April 2, 2020
How To Generate MOTIVATED Seller Leads For Real Estate

How To Generate MOTIVATED Seller Leads For Real Estate

What’s up everyone Jason Wardrop here with Adam Middlesworth. We’ll be talking about seller lead generation today, so We’re going to start here in about a minute or two so for everyone that is on here right now Got a mute my mute much there, but everyone’s done Go ahead type in your name where you’re from and over the chat box and We’ve got some cool things to go through I know a lot of you guys been asking about seller leads and how to go through And you know generate them, and how to go convert those leads into appointments and all that good stuff So we’re gonna be talking about all of that today right so Yeah, Adam right here. He’s gonna go through and he’s to be breaking down everything and Phil. What’s up? I see Phil is on It’s exciting so yeah guys if type in your ok Phil’s from Vegas got Dan Gilmore’s on Awesome, so so Adam tell us about what you’ve got planned for today Yeah, so I get questions all the time asking for seller leads trainings How do we generate more so leads and? You know the fact of the matter is in Ninety-eight percent of the markets That the people I talked to are in There’s a shortage on listings and so everybody is Going out and looking for more listings trying to get more solo leads and so today We’re going to go through the exact process that we go through on How you can actually generate seller lead interests because generally those are a little bit longer lead time right so From when you actually make first contact with them So when you actually list the home is generally a long period of time and what we want to do is is show you how? You can nurture that relationship So that’s what we’ve got going on Okay, cool guys. Well. Looks like we’re right here at the top of the hour I’m one minute past and so let’s just dive into things. I know we’ve only got a few people on right now I forgots kind of promoted tell you guys all about the strain Daiso Which I know probably a lot of you are probably watching this on the replay, but yeah Let’s let’s dive into things Adams going to go through gonna be going and demonstrating sympathy ads and language all that good stuff So he’s got that in place. I’ll be man in the chat box So if you guys have questions that like with what Adams doing go ahead and type in the chat box I’ll be manning that and if I need to pause Adam or whatever I can do that But then also we’ll be able to have a live Q&A session Here towards the end and be able to clear up anything that was you know maybe not completely dialed in so Anyway, Adam taken away and let’s dive into this Awesome so the first thing that we need to kind of clear up is Before we dive into the actual ad that I’m gonna go in and create for you guys The first thing that we need to do is get into the sellers mindset of what they’re actually experiencing and how you would make that decision so A lot of times it’s gonna be really hard to say hey Are you looking to sell and somebody lists our home with you within a week right and so what we like to do is? We use old-school marketing techniques new-school technology and we’re showing basically we’re proving to people in your area that we are the Premier agent in the area, and so we utilize our Strategies to get buyer leads to also get seller leads in the end right so if if somebody in So say we’re in in Frisco, Texas right and we’re looking for more seller leads What we’re gonna do is Consistently be in front of them with listings right so new listing in the area Be in front of them with our marketing and then once we sell that house We’re gonna do adjust sold campaigns for social proof that we actually know what we’re doing as a real estate agent And if we do that time and again People are actually going to perk their ears to your name your real estate company, right? so that’s the first step right is being out there with our listings having really good marketing and Dominating the space on Facebook advertising with Listings and just salt so that’s the very first thing and then eventually we’re going to grow our list of people who have seen our Ad clicked on it. We’re interested and we’re gonna grow that list to create a retargeting audience and we can do a retargeting campaign to all of those people because Maybe they were just interested in the home next door that was for sale because they’re looking to sell their home right and So if we’re in front of them enough times we can do a retargeting campaign and say hey We have look we have buyers ready to rock and roll and they know that Because we’re actually advertising like crazy And they know that because they seen it right so alrighty we’re gonna dive into the actual ad that we’re going to create here So let me just share my screen Let’s see this one Yeah do that? Already Jason do you see my screen here? Yes, I do awesome cool So here we are I’ve already actually went through and created this so we don’t take a ton of your time today All you’re gonna Do is come in here and click create ad and you’re gonna go through the sequence so this is a settle Leeds example The objective for this is one that we do not use very often if at all The objective and what you’re gonna choose is traffic right so we usually We will do lead generation and conversions or a page post engagement oftentimes What we’re gonna do for this is Traffic so we’re gonna click traffic here, and I’ll get to it I’ll get to that in a second why we’re actually choosing traffic and not actually converting for leads, okay So we’re gonna click Add set to go to the ad targeting Once that we’re gonna go into