess what guys what I have personally found and we have spent well over a million dollars on Facebook advertising So probably more than anyone else in the real estate space that I personally know of is Best just to leave this completely open-ended. Okay, and yes, you might get in the first little bit some people that are not fully interested but Facebook’s pixel is able to learn over time and so in the long run so many people are so focused on the short term like What’s happening this week or next week or then, you know two weeks out but if you’re in business for the long run Which you definitely should be you want to leave this open-ended? Because then you’re targeting everyone in your city everyone in your community So maybe someone sees your ad they recognize your face is just like a billboard, right? You’re throwing up a billboard on the freeway But not everyone that’s gonna see that billboard is looking to buy or sell a home, but it’s branding it’s brand recognition They’re seeing who you are so that down the road when they’re like, I need a realtor Think of UK and you’re also the Facebook pixel just works extremely. Well, it’s able to get better over time Okay, so we’re just gonna leave that there Automatic placements the latest I’ve seen that work best and then coming down here link clicks I just leave it at this daily budget This really depends on what your daily budget is I would start with a minimum of 10 dollars per day and the reasoning behind this. Let’s say that it costs you $8 to generated lead which the national average just so you know have a look kind of like a base standard the national average for leads in the real estate space is six dollars per lead now, a lot of times people get averages kind of mixed up right where they see like somebody that’s you know, they’re like Oh, it’s gonna be six dollars per lead Well that could mean that someone’s generating leads for $8, which I’m seeing that almost every single day But then also if someone generate leads for $1, that means someone’s generating leads for probably about 12 to 13 dollars But typically people that are generate leads for 12 to 13 dollars They’re in the higher income areas or not higher income areas but the places where the homes are a lot more expensive and so if you’re paying more for lead But the holes are more expensive you’re making more of a commission So at the end of day it all backs out anyway back to what I was saying So $10 per day if your if your cost per lead, let’s say is $6 the national average, right? And you’re only spending $5 per D per day. Well Facebook actually works on a daily budget, right? So if you’re spending $5 per day, but it costs you six dollars to generate a lead Well, Facebook’s gonna spend that $5.00 but it costs six dollars to generate a lead And so the next day it’s gonna reset and spend that $5.00 again, and you’re probably not going to generate a lead Okay. So this number right here your daily budget has to be equal to or greater than your cost per lead So what that means is if it cost six dollars to generate a lead your budget needs to be a minimum six dollars per day and more than likely a little bit more than that or else you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot and you’re not even giving yourself a Shot to generate leads so I usually like to start out about ten dollars per day because that Usually covers all the national average that but doesn’t matter where you are You’ll be able to get at least one lead per day with this ten dollars some areas You might be able to get four or five leads per day. And so that’s what I like to start out with my budget okay, so that is basically all of the key things when it comes to Facebook’s new algorithm update and Special ads category of going through and having the updates on the targeting of the age and gender now Let’s move on and I just want to show you guys really quick The Facebook ad or the Facebook post so over here This and I’ll have this down in the descriptions wells in the top comment if you guys want this So when somebody comes over here, they click on this ad they’re gonna go to a landing page Alright now I’m gonna go through it I’m gonna give you guys the exact landing page templates right below this video as well if you guys like this video and drop a comment down below let me know that you guys actually want this because at Some point, you’re going to need some type of software a lot of people jump in and they watch these videos I’m like whoa, like I don’t want to go through and do that because then I have to buy software Well guys software is gonna give you a lot of time back. It’s gonna allow you to leverage your time You know It just automates a whole bunch of the tasks that you just don’t want to be doing every day. So You can see right here This is the ad copy and then this is going to be linking out to a landing page which we have all the templates Right here inside of the are so software, which you guys might be familiar with So if you were doing listing leads open house so leads Byerly’s down here And then also I’ll give you guys one of my buyer leads. No listing templates that is inside a click funnel So you guys can use Arsenal you can use click funnels. You have some options right here I’ll have those links right down below this video, right? So then we just come in here We just copy this hit this this ad copy right there, which I’ll give you guys once again down below this video ok, and then we just throw it right in here and Then you can see where he could start making this ad. Okay, and then this is for a listing So if you’re doing a listing you want to upload an image of that actual listing, so what we’re gonna do for this one We’re just going to do free stock images But you probably have an image of your listing. So we’re just going to type in a home and This pops up. Let’s say this is the listing that we want to go through market. Ok, so we just go right there and We can come down here and see what this actual ad is going to look like Right. So we’ve got new listing see before anyone else five beds. They go through they click right there And this is how you go through and set up the ad, okay So right here the headline that’s gonna show up right there. You can just say beautiful home in Portland Ok, and then you can maybe say 4 beds 3 bath with vaulted ceilings Or whatever like the cool features, alright and then coming up here you want to make sure that you’re choosing your Facebook page so this one’s on the Arsenal marketing one right here if I wanna do you like let’s say Park City Realty or My Jason Ward’s out real estate page right here. We come down here and you can see this is going to update With my facebook page. Okay, and then where do you want to go through and put the link to the landing page? which remember once again I’ll have a link to all the Arsenal pages with the free 7-day trial here and then you’ll also be able to get this Shared template right here Is you’re gonna put a link like let’s say right here. This is the landing page you want to use? We’re just gonna pull this up right here. Okay. So this is the landing page boom exit out of that come over here we just put our page URL right in the website URL so that when someone clicks on this ad when someone clicks on one of these bit ly links up here They’re gonna go to that landing page So they’ll put in their name phone email and we will generate a lead from that person And then from here all we do is we hit confirm Facebook is gonna go through the review process where you view your ad The great thing is is you click the special ad category you pick this the housing topic. So you’re good to go You’re abiding by all the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and so you’re set up ready to go and what happens guys once this goes live You’re gonna want to give it at least four to five days before you determine if it’s a winning ad or a losing ad because what happens a lot of times people hit confirm and within 12 hours if They haven’t generated lead they’re gonna freak out They’re like, oh man, I spent five bucks, but I haven’t generated lead and the national average is six dollars So I should have generated lead by now, but guess what? It takes a few days for Facebook’s algorithm to actually adapt to whatever Campaign you’re running. Okay, so give it at least four to five days before you jump in and decide. Okay. This is working great I’m gonna keep it running or if you’re like, ah, this isn’t working I’m gonna shut it off and a quick pro tip guys. Once this is up and running if it’s working extremely Well, do not touch that ad set do not change the budget not say. Oh I’m spending ten bucks a day I’m getting at least four three bucks. I’m gonna bump that up to twenty dollars per day and I’m gonna get seven leesburg per day Don’t do that. It’s gonna mess everything up So if you guys want to know actually what to do and how to actually scale that budget if something’s performing Well, let me know down in the comments as well and I’ll share that shredded with you guys in another video Okay, so sorry This is a little bit longer video But I wanted to go through step by steps show you exactly how to get buyer leads for your real estate business with the new Facebook Ads Algorithm update so hopefully that was a good step-by-step tutorial if you have any questions drop a comment down below cuz remember I Answer every single one of your questions down below in the comment section. So ask your questions Get them answered and be off to generating leads for your real estate business with all of the new Facebook ads updates So thanks so much for watching guys. And with that said I will see you in the next video

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