how to target Homeowners right so if you’re if you’re looking for this you’re gonna keep this as website You can use a daily budget. I would probably do ten Dollars a day you can do lifetime budget of 70 or 140 or whatever you want to do there I would highly recommend doing 10 per day We’re not gonna mess with this Okay, so choosing our audience here We’re going to come in here and choose people who live in this location It’s gonna have everyone in this location by default but we definitely don’t want this We want people who live in this location Because we want homes within a 10-mile radius of Brisco, Texas, right? I set the age to 30 to 55 Oftentimes you’re not gonna have 23 year olds looking to sell their home, so Average age you know we’re gonna look at anywhere from 30 to 55 We’re gonna choose everybody here for gender. We’re gonna let kind of Facebook this side there, so In the detail targeting here what we’re gonna. Do is use homeowners right so if you come in here and a really key point here is demographics so showing demographics Instead of interest a lot of people tend to mess that up a little bit so come in here and type in homeowners There is homeowner interests just make sure that you don’t click that and you click homeowner Demographics so that we only target people who owned a home And then I just go in here and exclude all real estate agents real estate brokers because I don’t want them in my business You can also come in here and exclude renters as well And then choose demographics, I would not do that at the very beginning But if you’re finding that this targeting is off you can come in here and exclude renters If you’re going to go and use a retargeting audience Like I mentioned and not target everybody You can come in here and click new audience, and you’re actually going to use a saved audience here, right? But for now we’re just gonna leave it with this and target everybody in your area because chances are if you’ve run Quite a bit of ads within a ten-mile radius of Frisco. They’re probably going to have seen your stuff before Okay, so we’re gonna come in here edit placements And we’re gonna choose everything We’re gonna uncheck everything but Facebook feeds And then everything down here is higher level stuff. You don’t really need to mess with that for For this one we’re gonna come back up here. We’re gonna click on one ad which is the one ad that we’ll have here okay, so Essentially this is usually using social proof of Just listed just so just listed just sold and once we have enough of those we we can come in here and say Hey, are you thinking about moving now is the perfect time because I have six pre-approved buyers ready to buy, but they don’t have they don’t see anything on the market right now that they really like and All we’re gonna say is hey send me a message to see if there’s a match see if if their house is a good fit from one of my buyers right and The headline is just thinking of moving. We have buyers ready send a message if you’re interested and so going back to the objective of this Instead of doing conversions or anything like that. We’re actually choosing traffic so that we can get people to click on our Our ad here, and what we’re gonna. Do is actually we’re gonna use a mini chat reference URL Which is essentially going to get them into our facebook? Messenger ba sequence, which just means we can ask them a bunch of questions Specifically about their home right so how many bedrooms is their home? What’s their time frame to move those kinds of questions to kind of pre qualify them? For their home is see if we can list it, right And all you’re gonna use here is a mini chat. This is obviously not the Link that you’ll use, but you’ll get a reference URL that is basically aimed at me a bunch of jargon And that’s gonna send them Straight into messenger so if they click on this ad it’s gonna send them to messenger and the reason we do that burst is Not doing a messenger add or anything like that is because we can’t we can’t put them directly in a mini chat messenger sequence directly from a messenger at because Facebook really monitors that heavily And they really don’t like it when they when they go right into into a Messenger ad so we use a little work around here to to get that and the reason we use traffic is is Can’t really track conversions from something like that so that is the super Krete quick breakdown overview there, so if you have any questions shoot him in that and a chat there, but That’s really all there is to it and we’re actually you know you can actually book appointments and listing appointments from the Mini chat sequence, which is pretty cool Yeah, awesome. No so guys I don’t know how many of you guys have actually gone through and implemented some of these facebook messenger box and Following up via facebook Messenger. I know I think it was last week I did a training on facebook Messenger but people are seeing amazing results with this because if you’ve gone through and like you generate a lead and You’ve got the automated email thought Maybe maybe text message and you’re calling via via phone or obviously be a phone hi But if you got all that and nobody’s really responding like Facebook Messenger is an amazing way to get people not only to respond also get them to go through and book appointments and so That’s exactly kind of like what Adams breaking down here it’s just a different communication channel where you know 20 30 years ago email was super hot and Anytime someone got an email they get excited And they open it up and see what it has to say That’s kind of the same type of thing with Facebook Messenger bots now. It’s like people get excited well Maybe they don’t get super excited but they’ll actually click on it and see what you have to say as opposed to just completely ignoring you and If you guys have seen some of our trainings in the past the nice thing is is whereas like with an email You can go through and shoot it out, and have just like one question and say like hey You know are you looking to buy or sell home or whatever it might be? You can actually have this chat bot so bot is like a robot right where it’s like automatically responding so if you guys are you might be on my facebook Messenger list and I go through, and I blast out a message to everyone and say hey Would you like to learn how to generate sillies with facebook ads and you click yes or no they click no I say ok no problem if say yes, I can send them to opening to the actual training so the same thing with you guys If you’re saying hey, are you looking to sell your home basically you can then say like they say yes or no They say yes You can say how soon are you looking like one to three months four to six months six plus months? You can get a general idea of knowing where to put them in your sales pipeline right there, okay? We’ve got a few questions here that I’ll read out and then Adam you can answer hit them here So we’ve got Phil saying so for the messenger ad will the bot answer those questions Yeah In a sequence and we already have a predefined question sequence, so What will happen is we’re gonna shoot them an immediate Question once they enter once they click on our ad we’re gonna shoot them a quick question With in it. It essentially has buttons on it, so you can already say yes or no You can say What is your time for him to move one two three months three to six months? Six plus months and they can go and click on that and then we can redirect the conversation conversation based on their answers there So yes the messenger add the bot will answer all of those questions and go through that whole sequence Perfect along the same lines kind of Danna saying are people looking for Evaluations like a home evaluation, or do you just start a conversation? Yeah good question, so Home evaluations are super popular And it’s probably not the best lead that you’ll get People so what I would say is I wouldn’t have that as an ad or your offer within the ad people are eventually Definitely going to want a home evaluation and see what their home will list for right? so you’re gonna do that throughout the converse station you’re not gonna do that just from the advertising campaign because What we found is you get a lot of people just wondering what their home is worth and not really interested in selling their home and so This is this offers a little bit more geared towards sellers because you already have social proof You’ve already done the work, and you’re just listed just sold And they know that you have buyers ready and so that offers quality And then we’re just going to start the conversation and ask them questions you just see What their level of interest is in actually selling their home so? You’re going to want to actually go in and do like a listing presentation with them And if a part of that is home evaluation Then definitely you and you can do that over messenger as long as you have a lot of that information Yeah, and what one thing Dan? That I would say on this whole topic and everything There’s a lot of times people use messenger the wrong way. They think like okay now. I’ve gotten responding to messenger I’m gonna ask for their phone number their email address Kellis other contact information and just kind of like take take take from these people Where it’s like the whole idea of getting someone’s phone number or their email address or any of this stuff It’s to start a sales type conversation It’s to set appointments right so if you don’t have to necessarily Jump in and get their phone number or get their email address and all that stuff and you can start the sales Conversation right there in face with messenger, which these bots allow you to do then you just run with it You just have that whole conversation there, and then what’s natural in times right you can say hey You know I’d love to you know have you come in my office or I’d love to come over like love to meet up I’d love to show you the home or or whatever it might be based off of the conversation And then you know set a time and a date and Then you can grab their phone number at that point so that’s a little bit more natural as opposed to like you know leading off And I’m not saying you do the stand I’m just saying I’ve seen this happen before where people write on the gate They use the bots to like say hey, what’s your name? What’s your phone number? What’s your email address? It’s like that’s that’s more for the landing page if you can go through and start the sales conversation seeing how many? Beds or baths are looking for how soon they’re looking to move or buy a home and all that it’s just a lot better flow of the conversation and Then once you get the nice thing is – once you get back from your day’s work of going and showing homes you’re doing calls Or whatever you can see all of these Facebook messenger conversations and pretty much prequalify people and see what they’re most interested in and then follow up with them accordingly so you can have a It’s almost like reading their mind without having even have a full-on conversation with them And then you can touch base with them at the end of day after you have all this data. That’s collected All right another point there throughout that conversation so what we’ve seen is two things oddly enough people respond to BOTS more than they do a human being within messenger I Don’t know why people don’t like human interaction whatever it is, but what you can also do at the end of the conversation? And say hey, can I actually bring a buyer by to see your house or something like that that’s actually bringing them value because You’re serious, right? If you’re bringing them value and saying you know You should be in front of them with value before you go straight to The sale right so if you can give them any tips Tips to raise their home value tips to show their home even if you’re going to show them like For Sale By Owner stuff and help them out in some way. They’re gonna know like and trust you and Even if you’re not making that sale within the first three days of them Opting into the messenger chat bah You’re gonna build value they’re gonna actually know you they’re gonna actually like you and They’re more willing to list their home with you because you’ve actually went help them when every other agent in the area Was just going for the juggernaut you know there’s there’s going for that sale, so Come out of them with value And try to help them before you actually go for that sale, so Awesome cool cool any any other questions if you guys want to Throw those over there in the chat box – got Gary saying great info guys Thanks, Gary. Thanks for being on watching we got Marines on from new jersey and You guys have any questions specific to sell leads to the facebook messenger or any of that stuff Just drop it down over there. Okay. We’ve got dancing does the bot capture potential customer information It can you based on like how you go through and set it up It definitely can get one the nice thing is it captures their you know their name from because it pulls like The Facebook profile info so you’re gonna be able to see their name their profile picture go through them on Facebook But then later on you could ask for their name phone email all that stuff. Well. I still need their names here You have it, but yes, you can go through and leverage that to grab other customer info And Also real quick guys. We’re gonna be launching we’re gonna be able to set up all these bots for you We’re just wrapping up some of that stuff, so let me just drop a link in here if you guys want to Know I didn’t try again did it work right there Oops not working there, okay? Well if you guys do want to have us set up some of these facebook messenger BOTS for you Just go ahead and shoot an email to support at our salon Katy calm at Arsenal and PG comm I’m just putting this in the chat over here and We’ll be able to do is go help you guys get the box set up whether you’re looking for bio lead generation so lead generation Open house. You know listings or whatever you’re doing we can go through and help you set that up, so We’re gonna probably be launching that tomorrow to be able to help you get that all set up and have the bots all working and the Conversations you don’t have to worry about like the script and what’s actually going to say we can just put that together for you Well cool I think that’s all the questions I’ve seen here Adam Do you got anything else any last words the to share with everyone on sell leads on the bots on all this good stuff Yeah, one word patients Have a lot of patients when you’re working with seller leads It takes a lot more for somebody to list their home with you guys so Bring them with value killed them with help and kindness and and and really just helping them and bringing them value before you’re actually going for the sale, so No, I love it. I love it well okay awesome dancing, thanks guys well. Thanks everyone for watching today Once again if you guys want us to help you set up those bots and all that get that runny as I mentioned earlier We’re seeing literally like a three to four times Increase in the number of appointments actually booked and scheduled from leads generated with these messenger BOTS so if you’re going through And you’re generating leads you’ve been following some of the stuff that we’ve been doing over the last. You know a couple years or whatever and you’re getting leads, but It’s kind of difficult to follow up them and set appointments This is very powerful to go through and start implementing for your business Okay, feel saying I still need to send Adam my paperwork. Can we have a follow up call? Yeah, he’ll just schedule a call with me It’s meet me deso slash Adam middles Worth and schedule calls me there man I’ll drop this link in here the chat box There’s a link right, they’re so also if you guys are like hey You know we get a lot of people looking at this and they’re like this is awesome I don’t really have the time to go through and learn it if you want us to go through and set it all up you can schedule a call with Adam right there at that link in the chat box section and We can get you set up on the full service where we’ll go through will create the ads will create the landing pages the email Messenger bot follow-up everything so you just you can focus on what you do best right focus on be with the client showing them homes listen their homes or doing whatever that is and We can take care of the heavy lift and all the rest of the stuff All right Cool guys well. Thanks so much for watching today. I think that’s it that’s all the the questions I’m seeing so thanks for jumping on watching hopefully you guys got some value out of this and some different things you can try and implement into your business and Adam thanks for diving in and showing everyone this her All righty guys we’ll see you later. Thanks so much and we’ll see you next week

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